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Monthly Current Affairs Capsule Download in PDF- January 2015

1).Which is the worst affected country by tropical storm “Jangmi”?
Answer: Philippines
2).Who is the new chairman of Airports Authority of India?
Answer: R.K Srivastava
3).Who is the author of the book, “Capital in the 21st Century”?
Answer: Thomas Piketty
4).Who is Vasant Gowarikar?
Answer: Scientist
5). Recently, Jharkhand has formed SDC for Development, Here SDC stands for?
Answer: State Development Council
6).Lord Meghnad Desai was seleted for Sardar Vallabhai Patel Vishwa Pratibha Award,
here who is Meghnad Desai?
Answer: Economist
7).Pravasi Bharatiys Divas was started in which year?
Answer: 2003
8).How many website has been blocked by Union government for spreading anti-India
views and ISI propaganda?
Answer: 32
9).In NITI Aayogm, ‘II’ stands for?
Answer: Institution and India
10).To provide various opportunities to people of age group from __________, Gujarat
government has announced a new Industrial Policy for 2015?
Answer: 15 to 59 years
11).What is Strings?
Answer: New Mobile Application
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12).According to RBIs new announcements KYC exercise was required to be done for
at least every ______ for high risk individuals and entities?
Answer: 2 years
13).Name the country which is planning to elaborate a national strategy to counter
Answer: Sweden
14).Which Australian Airlines has announced to stop its operations after 25 years of
Answer: Skytrans
15).Recently government has launched new scheme for rating of it is, Here ITI stands
Answer: Industrial Training Institutes
16).Name the committee which has submitted its report on safety of North East People?
Answer: Bezbaruah Committee
17).Government has banned 32 website recently among this; four of them were
unlocked, which is NOT one among those four websites?
18).Which are the two entities for first time that an insurance firm has entered into a
strategic alliance with a bank in the gulf country?
Answer: LIC International and First Gulf Bank
19).Who are the new Governors of Uttarakhand and Mizoram respectively?
Answer: Krishnan Kant Paul and Aziz Qureshi
20).What is the theme of Indian Science Congress 2015?
Answer: Science and Technology for Human Development
21).In which state, India has decided to extend the Army Forces Act (Special Powers),
1958 for one more year?
Answer: Assam
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22).With which of the following bodies, RBI has signed a supervisory corporation and
exchange of supervisory information?
Answer: United States banking regulators
23).Who is Upendra Trivedi?
Answer: Gujarati Actor
24).Which of the following organization has forms a Tea Atlas in Assam?
Answer: UNICEF
25).Who is the new chairman of the Railway Board?
Answer: A K Mittal
26).Who is called as Father of Indian Mansoon Model?
Answer: Vasant Gowrikar
27).Which country people’s are called as Rohingya Muslims?
Answer: Myanmar
28).What is the Official Mascot of the 35th National Games?
Answer: Ammu
29).Name the committee which has submitted its report on rail fare hikes?
Answer: Mittal Committee
30).Who is the Chairman of NITI Aayog?
Answer: Prime Minister
31).Indian Government has launched a programme to promote the usage of LED lights.
Here ‘LED’ stands for?
Answer: Light Emitting Diode
32).World’s smallest goanna lizard species was found at?
Answer: Australia
33).IEPFA stands for?
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com Answer: Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority 34).Central Government has ordered state officials to stock the drug Oseltamivir for emergency during____? Answer: Swine Flu 41).com Page 4 .ibpsguide.DELP stands for? Answer: Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme 36).ICICI stands for? Answer: Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India 38).Which of the following is TRUE in the case of NITI Ayog? Answer: Chairman-PM and Vice Chairman.Which bank has adopted the Akodara Village in Sabarkantha District of Gujarat for Digital Village Project? Answer: ICICI 39).Arvind Panagariya 40).Whose name has been recommended for Padma Bhusan by Sport Ministry after some controversy? Answer: Saina Nehwal 35).www.ibpsguide.Who is the first Black US Senator? Answer: Edward Brooke 37).Foreign Direct Investment Policy has been aligned with the upgraded National Industrial Classification_____? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.

6 % 43).www.5 % and 6.Who are the two full time members of NITI Aaog? Answer: Bibek Debroy and VK Saraswat For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.RBI has allowed the FIIs to buy up to 49% paid-up capital of____? Answer: Bajai Corp 46).com Page 5 .Who is the new Governor of Meghalaya? Answer: Keshari Nath Tripathi 49). ‘PIS’ stands for? Answer: Portfolio Investment Scheme 47).Where the Indian based Neutrino Observatory was yet to be opened? Answer: Tamil Nadu 48).com Answer: 2008 42).ibpsguide.In economic terms.Global Financial Services firm Nomura is from____? Answer: Japan 44).What is the growth rate of Indian economy for the year 2015-16 and 2016-17 as per Nomura calculation? Answer: 5.Which of the following Pharma Company has got USFDA approval to sell generic drugs in US market? Answer: Jubilant Biosys Ltd 45).ibpsguide.

Andhra Pradesh 54) 50).Larry Page who belongs to _____ has named as the Business Person of the Year 2014 by Fortune Magazine? Answer: Google 52) Page 6 .www.Indian Railways has planned to runs additional trip of _________ between Kolkata and Delhi? Answer: Maitree Express 55).Which of the following country has passed an Act to establish the military courts in the country? Answer: Pakistan 56). ‘E’ stands for? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.International Hindi Conference 2015 was hosted by which city? Answer: New Jersey 51).Among below which is known as the replica of the world famous Eiffel Tower of Paris? Answer: Obelisk Tower. Citizenship Act____ has been amended? Answer: 1955 57).In NEMA.Amitabh Bachchan has became the brand Ambassador of ______ sector in Andhra Pradesh? Answer: Health 53).

Which committee has suggested the single window clearance mechanism for green nods? Answer: Subramanium Committee 59).com Answer: Environment 58).What is the name of the Contactless Credit and Debit Cards respectively.India is hosting the ______ World Bridge Championships in Chennai from 26th September 2015 to 10th October 2015? Answers: 42nd 64).The Sale of loose Cigarettes and Tobacco was banned in which state? Answers: Punjab 62).Which is the China’s first Online Bank? Answer: WeBank 61) Page 7 . which was launched by ICICI Bank recently? Answers: Coral Contactless and Expressions Wave For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.The maternity leave period of Bihar Government has increased to ______ days from 135 days? Answer: 180 60).NFC stands for? Answers: Near Field Communication 63).ibpsguide.

Indian Diplomat Atul Khare has become the UN under Secretary-General for____-? Answers: Field Support 66). visited India recently? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.www.Flamingo Festival is a famous festival which was celebrated in____? Answers: Andhra Pradesh 73).ibpsguide.To start e-rickshaws in Delhi. Green and Progressive India 69).Vistara Airlines was formed by the joint venture of ___________? Answers: TATA and SIA 72).Government has planning to launch “Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan” to create interest among the students in which subjects? Answers: Science and Mathematics 71). President Pranab Mukherjee have signed an ordinance to amend the Motor Vehicle Act_______? Answers: 1988 67).What is the main theme of National Youth Festival 2014? Answers: Youth for Page 8 .Name the committee which was formed to monitor the functions of “Krishi Vigyan Kendras”? Answers: Shrivastav Committee 68).com 65).ibpsguide.19th National Youth Festival was hosted by which city? Answers: Guwahati 70).Tshering Tobgay is the _____________.

www.ibpsguide.“The Indian Parliament – A Critical Appraisal”? Answers: Sudha Kumar and Avinash Kumar 80).To Control which disease India is offering 69 million rupees to Nepal? Answers: Goitre 78).Qantas Airlines belongs to which country? Answers: Australia 79).What is the name of the campaign by which UK has launched for Collaborations with Indian Companies? Answers: Great Collaborations For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.ibpsguide. ‘A’ stands for? Answers: Arts 76).Which of the two Indian states is under presidential rule as on January 9th 2015? Answers: Delhi and Jammu Kashmir 75).In BAFTA Award.Who is the author of the book.To which country India is providing $60 million Credit for its Road Infrastructure projects and Passenger Ferry Services? Answers: Guyana 81).com Page 9 .Modibo Keita has appointed as ______ of Mali? Answers: Prime Minister 77).com Answers: Prime Minister of Bhutan 74).

ibpsguide.ibpsguide.Which of the American State is related to Controversial Keystone Pipeline? Answers: Nebraska 83).Who is the CEO of NITI Aayog? Answers: Sindhushree Khullar For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.Against which disease does Raksha Blu Vaccine has launched? Answers: Blue tongue 88).com Page 10 82).What is the name of the new antibiotic which was discovered recently? Answers: Teixobactin 90).Movie ‘Lunch Box’ was directed by___? Answers: Ritesh Batra 89).Who is Rodney Sturt Taylor? Answers: Australian Actor 84).Who won the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award 2014? Answers: Yu Min 85).Charlie Hebdo is a _____ Magazine? Answers: French 87).Which of the following banks has been merged recently? Answers: Kotak Mahindra Bank and ING Vysya Bank 86).

ibpsguide. Here EW stands for? Answers: Electronic Warfare 96). which is the biggest electricity provider of ________is investing around $2 billion to increase its power production capacity in India by 2000MW? Answers: Hong Kong 98).Name the country which has launched a special campaign to eliminate polio? Answers: Pakistan 93).Which state of India has decided to male anti-spitting norms more strict to serve as credible deterrence to the offenders? Answers: Maharashtra 92).Name the first district to have hi-speed rural broadband network? Answers: Idukki 97).As the part of Sansad Adrash Gram Page 11 .www.Chilika Lagoon was located at? Answers: Odisha For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: 91).Who is Anita Ekberg?? Answers: Swedish Actress 94). ____________ has adopted four Gujarat Villages? Answers: Finance Minister 95).DRDO had successfully tested an advanced EW suite on the country’s light combat Aircraft Tejas-PV1.CLP Holdings Ltd.ibpsguide.

Name the committee which has submitted its report recently on Exploring Feasibility of Alternative options for voting by Overseas Electors? Answers: Vinod Zutshi Committee For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.Microsoft Mobile has partnered with _____ mobile operator to help the subscribers of the telecom services firm pay for apps as part of monthly bills? Answers: Idea 105).com Page 12 .In ISCA.CMs Conference of Naxal Affected States will be held at? Answers: Raipur 104).Which company has launched its 4K UHD set top in India? Answers: Tata Sky 100).000 crore Rupees 106).Which of the following state has constituted the Fourth State Finance Commission? Answers: Andhra Pradesh 103).ibpsguide. what is the percentage of economic growth of India for 2015-16? Answers: 6.Government has planned to sell 10% of stakes of Coal India to raise_______? Answers: 24.As per World Bank Projection.www.4% 101).com 99).ibpsguide. ‘C’ stands for? Answers: Congress 102).

Maithiripala Sirisena has won the Election and became____ President of Sri Lanka? Answers: 7th 112).Bar Headed Page 13 .What is.Name the Organization which was formed to provide Wi-Fi hotspot in all Gram Panchayats? Answers: Bharat Broadband Network Limited 111) 107).ibpsguide. _____ Golden Globe Awards has been announced in Beverly Hills. California? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.January 12th is observed as? Answers: National Youth Day 113).International Anti-Terror Summit was Scheduled to be held on 18th February 2015 and it was hosted at? Answers: US 114). Pintail and Common Pochard? Answers: Birds Name 108).ibpsguide.Where the Pong Dam was located? Answers: Himachal Pradesh 109).Who is the director of the movie ‘Boyhood’? Answers: Richard Linklater 110).

PNG stands for? Answers: Portable Network Graphics 120).MYS Prasad.Which of the following country has started Online Visa Pilot Programme to make it easier for Indian business and tourism visitors? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www. National Award winner has passed away recently. He was a well known__________? Answers: Tollywood Producer & Director 117).India was preparing its fourth navigation satellite which was fully indigenously made and it was planned to launch in_______? Answers: March 2015 118).com Answers: 72nd 115).Which countries were hosting the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2015? Answers: Australia and New Zealand 122).ibpsguide. the director of Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC has selected for ________? Answers: Vikaram Sarabhai Memorial Award 116).VB Rajendra Prasad.Sultanpur National Park was located at_______? Answers: Page 14 .7th Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit was held at? Answers: Gandhinagar 121). Haryana 119).ibpsguide.www.

Which of the Indian Company has owned the US based food portal Urbanspoon? Answers: Zomato 129).HDFC stands for? Answers: Housing Development Finance Corporation 125).ibpsguide.In IIP.www.Recently. and also he was the Chairman of______? Answers: HDFC 126). President has signed the Ordinance to amend Mines and Minerals Development & Regulation Act______? Answers: 1957 124).First CNG powered train of India will be run between? Answers: Rewari-Rohtak 130) Answers: Australia 123).Supreme Court has send notice to_________ for voting rights for inter-state migrants? Answers: Union Government For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www. first ‘I’ stands for? Answers: Index 127). Deepak Parekh was appointed as the Chairman of BAE Systems India Private Page 15 .Who has selected for the Governor of the Year Award 2015? Answers: Raghuram Rajan 128).ibpsguide.

Army Day is observed on? Answers: 15th January 137).www.Who is the winner of the Social Media Person of the Year Award 2015? Amitabh Bachchan 134).Recently.ibpsguide.In which language Prabhu Nath Dwivedi has won the Sahitya Akademi Award 2014? Answers: Sanskrit 132). which of the following two networks were banned by Pakistan? Answers: JUD and Haqqani 135).com 131).Bhakti Sharma was related to which sports? Answers: Swimming 138).International Conference on Buddhist Heritage 2015 was yet to be hosted by? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www. here PESB stands for? Answers: Public Enterprise Selection Board 133).com Page 16 . ‘F’ stands for? Answers: Fibre 139).In NOFN.PESB has shortlisted Anupam Shrivastava for the post of CMD of BSNL.What is the initial fund allocation for ‘Beti Bachao Scheme’? Answers: 100 crore 136).ibpsguide.

Name the state roadways service which has won the award for minimum number of road accidents in the state for the consecutive 4th year? Answers: Rajasthan 145).www. ‘A’ stands for? Answers: Adequacy For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.Name the person who has resigned as Chairperson of Central Board of Film Certification? Answers: Leela Samson 146).Which country’s Ambassador to India post was being vacant for more than three years? Answers: Nepal 142).In Answers: Odisha 140).What is S-IPV? Answers: It’s a Vaccine 144).ibpsguide.Which state has celebrated the Beti Ki Lohri? Answers: Haryana 143).Army Day was Celebrated from which year? Answers: 1949 141).com Page 17 .ibpsguide.

What does ‘E’ stands for.Who is the new Brand Ambassador of Haryana Government? Answers: Baba Ramdev 149).Bhitarkanika National Park was located at? Answers: Odisha 151). in ‘MOEF’? Answers: Environment 150). which government has launched for Scheduled Castes? Answers: 200 crore 152). recently? Answers: Brokers for insurers 153).RBI has allowed banks to act as_____.ibpsguide.www.Which of the following is NOT related to Indian Air Force? Answers: Baaz 154).Who is Fumio Kishida? Answers: Japanese Foreign Minister 155).Who is the author of the book-“The Red Sari”? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.Which of the following state has been selected for National Award for eGovernance for the best district level initiative in Citizen-Centric Service Delivery through ICT? Answers: Jammu and Kashmir 148).com 147) Page 18 .What is the initial capital of Venture Capital Funds.

Answers: Abu Dhabi 161).The fifth General Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) got underway at_______.Which of the following has celebrated its 10th Raising Day? Answers: NDRF 162).Which of the following state has planned to establish land bank for various industries? Answers: Chhattisgarh 157).1 destination for future investments for Japanese Companies? Answers: India 163).www.ibpsguide.Which of the following country has pledged $2.What is the number of permanent members of IRENA? Answers: 33 159).Sania Mirza has won the Sydney Open along with________? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: Page 19 .5 billion in non-military assistance to the Middle East? Answers: Japan 160).ibpsguide.What is the name of the Typhoon that recently hit Philippines? Answers: Tacloban 158).Which of the following country has been ranked as the Answers: Javier Moro 156).

com Answers: Bethanie Mattek-Sands 164).Recently.ibpsguide.Who is the Nepal’s New Ambassador to India? Answers: Deep Kumar Upadhyay 165).Japan was decided to provide ODA load of Rupees 2620 crore to India. here ODA stands for? Answers: Overseas Development Assistance 166).The year 2014 was ranked as Earth’s hottest year since_____? Answers: 1880 167).India was celebrating the Year 2015-16 as______? Answers: Jal Kranti Varsh 169).ibpsguide.Which of the following two bodies has signed MoU to develop Technologies to enhance Oil Exploration? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.India has planned to conduct a joint tourism promotion campaign with _____? Answers: Nepal 171) Page 20 .Which of the following two countries has decided to do cooperative measures in combating cyber threats? Answers: US and UK 168). who adopted the Pachim Bekeli Gaon Panchyat under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna? Answers: Manmohan Singh 170).

Solar Pumps and Solar Energy powered implements.Which city is hosting the Summit to Tackle IS Militants? Answers: London 176).com Answers: IIT and ONGC 172).3% in 2016? Answers: UN 173).ibpsguide. recently? Answers: Bangladesh 175)..Which of the following country has banned the Online Messaging Services.www.With which of the following company NASA has joined hands to develop and deploy Autonomous Drive Vehicles? Answers: Nissan 178). India’s GDP expected to reach 5.Which was the following Summits is not hosted at Abu Dhabi in Jan 2015? Answers: World Peace Summit 174).Name the Scheme under which the loan of one lakh rupees at concessional rate of interest will be provided for Scheduled Castes for activities like e-Rickshaw.ibpsguide.As per ______ Page 21 .9% in 2015 and 6.The National Immunization Day for the year 2015 was observed on? Answers: January 18 For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www. Poly House Etc.? Answers: Green Business Scheme 177).

Here in NCD.Who is the present Business Head of Twitter in India? Answers: Taranjeet Singh 180).India has signed an agreement with _______ for developing Youth Enterprises? Answers: South Africa 184).Who is the new Chief of Central Board of Film Certification? Answers: Pahlaj Nihalani 187).www.Savio Cup is related to which sports? Answers: Basketball 185).In Page 22 . ‘C’ stands for? Answers: Communicable 182).ibpsguide. ‘A’ stands for? Answers: Academic 181).From which year India has started implementation of Pulse Polio Programme? Answers: 1995 186).Which of the following Organization has released Global Economic Prospects Report? Answers: World Bank 183).The Project Tiger was launched in which year? Answers: 1973 For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www. WHO has submitted it report on 179).ibpsguide.

com 188).Fill in the blank: ESCAP stands for.World Toilet Summit 2015 was held at? Answers: New Delhi 189).ibpsguide.India has recently signed an agreement on transfer of sentenced persons with ________ Special Administrative Region? Answers: Hong Kong 192).Periyar Tiger Reserve was located at__? Answers: Kerala 195).Name the two countries that decided to help Sikkim in floriculture? Answers: Netherland and Thailand For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.Which of the Organization has NOT yet predicted that India is about to beat China as the World’s fastest growing big economy? Answers: WTO 194).Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the______? Answers: Pacific 193).Which of the following state has planned to connect all Gram Panchayats with its capital through hotline? Answers: Sikkim 191).? Answers: The New Global Context 190).com Page 23 .ibpsguide.www..The Theme of World Economic Forum 2015 is.

com 196).”Tamang” is a type community which belongs to___? Answers: Nepal 200) Page 24 .”HoloLens” was launched by? Answers: Microsoft 202).Name the City which hosting 79th Senior National Badminton Championship? Answers: Vijayawada For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www. Norway and Finland 199).LRA is rebel organization of__? Answers: Uganda 198).Name the countries which decided to continue their cooperation with Russia in Arctic? Answers: Denmark.Central Government has planned to start Rs.Who is the author of the book. 8000 crore road projects in____? Answers: Uttar Pradesh 201).ibpsguide.Tripura has achieved its statehood in____? Answers: 1972 197).”Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao” was launched in which state? Answers: Haryana 203).“Neither a Hawk nor a Dove”? Answers: Khurshid M Kasuri 204).www.

Which of the following Commission was related to Subhas Chandra Bose Death? Answers: Mukherjee Commission For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: Page 25 . _____ has decided to create new security jobs? Answers: France 208). “A” stands for? Answers: Augmentation 210).ibpsguide.Name the organization that helps the Sri Lankan Panel in Anti-Corruption Probe against Rajapaksa Government? Answers: RBI 207).com 205).Name the committee which has submitted its report on restructuring of Food Corporation of India? Answers: Shanta Kumar Committee 211).www.To control terrorism.ibpsguide.Committee on FCI has recommended reduction of food security coverage to_____ of the population? Answers: 40% 209).Which of the following country has approved bill to legalize possession of Marijuana? Answers: Jamaica 206).Which Committee was related to IPL Spot Fixing? Answers: Mudgal Committee 212).In “HRIDAY” Scheme.

RBI has asked all banks to display their loan interest rates and processing fees on their 3).India has issued a travel advisory against travelling to which of the following countries? Answers: Ukraine 221). Answers: 1st April 2015 216).Name the country which has unveiled the World’s Largest Vertical Maze? Answers: Dubai 217).The First International Institute of Music was established at? Answers: Kerala 214).com Page 26 .ibpsguide.Name the scheme that was launched under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Campaign? Answers: Sukanya Samridhi Yojana 215).Which of the following company has acquired the Semetric Limited? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.Which of the following company has launched Cortana? Answers: Microsoft 218).From_________.www.10th India-Mongolia Joint Trading Exercise was commenced with an impressive opening ceremony at____? Answers: Gwalior 219).ibpsguide.Who is the new Prime Minister of South Korea? Answers: Lee Wan Koo 220).

‘C’ stands for? Answers: Commercial 227).Reserve Bank has simplified the procedures for ECB policy.ibpsguide.ibpsguide.National Girl Child Day is observed on? Answers: 24th January For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.India was observing the National Girl Child Day since_____? Answers: 2008 229).ZimaFest is a musical festival of India and ______? Answers: Russia 226).com Answers: Apple 222).www. here in ECB.Which state Cricket Association is facing serious fraud charges recently? Answers: Delhi 223).Who is the Indian Socialist that has been appointment in UN peace-building panel? Answers: Saraswathi Menon 225).Mailavarapu Surya Narayana was a famous actor of ______? Answers: Tollywood 224).com Page 27 .Which of the following bank has signed as agreement for 100 million euro with a European Investment Bank for leading to private business in the Country? Answers: State Bank of India 228).

Matdata Mahotsava was recently celebrated at? Answers: New Delhi 232).com Page 28 .Election Commission of India has planned to embed and synchronize the Aadhaar Database with EPIC.Which of the following state has decided to publish Crop Calendar to help farmers? Answers: West Bengal 236).S Brahma 237).ibpsguide.Who is the new President of Zambia? Answers: Edgar Lungu 234).ibpsguide. Here in EPIC ‘P’ means? Answers: Photo 238).National Voter’s Day was observed in India on? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.RBI has banned to carry the Indian Currency Notes of denominations __________ to.www.Which state has largest number of tigers as per recent tiger census report? Answers: Karnataka 235).Which country is in first position in Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI)? Answers: Switzerland 233).com 230).Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India? Answers: H. and from Nepal? Answers: Both 1000 and 500 231).

‘N’ stands for? Answers: Number 244).Who is the first woman officer to lead the Ceremonial Guard of Honor at Rashtrapathi Bhavan? Answers: Pooja Thakur 246).1500 crore as fund? Answers: Tapti Project For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.Yingluck Shinawatra was the former Prime Minister of ____-? Answers: Thailand 242).www.ibpsguide.What is the Theme of the National Voters Day 2015? Answers: Easy Registration. India was providing Answers: 25th January 239).For Nepal’s which project.TRAI has issued draft regulations to facilitate full MNO.Haryana Government has made mandatory for all the ultrasound labs in ______ district to install active tracking devices? Answers: Jind 240).Who is the Author of the book. Easy Correction 245).“When God is a Traveller”? Answers: Arundhathi Subramaniam 243) Page 29 .Which of the West African Country has been declared as Ebola Free? Answers: Mali 241). Here in MNP.

”The Tunnel of Time” is the autobiography of___? Answers: R. who died recently has honored with Prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award in _____? Answers: 1984 For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.Which of the following country has observed January 26 as National Day? Answers: Australia 253).India has celebrates its _____ Republic Day this year? Answers: 66th 252).www.K Laxman? Answers: Common Man 251). which of the following is NOT a part of it? Answers: Page 30 .ibpsguide. Uttarkhand 248).ibpsguide.Who among the below has crowned as 63rd Miss Universe? Answers: Paulina Vega 254).RK 247).Who has won the 63rd Miss Universe Title? Answers: Miss Colombia 249).India and US have signed three MoUs on smart cities.What is the name of the Character that was created by Cartoonist R.K Laxman 250).

ibpsguide.Which football player of Argentine has decided to retire from football? Answers: Juan Roman Riquelme 258).Who is the first Canadian to reach the Australian Open Quarter Finals? Answers: Milos Raonic 257).www. who lead the Army Contingent? Answers: Capt Divya Ajith 259). “H” stands for? Answers: Human 263). Major Mukund Varadarajan and Naik neeraj Kumar Singh who died fighting with terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir by giving posthumously _____Award? Answers: Ashoka Chakra 256).In UDHR.With which bank Page 31 .India has honored the two soldiers.How many people have been selected for Padma Awards 2015? Answers: 104 262). RBI has signed a MoU on Supervisory Cooperation and Exchange of Supervisory Information? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.Who is the Chairman of Staff Selection Commission? Answers: Amitava Bhattacharya 261).In India’s 66th Republic Day 255).National Tourism Day was observed on? Answers: 25th January 260).

Where was the Dandi Kutir Museum has been inaugurated? Answers: Gujarat 267).Who has been appointed as Security Secretary in the cabinet secretariat? Answers: Divya Prakash Sinha 265).com Page 32 .Which of the below drug is known as meow-meow? Answers: Mephedrone For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.In Which State.Who is the first female bishop of England? Answers: Libby Lane 271).Who is the Brand Ambassador of the Beti-Bachao-Beti-Padhao Campaign? Answers: Madhuri Dixit 269).ibpsguide.Which of the following Schemes has made it to Guinness World Records? Answers: Jan Dhan Yojna 270).com Answers: Brazilian Bank 264).ibpsguide.www. recently e-Investors Meeting has been organized? Answers: Uttar Pradesh 268).Who is the new Governor of Himachal Pradesh? Answers: Kalyan Singh 272).Who is Artemious Ventouris Roussos? Answers: Greek singer 266).

water supply in primary schools? Answers: Uttar Pradesh 276).ibpsguide.In NHIDCL.SBI has planned to raise __________ from share sale? Answers: Rs 15.5% 279).000 Crore 280).Which of the following states has planned to provide unhindered 273).www. ‘D’ stands for? Answers: Development 278).Maharashtra Government celebrates Industries Day on____? Answers: September 17 277).World Economic Forum has decided to work with Maharashtra Government for Creating Agricultural Value Chains for _____ crops in the State? Answers: 14 For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.Which State has decided to start gymnasium in every villages? Answers: Haryana 275).As per the Basel-III norms the minimum Common Equity Tier-1 capital of ________ is required by banks in India? Answers: 5.Which is the first Indian state to approve Analogue Semiconductor Fabrication Investment Policy 2015? Answers: Madhya Pradesh 274).com Page 33 .ibpsguide.

Which among the following is not a part of Tehran’s nuclear programme? Answers: Russia 289).com Page 34 .Which of the following has released its report “Scaling the Heights: Social inclusion and sustainable development” on Himachal Pradesh? Answers: World Bank 288).India will setup to 10% stake in Coal India to 281). two MLAs were disqualified for holding office of profit? Answers: Uttar Pradesh 282). Jaishankar 284). Answers: 24.ibpsguide.Among the following which has NOT been asked by SC to block gender determination ads? For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.ibpsguide.000 Crore Rupees 286).Who is the new foreign Secretary of India? Answers: S.From which year the Swaraj Diwas was decided to celebrate on 26th January? Answers: 1950 283). Answers: 2016 285).India will host the Cricket Twenty 20 World Cup in______.www.Which state has planned to implement the National Livelihood Mission? Answers: Uttar Pradesh 287).In which State.

A change in base year for computing national accounts pushed up the economic growth rate for 2013-14 to ________? Answers: 6.NPS is term that related to finance.www. in this “P” stands for? Answers: Pension 291).com Answers: Apple 290).Charles Townes.ibpsguide.How much funds has been announced as aid for flood-hit Jammu and Kashmir? Answers: 1102 Crore 292).In UCBs.Where is the Krishna Delta Complex located? Answers: Andhra Pradesh 294). “C” stands for? Answers: Cooperative For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www. had won Nobel Prize in ______? Answers: Physics 295). who died recently.Which of the following has received Global Investment Trend Monitor Report? Answers: UNCTAD 293).com Page 35 .ibpsguide.Martyrs’ Day was observed on? Answers: January 30 296).9 % 297).

Answers: 19th 303).Which country is at number one position in Credit Suisse Emerging Consumer Scorecard 2015? Answers: India 305).com Page 36 .ibpsguide. recently.ibpsguide. ‘E’ stands for? Answers: Employment 301).com 298).The Change in Base year for GDP has reduced the gap between the way India calculates GDP and the methodology used by_______.Who is the Director of Agni-5 Project? Answers: M V K Prasad 302).Serena Williams has won her_______ Grand Slam Title.www.In PMEGP.Which state has started its first Consumer Advisory Council to enable consumers get more information and awareness about their rights? Answers: Rajasthan 300). Answers: International Monetary Fund For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www.As per RBI’s reports what is the rank of India in Furnishing Credit Information? Answers: 28 304). which was constituted by RBI on Urban Cooperative Banks? Answers: R Gandhi 299).Who is the Chairman of High Level Panel.

Who is the chairman of the committee formed to ensure major reforms in the practice and procedure of BCCI? Answers: Justice RM Lodha For more Current Affairs and Study Materials Visit: www. Answers: International Year of Soils 309).ibpsguide.Who is the author of the book.www.United Nations general assembly has declared the year 2015 as year of_____.“The Eloquent Brush”? Answers: R K Laxman 310).com Page 37 .Which of the following bank has launched banking service on Twitter? Answers: ICICI 308).What is the range of Agni-5? Answers: 5000 kms 307) 306).