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1135 S Chauncey Ave #2

West Lafayette, 47906
October, 13, 2013
Ms. Smith
South Lafayette St.32
Apartment Suites Room 3, IN, 47906
Dear Ms. Smith
Thank you for using our online store Bandiandlunis to purchase international books. With over
1000 mileages of book purchase, you are now considered one of the special members. We
believe for these members the international book delivery will be faster than regular members.
As the fastest online book delivery store in Korea, we believe there are so many customers.
However, now among the customer lists you are considered in our top priority lists until 2015.
According to one of the company policies before the purchase of the book, it mentions clearly in
red at the contract it can take up to more than 4 weeks for regular customers. The steps our
international book department takes to minimize the delay of transportation are the following:
First, we are compelled to respond immediately and call the foreign book stores every day to
speed up the transmission of book inventory. Second, after sorting out the regular member’s
requests, the company tries to see who has the highest mileages. We especially pay for special
member’s book delivery by FedEx and only add on the regular member’s books if there are
available space. There are sometimes several transmission delays, natural disasters and transport
losses we cannot predict.
Your current order has been already processed and it’s ongoing. Please let us know if there is any
changes to be made or to cancel the order. The transaction can be modified at the website. Also
please don’t hesitate to give us a call to check where your book is currently located. As
mentioned before, you are now considered one of our special members. We believe your
Financial Management book was out of stack at the foreign book store and they haven’t replaced
the new ones as they did before. The main reason there had been additional delay is Ms. Smith
was considered as a regular member before the purchase. Our department will continue to call
the bookstore to get the book delivered so we can send it off by FedEx as soon as possible.
We BandiandLunis and all managers apologize for the delay. Due to the inconvenience, we will
discount 10% of your next international book purchase.
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Sincerely (or Respectfully Yours),

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