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How did the

Revolution affect
By Charlene Montebello

Table of Contents
Chapter 1.1; The Industrial Revolution
When and where did the Industrial Revolution start?
Why did the Industrial Revolution take place in Britain first?
Growth of industrial towns
The Factory System
Bad Working Conditions
Social effects of the Industrial Revolution
Chapter1.2; The Industrial revolution nowadays
Population Growth and Economy
Life without the Industrial Revolution
Chapter 2; Questionnaire sample, analysis and explanations
Questionnaire sample
Do you know what the Industrial Revolution is?
The answers of who selected yes
Could you imagine yourself without electricity?
Do you use a mean of transport?
If yes, what type of transport do you use?
Do you think the Industrial Revolution affected us?
Why do you think so?
What are your thoughts about pollution?
What are your thoughts about economy right now?
What are your thoughts about pollution right now?
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Conclusion and recommendations

This project is about the Industrial Revolution and how it affected us. In chapter
1.1 I will be talking about how the Industrial Revolution started and how it affected
those times in means of when and where did the Industrial Revolution start? Why
did the Industrial Revolution take place in Britain first? Growth of industrial
towns, the factory system, bad working conditions and social effects of the
Industrial Revolution. In chapter 1.2 I will be talking about how it is affecting us
today in means of pollution, population growth and economy and life without the
Industrial Revolution.

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Chapter 1.1; The

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When and where

did the Industrial
Revolution start?
The industrial revolution took place in the second half of the 18 th century and in
this period Europe was changed from an agrarian, handicraft economy to one
dominated by the industry and machine manufacture. This occurred first in Britain
around 1750s till 1830s. It spread to other parts of Europe, initially in Belgium,
France, Germany and later in Russia.
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An important factor of this revolution was the increase of the birth rate. In the 18 th
century and the first half of the 19th century the birth rate in the major countries
like Britain, Belgium,
France and Germany, the
birth rate increased up to
50%. This was as a result
of the new food crops such
as the potato, the four crop
rotation, rotation, the
diseases and lack of wars.

Why did the

Revolution take
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place in Britain
Britain had excellent resources like coal and iron and they had been a major
international nation since the 1500s because of tobacco, sugar, tea and slaves from
her colonies. Due to this, merchants had gained wealth from trading and had
money to invest in industries such as textiles, mines, railroads and shipbuilding.
Also, they had a stability in the government, had internal peace and there were lack
of international custom barriers which restricted trade in other countries.
There were new scientific ideas in England which helped industrialization spread
faster. There was more interest in scientific investigation and invention and the
doctrine of the laissez-fair which meant letting business alone. This became more
popular thought the 18th century after the British economist Adam Smith argued
powerfully for it in his great work; The Wealth of Nations (1776)
Britain retained leadership in industrialization for most of the 19 th century. They
used steam shipping long distances and after 1840 they used it for oceanic
transport. Railroad systems were used to
transport coal from mines and then they
were used for fast transport during
1820s. The first line opened between
Liverpool and Manchester in the 1830.
There was also the invention of the
telegraph which allowed faster exchange
of news and commercial information.

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Growth of
industrial towns
Villages like Manchester grew from towns to cities of hundreds of thousands in a
few decades into the 19th century. A population growth of this kind compelled great
and important dangers like the creation of a greater labour force and a more
demand of goods. A big part of the goods requested by these new markets were
being manufactured by means of machinery in production units, called factories. In
these towns, there were crowded slum areas where people lived in very bad
sanitary conditions which sometimes the people had diseases and were often
separated from the rest of the population in towns, because the wealthier classes
started moving away from these slums.

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The Factory
The main feature in the Industrial Revolution was the beginning of mechanical
power that replaced human and animal power in the production of services and
goods. A restricted class of capitalists that owned these means of production were
in charge of the production. Workers were gathered together in a place called a
factory and had to operate machines for long hours. As an industrialized working
class, they no longer owned their tools, they had little property and generally they
had to exchange their labour for a money wage. This method of mechanical power
to production caused an increase in the workers efficiency and goods became
inexpensive and plentiful.

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Bad Working
Production during the 1830s was generally in textile, mining and metal industries.
There were bad working conditions and caused a new set of problems. Workers
employed in one factory were around 50 to 100 and most of them were in bad
working conditions. To have a better and faster production, children, men and
women had to work up to 14 hours a day with a very low wage. Women and
children were more exposed to hazards and there was lack of industrial safety as
they were regarded as less skilled people. The chances of injuries in factories were
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very high as there were unguarded machines and a lot of pollution. The discipline
in these places was considered very important and very harsh and there were strict
laws. These laws were enforced by foremen who were between the owners and the

Social effects of
the Industrial
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There were various social effects in the Industrial Revolution such as; factory
labour was more tedious, disciplined and that of such hazard than work in domestic
industry or agriculture. In the early 20th century the child labour laws were enforces
in most countries. As time was passing by, the workers felt that they had less
control over their destiny as factory workers and machine operators although they
were manmade.
Living in the city in the 19th century was often hazardous. Dirt and smoke polluted
the environment and housing conditions were very bad as the people were often
crowded and there was no sanitary. There was lack of basic facilities such as water
and sewage dispense and this caused diseases, high death rate and this was claimed
to be in all industrial cities.
However in not all the places was the environment that bad. Factory legislation,
sanitary provision and
social welfare programs
were introduced. Also,
workers themselves found
a way to have better
conditions. To improve
working conditions and
protect their interests,
workers organizations were
being formed.

Chapter 1.2;The
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In the Industrial Revolution there were a lot of inventions which are very handy in
the 21st century life. Below is a list of some of the inventions and their inventors.
Steam Engine-Oliver Evans
Steamboat-John Fitch
Clock-Eli Terry
Sewing Machine-Elias Howe
Suspension Bridge-John Roebling
Printing Press-Richard M. Hoe
Telephone-Alexander Graham Bell
Radio- Guglielmo Marconi
Television-Louis W. Parker
Computer-George Stibitz
These inventions nowadays are very important to us as they are our way of
communicating and our way of transport. The steam engine became the train and
the steamboat is the ship. These
inventions are dominating our
lives especially the television as
media is influencing us a lot right
now. 21st century jobs revolve
around computers and one must
have a great knowledge of how
they work and what to do to make
them work the way you want.
These inventions have really
affected our everyday lives.

14 | P a g e

From the second half of the 18 th century, the air became more polluted as machines
and steam engines were being invented. They used to work by burning coal and
this causes a lot of pollution. That time, the pollution was less because there were
fewer machines and more fields but in today life, the pollution increased. This is
because there are far more factories with a lot of machines and the means of
transport we use generate a lot of pollution. This is causing illnesses and diseases
and as days go by, humans are increasing factories around the world without
knowing the damage they are doing. In fact, there is a saying that the ozone layer
will dissolve with these gasses.

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Population Growth
and Economy
Life in the Industrial Revolution got better in certain ways. There were more
people working so there was a lot more money in the country. The economic wheel
started spinning and so, the population rate had a boost. When people got out of
slums and started living in a healthier life style, they had kids and their kids had
kids and so there was more economy. Although a population growth is something
good, it brought problems with it. Some cities were over populated even islands.
Lets take for example Malta, it is becoming more populated because economy in
the 21st century is much better than 100 years ago and thats what happened in the
Industrial revolution. Economy got better and so the population span grew.
Apart from the fact that people were having more kids, the death rate decreased as
there was less diseases, less poverty and no wars. The economic wheel continued
spinning and this brought
us to the modern life in
the 21st century full of
inventions that evolved
revolution and from this
the citizens are making
their living and continue
producing others like

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Life without the

Life without the Industrial Revolution would be a lot more different. We may be
going to school or work on foot or with horses and carts as cars, ships, trains and
planes were invented during the Industrial Revolution. We could be growing our
own crops in the fields, getting meat from our farms or hunting for our food. There
would be no electricity as it was invented in the Industrial Revolution and the 21 st
century life depends on electricity to power the modern world of technology and
for the everyday life too. Without the Industrial Revolution we would have to make
our own clothes and not go shopping whenever and wherever we wanted because
there will be great limitations of what to buy because there would be less
production and less economy as there would be no factories. In other words our
normal life style would be a lot different as we would still be living in a life where
there are a lot of limitations.

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Chapter 2;
sample, analysis
and explanations

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Do you know what

the Industrial
Revolution is?

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The answers of who selected yes were:

It was a progression from the primary to the secondary sector - from agriculture to
industry work
when machinery and other inventions were invented and used in factories.
When new machines, tools and transport were being used.
It was a social and economic change which happened in the mid-18th century, this was
when workforce was no longer dependent upon agriculture but on the industry such as
The industrial revolution is when machines made a breakthrough and everything was
more advanced. It was basically the beginning of the manufacturing process. It created a
lot of jobs for people forced women and children work long hours, children ended up
suffering from severe injuries to their backs because they sometimes had to fit into small
spaces since they were smaller.
When we changed to electricity
when people started working in new factories instead of working in farms.
Mass mechanization making it possible to produce in large numbers
The period in History of mankind when machines and mass production started to take
over ...the human touch started its ascend...progress which brought about regress in
certain aspects of the human race.
The revolution in which people
moved from working on land to
people working in manufacturing.
Invention of steam controlled
machinery which led to factories and
mass production
The industrial revolution is when the
machines were introduced and
replaced the human factor so a lot of
workers got fired because machines
of course produced more
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With the introduction of steam engines, machines were being created to help in the
production and manufacture of products. In turn, these machines needed a source of fuel,
which in the times of the industrial revolution this was coal, which in turn gave off a lot
of pollution. These days oil is being used and also gas and other natural sources such as
hydro power.
From depending on nature and farming for food people started depending on machines.
The revolution which changed the way we work and live. The industrial revolution
started in Brittan. People used to mainly work as farmers and so on but the invention of
the steam engine made most move to highly populated cities to work in factories. Child
labour, exploitation of modern day human rights, pollution...where amongst the various
problems in this time period.
When we started using a lot of
In brief it is the shift to new
manufacturing processes. Many
jobs previously done manually
started being mass produced by
machinery. This led to many
skills being lost and also people
working in factories started being treated
like machines.
When the use of machinery and factories was used instead of manual labour.
The uprising of common people in France against the noble people and obviously the
king as he was spending all the money on riches and as a consequence people were dying
of hunger. French commoners broke the prison of Bastille and killed king LouisXVI and
his wife Marie Antoinette, bringing an end to the French monarch system
Machines and factories were introduced
Increase in the number of factories to build products in mass volumes. Prices of products
made more affordable for the masses. People start to rely less on agriculture and artisan
crafts and being more in employment within a large organization.
It was a turning point in history because for the first time, goods could be mass produced.
This could happen due to inventions such as the steam engine. The industrial revolution
26 | P a g e

also brought about a movement of people from rural to urban cities to work in
manufacturing plants such as Henry Ford's car factory and others.
A period in human history that saw a rapid rise in Technology and inventions, leading to a
change in lifestyle and a massive change in global markets and scenarios.
Long story short it was a period in the late 17th century and early 18th century where
rapid inventions where created and so people who lived in the outskirts of the city that
used to work on agriculture, fishing etc... Decided to move to the city hoping for a better
A period in which fundamental changes occurred in various sectors
The changes in manufacturing
The invention and introduction of machinery which boosted productivity while lowering
costs. This lead to the increase of carbon dioxide and other gasses, which as a result have
led to the greenhouse effect
The period when there was a new manufacturing systems
Drastic change of life due to technological changes
It's the time in history (around 1750 onwards) when manmade objects became available
via machines, new manufacturing processes, and the use of water power and coal had an
amazing effect on the business
and the daily lives of people all
across Great Britain.
The process of change in the way
things are manufactured. This
change effected the way people
live and where they live. The
move from the cottage industry to
Working people stood up to
pretentious leaders, leading to
today's work options
Change in technology, manufacturing etc.

27 | P a g e

The Industrial Revolution is when machines where produced , new chemical

manufacturing and iron production processes, improved efficiency of water power, the
increasing use of steam power, and the development of machine tools. It also included the
change from wood and other bio-fuels to coal.
The Industrial Revolution is the period of time where new things were developed
especially technological inventions. This was also the time were lots of things were
introduced to society and of course improved life in a better way.
When factories were built, new jobs were created but the workers weren't treated well.
New machines started to be created and most of the workers were poor such as children
and farmers.
The introduction of machinery in the industrial world that increased factories' production.
The Industrial Revolution was the process of industrialization in Great Britain roughly
between 1750 and 1900 through which the use and need of coal-powered machines and
steam grew greatly overtime. This occurred due to the iron and coal deposits in Britain
and the growing population, amongst others. Among the most significant effects on
Britain were the improvements in transport and the development of towns with problems
such as overcrowding, lack of hygiene and killer diseases.
Change from working manually to working with machines
It is the transition of manufacturing processes in the 1760s. A lot of mechanisms were
built to ease a man's work, therefore manufacturing processes were being built by
machines instead of by hand.

28 | P a g e

Could you imagine

yourself without

29 | P a g e

Do you use a mean

of transport?

30 | P a g e

If yes, what type of transport do you use?

Buses and cars
public transport private transport like car
Buses mostly
Cars & Public transport
Private car and also public transport such as the bus.
Cars, planes and trains
School bus and public transport.
Car Public transport
cars buses
Cars, planes, boats, trains
Own car and public transport
Private car
car or bus
personal car, school transport, public transport
car, public transport, and rarely, vessels and airplanes
cars and buses and in very few occasions ships.
Public transport, car
Bicycle, car, boat ship, airplane.
Cars, buses
Public transport and sometimes a car.
31 | P a g e

Car Bus
the bus
my car and busses
a private car
Personal car
Cars, buses most commonly
Bus and car
Airplanes, buses and cars
I drive a car. I work for myself from home, and initially used the Maltese bus system
when I needed to meet clients outside of my home. This proved so unreliable that I had to
purchase a car so as not to be late, or spend three hours of my day for a journey that now
takes me twenty minutes in my car.
mainly buses and cars.
Car, bus, bicycle

Do you
think the Industrial
32 | P a g e

Revolution affected

Why do you think so?

33 | P a g e

Changed our lives

People started taking a stand to inequality in society. Hence, this was a land mark to
achieving the democracy we embrace today.
It made us more comfortable and we have a variety of choice
Positively: a lot a jobs, new technology, new comforts. Negatively: pollution
I think so because every type of revolution that occurred along the years left its affects on
Without the most important invention (steam engine) we wouldn't be as advanced when it
comes to technology, factory work and so on. It also helped with the creation of human
rights, ngos and other things which try to prevent the exploitation of people.
Most of the things which have become needs nowadays and with which we cannot do
without all have in some way been pioneered during the industrial revolution.
Most of the technology we
have today was brought about,
directly or indirectly by the
machinery saw a massive
period. Which than slowly lead
to the Digital Revolution.
Mass production was created
It improved our daily lives, the
communication skill is stronger, it makes life much easier to handle.
Because without the industrial revolution we would be FAR behind in machinery and
technology. The supply would not meet the demand at the rate people can hand-make
products, considering how many people populate the world today.
If it wasn't for this revolution we wouldn't be here technological wise.
Without it we won't be the people living today
It changed our lifestyle to the better
34 | P a g e

It made people's work much easier however it had negative effects on the environment
Revolutionised our methods of economic produce.
Made production and transport easier
It is the reason behind why I don't spend the day in a field taking care of crops or children
but instead I go to school. It also the reason behind global warming which is a big
problem in today's world. It has affected us in both positive and negative ways.
As stated before it brought progress which lead to regress regarding industrial waste,
pollution ....illness related to pollution ...etc
With the industrial revolution, modernisation took place. Products became more
advanced and mass produced.
Because people who used to
work by hand or even
maybe farming started to
work in factories which is
more comfortable and easy.
larger since a lot of people
went to live in then.
Because from that time on
new ideas were taken into
mentality and society's life had to change as well. Technologies continued to get better
and better until they reached the form of how we know them nowadays.
It is difficult in Malta to escape the effect of the industrial revolution, with a large portion
of the population working in employment with large corporations. More people are
looking forward to buy and consume more, being happy that they can afford it. (it does
not mean that I am happy with the way we are being influenced)
It created more jobs and started making our lives easier little by little. But as time goes by
we see that machines are taking the place of the worker since the machine doesn't need
any days off or breaks it can work for 24/7 without being tired or stopping. We can say
that there are pros and cons to the advancement in these machines

35 | P a g e

Many goods that we consume are now mass produced in factories thus making many
more goods and services available to us. (Though at a cost!)
Since machines are introduced to the human kind, we relied a lot into machines and the
products may sometimes get mass produced by the machines and not done by hand so the
quality varies
The machinery replacing human workers brought also lasting effects on the environment
and peoples health
We would be almost nothing without it
The introduction of machinery the fight
for the rights of the workers The
importance of management People
moving from rural areas to more central
ones to be able to find work
Mass production leads to mass
consumption which has lead to
consumerism and materialism and
possibly a loss of values.
Most people couldn't care less about it yet
without it we wouldn't be here, so yeah it
did affect us.
It facilitated our lives
As due to this change the whole world has benefited for instance if it weren't for this
Revolution in the present day we would still be dependent on agriculture and many
inventions would not be available: computers cars etc
Because our daily livings changed because of it.
It shaped us as human beings, our lifestyles, our work... Everything around us. Some
things are positive, e.g. having hot water at home or even drinking water, others are
Because revolution itself, will always bring a change
36 | P a g e

The economy increased and more money

Social mobility for one thing. Pre the Industrial Revolution the social classes of Britain
were not at all fluid. A sudden influx of money and power meant that almost overnight a
rough tradesman could become a gentleman. Architecturally...I stood recently at St
Pancras Station in London, have you seen the roof there? Mind blowing, completed in
about 1870. No welding, all rivets...incredible.
Made life faster industries and competition keeps on growing
It made the world smaller with export easier. Things got to places
quicker. However when it started it did not make the living any better
until they introduced rules including ones re child labour.
The whole society had changed it may be changing in a good
way or a bad way, we will only know that in the future. The
is changing


Because before we would read books but instead we check in

the internet
Because of this we have mass
production, but unfortunately
there is also a lot of pollution
I don't know what it is.
Because we have a better way of living now
There are far many more jobs since the industrial revolution
It has made life more easy since technology has took over from that point in time
This is because as we can say the Factory of Enemata will be changed to gas in order to
decrease pollution from Bio-fuel gas.
We wouldnt have mass production without the I.R
We would not be living the way we are if there wasn't the industrial revolution
It is affecting us and our future
It led us to where we are today, without first developing the industry
37 | P a g e

It changed the way business is conducted [e.g. production and shipping]; lifestyles [e.g.
travel and transportation]. It also affected society - lifestyle and expectations. It also
affected the eco-system.
Yes it affected us in both good and bad ways. Good because it made our lives more
comfortable and on the other hand it affected the pollution
Because how the world is today, is because of the industrial revolution (electricity,
factories, and means of transport...)
Our life is




It changed the way one works

A lot of machines and
inventions that we use in
everyday life would not have
been invented if it wasn't for
the industrial revolution.
Life became faster.

What are your thoughts about pollution?

Too much pollution causing damage to ourselves
It can be reduced if everyone uses less fossil fuel
There should be more restrictions on the amount of pollution factories are legally allowed
to release into the air, it's disgusting that the amount of pollution comes from factories.
I think it is the greatest threat we have ever faced as a people. I am glad I will die before
the serious effects of the last century's disregard for m other nature is made evident.
It's bad for our nature
38 | P a g e

It is increasing and thus there is a higher global effect

It affected the pollution with steam power and coal.
It's an issue that is natural to have
improvement of technology. Waste
inefficiency which obviously needs
to be fixed and stopped as best as
possible, however as said it should
have been expected that pollution
would become an issue following
such a massive leap in technology.
Health problems have increased.
There is a percentage of the population that is suffering from asthma. We have destroyed
the natural environment. Drastic climate change has affected many species.
It is effecting the environment and air around us. Harmful chemicals are also causing
various illnesses.
Harms bodies increase in health problems
It is a big growing problem
It is bad for our health and the environment as it is causing climate change and the
greenhouse effect
I think we are consuming too much.
I think that pollution is one cause that
affected the overall weather: overheating
etc. Awareness about pollution is being
raised and so maybe people will do their
best to reduce the huge amount of pollution
by doing small things such as separating
glass, paper, metals and plastic from each
It harms the environment and leaves
repercussions on our health. This is mostly caused by us
39 | P a g e

It has increased since the industrial revolution... and it is already impacting the
environment and society's health. Moreover, harsher effects are already happening [e.g.
global warming].
I think that pollution is a very important issue at the moment which has been having its
effect upon the earth since the Industrial revolution.
A side effect of the heavy industrialization of our cities
It is damaging the whole world
It is harmful
Unfortunately not many people (both individuals and firms and govt) are aware or care
about the impact of all our actions on the environment. Some think that since their
contribution (positive or negative) is small compared to others', it is insignificant. We
need to do more to reduce pollution which is something that surrounds us all the time!
Not enough is done, and those who recommend using something to make the
environment better never use it themselves. So never understand how to make it run
better for the people who need/what to use it. E.g. the buses. So it put more cars on the
Pollution is becoming a big problem since many young people are getting new cars and
pollute a lot
Were destroying ourselves and our
environment with our own creations
WE are destroying mother an
irreversible rate,
Horrible because it increases the chances
of diseases and sickness.
It is effecting the climate change.
Earth is always getting affected each year
because of the global warming and amount of cars used each year thus creating pollution
and damage the ozone layer
The revolution brought with it methods which effected the environment through sound,
air and visual pollution.
40 | P a g e

Pollution is the undesirable change in the environment that can harm human life It is one
of the world's causes of ill health
Pollution is all around us. Pollution is not just the chemicals that we are surrounded with
but also the noise and other distractions we are surrounded with.
It's not good for our health
Destroying the place we live in is pretty dumb in my opinion. Why throw on the ground
when you can walk 50 steps to a dustbin?
It is increasing thus, a higher global warming effect.
Pollution is bad but we are the people who caused it
As time goes by the problem of pollution is getting worse. Asthma is increasing rapidly,
you can rarely find a family without at least one person suffering from asthma or any
other medical issue caused by pollution. If we keep this up it's only going to get worse.
Pollution is the direct result of people having wrong priorities. It is the result of
companies who continue to use and make people use non renewable resources, mainly in
the form of fuel consumption and packaging. We can never fight the problem of pollution
unless we are ready to make life changing decision and choose products which have a
smaller ecological impact
Although the industrial revolution brought a lot of advantages, it brought disadvantages
such as pollution... Factories and buildings and being built everyday causing lots of
As anything else it is the con of something that it is causing it. And there is nothing we
can do to stop it.
Fault of the IR however we are still in time to save the environment. It would cost a lot of
monody though.
Pollution is very bad for our health. Unfortunately, we live in an area where the air is
filled in pollution and the government should do something about it.
We should take more care about what we do and use in order to reduce pollution
especially air pollution in the streets due to cars and ea pollution due to boat gases which
are killing the sea life.

41 | P a g e

Pollution has increased drastically, which as a result is leading to more diseases, such as
It is bad for people and people should use the bus than ride separately on cars
Brought about by us selfish humans
There are different types of pollution with
the one most commonly referred to being
air pollution. Air Pollution is a reality in
today's world, effecting our health and
also climate. This will worsen in the
future as no major actions are being
implemented by society in everyday lives
to diminish it!
I think that it is a high price that we are
paying for industrialization and material
comforts. I think that human beings are short-sighted and egoistic and using the earth's
resources in a manner which nature did not intend. Pollution is also leading to several
It is causing a lot of illnesses such as asthma
Unavoidable in my opinion due to the daily and excessive use of electricity, cars, factory
work and so on.
Pollution affects us negatively because our health is getting worse every time the
pollution increases. It is also affecting the Ozone Layer.
They are harming people; Trees take pollution as well but then give us oxygen.
Pollution is a side effect of using resources which are burned to give energy. It will of
course have a negative effect but even though it is controlled it will have an inevitable
I honestly am against even though I can't really do much. Man is becoming more and
more selfish and thinking only moneywise and how they become richer thus not caring
about harming the environment.

42 | P a g e

It is highly damaging the world's system, but

it is also highly needed.
It is a bad thing and it is a price we are
paying for living a comfortable life
It does a serious harm to the biodiversity and
also to us humans and in future time will be a
major concern even if non renewable
resources are by time being reduced.
We all think it's wrong but no one is radical enough to do something radical about it,
including myself
It is very bad for our world and will affect the future generation
An ever-growing problem but can be resolved.
Pollution makes it hard for us to enjoy earth
Too much pollution but everyone is aware that we need to decrease pollution. Efforts are
being made by a lot of countries.
There is more pollution now because of all cars increasing and loads of trees being cut
It's an ever growing threat to mankind

What are your thoughts about the economy right now?

That nowadays many there places around the world with different rates of economy, but I
think right now the economy is good
The European economy is still suffering some losses in its currency due to major
repercussions still effecting Greece after the global recession. However, our Maltese
economy was not affected so much by the recession in the past couple of years thanks to
strong regulations by the central bank and MFSA.
Seems to be recovering from the recent international crisis
Good very good more money in pockets now
43 | P a g e

Life is too expensive

Economy in Malta is doing well, several
EU countries are in trouble however
(Italy, Greece, Spain etc)
I don't follow economics.
Its pretty bad, everyone works hard and
don't get paid enough and most things
are way over priced
Depending on what economy is being referred to. Locally for Malta, the economy is
doing fairly well. Globally there are issues in certain countries like Russia and Ukraine
where as other nations are flourishing like China.
Which economy? Global? Local? European? I think in Malta the economy is stable and
we are lucky in comparison to other countries.
At the moment economy is improving after the recession hopefully keeps increasing to an
economy boom
It depends on foreign trade, manufacturing and tourists and still grows each year.
It's getting better since there is a decrease in the deficit
Unfair proportions between 3rd war countries and modern countries.
Many international uncertainties
Not bad
It depends on which country but it is not that bad

44 | P a g e

Right now the economy needs to improve

for better purposes including the salaries of
wages, so to make better accomplishments.
Undeveloped countries are filtrating
developed countries and economy is shifting
towards an abyss.
The economy is just recuperating from the
Right now its stable
In Malta it is ok.
Not sure
It's ok. It could be worse it could be better
Which economy? Some countries are still
recovering from the economic crisis.
However economies are interlinked and interdependent in such a way that they impact
each other.
I have a positive feeling...
Some of the prices are not being the same. For example the prices of bus tickets are: 1.50
euro for all the voyages you make.
The economy right now is increasing
It is quite stable
The economy isn't bad some of us are living in a good standard of living but others aren't
It came a long way yet we still need a lot of improvements
The economy is still based on the industrial revolution. What is the thing that drives
economy today?? Oil. As the prices of oil fluctuate, the lives of everyone change.
Unfortunately, here in Malta, we are still paying high prices for oil leaving people less
money to buy other things which facilitate their lives
Well it depends, we do have a lot of jobs and buying but can't say we export a lot of our
pawn products.
45 | P a g e

In Malta the economy is quite good

I don't think it could be considered as a good one but it's stable. After the Second World
War, between the 1950-1980, I think the economy was much better, also because there
wasn't as much competition.
I think it is improving according to surveys
In Malta it's mostly based on the manufacturing sector and the land-based economy isn't
very high.
At the moment the Maltese economy is doing very well but this is all thanks to the
secondary and tertiary sector, industry and services, and if one examines them you see
that it is thanks to the Industry revolution that the economy is doing so well due to new
inventions and the industry (Maltas workforce is greatly dependant on the industry)
I think it could be better.
I don't keep myself updated
unfortunately I don't have
any opinions on economy.
The balance and prioritizing
of where the money should
be channeled is being
correctly distributed.
It is not that bad, but it surely isn't perfect.
The Maltese economy is getting on its feet and people can start living an easier life
I do not know
The economy is cyclical, at times it does well, and at times it doesn't.
There is a slight improvement. It is important to try to encourage more people to work
and less people to rely on state benefits.
Globally we seem to be returning to a time when (ironically lasting until the Industrial
Revolution previously) where there is a huge disparity between people with vast sums of
money at their disposal, and those who leave below the poverty line.

46 | P a g e

I think that at this point in time Malta economy is in a good state

According to the latest statistics, the economy seems to be in the right direction, however
one has to keep in mind that statistics regarding the economy (GDP statistics) overlook
standards of living, crime, education levels (I do not mean academic achievements)...
To take care of the air
Have no idea....
Here in Malta it is at crisis.
I think its okay, we aren't in risk of
poverty as far as Malta goes so I
dont think its bad.
A robust growth outlook in
consumption and a large scale
investment projects

What are your thoughts about the population right now?

47 | P a g e

Getting bigger and more dense

On the decrease because raising a
large family is very difficult.
It is considered an aging
population as there is a decrease
in birth rate and death rate.
As for the Maltese islands, we
are way too over populated and
we should start stopping the
amount of immigrants invading our country. Way too many people for such a small
Right now the population is decreasing
No really thoughts it is what it is
If we take Malta...I feel that the geographic size of our island is too small for our
population...or rather for the people to live comfortably...Sizes of houses are becoming
smaller (as Prices are increasing), land becoming scarce, open spaces? If we look at
global population I think it is also on the increase. This means that there will be greater
demand for scarce resources available in the world. I also think that this increase is
mainly in developing countries where access to education such as family planning is
lacking, thus making their health and hunger problems worse!
Too much population in a very small place... too much cars and traffic
It is growing as well; more black people are living in Malta. I don't like it.
It is increasing every second
It is average
A serious problem especially for Malta's size.
In some places I think the population is too much.
Malta is too overpopulated for its size

48 | P a g e

I think that there are a lot of people in the world and also in Malta since Malta is the 5th
most populated state in the world
The birth rate is lower but because the death rate is low too we are densely populated
with people who can't work thus can't pay for taxes but instead the working part of the
population has to pay for their pensions and free services like children's allowance. I see
that the more time passes the more trees and natural parts of the country are demolished
and instead apartments and department stores are built.
Something needs to be done as people are living longer but child birth always reducing
There are loads of people on a small island there is lack of space and the population is
increasing everyday
This is far too vast to answer. I am sorry.
I think that our country is overpopulated.
Buildings are being built on a constant rate
and there isn't enough space for everyone's
comfort maybe. People are living longer.
Its way more than it should be in
comparison with Malta's size
Lower birth rate, Lower death rate. Not
enough people to paying tax, the problem
will be worst in the near future.
Not sure what you mean by this question
Too crowded
World population? I don't have any thoughts really...
Over population
We are a little overpopulated
The population has increase a lot from 40k from the time of knights to today with a
population of 400k. This was the result of newly commercial ships

49 | P a g e

Several EU countries need to tackle the issue of an ageing population and a decreasing
birth rate.
The population is currently suffering from a great birth decline which is resulting in
leaving an aging population; this has been having its effects since the Industrial
Depends from which aspect we're looking at. We have an aging population therefore
there isn't much workforce. The population increased rapidly after the industrial
revolution as there was a high demand for workforces but now days since everything is
mechanized, we find a lot of people who are unemployed.
The population is increasing and becoming more diverse
Population is increasing not by families having more children but by the influx of
refugees from Africa and the Middle East.
Since todays families are
opting for one or two
children, the geriatric group
will rise in the next 15years
and after a few years it will
Some of them are helpful and
some of them are not.
We are over populated. Apart
from Maltese citizens, there
are a lot of illegal immigrants
Too many people on this little
The Maltese population is on the increase and people are nowadays living longer and in
better health
I think that for such a small island that is Malta, the population is too big in comparison
to the area in Malta.

50 | P a g e

The population is an ageing one hence public sector pension schemes are a myth to those
aged 35 and under and they need to further invest money elsewhere to compensate for
such a loss in future income.
Stable with around 70,000 buildings empty
I feel that the population is feeling over crammed on this tiny island this is mainly due to
amount of built up spaces and the huge amount of traffic on the roads. I also think that
our population is feeling more the stress of multiculturalism, but this more than because
multiculturalism is increasing it is more due to awareness and negative sentiment of some
towards it.
The population of Malta compared to its ratio its over populated
To dense
Malta has an overpopulation problem and it is a very alarming problem
There isn't a good amount of people working and paying taxes for the older people in our
society or if we aren't in this crises we are about to go in one as there isn't a lot of
children being born
Over populated
Too many
Again, this is mostly
dependent on the country.
Malta's situation I would
consider to be good, even
with the issue regarding
immigrants. There is
technically work for
those who want to work.
In countries like China,
abundantly clear and the method the government seeks to remedy this is hardly humane.
Not to mention the conditions workers must face because there people consider
themselves lucky to even have a job.
It's increasing drastically
51 | P a g e

The population right now is increasing because people are living more due to healthy
lifestyle; on the other hand there is the problem of obesity and lots of people dying with
the problem of cancer which is contemporary increasing.
It is increasing and as a consequence the places available to live in are getting smaller in
We are over populated
Its getting over populated
That by the time the population is increasing
Population is being affected by the fact that families are having less children, there is an
increase in infertility especially because people postpone the age when they start to build
a family
We are overpopulated.
Far too much. I understand
people want to have children,
but I genuinely believe that if
more people looked at the
state of the world and the
prospects we face
environmentally, and socially,
then fewer people would
continue to reproduce.
Aging population
It is increasing drastically.
7 billion people are a lot, we
can help all together to make
the world a better place.

52 | P a g e

While I was doing some research on the web I found this did you know question
and I really liked it. The word "luddite" refers to a person who is opposed to
technological change. The term is derived from a group of early 19th
century English workers who attacked factories and destroyed machinery
as a means of protest. They were supposedly led by a man named Ned









These are some quotes I found while I was doing my research:

"The smallest child in the factories were scavengersthey go under the machine, while it is is very dangerous when they first come, but they become used to it."Charles
Aberdeen worked in a Manchester cotton factory, written in 1832.

"We went to the mill at five in the morning. We worked until dinner time and then to nine
or ten at night; on Saturday it could be till eleven and often till twelve at night. We were
sent to clean the machinery on the Sunday." Man interviewed in 1849 who had
worked in a mill as a child.
"Sarah Golding was poorly and so she stopped her machine. James Birch, the
overlooker, knocked her to the floor. She got up as well as she could. He knocked her
down again. Then she was carried to her house.......she was found dead in her bed.
There was another girl called Mary......she knocked her food can to the floor. The
master, Mr. Newton, kicked her and caused her to wear away till she died. There was
another, Caroline Thompson, who was beaten till she went out of her mind. The
overlookers used to cut off the hair of any girl caught talking to a lad. This head shaving
was a dreadful punishment. We were more afraid of it than any other punishment for
girls are proud of their hair." An interview in 1849 with an unknown woman who
worked in a cotton factory as a child.
"I work at the silk mill. I am an overlooker and I have to superintend the children at the
mill. Their strength goes towards the evening and they get tired. I have been compelled
to urge them to work when I knew they could not bear it. I have been disgusted with
myself. I felt myself degraded and reduced to the level of a slave-driver. William
Rastrick, interviewed in 1832.

53 | P a g e

These show that there were harsh conditions in factories during the Industrial
Revolution and also not even the ones who were in charge liked it.

Conclusions and

From this project I have concluded that the Industrial Revolution did affect us. In
the questionnaire it is proven by the majority that the economy got better and we
are over populated. Also it is shown that yes, the Industrial Revolution did affect
us. Without it we would be 100 steps back from where we are now. I have learnt
that we are the ones who created this revolution and made life easier but also we
are the ones who are destroying humanity and the world by all types of pollution
and technology. Technology is taking our places in the work place and a lot of
citizens are ending without a job because their job was replaced my something
I recommend that we have to put a halt to this inflation of technology and also
factories because the greenery left in the world is diminishing. We are killing
ourselves in this life. In the poem by Edwin Brock Five ways to kill a man in the
5th stanza this is proven because it says :
These are, as I began, cumbersome ways to kill a man.
Simpler, direct, and much more neat is to see
that he is living somewhere in the middle
of the twentieth century, and leave him there.

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Mr. Briffas History option notes on the Industrial Revolution

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