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1. Fill in the blanks
i. 2, 4, 7, 11, 16, -----, ------.
2. In the following give the number of pair which is different from the other.
i. Mathemetics and Algebra
ii. Petals and flower
iii. Pages and book
iv. Water and wind
3. In the following which choice gives answer
i. 5+3 = 28
ii. 9+1 = 810
iii. 2+1 = 13
iv. 5=4 19
v. Then 7+2 =--------4. A man was cycling south wards at a speed of 10 miles / hr when he met another
man who was cycling west wards at the speed of 11 miles / hr. How far apart they
would be after a period of 01 hour.
i. 12 miles
ii. 21 miles
iii. 22 miles
iv. 16 miles
5. Which choices mention the two letters which will occur next in the following
series in the correct manner?

i. ON
ii. NM
iii. MN
iv. NO

6. Supply the missing figures.
i. if 3 + 5 = 5

Which choice supplies the answer in the following? i. what ABJKMNSTBC stands for------------. 20 ii. 25 9.ii. 6 3. o ------. 10.15. 24 iv. Watch and time iv. 52 iii. one 2. 5+40 = 8 iv.12. 4 7. two .6. Then 2 + 8 = --1.if A has no sister what is B to A-----------11.9. If BME = DOG ii. 12 2. 7 + 8 = 28 iii. 8. Bulb and light iii. Give the numbers of the pair which is dissimilar from the other in the following i. PKCDQRTJKRS stands for RESULT. -----. 9 + 6 = 27 iv. 10.15. B’s son is cousin of A’s son . MLC = 1. eye 3. 12 + 10 = 60 o Then 26 + 4 = ---------i.20. Which choice supplies the answer in the following? i. 5 + 10 = 25 ii. Thermometer and temperature 12. Complete the following series. River and Ship ii. 4+24 = 6 iii.

Tuesday iii. Rectangle iv. i. 11/15. ½ ft 17. 20. 9/18. three 13. Wednesday 16. Wxyz. 18. Complete the series. If a boy stands upside down with his face towards north. 21. 3/27. --------------. 7 meters is to 28 meters as 2 yards is to -----------.arrange the following group of jumbled words to form sensible sentence and state the choice which mentions the letter of the correct sentence. where will his right hand point? ----------------. 4 ft ii. Continue the following series. Quadrilateral 22. zwxy. Trace out the stranger from the following i. 7/21. Square ii. Fill in the blanks in the followings i. Animals ii.4. If 7th of month falls two after Wednesday. Circle iii. Cats iii. Re. A man can build a wall 8 ft high in 8 hrs. 15. ¼ ft iii. yzwx. ------. xyzw. I purchased a thing at Rs. Monday ii. How many feet high wall can one built in one hour. what day of the week will precede the 18th of the month? i. o All cats are cats but all animals are not animals. i. 14. All 19. 5/24. 80. What will it give if I sell it at a profit of 25 %. . i.

13. 24. 6. You are standing near tall building . Independence of Pakistan according to Islamic calendar in --------------. Russian equivalent of American Astronaut is -------------. 2. 18. 19. 12. 6. Why cloudy night are hotter than clear night. on road than to pull it. 15. 20. Why water wets glass while mercury does not. Why a thick glass or jug cracks when very hot water is poured into it. You are standing at the top of building. -------------. Why does an object weight less at equator than at poles? 5. Negative iii. Zero . Why white roof keeps a house cooler as against black roof. 96. 11. 17. Name of UN secretary general is -------------. Why we bring our hands closer to mouth while shouting to some body at distance. 3. Name the Pakistani scientist who won the noble prize. 8. 7. If a velocity of body increasing the acceleration is i. Why it is easier to roll a barrel. What is meant by persistence of vision? 12. Name at least three subject in which noble prize is given. 48. 9. Name the most populous country of the world------------------. 16.a rope is hanging from a top of building to the bottom. 4. GENERAL QUESTION 1. Why does metal bench in feels in cooler in winter compared with a wooden bench and feels hotter in summer as compared with a wooden bench.i. Why grass looks black in blue lights. 14. How will measure the height of the building. Positive ii. 10. It’s a pitch dark night. Who wrote the national anthem of Pakistan? ---------------. How will you measure the height of building by dropping stone from it? 3.

21. Law of conservation of energy ii.025x 1026 ii. Parallel. 24. displacement. As we go below the surface of earth the value of ‘g’. Very high iii. Zero 27. Law of conservation of momentum iii. The kinetic energy of molecules of an ideal gas at absolute zero will be i. Heat is neither gained nor lost iii. Increase ii. 6. i. Temperature iii. First law thermodynamics is restatement of the i.73x 1026 iii. Same 23. In an adiabatic expansion of gas i. Perpendicular iii. Specific heat 25. The average kinetic energy of the molecules of the object is called its---i. 2. A ball throwing competition is going among children what angle of throwing you will suggest for them so that the ball can cover the maximum distance. Very low ii. i. Law of conservation of mass 28. Heat ii. Number of molecules in one kilo mole are. Equal ii. None 26. Heat is gained or lost ii. Decrease iii. i. Work done is maximum when force is ----------. Volume is kept constant .

Conductivity ii. Reflector iii. The electric field lines always start from a i. Emitter 33. Absorber ii. Point charge 30. Strength of an electro magnetic field can be increased i. i. Atomic number . Adding more coiled wire iii. 500 watts 32. Molecular weight iii. The phenomenon that the resistance of metal falls exactly to zero at a few degrees above absolute zero is called i. Atomic weight ii. All 34. The car ii. On a hot day or in a hot climates white cloth are worn because they are i. A bus and car is moving the same velocity if a same retarding force is applied on both of them which will first come to rest. 100 watts ii. Super conductor iii. Increasing current supply ii.29. i. The number of protons or electrons present in an atom of an element is called. 1000 watts iii. Negative charge iii. Which one following bulb has a least resistance i. Positive charge ii. Super resistivity 31. Both 35. The bus iii.

Chatelier’s principle in case of exothermic reaction the formation of products is favored at --------------. 700 mm v. During respiration we inhale air: in lungs oxygen is taken from air CO2 is given to air. 0 K iii. The viscosity of liquid decreases with the -------------temperature. Density ii. what is the number of moles of carbon atoms?-------------. 1 a. Low temperature can be produced by the ---------------of gases. 44. 76 cm vi.u = ------------------. What we mean by standard temperature and pressure. 37. 0 C ii. The temperature at which volume of gas theoretically become zero is called -------------temperature 42. Lighter iii. 38. Heavier ii. Mercury does not stick to glass because of high --------------. 22.48 x 1026 molecules of C2H5OH.temperature.m. Expansion iii. 25 C iv. Contraction 39. Compression ii.4 liters of CO2 is --------------than 22. why in lungs oxygen passes from fresh air to lungs. 10 cm 40. In a collection of 2. i. i. i. Surface tension 45.4 liters of SO4. Lower . i. Equal 43.iv. The Le. Mole 36.------------- 41. i. Viscosity iii.

√ 3/2 ii. 7. Base / 2 iii. What are the roots of the quadratic equation 2y2 – 6y + 3 = 0 i. None 46. 0 ii. 3 + √ 3 / 2. 2 + √ 3 / 2. 2. 48. None 52.3 . Why steam causes more sever burns than does the boiling water.-15 53. 1/x iii. Hypotenuse iv. Perpendicular iii. Base ii. Higher iii. Undefined 50. Calculate the molarity of solution containing : 3g of H2SO4 in 200 ml i. Above is the oxidation reaction or reduction reaction. d / dx (lnx) = i.0 x 102 moles per liter 49. 47. Lnx 51. Sum of the square on the two sides of a right angle triangle is equal to the square on the i. Calculate the pH & poH of a solution whose hydrogen ion concentration is 2. What is solution of equation? 11x + 15y + 23 = 0 7x – 2y – 20 = 0 i.-3 2.ii.3 iii 2.1 54. 2 . (2a3 / b4 ) 4 ii -2.--------------- Fe2+ 1. 3+ √ 3/2 iii. X ii. Fe3+ + e. Slope of x-axis or of any line parallel to x-axis is -------i.

16a11 / b16 iii.i. 16a12 / b16 ii. 16a82 / b16 .