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Advanced Negotiation: Street Smart Tactics

Establishing a win-win situation by effectively identifying and justifying

the key driving factors of sustainable agreements

Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach

4th & 5th March 2010

Any business arrangement that is not profitable to

the other person will in the end prove unprofitable
for you. The bargain that yields mutual satisfaction is
the only one that is apt to be repeated.
B. C. Forbes

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Your renowned course leader

Robert (Bob) Gibson Negotiation Strategist and President
Negotiation Resources LLC
As a Negotiation Strategist he is masterful at teaching business people how
to make deals work, while maintaining profitability and integrity in the
process. In addition to negotiating for clients in the corporate arena, Bob
advises and coaches middle to senior level executives and has trained ten of
thousand of business people.
As negotiation expert Bob has done various trainings on negotiation in New
Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai India. His unique combination of solid business
insights, proven platform skills and common sense have proven to be a
valuable resource to a wide cross section of business

Some organisations Bob has provided training

and consulting services for:

The most difficult thing in any negotiation, almost, is making sure that you strip it of
the emotion and deal with the facts. Mastering of well structured pre-negotiation
planning, advanced tactics and counter-tactics would ensure success in your business


Attend this informative event and gain practical

insights into:
Mapping and structuring effective pre-negotiation planning
Achieve win-win situations by being creative and resourceful
Designing and deploying fit-for-purpose negotiation strategies
Defining and implementing supporting processes
Instilling individual and organisation's negotiation competencies
Mastering how to overcome deficiencies in a negotiation
Negotiating strategically when placed in a disadvantageous position
Leaving the negotiation table still being friends
Drawing a line between standing your ground and going for the kill in a
Mastering the art of influencing and motivating others through
Building and maintaining rapport within any agreement process

"Bob Gibson is a high impact presenter that can teach in a fast moving, entertaining style.
It's been a year since his presentation and I have seen his strategies used in the field, and
am convinced that this has partly contributed to our success this year in signing more
Coloplast, Corp.
I have learned more in the 2 days of negotiation training than I have in all the training
sessions I have attended put together for the past 2 years.
Shell North Pacific Islands
It is simple course with lots of practices case studies. So we can see the points clearly
Sime Darby Engineering S/B
Street Smart Negotiation Skills may turn lay men into good negotiators
Having recently attended the course and meeting Bob personally, I highly recommend his
Negotiations courses. The delivery is on pace and very effective for those present. The
exercises add value to the tools and techniques described during the course. Enjoy your
time with Mr. Gibson, listen intently and learn to become a better negotiator.
Hewlett Packard
This course is refreshing and helps you to access you style and character and hence able
to identify areas for improvement
MISC Berhad

marcus evans training courses are thoroughly researched and

structured to provide intense and intimate practical training
applicable to your . Benefits include:
An in-depth tailored programme to address market concerns
Pre-course questionnaires
Diverse real life case examples
Comprehensive course documentation

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relevant issues will be addressed. The comprehensive course material will enable you to digest the
subject matter in your own time.

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Friday 5th March 2010

Session One
Moments of truth
Every negotiation hinges on moments of truth. Theyre the turning points in a
negotiation, they often determine the profitability of a deal, and most negotiators
arent tuned in to them. Once you become aware of them, and know what to
everything can change!
Discovering the moments of truth
Using the right way to make changes
Mastering the turning points and getting the upper hands
Session Two
Conflict management: How to effectively negotiate internal
Efficiently negotiating with internal partners and drawing out win-win decisions is
critical for a firm success. How to develop the process of bargaining with your
own company's senior management to put together the best package and set
realistic goals for the deal on the table is vital.
Identifying the negotiation of differences and disagreements
Effective exchange of viewpoints and ideas
Building positive-energy relationships
Session Three
Cross-border negotiation with other major power of world:
Benchmarking business culture and economy climate in India
Defining the crucial information criteria to be aware of when it comes to crossborder negotiation
Analysing the cultural difference and business environment between you and the
other party
The key points to take note in cross-border negotiation
Case study of Honda: Negotiating in different cultures
Session Four
Special situation: Dealing with government agencies and public
This kind of negotiation involves hidden agendas and a level of intrigue not found
in other situations. For that reason, these negotiations are often fraught with
failure and filled with frustration. But, they needn't be. And they won't be, if the
negotiators know where the real negotiating is and how to do it. In this
session, Bob will provide critical strategies and theories to be aware of when
negotiating with government agencies. Additionally, he will maximise this session
by adding in case studies about cross-border negotiation with government
agencies and public organisations:
Defining the characteristics of the negotiators from government agencies
Effective strategies and theories for dealing with government agencies in
negotiation table
Case study of Hewlett Packard: Dealing with government regulators across Asia
Session Five
Exploring negotiating case studies and practices: In sales,
procurement, outsourcing, pricing, etc.
In this session Bob will provide you with the specific case studies of negotiations of
different situations. Additionally, the participants will have the opportunity to
practice in different simulation role-plays.
Case study of Caterpillar: Dealing with difficult negotiators
Session Six
Key tactics II The nuts and bolts of negotiation
This session covers skills used in negotiation worldwide in business situations.

Why you cannot miss this event

In this ever changing economic condition, developing an organisational
negotiation capability is vital to ensure your organisation isnt losing money
unnecessarily. Rising cost needs to lowered, revenue to be optimised and
business expansion is crucial for corporate growth and survival. It is undeniable
that, one with extraordinary negotiation tactics will stand a better chance in
getting deals for existing or new projects and businesses. The fine line that
defines negotiation success is the very skill that organisations desire to
accomplish and yet so few really manage the feat.
Negotiations are far from bargaining where it is not haggling but rather forging
of a start of future transactions built on trust and relationships that will bring
about long term gains. For companies, it is necessary to develop advanced and
logical negotiation strategies internally, as this will contribute to a long-term
growth of the organisation. Externally, they also see the importance of 'wellstructured negotiation strategies' to create competitive advantage and to
achieve success at negotiating tables with business partners or competitors.
Therefore, it is important for practitioners to reconsider the negotiation culture
and concepts in changing business environment.
This is an interactive course specially designed to equip all industry
professionals with effective negotiation strategies and influence tactics
for every business situation - from regular work environment to
complex negotiations deals involving cultural differences, coalitions and
ethical challenges. This training also aims at helping participants to
understand the importance of negotiations as a skill, and equip them with latest
tools and techniques to optimise the negotiation process. In particular a great
amount of time is used in understanding and practicing negotation so that you
are comfortable to use it. The course has a hands-on, practical focus intended
to help attendees understand advanced level of negotiation, and how they can
be mastered and used for success.
Internationally experienced course leader, Bob Gibson, will address the issues of
negotiating with government agencies and public organisations; global
transaction negotiation with emerging economies; and advanced tactics and
counter-tactics for improving negotiation skills. Delegates will gain value by
applying the concept and knowledge into their day-to-day life while utilising
practical exercises such as role playing, group discussion, games and case

Who should attend

C-Level Executives, Directors, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Heads of
Business Units, General Managers, Senior Managers, Line Managers, Team
Leaders, Heads of Departments, Supervisors, Engineers and Executives from the
following job areas:
Sales and Marketing
Procurement and Purchasing
Trade Marketing
Business Development
Supply Chain
Vendor Management
Operations & Logistics
Human Resources
Corporate and Government Affairs / Relations
From cross-industries, especially:
Oil & Gas
Food & Beverage
Government Agencies

Banking, Finance & Investments

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
IT & Communication

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The Sales and Marketing Institute International is the leading
professional body of sales and marketing professionals in the Asian region, with
over 10,000 members and affiliates. SMI promotes excellence in sales and
marketing and leads the development of professional standards and practice.
SMI offers the globally recognized Certified Sales Professional (CSP) program for
sales executives and managers. For more info, visit or email

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marcus evans reserves the right to change the venue of, or speakers at the training course should circumstances require. marcus evans

Day 1

Thursday 4th March 2010

Session One
Elaborating key principles in negotiation
Practical exercise: Opening negotiation
What is negotiation and what is in your negotiation toolbox?
Understanding key principles that are important at the negotiation table
Finding the key drivers of others
Session Two
Planning an effective negotiation strategy
Conducting a realistic plan before a negotiation
Using the planner to guide through the minefield of a negotiation
Shaping the way you think in a negotiation
Reaching a point where you will never be ambushed again
Session Three
Positioning yourself for success in the negotiation
Understanding how expectations effect outcomes (when you expect less, you get
Identifying how expectations go up and down in the other person's head
Taking control of the expectations in the other persons head
Establishing value for your suggestions in the negotiation
Why this method is so good at building relationships, while assuring results
Setting a target / planning (you can't hit a target you never set!)
Practical methods for team and personal target setting
Identifying the 'Must' and 'Give' issues
Session Four
The imperative tactics to get authority in negotiation
Defining effective questions for you to win at the negotiation table
Introducing the success formula from the proven STREET-SMART BUSINESS
SERIES that has and continues to work wonders for fortune 500 corporations
Understanding why the success formula will differentiate you from the rest of the
Learning how to utilise the two caveats: The cornerstone of the success formula
Examples of companies and corporations that have experienced success from the
implementation of the formula
Case study of Citibank
Session Five
Power negotiations Holding the winning cards
Categorising the crucial power and estimate the current status of yours
You have more power than you thinkk: How to maximise your power at
negotiating table?
Assessing strengths and weaknesses of yourself and others with a negotiation
planner developed from the STREET-SMARTBUSINESS SERIES
Case study of Motorola
Practice: How to negotiate effectively when it appears the other party has the
power cards staked on his end
Session Six
Concession strategies: Why walking away might be the one step to
achieve what you want in the negotiation
Concessions are often necessary in negotiation but they often go unappreciated
and unreciprocated. In this session, Bob will explain the key strategies for building
good will and reciprocity when you make concessions at the negotiation table
How to draw a line between standing your ground and going for the kill in a
Case study of Genentech: Recognising moments of truth in negotiation
Session Seven
Key tactics I The nuts and bolts of negotiation
This session covers tactics and strategies used in negotiation worldwide in business

About your course facilitator:

Robert (Bob) Gibson Negotiation Strategist and President
Negotiation Resources LLC
Bob Gibson is the Founder and President of Negotiation Resources, a San
Francisco-based consulting and training firm. As a Negotiation Strategist he is
masterful at teaching business people how to make deals work, while
maintaining profitability and integrity in the process. Bob has assured the
business success of his clients since founding Negotiation Resources in 1987.
His "STREET-SMARTBUSINESS SERIES" has proven an effective vehicle to
convey his decades of real-world experience to business people in America,
Europe, Canada, Mexico and Asia. In addition to negotiating for clients in the
corporate arena, he advises and coaches executives and has vast experience
having trained tens of thousands of business people. His books, "How To
Negotiate High-Profit Sales" and "Negotiation When Relationships Matter" are
available in book form and as mp3's / CD's, and have proven an effective vehicle
to convey his decades of realworld experience to business people in America,
Asia, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Middle East.
His clients appreciate the clear perspective, the insight and business acumen Mr.
Gibson brings to both forging business agreements and his teaching. These
abilities have made him an invaluable resource to corporations in the U.S. and
around the world. Establishing a firm name in the negotiation circles, Mr.
Gibson's insights and experience are beyond mentioning as he carries his
experience across the globe to Asia. Recognised by the media for his expertise,
Bob has written articles and been featured in such publications as Selling Power,
Sales and Marketing Management and Your Company, and been featured
nationally on CNBC television.
Some of the organisations that Bob has provided consulting and
training services for include:
AFGD Glass Manufacturing
Alltel Supply
American Airlines
American Institute of Banking
Bell Atlantic
Bell South
Besser Corporation
Federal Reserve Bank of Birmingham
General Motors
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Gilead Sciences
Home Federal Bank
Honda of America
J. P. Morgan
J. Smith Lanier
Pacific Bell
RegioBaak of Holland
Turner Broadcasting System
US Treasury Department

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marcus evans would like to thank everyone who has helped with the research and
organisation of this event, particularly the trainer, who has kindly committed and supported
the event.

Advanced Negotiation: Street Smart Tactics


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4th & 5th March 2010

Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach


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