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edTPA Lesson Plan Day 1

Task 1
Chelsea Keeney
Central Focus:
Finding the main point and supporting details in a text and summarizing using that 
Fourth grade students will code a non­fiction article that is broken up into sections to help
identify the main facts, interesting facts, and any questions they have. After each section 
of the text, students will write or edit a summary that is 20 words or less in partners. Each
section should be completed, with the last one unique from any other students’ in the 
Common Core State Standard:
Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details;
summarize the text.
 Summarizing worksheet for each student
 Bat article print-out for each student
 List of groups
 Writing utensils

o We have been working on finding the main points of stories
and non-fiction texts a lot lately. What kind of things do we try
to find in a text to help us find the main point? [Goal:
Supporting Details, not just interesting facts]
o Now, we have been using graphic organizers to try to help us
do that, but I want to challenge you to only find the most
important details in the text we are going to read today. I
want you to try to summarize the text using 20 words or less.
We’re going to go paragraph by paragraph and talk to a
partner about which points we think are the most important
to include, and edit our summary after every paragraph.
o Other questions
 Do you think we will have to edit our summary after
every paragraph?
Introduce coding
o Each of you will get your own copy of the article we are going
to read today. When you find something that is really

interesting to you, or something you didn’t know I want you to
put an exclamation point. When you find something that
makes you ask a question or want to learn more, I want you
to put a question mark. And when you think you find
something that supports the main idea I want you to put a
star. (Write codes on board)
o Model how to code the first section of the article by doing a
think aloud. Have a copy of the article projected on the board
using an Elmo.
o After the first section look for the starred points and include
those in the 20 word summary. Have students copy the
original summary on a piece of paper.
o Example:
 Every night, from Bracken Cave in Texas, 20 million bats
fly out to feed on insects.
o Have students read and code second paragraph/section of
text individually using code symbols discussed before.
o Once finished, compare code marks with assigned group, and
prepare to share ideas with class.
o Have each group share ideas. Teacher writes ideas on
projected article, then helps students make changes to the
original prompt written on the board.
o Students 2 more paragraphs together and edit their
summaries after each paragraph. At least 3 groups should
share for each edit. Important to keep track of who is sharing
to make sure that there is an assessment for each group.
o Students code remaining 1 paragraph by themselves and edit
final summary by themselves, sharing after their edit.