Human Resources

Unit1 - 4 Mark Quiz Questions
1.High Horizons is a manufacturing Unit dealing with the manufacturing of car accessories. Currently it is not doing well because of tuff market competition and there are financial crisis also. The Manager Mr. R. Menon is worried because of decreasing interest of employees and low productivity. What steps he could take to improve the situation. a. Introduce Monetary Incentives b. Reduce the employee strength to cut costs. c. Introduce certain recognition Programmes to improve Employee Morale d. Suggest the management to sell of the unit

Unit2 - 4 Mark Quiz Questions
1.There was a large scale expansion of the trade union movement after the Second World War - especially after the independence. There existed four-fold reasons for this rapid growth. These were as follows: (1)_____________________________________________________________, (2) the development of three more central labour organizations and the competition among them, (3) the labour policy of the Government based on adjudication rather than collective bargaining, and (4) The growth of the spirit of trade unionism among the workers. Identify the correct missing reason.

a. the cumulative impact of the acute economic distress stemming from war conditions and the removal of the war-time restrictions on strikes b. Demand of goods increased and led to industrial growth c. Establishment of International Labour Organization. d. People got united during the process of attaining independence.

Unit3 - 4 Mark Quiz Questions
1."The ultimate mission or purpose is to relate future human resources to future enterprise needs, so as to maximise the future return on investment in human resources. In effect, the main purpose is one of matching or fitting employee abilities to enterprise requirements, with an emphasis on future instead of present arrangements." What Particular process is being talked about here? a. Human resource Development c b. Forecasting c. Human resource Planning d. Demand and Supply

Unit4 - 4 Mark Quiz Questions
1.Data Done is a middle level Software Firm which takes outsourced tasks related to the process of software development, but that do not require high expertise. They need to hire the workforce in large number for the project which just requires some degree of basic competence. What will be the best, fastest and cost effective way to recruit?

a. Labour Unions b. Casual Applicants c. Employee Referral d. Schools, Colleges and Professional Institutions.

2.Pranjal is conducting an interview for hiring the Sales Executive for his organization. He needs to know about the personality of the person. What method he may use:

a. Psychological Test b. Depth Interview c. Physical Examination d. Reference Check

3.Radha has recently joined as a HR manager. She is not clear about the purpose of conducting the medical examination of a person before the employment kindly help her understand that pre-employment medical exams are administered for what purpose(s)? a. To detect possible communicable diseases that may be unknown to the applicant. b. All of the above. c. To verify that the applicant meets the position's physical requirements. d. To establish a record of the applicant's health for insurance claims.

Unit5 - 4 Mark Quiz Questions
1.Current-24X7, is a manufacturing unit which has hired 10 fresh candidates as Trainee Technicians. It is involved into manufacturing of mini generators. They are small enterprises which is not having a huge training budget. They wish that the new entrants learn the actual equipment in use and in the true environment of his job. What is the suitable method for them. a. Send them to a 15 days training at a technical Institute b. Lecture c. On the job Training. d. Off the Job Training

Unit7 - 4 Mark Quiz Questions
1."This scheme is a plan or programmes to motivate individual or group performance. It is most frequently built on monetary rewards but may also include a variety of nonmonetary rewards or prizes." What is being discussed here. a. Reorganization c b. Reward c. Appraisal d. Incentive

Unit13 - 4 Mark Quiz Questions
1.Following are the steps of Grievance handling, they are not given in proper sequence. I. Analyze and divide II. Follow up III. Receive and define the nature of the dissatisfaction IV. Get the facts V. Apply the answer Choose the correct sequence from the options given below. a. V,II,IV,III, I b. I,II,V,IV,III c. III,IV,I, V,II d. I, III,IV,II,V

Unit15 - 4 Mark Quiz Questions
1.Veer Bhanu Rathore is the Manager in "Power Pumps",a manufacturing unit. There are around 50 employees in the unit ,which he is heading.He is always bothered about completing the manufacturing targets on time. He also proposes and assures certain financial rewards on timly completion of work. But at the same ime he is quite strict while dealing with employees and often punishes if the work completion is hampered. He is a believer of Theory X of Douglas McGregor. Identify the managerial style of Veer Bhanu Rathore.

a. The produce or perish style (9, 1) b. The team style (9, 9) c. The country club style (1, 9) d. The impoverished style(1, 1)

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