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Manual for installation of Quartus II and USB driver for Windows 7

Qin-Zhong Ye

How to install Altera Quartus II Web Edition software v9.1, sp2
Copy the program “91sp2_quartus_free” (1.85GB) from the directory
“S:\TN\E\064_Digital_Communication_Electronics\Altera” to the local disk and run the
program. Notice that if the directory name should be changed, the directory name should not have
any space in it. For example, the directory name “Program Files” does not work.
Enable “TalkBack” feature at the end of installation. If the “TalkBack” feature is disabled, the
compilation will fail. The following screen print shows the help information if you push “F1”
button on the keyboard when the error message is selected.


2 . (Notice that the following screen print does not show the warning sign. When DE1 is connected to a PC with Windows 7.How to install the driver for USB blaster in a PC with Windows 7 USB blaster is the USB device on Altera’s FPGA board. a pop-up window “Found New Hardware Wizard” will be shown to guide the installation of the driver. Step 1: Connect the USB port to a PC with Windows 7 and turn on the power by pushing the red button on DE1. Step 2: Open the Control Panel window and select “Hardware and Sound”. the icon for USB blaster has a yellow warning sign on it.pdf”. since the screen print was taken after the driver was installed. DE1.) Right click on the icon for USB blaster and select “properties”. the pop-up window will not be shown. See the details in the manual “Getting started with Altera DE1. Before the driver is installed. When DE1 is connected to a PC with Windows XP. One should follow the following steps to install the driver. The following window is shown.

3 .Step 3: Select “Hardware” tab and click on the button “Properties”.

Step 4: Click on the button ”Change settings”. 4 .

since the screen print was taken after the driver was installed. (Notice that the Device status of the following screen print showes “This device is working properly”.Step5: Select the tab ”Driver”.) 5 .

Step 6: Click on the button ”Update Driver. 6 ..”..

Step 7: Select ”Browse my computer for driver software. 7 .

) Step 9: Click ”Install”. 8 .Step 8: Type the path ”C:\altera\91sp2\quartus\drivers\usb-blaster” and click “Next”. (Notice that the path depends on the directory where Altera Quartus II software is installed.

The USB blaster is not selected automatically and the window shows “No Hardware”. C:\altera\91sp2\quartus\common\help\webhelp\master. Step 1: Click “Tools > Programmer” in the main menu of Quartus II.htm 9 . Click on “Hardware Setup…”. However. The following window is shown. the Programmer of Quartus II should find USB blaster for downloading the FPGA configuration file to DE1 board. the following steps may be necessary for Windows 7.How to find USB blaster when using the programmer of Quartus II After the driver is installed.htm mergedProjects/msgs/msgs/esci_license_not_available.

Step 2: In the pull-down menu for “Current selected hardware”. select “USB blaster” and click “Close”. 10 .