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IBM Product Lifecycle Management

Shape Design and Styling solutions

As one of the software applications

The ability to capture and reuse

that lies at the heart of the PLM

knowledge embedded within CATIA

solution set, CATIA Version 5

facilitates the implementation of

is the cornerstone of true

corporate design best practices.

integration between people, tools,

It also frees end-users to concentrate

methodologies and resources within

on enhanced creativity and innovation.

an enterprise. Its unique product,

process, resource model and

In addition, the open CATIA V5

workplace approach provide a fully

application architecture allows a

collaborative environment that fosters

vast and growing number of

creativity, knowledge sharing

third-party vendors to submit

and the communication of

specialised applications to meet

three-dimensional (3D) product

targeted needs.

and process-centric definitions.

Shape Design and Styling solutions

CATIA Shape Design and Styling

General to specialised

Harnessing the power of

solution set delivers innovative and

requirements for all industry

knowledge-driven shapes

fun-to-use products for the creation,

segments are catered for

These solutions capture design

control and modification of

A complete P1 platform delivers high

intent as the design is built with a

engineered and freeform surfaces.

levels of productivity and efficiency

combination of interactive shape

to all manufacturing industries.

design and styling functions along

High range technologies enable

with the solution paradigm of

powerful and process-centric skills.

embedded knowledgeware.

Its highlights include:

The most complete and integrated

portfolio for the creation of

This provides the power of explicit

Surface design made accessible

rules that define product behaviour.

advanced shapes The user can

to everyone These particularly

As a result, these solutions act as

create shapes based on a physical

easy-to-use tools for surfaces and

an expert advisor to guide users

mock-up or styled sketches by virtue

shapes are for parts designed by

through tasks, warning them of rule

of the Reverse Engineering solution.

non-surface specialists or advanced

violations and conflicts to achieve

It covers design processes for

shape designers looking for a

automated design generation and

preliminary to detailed parts, which

complete surfacing tool set.

reduced risk.

require consequent surfacing with

Mechanical Shape products.

The most flexible modification

It also describes mechanical

schemes Change management

shape assemblies with Automotive

is built into the solutions design,

Body-In-White Fastening, such as

providing the user with shorter

body panels and crafts harmonious

conceptual testing times.

aesthetic shapes with the Freestyle

The associativity with other

product set. Construct Class-A

CATIA V5 domains also allows

modelling shapes with the unique

for an efficient model for

Class-A process orientation

manufacturing management.

offer and generate high quality

photo-realistic views and dynamic
renderings in real time with
visualisation tools.


CATIA Styled Mechanical Design 1 (YM1)

CATIA Freestyle Shaper 2 (FS2)

CATIA Styled Mechanical

CATIA Freestyle Shaper 2 (FS2)

Design 1 (YM1)

Provides all of the necessary tools

Provides a 3D product creation

to address intuitive, dynamic surface

package that is perfectly suited to

sculpting and real-time diagnosis

the consumer goods domain.

requirements, as well as the

This includes comprehensive part

production of associative drawings.

and assembly design features, as

In addition, it offers integration tools

well as associative drawing extraction

that are compatible with CATIA

capabilities and advanced surface

V4. Customers benefit from a seat

creation tools. Designers will also

definition that can be seamlessly

find that it has all the 2D drafting

upgraded by adding dynamic

features necessary for efficient

multi-surface deformation and

drawing production.

real-time diagnosis functions.

This configuration is greatly

CATIA Hybrid Design 2 (HD2)

empowered by the comprehensive

Provides in one seat all the necessary

package of core Shape and Styling

tools to perform advanced 3D design

solutions, designed to meet the

of mechanical parts, assemblies and

industrial-scale needs of the consumer

complex shapes in the context of

goods domain. In addition, the import

the full scale digital mock-up, and

and export of IGES and STEP data

generation of production drawings.

make collaborative design throughout

the extended enterprise very easy.
Users managing parts from external
applications will appreciate the CATIA
Healing Assistant 1 (HA1) product,
which allows them to check validity
of imported geometry with regard to
CATIA V5 modelling criteria. It can also
CATIA Hybrid Design 2 (HD2)

be used to improve the topology and

geometry of analysed objects.

As a CATIA P2 configuration, HD2

RE2 provides the best technology

offers advanced 3D orientation

available for managing potentially

features, such as fly-through navigation

huge meshes and faithfully recovering

and advanced specification graph

shapes with high quality results.

display and manipulation. Customers

The RE2 set of easy-to-use capabilities

benefit from its built-in interoperability

allows manufacturing companies to,

with other CATIA V5 solution sets. It is

not only shorten the design validation

the configuration of choice for existing

phase, but also to enhance the quality

CATIA V4 customers because it offers

of CAD data in the preliminary

integration tools that are compatible

design process.

CATIA Reverse Engineering 2 (RE2)

with V4 and data interfaces to the most

frequently used industry standards.

CATIA Freestyle Optimizer 2 (SO2)

Customers also benefit from a seat

Provides all of the necessary tools

definition that can be seamlessly

to address the advanced surface

upgraded by the addition of shape

sculpting and real-time diagnostic

design capabilities, allowing for the

requirements for automotive or

design of more complex parts using

Class-A parts, as well as the

hybrid-modelling methodologies.

production of associative drawings.

In addition, it offers integration tools

CATIA Reverse Engineering 2 (RE2)

that are compatible with CATIA V4.

Provides all of the necessary tools to

Customers benefit from a seat that

cover the complete surface reverse

can be seamlessly upgraded by

engineering process. From the import

adding dynamic multi-surface

of digitised data, including clean up

deformation and real-time diagnosis

and tessellation, to the recovering and

functions to its definition.

finishing of surfaces, RE2 allows the

user to quickly visualise design
study alternatives.

CATIA Freestyle Optimizer 2 (SO2)


CATIA Styled Mechanical Design 2 (YM2)

CATIA Styled Mechanical

Basic knowledge capabilities provided

Design 2 (YM2)

through Knowledge Expert will allow

Provides a 3D product creation

designers to import and use corporate

package that is perfectly suited to

knowledge stored in rule databases

the Consumer Goods domain.

to ensure the consistency and quality

This includes comprehensive part

of their designs. Users managing

and assembly design features, as

parts from external applications, such

well as associative drawing extraction

as mold makers, will appreciate the

capabilities and advanced surface

Healing Assistant product, which

creation tools. Designers will also

allows them to check validity of

find that it has all the 2D drafting

imported geometry with regard to

features necessary for efficient

CATIA V5 modelling criteria. It can also

drawing production.

be used to improve the topology and

geometry of analysed objects.

This configuration is greatly

empowered by the comprehensive
package of core Shape and Styling
solutions, designed to meet the
CATIA Automotive Body-In-White
Design 3 (AB3)

industrial-scale needs of the Consumer

Goods domain. In addition, the import
and export of IGES and STEP data, as
well as the ability to work in a hybrid
CATIA V4/V5 environment, make
collaborative design throughout the
extended enterprise very easy.

CATIA Automotive Class-A 3 (AC3)

CATIA Automotive Body-In-White

Using CATIA Automotive

CATIA Automotive Class-A 3 (AC3)

Design 3 (AB3)

Body-in-White Fastening 3 (ABF)

Based on the P3 platform, this

Provides all the necessary tools to

provides the user with intuitive tools

configuration provides all of the

perform advanced and specific 3D

to create and manage spot-like

necessary tools to create and model

design of Body-In-White elements

fasteners. The user can switch from

aesthetic shapes of the highest,

used in the automotive industry in one

a 3D point-shape definition to a 3D

Class-A quality that capture design

seat. It provides the user with a full

hemispherical-shape specification

intent, using unique surface modelling

portfolio of productive and innovative

if needed. In addition to placing the

technologies, such as real-time

design and drafting solutions,

fasteners, reports can be issued

modelling and freeform associativity.

including applications concerning

from the application in order to list

shape design, image rendering and

fastener location coordinates and the

interfaces. It also gives the user an

properties of joined parts.

end-to-end solution to address the

The framework of this solution

complex design of productive

relies on the P3 platform providing

Body-In-White parts, and achieves

overwhelming Product and

ready-to-manufacture digital

Process integration expertise, with

mock-ups that benefit from the

processes focused on automotive

advanced knowledge of CATIA V5

Body-In-White fastening.

and its integration with CATIA V4.

CATIA Digitised Shape Editor 2 (DSE)

CATIA Shape Sculptor 2 (DSS)

CATIA Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA)

Addresses digitalised data import,

Provides modelling tools to quickly

Dedicated to aesthetical shapes

clean up, tessellation, cross sections,

create, edit, or enhance a shape from

creation for industrial and conceptual

character line, shape and quality

a concept or an existing physical

design, CATIA Imagine & Shape

checking with real time diagnosis.

model. This new approach of creating

introduces very new concepts,

This product takes place at the

aesthetic and conceptual forms allows

breaking the traditional approach

beginning of the Reverse Engineering

non-CAD specialists to manipulate and

of surfaces modeling. It could be

cycle, just after the digitising machines

test 3D virtual models. The objective

used in any domains needing quick

and before several processes covered

is to enhance the collaboration

surface creation, including rapid

thanks to the complementary use

between design and engineering

virtual prototyping, ideas expression

of other CATIA V5 applications from

offices through a fun and easy to

and simulations. Imagine & Shape

mechanical and freestyle surfaces

use sculpting tool. In this way, Shape

combines a powerful technology,

design to direct manufacturing.

Sculptor complements and reinforces

based on subdivision surfaces, and

The inspection process can be

the existing CATIA surfacing tools, such

a simple use, making easy for a non

directly handled with DSE by utilising

as CATIA Freestyle Shaper 2 (FSS)

surface specialist to design within

alignment between Clouds of points

and CATIA Freestyle Sketch Tracer

a CAD system. Imagine & Shape is

and CAD models.

2 (FSK) particularly in situations where

really shaped to leverage in V5 the

surfacing becomes very complex.

engineering of emotional content:

It can be used to generate a shape

From ideas to 3D becomes then

from curves and surfaces, to add

quick and easy for all.

details on a model, to sculpt and

then copy and paste features from
an existing model to another, or to
simply work on a polygonal model
as obtained from CATIA Digitised
Shape Editor 2 (DSE).

Styled Surface Engineering

CATIA Quick Surface

CATIA Freestyle Shaper 1 (FS1)

Reconstruction 2 (QSR)

Provides easy to use surface-based

Quickly recovers surfaces from

tools to help designers create styled

digitised data that has been cleaned

shapes, enabling even casual users

up and tessellated using the CATIA

to easily smooth and trim curves and

Digitised Shape Editor 2 (DSE) product.

surfaces. Real-time quality checking

Quick Surface Reconstruction offers

is possible through extensive curve

several approaches to recover

and surface diagnosis tools to

surfaces depending of the type of

ensure quality.

CATIA Digitised Shape Editor 2 (DSE)

CATIA Shape Sculptor 2 (DSS)

shape: free form fitting, mechanical

shape Identifications like plane,

CATIA Freestyle Sketch Tracer 1 (FSK)

cylinder, sphere, cone and primary

Allows the integration of stylists work

surface extension. Thanks to QSRs

(such as 2D painting) into a 3D format,

tools which analyse curvature or

as the basis for 3D virtual mockup.

iso-slope property, users can easily

This product provides an intuitive

create polygon segmentation in

toolbox for helping the user to convert

pertinent surfaces area. Quick Surface

2D data into 3D data: the user will

Reconstruction 2 includes its own

first position and scale the image in

quality checking tools.

3D, then use CATIA Freestyle and

CATIA Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA)

Generative Shape Design products to

draw the geometry over the sketches.

CATIA Quick Surface

Reconstruction 2 (QSR)

CATIA Freestyle Shaper 1 (FS1)

CATIA Freestyle Sketch Tracer 1 (FSK)


CATIA Freestyle Optimiser 2 (FSO)

CATIA Freestyle Profiler 2 (FSP)

CATIA Freestyle Shaper 2 (FSS)

Extends the shape and surface

Addresses intuitive dynamic surface

Is a P2 product which provides

modeling functions of CATIA

creation by sweeping a profile curve

enhanced powerful easy to use

Freestyle Shaper 2 (FSS) to the

along multiple guides. This product

surface-based tools. Freestyle Shaper

morphing of complex, multi-surface

offers associative Styling Sweeps

2 helps designers to create styled

shapes. Designers can globally

and associative Net Surfaces tools to

shapes and enables even casual users

change multiple surfaces as if they

cover the need for complex profiled

to easily smooth and trim curves and

were a single patch while preserving

surfaces. All types of FreeStyle

surfaces. Real-time quality checking

the previously prescribed design

analysis are provided e.g. curvature

is possible through extensive industry-

characteristics. The system is able

analysis, cutting plane, distance

oriented curve and surface diagnosis

to match an established design to fit

analysis, environment mapping

tools to ensure quality.

other geometry such as a physical

and isophotes.

mock-up scan. To verify the quality of

CATIA Automotive Class A 3 (ACA)

surface designs, users can conduct a

Creates and models aesthetic and

virtual showroom inspection with

ergonomic shapes to highest Class

real-life cubing visualised by computed

A quality using ground breaking

reflect lines from a neon row.

surface modelling techniques like

Reality Modeling, associative freeform
modelling and Capture of Design
Intent. This dramatically improves the
productivity in the Class A process
and delivers a new level of integration
in the overall development process.


Mechanical Shape Design

CATIA Automotive Class A

CATIA Developed Shapes 1 (DL1)

Optimiser 3 (ACO)

Quickly and easily unfolds ruled

Offers extended tools to create and

surfaces and develops curves on

model aesthetic and ergonomic

revolution surfaces. Design engineers,

shapes to highest Class A quality.

both non-surface specialists and

Powerful tools like using global

advanced-shape designers, can

surface modeling techniques, Shape

define an associative flattened

Modeling, and global feature creation

pattern from their 3D models for

methods, Global Flange, on top of

manufacturing from flat sheets of

the ACA product speed up the total

raw materials. Developed Shapes 1

development styling process.

features an intuitive cross-platform

CATIA Freestyle Optimiser 2 (FSO)

CATIA Freestyle Profiler 2 (FSP)

user interface foster productivity, ease

of use, and low training costs.

CATIA Freestyle Shaper 2 (FSS)

CATIA Automotive Class A 3 (ACA)

CATIA Automotive Class A

Optimiser 3 (ACO)

CATIA Developed Shapes 1 (DL1)


CATIA Generative Shape

CATIA Generative Shape

CATIA Generative Shape

Design 1 (GS1)

Design 2 (GSD)

Optimizer 2 (GSO)

Helps design mechanical shapes

Helps to design advanced shapes

Extends the wireframe and multiple

based on a combination of wireframe

based on a combination of wireframe

surface creation features of CATIA

and multiple surface features.

and extensive multiple surface

Generative Shape Design 2 (GSD)

Generative Shape Design 1 provides

features, with full specification capture.

with powerful global deformation

an extensive set of tools for creating

Generative Shape Design 2 includes

technologies. Based on exclusives

and modifying mechanical surfaces

all the functions and commands

smart tools, Generative Shape

used in the design of complex shapes

from the CATIA Generative Shape

Optimizer allows the user to deform

or hybrid parts. GS1 brings smart

Design 1 (GS1) product. It provides

shapes quickly and decreases the

tools, like powercopy to manage

an extensive set of tools for creating

time to complete the design process.

the feature reuse. Its feature-based

and modifying mechanical surfaces

approach offers a productive

used in the design of complex shapes

and intuitive design environment

or hybrid parts. Its feature-based

where design methodologies and

approach offers a productive and

specifications can be captured

intuitive design environment to capture

and reused.

and reuse design methodologies

and specifications.
Knowledgeware and laws
functionalities included in Generative
Shape Design 2 bring to the user
the best in class tool to faster create
complex surfaces. In addition of
Generative Shape Design 2 the CATIA
Generative Shape Optimizer (GSO)
product allows access to powerful
global deformation technologies.


Surface Assembly
CATIA Automotive Body-in-White

CATIA Automotive Body-In-White

Templates (ABT)

Fastening 3 (ABF)

Is an advanced product that uses

Is dedicated to the design of

unique skilled features to boost body

Automotive Body-in-White Fasteners.

in white design phase productivity.

It supports Welding technologies

These powerful features allow body in

and mechanical clinching, along with

white design teams to quickly create

Adhesives, Sealers, and Mastics.

or modify a car body in an associative

styling and engineering context.

The user is provided with intuitive

For instance, a user can create an

tools to create and manage Spot

associative shape, place welding

like Fasteners. The user can switch,

points on it, and then assemble the

if needed from a 3D Point shape

two parts with unprecedented rapidity.

definition to a 3D hemispherical shape

The manufacturability of the created

specification. In addition to placing

body is taken into account, as well as

the fasteners, reports can be issued

the management of potential styling

from the application in order to list :

changes. ABT takes advantage of its

Fastener location coordonates and

total integration with the mechanical

the Joined parts properties at each

shape design products, the freestyle

fastener location.

CATIA Generative Shape

Design 1 (GS1)

CATIA Generative Shape

Design 2 (GSD)

CATIA Generative Shape

Optimizer 2 (GSO)

products, and the unique

CATIA Automotive Body-in-White

The CATIA V5 generative feature

Fastening 3 (ABF) product.

infrastructure enables the associative

update of fasteners feature placements
from a part design or assembly
structure change.

CATIA Automotive Body-in-White

Templates (ABT)

CATIA Automotive Body-in-White

Fastening 3 (ABF)


Real Time Rendering (RT1)

Photo Studio 2 (PHS)

Photo Studio Optimiser 2 (PSO)

Enables designers to leverage

Generates high quality photo-realistic

Is an essential complement to Photo

technological material specifications

images and movies of a digital

Studio 2 (PHS) for users who want to

to produce realistic renderings of their

mock-up, by using a powerful

create images and movies that will

model. Texture can be created from

ray-tracing engine. This engine

match reality. PSO extends PHSs

scratch, modified from imported digital

drastically enhances the realism of

rendering capabilities with such

images, or selected from the included

the resulting images by computing

advanced technologies as global

library. Associativity is maintained

real soft shadows as well as accurate

illumination and caustics. With the

between the material library and

reflections and refractions of light.

products 3D texture and bump

the material applied to the parts.

Photo Studio manages reusable

mapping capabilities, the user can

Materials can be applied through

scene settings and delivers powerful

see at the beginning of its life cycle

a specification-driven approach or

animation capabilities. By giving a

how the finished product will look.

through simple selection.

physically realistic simulation of the

Real-time display computations

model appearance, it can also provide

quickly convert models to

final validation of the design.

realistic renderings.

Photo Studio product is thus able

to give a competitive advantage to
companies that want to present their
products in context to their
own customers.


Real Time Rendering 2 (RTR)

Real Time Rendering (RT1)

Enables designers to interactively

create realistic and dynamic
renderings and animations in real-time,
by extensively using all the hardware
features available. The user can
dynamically create and manipulate
materials, lights and environments
and immediately view the result of any

Photo Studio 2 (PHS)

modification. By providing the ultimate

dynamic display of the mock-up,
Real-time Rendering 2 allows efficient
design evaluation and validation at
any time during the product
development process.
Photo Studio Optimizer 2 (PSO)

Real Time Rendering 2 (RTR)

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