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CD Review by Ed King, February 2015: “Old Time Country Songs Are They Really Dead and Gone?

” James Adelsberger

“OLD TIME COUNTRY SONGS” - A 13-song remarkable CD album from Roughshod
Records by JAMES ADELSBERGER. My overall impression is that this young man should
have been doing this 50-years ago when Traditional style music was in style. James
would have been rated with such greats as Ernest Tubb, Roger Miller and the long lists
of famous artists we have lost. AS well as the style of COUNTRY we loved so much…
Then this album would have sold like hotcakes. Today it won’t. Today’s product is
“canned music” produced without live musicians and is crossover, pop at best!
This young artist is not only a great vocalist, but a tremendous musician, I love it
because it IS Traditional Country!
It starts off with a lengthy (6:02) “ARE THEY REALLY DEAD & GONE?” Super good
but the answer is yes! In today’s music world only pop sell. And after all it is a
“LIQUID HELL” is a wonderous showing of Traditional Country. But, compare it to my own self=penned “Pedal To The
Metal” and catch the modern version of country that sells and gives me royalty payments. The shame is that James wasn’t
born during Traditional Hay days. He sure must have listened to a wonderful collection.
His musicianship is impeccable. A master at his craft. You hear it in the vocals and the music sound tracks he composes in
cuts like “RIVERSONG” (7:03). Catch the Roger Miller, Oscar & Lonzo style in “ANYBODY HERE LOVE A NUT?”
I find myself asking where James comes from as I hear him perform his craft and songs like BAD WHISKEY, BAD SEX, & BAD
MEN”, “BARROOMS and BEDROOM” and “COULD BE THE WHISKEY TALKIN’”. The feeling, words and music are hardcore life
experiences……… yet this is coming from a 19-20 year old who has feelings and talent way beyond his years.
I loved every minute of this step back in time CD. James I sure hope you’ll do more. Keep the Tradition alive.
You can purchase a copy of this CD at: Get a copy for your listening pleasure and
collection while they last. Help him keep the Traditional Country Spirit alive!!!!
Be sure to tell James and my buddy Mike at Roughshod Records that we sent you by.
Reviewed by Ed King, (EHK) E.H. King Music & Entertainment News, P.O. Box 40, Santa Fe, TX 77517 * 713-705 7287
©2015 E.H. King * * *

Roughshod Records Footnote:
“Old Time Country Songs Are They Really Dead and Gone?” James Adelsberger * RCD49 * UPC: 061946000257
“Riversong” was written by James Adelsberger. The rest of the songs were written by Mike Johnson, Country Music’s No.1 Black Yodeler.
“Could Be the Whiskey Talkin’” is their first co-written song. James’ release is the label’s 49th CD. It was released on 15 November 2014
along with Mike Johnson’s “Doggone It I’ve Written a Sad Song Again” the label’s 50th CD. James played all the instruments and laid the
music tracks for both albums and his friend Michael Romans played the fiddle.
On 18 December 2014 both CDs were acquired by the Recorded Sound Reference Center at the Library of Congress for their growing
“Mike Johnson” collection, which started in April 2007 with the acquisition of 114 of Johnson’s yodeling songs and related music material.
James is from Northern Virginia and was signed to Roughshod Records in August 2012. His first release debuted on 14 November 2012 a
CD Single featuring two Mike Johnson songs “Back Home Again” – “The Holy River.” The label was formed by Mike Johnson in June 1987
during his Nashville recording years at the suggestion of his good friend and mentor, Jim Stanton, founder of Rich-R-Tone Records. Mike
was inducted into America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame in September 2002 by the National Traditional Country Music
Association in Avoca, Iowa.
These songs have been airing on Country Music Radio Stations in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands,
New Zealand, Scotland, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, to mention a select few.
Visit our official websites below for James and Mike’s biographies, a complete CD discography, lots of photographs, and numerous songs
in our Music Listening Room. [Roughshod Records site]. Our Youtube Channel contains over 500 videos featuring Mike and James and
scores of musicians that Mike has known and performed with over the past two decades.
Joe Arnold, Roughshod Records manager, P.O. Box 100933 Arlington, Va. 22210
*©2015 Roughshod Records * Album cover not part of the original Ed King review * Album photograph ©2014 James Adelsberger