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Class: Concert Band

Hour: 1st (8:00 AM 9:04 AM)
Date: March 9th, 2015
Age Group: 10-12th Grade

Students will demonstrate a proficiency of ensemble performance techniques through

performing within a large ensemble setting
- Students will evaluate their own performances orally during group rehearsal
- Students will achieve a characteristic sound on varied repe rtoire using given criteria from
previous rehearsals
Skills Taught:

Ensemble Performance
o Ensemble Dynamics vs. Individual dynamics
o Ensemble Balance
o Ensemble Listening
o Direction of Phrases and Proper Phrasing


MU:Cr3.1 Evaluate and refine selected musical ideas to create musical work that meets
appropriate criteria.
MU:Pr4.3 Develop personal interpretations that consider creators intent
MU:Pr5.3 Evaluate and refine personal and ensemble performances, individually or in
collaboration with others.
MU:Pr6.1 Perform expressively, with appropriate interpretation and technical accuracy
and in a manner appropriate to the audience and context.
MU:Re9.1 Support personal evaluation of musical works and performance(s) based on
analysis, interpretation, and established criteria.


Cross, Travis J. Be Thou My Vision Booney and Hawkes 2007

King, Jeff and Richard Williams Foundations for Superior Performance: Warm Ups &
Techniques for Band Neil A. Kjos Music Company Publisher 1997
Sousa, John Philip The Liberty Bell March Jensen Publications 1982
Assorted Instruments as required for the instrumentation of the above pieces

Lesson: Will be in Performing Arts Center for Rehearsal!

- Warm Up
o How does this hall sound different?
o How do we need to adjust our sound to match this hall?
o Concert Bb Scale
Unison in whole notes
Warm sounds, nothing needs to be pushed or strained
In a round, Lows, Mids, Highs
How are we balancing as our parts move? Are our ears open to the
change of hall?
o Bach 95
How does our balance change?
Can we hear more or less than in the rehearsal hall?
Which voices need to be brought our more?

Liberty Bell
o Perform the piece
o Ask the students to evaluate their own performance
Give 1 positive and 1 negative
o Orally assess what the nature of this piece is in this hall
o Spot Check sections that may need more work
Mm. 22
Are the euphoniums matching?
Is our melody being heard?
Mm. 86
Is our dynamic matching as an ensemble?
Are our dynamics varied enough so that an audience would be able to
tell that there is growth?
o Are we going to play this on Tuesdays concert?

Be Thou My Vision
o Perform the piece
o Ask the students to evaluate their own performance
Give 1 positive and 1 negative
o Orally assess the performance from podium/audience perspective
o Spot Check sections that may need work
Trumpet Solo at Mm. 9
Are we matching that style?
Is Jason connecting the notes or is he falling short?
Is their emotion to our phrases? How about the direction?
Mm. 48
Is their emotion?
Where is our growth?
Is there a tangible climax to the piece?
65 to the End
Can we hear the oboe over the other voices?
How can Salena be heard?

Rehearsal will be passed to Mr. Simmons for Music Man and Different Voices