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O Male

O Female

2. Do you purchase ready to eat products available in the market?
O Yes

O No

3. What is the brand that comes to your mind when you think of ready to eat food?
O Maggi

O ITC Sunfeast

O Top Remaen

O Knorr

4. Are you a consumer of Maggi?
O Yes

O No

5. You came to know about Maggi from:
O Newspaper

O Radio


O Friends

O Other

6. Rank the following Maggi products w.r.t. Frequency of purchase with 1being the highest rank?
O Noodle

O Cubes

O Ketchup

O Masala

O Soup

7. Do you recall any of the T.V. advertisements of Maggi?
O Yes

O N0

8. Do you perceive Maggi as a healthy product?
O Yes

O No

9. Are you happy with the current price & packaging size variants of Maggi Products?
O Yes

O No

10. How do you perceive Maggi products?
O Good For Health

O Ready To Eat

O Junk Food

O Tasty/ Fun Eating

1- reasons for purchase of nestle Maggie noodle's: brand image/low price/quality/availibilty/others

satisfaction level with respect to price.influence of media on purchase decision: tv/newspaper/magazine.taste. posters 5.Influencer's of purchase decision: parents/children's/friends/neighbour's 6.quality. as per your belief( 1 being highest) a) Tv b) Print media . 2) How frequently do you consume Maggi Noodles? a) Daily b) Thrice a week c) Once a week d) Rarely 3) Rank the influence of media on your purchase decision .frequency of consumption: 4.packaging on likert scale 9-awareness about ingriedents and expiry date 1) Why do you purchase Maggi noodles? a) Brand image b) Low price c) Quality d) Availability e) Others: …………………………………….need for any improvement in any aspect in current brand: price/quality/taste 7.effect of advertisements on purchasing decision : highly effective/good/avg/ineffective 8.2-frequency of consumption of Maggie noodles: 3.

c) Electronic media d) Wall posters 4) Effect of advertising on purchase decision a) Highly effective b) Good c) Average d) Ineffective 5) Who influences your purchase decision the most a) Parents b) Friends c) Neighbors d) Children’s 6) Which aspect of Maggie noodles needs improvement a) Price b) Quality c) Quantity d) Taste 7) On a scale of 1 to 5. please reflect your satisfaction level price quality taste packaging .

 By yourself.  With your family.Which of these packets of Maggi Noodles you purchase mostly?  Single pack  Double pack  Family Pack  Mega pack Mostly you consume maggi noodles. Where you consume Maggi mostly? .  In groups with your friends.

 At home  while travelling  when you visit different places  anywhere any time does the any certain type of weather make you go for Maggi Noodles? Are you aware of different flavors of Maggi? .