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Think you know YA? Prove it with this crossword puzzle! Fan over your favorites and discover
new titles in this puzzle that’s guaranteed to challenge even the biggest YA fans.


1. Author of the Selection series,
2. A saga of vampires and werewolves
5. Alanna’s country of origin
8. Malinda Lo’s Cinderella retelling
10. The 5th Wave writer’s first name
12. Matt de la Peña’s second novel
What You Will
14. The last name of Wicked Lovely’s creator
15. Sarah J. Maas’s deadly heroine
17. Maybe Leonard Peacock would forgive you if you used
this magic word

19. The Iron
series by Julie Kagawa
21. Alex Flinn’s retelling of Rapunzel
22. A kind of pants from a certain sisterhood
24. A ristotle
Dante Discover the Secrets of the
26. Cassandra Clare’s first Shadowhunter series, abbreviated
27. Rainbow Rowell’s musically inclined Nebraska teens
28. The last name of Juliette, Adam, and Warner’s creator
30. First name of A Step from Heaven author (her whole name
is a palindrome)
32. Artwork for this was done by Jim Di Bartolo
34. Danielle Paige tells us she Must Die

Crawford finds his school is a former psych ward
in Asylum
37. K ristin Cashore’s latest
41. I n the Miseducation of Cameron Post, Cameron is Ruth’s
Close to You
44. T he first Sweet by Wendy Higgins
46. B eautiful Creature 1 (last name)
A Drop To Drink
48. Rose’s Moroi best friend
49. A Legend’s last name
50. “
QUICK!” Two words, repeated in Code Name Verity
52. One quarter of Tiger Beat, last name only
53. These are sold on the Dark Caravan in Exquisite Captive
54. First name of Coraline’s creator
Williams-Garcia, the author of P.S. Be Eleven
58. He might go by St. Clair, but his first name is
60. B ardugo’s leader of the Grisha
Carson, The Girl of Fire and Thorns author
62. R yan Graudin’s debut novel
66. J ames Dashner’s trilogy
68. The boy who lived (split with #76 across)
69. C 
70. F ind
by Romily Bernard
72. R epeat for Becca Fitzpatrick’s series
74. Last name of #WeNeedDiverseBooks founder, Prophecy
76. The boy who lived (split with #68 across)
78. Garth Nix’s long-anticipated prequel
81. T o All the Boys I’ve Loved Before author’s last name
83. Author of The Other Normals and It’s Kind of a Funny
84. T he
from Felony Bay
86. Beautiful Creature 2 (last name)
87. Last name of the author whose book inspired The
Madman’s Daughter
88. By Walter Dean Myers, first book to win the Michael L.
Printz Award


1. L aini Taylor’s blue-haired heroine
2. K atniss and Peeta played these
3. 2 013 National Book Award winner, The Thing About

to Love
T his title comes from a line in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar 
Pairs by Melissa de la Cruz 
E. Lockhart says this is what We Were 
In Mila 2.0, Mila discovers she’s an experiment in this
9. I smae is trained as an assassin at
. Mortain in
Grave Mercy


11. He Said, She Said, according to this author (first name)
in Chains by David L. Dudley
16. I ncarnate’s new soul
17. Lauren Oliver’s latest YA
18. T he Absolutely True Diary of whom? (minus punctuation)
20. T he Beginning of Everything’s narrator
23. “
’_ really not good with impulse control.” - Rose,
Vampire Academy
25. “ I am
. I cannot be controlled.” - Tris, Veronica
27. A lison Goodman’s disguised main character and the Mirror
Dragon’s choice
29. T he
Dawn, the final book in Kevin Emerson’s
Atlanteans Series
31. C 
reator of the The Forest of Hands and Teeth (last name)
32. M 
ia must decide in this book by Gayle Forman
33. K iersten White’s heroine who carries a trusty pink taser
34. Publisher, editor, author (Boys Meets Boy, Every Day, Two
Boys Kissing)
35. L ittle House
the Prairie
38. J ellicoe
39. Jennifer L. Armentrout’s series
40. Author of Angelfall (last name)
42. Abbreviation for Sara Shepard’s series
45. T he Perks of Being a
51. U 
nder the Never
55. A Beautiful this, according to Jocelyn Davies
56. “
is real.
is coming.” (One word,
58. A uthor of single-word title novels like Crank, Burned, and
59. F irst novel by Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam
60. Kristen Bell’s date to the Veronica Mars movie LA premiere
63. Pittacus’s last name
64. What Terry Pratchett says I Shall do to Midnight
65. W 
hat The Jewel, Falling Into Place, and Reboot authors
have in common
66. Not The Taker, but
67. Cassia is this to Xander in Ally Condie’s series
71. “In the blink of an eye, everyone disappears.
— Michael Grant
73. Series by Scott Westerfeld
75. A uthor of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
77. W 
e get to see this Lily’s story though Jodi Lynn Anderson’s
79. In Blackbird by Anna Carey, you wake up in this city
80. The first word of the last novel in L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time
of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong
83. M 
ichelle Gagnon says Don’t Look when?
85. P ower is a dangerous game in Victoria Aveyard’s debut,
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