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2. Situational Analysis

2.1 Customer:
2.2 Major Competitors:
After independence the food habit of Bangladeshi people has been changed a lot.
Besides our traditional food consumer of Bangladesh like to take western food also
after 1980s. As a result of global marketing this was not too hard for the
consumers. Different foreign food companies were established in Bangladesh. Beverage
industry is one of them. But more interestingly we don’t know beverage is also our
cultural food because beverage doesn’t mean only carbonated drinks Yoghurt, Soup
and Lacchi are also beverage of our own tradition which consumed for the last 100
years in Bangladesh.
Carbonated beverage entered into our market in the later part of 1980. At that time
there were only few companies in Bangladesh. But by the change of time and
western culture influences it’s become very popular in Bangladesh. By year 2000 more than
12 Beverage Company operating business in Bangladesh and most of them are
foreign companies.

However, The Bangladesh food and beverage sector, which comprises farming, food
production, distribution, retail and catering, was valued at ৳ 140 billion in 2012.
Food & Beverage industry is one of the major contributors to growth of all
economies and has historically witnessed consistent growth. In this market there
are several companies which are providing goods of the same category. The main
Competitors are given below

y Name









The PRAN foods factory
has expanded
substantially over the
years in all spheres of
food processing e.g.
bottling, canning,
pulping, pickling,
dehydrating as well as
installation of
Bangladeshis first TetraPak facility.
The most popular name
for food products in
Products Bangladesh is probably
(Pvt.) Ltd Ahmed Food Products
(Pvt.) Ltd. They are
exclusively known for
their Pickles and Sauce.



80.3 38%



60.6 10%



They produce a
comprehensive range of
Foods, Beverage &
Ceramic Tiles with high
quality & standard. We
constantly innovate by
frequently introducing
new foods and beverage



Aftab Foods Limited has
started its journey in the
corporate world in the
middle of August 2010,
with a promise to serve
quality food products to
the nation.


65.3 14%



70.3 10%

There are various types of drink. biscuits. Since then the company represented numerous international manufacturer of food items all over Bangladesh. It has come with the best food & beverage in Bangladesh. Dhamrai of Dhaka. 05 ৳ 40.3 10% billion ৳ billion 30.Alamin Group Akij Food & Beverag e Ltd Sanowar a Group One of the largest group of companies in Bangladesh. has been established at a beautiful site Krishnapura.6 10% billion Sanowara Group of 10 Companies is a countrywide well reputed organization in business arena in Bangladesh. snaks and other products. 05 Akij Food & Beverage Ltd. Primarily producing food products. ৳ 42. pharmaceuticals. At first the company launched it’s business in the name of Sanowara Corporation was setup in 1978 as a sole agent of Australia based dairy food manufacturer. Bread. beverage and agro.3 08% .

Fuwang Foods.) Ltd. orange and guava. The major problems faced by the industry are rising food prices. PRAN foods are the leading business institute of Bangladesh in terms of its revenue and customer choice as well as market share.3 Product Review: Among many of their products PRAN’s main product is their fruit juice and fruit drinks. guava and mangopine. Aftab Foods Bangladesh. Nevertheless. The product line is:  Fruit juice in glass bottle (returnable): It is hygienically produced by state-of-the-art machinery. lemon. increasing transportation costs due to a rise in oil prices. This is mainly attributed to the fact that food products continue to be essential to consumers in spite of the slowdown. orange. . After the PRAN foods.  Fruit juice in aseptic pack: Available flavors in this category are: mango. made from fresh local ripe mangoes.  Fruit juice in can: The fruit juices in cans are hygienically produced by state-of-the-art machine from flavors of mango. the economic slump has had an adverse impact on most Food & Beverage industry. pineapple. On the other hand. guava and orange. Sanowara Group are the leading business unit in terms of revenue and customer choice gradually.  Fruit juice in glass bottle (non-returnable): This category of juice is found in non-returnable glass bottle in flavors of mango. 2. Available in mango flavor. which is very popular among the existing market.. and decline in consumer spending. the Food & Beverage industry has been relatively less affected when compared to other industries. Ahmed Food Products (Pvt.From the above chart we can see that.

The main strengths of Pran Company are as follows: • The Pran Company has excellent brand awareness and a high quality image as juice and .1.2 Strengths and Weaknesses analysis The product manager of accompany needs to identify product strengths and weaknesses before launching into the market. the marketers group have identified the main opportunities and threats facing in the business. So the results of our SWOT analysis are enlisted in bellow: 5. facing by the Pran Food Company’s product line are as follows: • Market study shows that consumers are showing huge interest in variety of milk. which would entail product redesign work.(SOWT & Issue Analysis) As marketing manager.2 Threats: Every company faces threats when they newly enter into market or for the existing company.1 Opportunities: The main opportunities. 5. and even help whether the product should be launched or not. strengths and weaknesses (SWOT) before entering into the market that help us what to do or not to do. 5.2. 5.1 Strengths: The Pran Food Company has some strong sides. we must analyze the product’s opportunities and threats. • Current political unstable situation may affect the new product launching activities. • Bangladesh government may establish a stringent product safety law. 5.1 Opportunities and Threats analysis: We. Threats facing the Pran Food Company are as follows: • Pran has many competitors which are marketing diary products. It has a strong competitor (Arong) in producing Chocolate Milk. • Uprising commodity price is also a threat for the product in newly introducing into the market.1. • The maximum retailers and super shops are willing to carry the Pran Company’s products.

• The • The quality budget of core of product advertising (Milk) and 5. Objectives Financial Objectives Pran management wants each business unit to deliver a good financial performance. distribution channels. and packaging style? 3. analysis In this section of marketing plan. Market Opportunity and 4. we use the strengths and weaknesses analysis to define the main issues that the plan must address. The main weaknesses of Pran’s product line are as follows: • Pran’s line is not clearly positioned in diary product compared with Arong and Milk Vita. • The Pran Company has an efficient service network and strong distribution channel to reach the product to the consumers quickly.2.3 is as promotion same as is the lower competitor’s than Issue its product. Pran Company must consider the following • basic Should Pran stay issue: in the diary business? • Can it compete effectively with its current market competitors? Should it divest this product line? • If Pran stays in the business.2 Weaknesses: The Pran Food Company has some weaknesses for “Pran Chocolate Milk”. as product manager. • Dealers and sale personnel who sell the Pran’s product are knowledgeable and well trained in selling. should it continue with its products. • The current advertising campaign for the diary product is not particularly creative and exciting. 5. competitors’. • Pran is introducing its Chocolate Milk with two well known and well excepted flavors (Strawberry & Vanilla).packaging product producing company. and price promotion policies? • Should Pran increase its advertising and promotion expenditures to match competitor’s expenditures? • Should Pran pour money into R&D to develop advanced features. The product manager sets the following financial objectives: . liters of prepared milk. aged 6 to 25 years and high income generated.000 of sales revenue. and so on.00. .72.5. do not prefer normal milk are our primary segmentation for “Pran Chocolate Milk”. (Marketing Strategy for “Pran Chocolate Milk”) 7.000 in 2009.00.1 Market Segment: The market has been segmented on the basis of geographic and demographic factors.000 units of 500ml pack that include 6. The company expects the total sales of Chocolate Milk are 20. substantial. We want to earn Tk.35 for 500ml. Product Pran Strawberry line: Chocolate Milk b. 7.50. 7.3 Market Positioning: The product strategy is also based on quality.00. we set our target market as 6 to 25 years old people who live in Dhaka city considering the selective specialization. It is an effective segmentation. In this case. Pran Vanilla Chocolate Milk 7.• Earn an annual rate of return on investment over the next 5 years of 3 percent after taxes • Produce net profits of Tk.00.00.2 Target Market: In evaluating different market segments.5 Quantity: We have planned to launch Chocolate Milk in 200ml and 500ml pack for both Strawberry and Vanilla Chocolate Milk. We set an average price tk.15 for 200ml and Tk. 6. then it must set a goal of Tk. marketing objectives must convert the financial objectives into marketing objectives. we have positioned our product as full cream HALAL Proved milk with Strawberry and Vanilla flavor that can differentiate it from the competitors’ products.000 units of 200ml and 5. People who live in the Dhaka city.2 Marketing Objectives In this section of the plan. because it is accessible.000 profits and its target margin is 10 percent on sales. and actionable.4 a. For achieving this market share. distribution coverage. the will have to set certain goals for consumer awareness.

1. we will provide our product in time to the sellers so that consumer can get it timely. and legal restraints. Consumer will show the proof of purchase and get the refund part of the purchase price. When externally. 35. and even the grocery shops as well which are already involved in selling our existing products and also allow new one in which frozen foods storage equipments are available. we will emphasize on Retail stores and super shops.1 following tools Sales promotion tools.7.2 Rebates Cash refund offers or rebates are like coupons except that the price reduction occurs after the purchase.1.9. 3. media clutter.1. product manager faces greater pressures to increase the current sales. 2. Now.15 & 500 ml @ tk.6 Price of the product: We set the price for our valued consumers for 200 ml @ tk. we will use Sales promotion to differentiate our offer from the competitors.8 Service: Basically.3 Price pack . 7.9. When advertising efficiency will decline because of rising cost.1 We Sales will use the best one promotion among the 7. Coupon Coupon is certificate that gives the buyers a saving when they purchase specified product. 7.9. the company will face more competition. We will use this Sales promotion strategy in the following cases: 1.7 Distribution Outlets: To distribute our new product to consumers. 7. Sales promotion offers reason to buy product or service. 7. and Sales promotion is viewed as an effective short term sales tool. The main objective of this Sales promotion is to increase short term sales or help to build long term market share. 7. We will open complain box in where consumer will put their complains and suggestions that will be helpful to the company for further improvement of the product.9. When inside the company. Pran Chocolate Milk is a packaging and instantly useable frozen food. 7.9 Sales Promotion: Sales promotion consists of short term incentives to encourage the purchase or the sales of a product or service.

They will use this Persuasive advertising at the time when 7. These offers will give the health conscious consumers physical and financial 7. 7. The company will mark the reduced prices directly on the label or package. attractive features that is full cream and strawberry and Vanilla flavor. 7. such as inform.1 persuade.10. The company will use the Informative advertising at the initial time when they run their new business. Advertising objectives Advertising objective is a specific communication task to be accomplished with a specific target audience during a specific period of time.1 specific strategies for advertising.Price packs offer consumers saving off the regular price of a product. We will use it when our product will be matured.10. we will use advertising to achieve three aims. In this case.3 benefits. we will use news papers. and Informative remind.10. Price packs can be single packages sold at a reduced price such as three for the price of two.2 Advertising message No matter how big the budget. . the company’s objective is to build the selective demand. Advertising media Thus our business will be limited within the Dhaka city first. advertising Informative advertising is used heavily when introducing a new product category.1.1.10 We Advertising: have taken some 7.10. Good advertising message are especially important in today’s costly and cluttered advertising environment. advertising Reminder advertising is important for the mature company. 7. The purpose of advertising is to get consumers to think about or react to the product or the company in a certain way. advertising can succeed only if commercials gain attention and communicate well.3 face heavy intensity of competition is existed Reminder in the market.10. 7.2 Persuasive advertising Persuasive advertising become more important as competition increases. and create the awareness among the consumers about the product.10. Firstly. the objective is to build primary demand. satellite TVs and bill boards as advertising media for newly introducing product. Here.1. In order to attract the consumers we will focus on low price of our product than the competitors.

“Pran Chocolate Milk” with Strawberry and Vanilla flavor is the successful creation of that department. The marketer’s hawk eye on the consumer’s response helps the researcher to develop the product. when you are thirsty” The reason behind selecting this positioning statement is we are emphasizing our product quality & at the same time we are serving the customer need. Luckily we are lunching our product in a time where some religious festivals are coming. packaging style. and purchasing patterns of the quality conscious executives markets. and other features as the consumers demand. So by keeping an eye on these aspects we are targeting the families as our customers by offering premium family packs. and send a survey team to measure the consumer satisfaction 5. The company will evaluate the performance on the basis of the sales units. So if we want to grow our own market share then our advertisement strategy should be informative and persuasive. will require a constant updates in terms of the potential size. We have targeted the children and the youth consumers because they used to spend their time mostly outside home because of several reasons. . The positioning statement is given bellow: “You need a pure one.12 Marketing Research: Due to the market segmentation that the Pran Food Company has established. Marketing Srtrategies Marketing strategy At the current situation we are the market leaders and this market growth rate almost stagnate.11 Research and Development: The research & development team is involved in continuous research for developing the product quality. Positioning statement: We have made a new positioning statement for our new product. distributions. 7.7.

. For this reason we will try our best to remain the same wholesale price in the next year and that is Product name Price per pack (BDT) Family Pak (1 Litter) 50 Premium (500 ml) 28 Popular (250 ml) 15 Distribution strategy: In the beginning we want to going for huge sales for this we have to increase our distributor’s number in whole country. It will be discuss in detail later in the action programs. So we can hope that the government situation will remain same and the inflation rate will be in control. & young people also. Marketing communication strategy: We have to communicate properly about our product’s quality with our consumers. We have to identify the main distributors in the remote area of Bangladesh. We have to evaluate their capacity and then try to convince to sell our product in their distribution network more frequently. children. We have a plan an action program just for our distributor’s sales persons.Pricing strategy: Currently in our country the government is run by an elected party and our country is now in a democratic environment. Our main target will be those house-wives who are concerned about their family’s health.

Market Research: We are in this market for 30 years and we have already observed many things about the market situation. Pran will use USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for their product. Then we have to promote our product in TV in between this time. Then we know that many of them are related with workforce today. internet can be a vital media to access this kind of customer. For that reason they have to browse internet often. Only after this we can think for market broadening or diversification for the newly lunched product. Pran will use logo and short advertisement so that people can consistently see the advertisement so the product will occupy a clear. Marketing Strategy Positioning Pran always try to position their product through image differentiation. By this we can also access those people who are traveling different places in a day because today in our country the FM trend is very much popular. We also have to evaluate customer’s attitudes about our brand effectiveness. By analyzing this information we will develop our future market strategies and also try to develop good relation with the distribution channel and our customer. distinctive. and desirable place in the mind of the consumer relative to competitors’ product. But we know in our country 80% of our people live in rural area and 90% of them are illiterate. distribution network.From our market surveys we come to know that in urban area most of these kinds of people watch TV from 9 to 12. To do brand differences that make a . And we will also continue the advertising in daily and weekly newspapers and in weekly and monthly magazines. because related marketing. and product differentiation. competitors’ behavior and behavior of the customers towards our products. To attract those people we have to promote our product in different media like Radio.

Martine will trip for three days.2 Contingency Action Program The contingency action program will be applied after evaluating the sales in August.1 Available Action Program for the new product In this stage of the marketing plan.00. if it will be found that sales are not satisfactory then a sales promotion will be held. It may cost tk. 5. The consumers will be allowed to “buy two get one free” offer for some specific period of time. The planned cost is 10. June: Best sellers will be awarded on the basis of sales revenue.000.  8. satellite TV channels and bill boards as well in December to attract the prospects. we will launch our product into the market from the early January. The company will take decision about terms and conditions. some advertisement will be given in news papers.00.10.00. January: Heavy advertisement will be continued that our products are available in the market.000 March: A consumer contest will be conducted. This project may cost about tk. A difference is worth establishing to the extent that it satisfies the following criteria.  Ø Important  Ø Distinctive  Ø Superior  Ø Communicable  Ø Affordable and Profitable Action Program  8. 7.better differentiation or that has the potential to create company costs as well as customer benefits.00.  Financial projection .000. We will organize an open concert for promoting “Pran Chocolate Milk”. which award ten winners to the St. we have tried to show how Pran Food Company will carry out its marketing strategy:  December: Thus. The planned cost for the project is tk.000.

Following are summaries of the action programs we will use during the first year to achieve our stated objective. we will emphasize our marketing expense on advertising and sales promotion activities. publishing department will incur higher start-up expense than maintenance costs after initial publication. The company depends on our dominance of the latest in technology of ergonomics and must remain on the top of new technologies in display. Although the company is not a major player in diary sector compared with the competitors. Similarly. input and output. Also. influential bloggers. and communication and distribution.   February: We will launch a Tk1000. The initial costs are high relative to the maintain costs.  Action Program   The Pran Coconut Juicepak will be introduced in March.   March: We will start an integrated print/radio/Internet campaign targeting professional and consumer. we are spending huge money in that sector achieve more market share.2 Expense forecast Our expense will occur as the result of both historically successful marketing endeavors and projected marketing programs designed to take advantage of expanding market share and improved product lines. 9. and celebrities.  . The company will buy fresher milk from various diary firms than competitors and introduce a diary firm to produce milk as well.3 Marketing Expense Budget Thus we are newly introducing in the market. we will create buzz by providing samples to selected product reviewer. opinion leaders.  4.000 trade sales promotion campaign and exhibits at the major industry trade shows to educate dealer and generate channel support for the product launch in March.  4.1 Sales forecast Since our sales increased over two years. for 2009 we have planned to internally develop a new product that is Pran Chocolate Milk.

In this period of time our product sales in a good number but we want to increase that number. To achieve this goal we have to introduce a new promotional activity from July and that will include a free item. we will add consumer sales promotion such as a contest in which consumer post videos to our Web site. And our projected sales volume will be 43000.  .  Then it will include gifts for distributors’ sales person. 28TK for 500ml and 50TK for 1liter. Like “DURGA PUJA” will take place in the 1st week of this month and there will other related pujas. We will give one dice with our Pran Coconut Juicepak.   July: From 1st week of August Roja will start in 2010. it will be pen and T-shirt with the PRAN’s logo on it   May: We will hold a trade sales contest offering prize for the salesperson and retail organization that sells the most Pran Coconut Joicepak during the four. it will be dice with Pran’s logo on it.   Here we also do other promotional activities which will be related and important to promote this campaign and this will cost 15000000tk.   October: In the year from this month many festivals will take place. April: As the multimedia advertising campaign continues.week period. We will also distribute new point-of purchases displays to support our retailers. with an average wholesale price 15TK for 250ml. This campaign will last until “EIDUL-FITOR”. Customers have to collect it from their retailer. Our projected revenue for 2011 is 322000000/= tk. in September “EID-UL-AZHA” will take place and in December Christmas and New Year festive will take place            Budgets    Following is the estimated budget statement for year 2011.

000/= (-) Cost of goods sold: Distribution cost 50.000/= Average net profit or lose 7000.00.000/=            From the above graph we can analyze our break-even more clearly. We can say from here that our break even quantity is 42000.Tk Total sales revenue 322000. Target Market .000/= Fixed Cost 2400. 6. For this reason if we produce 43000 unit then we can have little amount of profit.00. And in the subsequent year 2012 we can hope for a better profit amount.000/= Marketing cost 700.00.

Kids are set as the target market for the Pran. So. There is a huge demand of juice and drinks among the kids. 7. though it is also popular among young generation. Target users Pran juice is under a Demographic segmentation which is the primary target market for the certain product.The market growth of Pran juice is pretty high and their mission is to capture the whole country. Pran juice contains many nutritious ingredients which provide the children a better health. So the company desires to fulfill the demand by offering them a tasty and nutritious juice item. The reasons behind choosing this segment as primary target are given below: The company chooses the demographic segment on the context of Bangladesh where the chosen segment size is quite large and its growth rate is pretty high. Pran group wants to deliver the Pran juice to the hand of each children of this country and provide them a healthy and nutritious juice item. Their age level relies between 6 to 15.5 crore are children. So it is easily measurable why the company chooses this segment as their target market. Positioning . specially the kids. The current population is 15 crore where almost 3. Lately they want to market this product through the divisional dristricts. There is also a huge malnutrition among the kids of this country. Pran juice is highly popular among the children covering this age. Pran mainly target to capture the capital. So Pran RFL group decided to capture the market of kids by this product. who are the potential customer of Pran juice. specially the kids and children are the main target market for Pran juice. Dhaka city first by their product Pran Juice.

In broad we can say product includes physical objects. Product include more than tangible goods. The many possibilities can be collected into four groups of variables known as the four Ps. use or consumption that might satisfy a need or want. Price. # Levels of product: This product is a pure tangible good. plastic and can packing. The marketing mix consists of everything that the PRAN juice can do to influence the demand for its product. services. Product In short we can define product as anything that can be offered to a market or consumer for attention. . places. or mixes of these entities. tactical marketing tools that the company blends to product the responses it want in the target market. events. ideas. The following are the three levels of the product: Core benefit – remove thirst. Product. acquisition.8. and Promotion. persons. Actual Product – PRAN juice (brand name). Augmented Product – free glass and straw with the purchase of family pack etc. organizations. ensure nutrition to the children. Place. 3 types of juice (with different flavor. Marketing mix of PRAN The marketing mix the set of controllable.

brand name.N u t i i o n r t R e f e s h M i n d r C o e B e e i r n f t R e m o v e t h i s T e t e j c r t A c h r t u a eD i lf P y f pe r p r a r se n to d n u f il a u c jt u ev o r i c e S t r o w A u Fg r m ee en ge l d ap o s d s u t t r c Core benefit Core benefit is the most basic level in levels of product. When designing the product marketers first define the core. so we will be focusing on this. ensure nutrition to the children. As we mentioned before that we have chosen PRAN juice. problem solving benefits that a consumer seeks. As we have selected PRAN juice. So before designing the product they must have thought that what is the core benefit? The core benefit is consumer will buy the product because remove thirst. quality. design. Actual product At this level the product planners turn the core benefit into an actual product. They . In this level they develop the product features. The product planners have developed its features authentically so that it satisfies a consumer’s need.

Augmented product This is the last and final level. Delivery these are part of augmented product. Pricing consideration of decision of a company is affected by some internal factors and external factor. If we talk about the classification of product then it is consumer product. Nutrition and Vitamins. These factors are. 1 Marketing Objective 5 Product quality leadership 2 Survival 6 Market demand 3 Current profit maximization 7 Pure competition 4 Market share maximization . Now come to the factor which is affecting pricing decision. Under the consumer product it is a specialty product. In this level market planners build augmented product around the core benefit and actual product.have developed its nutritious juice so that in future when children go to buy a new juice then they prefer ‘PRAN juice’ among the PRAN rfl group. if we say more clearly then price is the value which is given by a consumer because of taking or receiving a product or service. How price is fixed? Basically price is fixed by bargaining between buyer ands seller.  Price The easy definition of price is that amount of money which is paid for a product or service.

Here given PRAN juice pricing level and competitor pricing level. Like the price of PRAN mango juice can are might not be the same of PRAN orange juicepak. So people who want to buy new flavors. 2007 are not same. Optional product pricing means the pricing of optional or accessory product along with a main product. Allowance is received by consumer and functional discount is given by the company to the wholesaler and reseller. Because of different buyers and changing situation company has to take basic price and adjustment strategies just like allowance and functional discount. PRAN rfl group use product mix pricing strategy. 2006. And our product is ‘PRAN juice’. Under this strategy they follow optional product pricing. Like the price of Dhaka might be the same as Chittagong. Location pricing: The Company set the price of product according to place. PRAN rfl group also use product-from pricing and location pricing. Product –from pricing: The company set different price for different flavor. 2005. Selling price of ACME juice Selling price of PRAN juice 20 20 15 15 10 10 5 5 0 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2004 2005 2006 2007 .Now come to the PRAN juice pricing strategy. shape and flavor. They fix their prize in these strategies because -2004. They are different by quality.

To cope up with the rapid & ever changing market situation & to come up with innovative marketing strategy and ideas company has set up a full-fledged In-house advertising agency comprises of the best talents of the country. Now come to the number of distributing channel levels. its product and its activity.  Promotion Advertising & Promotion is the key to the marketing of any product or brand. demonstrate them to potential buyers and negotiate price. close sales and service the product after sale. the dealers keep and inventory of the company. And for distribution of the product they use the channels such as wholesaler. Company spends a large portion of their promotional budget in brand building exercises at home & abroad.wholesaler -------Final consumer SALES & DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: To make the Group’s products available at the every knock & corner of the country PRAN has developed the best sales & distribution network all over the country. Without distributing channels the distribution of product can be possible. To ensure fast & smooth distribution companies has set up 9 distribution depots & have appointed more than 1000 dealers all over the country. it refers to any communicational activity used to inform.Dealer -----. warehousing and dealer should be selected. For distributing transportation. persuade and remain the target market about an organization. How a product is distributed? PRAN rfl group distributes the product in the following way: PRAN rfl group------. Place Place include company’s activity that make up the product available to target customer. PRAN juice’ target consumers are lower middle class children to upper class children. transportation and reseller. Basically promotion is an attempt to influence. .

stories and events. They have become quite successful to perceive the attention of all types of people.Promotion mix means total marketing communication objectives. In this mix there are 4 things. . Even the children and aged people too. Pran advertises all the products in Television at every channel and in newspaper. It is a paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas or services by an identified sponger. which they think. Public relation Building good relations with company’s various publics by obtaining favorable. PRAN juice pays advertising institutions for advertisement. They also use public relation as a promotional activity for their company. Media announcement PRAN Group believes in advertisement to cover all the remote people with their products. Their target is to acknowledge all the people of rural and urban area around the country about all of their products. Like when a kids goes to buy a juice the company give quality product survive. bears a lot of profit for them. building up a good ‘corporate image’ and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors. sales promotion. personal selling and public relation are included by which company taken attempt of advertising and achieving marketing objectives. This can also be termed as sale promotion.V 3 Radio 2 Newspapers 4 Magazine Sales and promotion These are short term incentives to encourage purchase or sell of a product. Advertising. publicity. They use the following mediums 1 T.

9. Review and control 10. Marketing Organization 11. Contingency Plan .