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1. What are the qualities of knowledge workers?

 According to the sources given, it has been described that the knowledge
workers are those who are performing knowledge rich jobs, such workers are
typically but not universally well educated. It has been indicated from the
sources given that some knowledge workers have high levels of literacy and
lower levels of education ,implying the basic skills obtained beyond education
and recognized in the knowledge economy. The qualities of knowledge
workers posses the following qualities communication skills, problem solving
skills and ability to work on teams and ICT Skills.
2. Reflect on whether you have these qualities .
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses related to these qualities?
 It has been indicated that a knowledge worker must possess the qualities
which include communication skills. In my field of profession, as nurses ,since
we deal with people it is essential of us to develop or at least master our
communication skills, be that of intrapersonal or interpersonal skills because
of the reason that communication is necessary for delivering the best care
needed for our patients that we serve. Like for example, if we are getting
information from the patient we must see to it that pertinent information is
necessary and so communicating well with the patient is therefore necessary
because if we miss something necessary it will equate to misleading of the
patient’s diagnosis and we base our care upon the diagnosis .Working on a
health care team, nurses most of the time stay at the patient’s bedside
more than any member of the health care team and so problem solving is a
skill necessity for a nurse to have. A good problem solver entails critical
thinking abilities. Critical thinking is a skill needed by nurses and being
developed through time. In our modern times, ICT is necessary to be able to
cope up with the fast changing world. Being digitally proficient helps us to be
globally competitive.
4. What were the three main things you learned from the lesson?
 From the lesson, the three things I learned were the following. First, in order
for you to be marketable you should not only possess the major core of
literacy and basic education which include reading, writing and arithmetic
skills but is also necessary that we include non academic skills for a
multidimensional skills. Second thing I learned from the subject that
technological changes and innovations drive the development of the
knowledge based economy through their effects on production methods,
consumption ,patterns and the structure of the economics and lastly, the
concepts of knowledge economy and knowledge workers are based on the
view that information and knowledge are at the center of economic growth
and development.
5. What did you previously think was true but now to be wrong.

writing and reading and then upon reading the topic there are certain skills included such skills are the communication skills .in the sense that the only skill needed to be able to engage in the workplace were the basic foundations of formal education and these includes the skill in the arithmetic.BATTUNG . From the lesson . be able to work as a team and a good problem solver.that one must be digitally equipped.I my idea about the workplace setup has been that of colonial type. ANA MARIE B.