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Teaching and Learning Activities


(+- 7

quantities up to
100 000

Teacher will model number
cardinality using The Number
Line at the blackboard.
(To explain why a particular
number has a bigger or smaller

Materials Aids

Name and write
numbers up to
100 000
Place value
( nearest tens,

Stage 1

Place Value for
Ten thousands.
Round off
nearest Ten

Newspaper or
A4 papers

Teacher gives the examples of 3
numbers in the card.
Such as 6569, 2324 and 4637.
Then, students will say the
numbers and spell it.
And students have to answer the
rounded questions using the
place value table. ( such as
rounded nearest tens, hundreds,
and thousands)
Teacher gives examples on how
to write and name numbers on
the blackboard. For the Ten
Thousands numbers.
Such as the number 34356.
Teacher used the place value
table to introduce on how to say
the number and spell it.
Teacher gives examples with
using the newspaper or
- Population of people
- Statistics of accident
- Disease of health
Determine the place value of the
Pronounce the numbers perfectly.
Spell the numbers correctly.

Place Value
Round off

students discuss with their peoples pair in each groups. Students are given about 15 minutes to settle the answers for A4 paper 5 pieces 15 cards for the activities. All of them will discuss the answers that they get from each pairs. Teacher will collect the answers of all groups and the cards. Each group teacher provides 3 cards that including the number of 3 race that is located In the place in Malaysia and a piece of A4 paper. Each pairs will get one card. Each group will have 3 pairs. they discuss about the place value and round off the numbers of people for each race to the nearest tens. Such as like this : Tumpat Kelantan One Card Malays peoples 37963 Chinese peoples 5130 Indians 249 Next. Activities : “ Explore Various Aspects of numbers” Teacher asks students to sit in the group of 6 students. Then. hundreds and thousands. teacher gives instructions on how to do these activities. Then. Moral value Follow instructions . They will write the answers for each pairs in the piece of paper that teacher gives. they will be sitting in their group of 6 pupils. hundreds and thousands. After each pair of students gets the answers.Step/Time Content Teaching and Learning Activities Remarks Teaching Aids Stage 2 (20 minutes) Place Value Round off numbers to the nearest tens.

( Sweets or candies for each person) Teacher gives 3 questions about Name and Write numbers up to 100 000. hundreds. Teaching Aids Quiz paper Rewards (Sweets and candies) .Stage 3 (10 minutes) Closure (10 minutes) Discussion with teacher all 3 cards. After collect all answers. Any problems. teacher will check the answers. place value of the number and how to round off numbers to the nearest tens. The group that answered 3 cards correctly will be rewarded. Quiz (Enrichment) Teacher will pick up one card (maybe the wrong answers) and discuss the answer with students. students can ask the teacher. Teacher will collect the quiz paper after the times up. thousands. Students will have about 10 minutes to answer the questions.

newspaper or magazines. Teaching Aids: A4 paper. and thousands easily.30 pm Topic : Whole Numbers Learning Area : Numbers to 100 000 Learning outcomes: Pupils will be able to: 1) Answered 2 from 3 questions from the quiz correctly. Skills : Exploring and Estimation. . 2) Understand on how to compare numbers to 100 000 correctly. 3) Have skills on how to determine the place value of digits up to 100 000 and round off numbers to the nearest tens. Moral Value : Cooperation.Daily Lesson Plan Subject : Mathematics Year 4 Class : 4 Arif Number of pupils: 30 pupils Duration : 11. cards. follow instructions. ruler and abacus.30 am – 12. hundreds.