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Assignment No 1

Name: Micaiah Cyril Das

Course: Petroleum

Reg # 11PWCHE0645

Lecturer: Engr. Unsia Habib

Section: B

Due Date: 26-02-2015

Now as time passed and they died. the Organic theory and the Inorganic theory. and accumulated in the earth’s crust.g. There are actually two theories to the occurrence of Petroleum. . called the deep seated terrestrial hypothesis. as a result of chemical reactions taking place under conditions of high temperature and pressure in the absence of organic matter. The major problems that the inorganic theory faced were:  Lack of field evidence  Accumulation of petroleum only restricted to sedimentary rocks  No Accumulation in igneous and metamorphic rocks 2. In its natural existing state. Another hypothesis. known as the extraterrestrial hypothesis. gives a more realistic and generally approved concept that petroleum originated from the hydrogen and carbon source in the earth crust. e. with mineral rocks.[1].[2] Formation and Occurrence Petroleum is formed by the combination of various hydrocarbons. The former. He presented that hydrocarbons precipitated as rain from the original Nebular matter from which the Solar System was formed. The hydrocarbons were then ejected earth’s interior onto Surface rocks. Common practice includes refining of raw petroleum into different fuels. Inorganic Theory Berthelot and Dmitri Mendeleev Presented a hypothesis. was presented by Sokoloff. These are rich in hydrogen and carbon. Organic Theory The Early marine life form on earth were primarily plankton.[3] 1. and hence created layers on the sea floor rich in fossil remains of previous life. The later adheres to the fact that petroleum finds its origin from the earth’s interior. The suggested that Iron oxide in the earth’s mantle would react with the leaching or percolating water from the earth’s surface to produce Methane gas. . such as sedimentary or igneous rocks etc. decaying plants etc. their remains were brought together due to erosion and sedimentation._____________________________________________________________________________ Petroleum Occurrence Petroleum Petroleum is. Latin for rock oil. under extreme pressure. successive rich layers of organic mud started covering the preceding layers. it is a yellow-black liquid found in various different rocky strata’s under the earth surface. Over 95% of the living matter in the ocean is plankton. a word derived from medieval Latin petroleum.. With time.

org/view/article/152839 . over a period of millions of years. occurring usually under anaerobic conditions. Accessed on 02-25-2015 [2] www.A phenomenon known as thermal This conversion is known as catagenesis. Accessed on 2-25-2015 [3] Class Notes . slowly converted the organic matter into oil and gas.[3] References: [1] www.britannica.eoearth.