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Mohamed I.

E-MBA, S/W Eng., NLP
+2 0106 7913 874
Transformational Sales Leader, Motivation Speaker & Multicultural Social Extrovert
Providing Leadership in order to translate entrepreneurs’ passion into a successful business
Creative and enthusiastic skilled team player to lead, develop & motivate teams achieving
highest performance within the available plus straightforwardness and open communication
that build trust. Being an Excellent Rapport Builder, executively educated mixing between the
Commercial (E-MBA, MSM) & Technical (S/W Eng.) academic background helped me to drive
technology, business intelligence in a high level network of business relationships.
Diversified horizontal business experience cross industries given me the ability to speak the
language of the buying power influence on the customer side, serving them with their
customized solution, developing a collaborative win-win relationship to immediately hit the
ground running on the spot!
My ideal goal is leading a regional diversified Sales organization to positively impact targets,
directions & results. “Sales, Compliance, Regional Enterprise, Niche & High End Customers”

Professional Experience 

2012 – Current. Regional License Management Services Consultant (Saudi, LEENA &
Sudan), Oracle

Managing Licenses & Compliance Cross Sector, Industries & Products in a diversified team!      

LMS Star - ECEMEA Quality Recognition
MENA Key Contributor Award
EMEA Sales SVP Top Success Story Recognition
Optimum Performer ECEMEA Award
Top Compliance Contribution, LMS Global Business Worldwide
Siebel / CRM Expert Group MENA Business Representative 

2010 – 2011. Sales & Marketing Manager - DGM, Tamareed, Saudi Arabia
Manage the company business, partners & operations providing solutions to the high end
customers. Acting as a deputy GM to manage the company’s operations. 
Supervising a team of 31 
Problem solving and organization system building on all levels 

2009 – 2010. Sales & Marketing Manager, itexSolutions, Yemen, Oracle Partner
Business Development & Solution Selling, Managing a team of 11, representing the company in
all required commercial & business operations in S/W & H/W. Golden Partner for Oracle, and
worked with ERPs, DMS, Mobility, Sales Force Solutions. 
Business Planning, Strategy, Restart-up from scratch & Managing Partnerships Regionally 
Closed the Biggest Oracle EBS FMCG deal in the Market 
Moved itex from a standard partner to an Oracle Golden Partner

Software Engineer (Java & . Bachelor of Computer Science. setting sales deals and accounts closing  Extensive involvement managing clients relationships at all levels  Successfully achieved a quadruple increase in the size of customers  Design the Company Plan in Yemen for 2009  Compiled and edited several reports and presentations  1999 – 2007. Maastricht School of Management. YemRec. Oracle PL SQL & DB and IT Support) 1999 – 2000.G. Khobar. Design & Project Mgt. Participated as a Charity & Fund Raising Advisor. Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport. "The Employees' Perception about Transformational Leadership & Styles" o 2007. Certified NLP & TLT Practitioner & Coach. particularly in the areas of business insight & innovation in process improvement and implemented Sales Tracking System   2007 – 2009. KSA o 2010. Analysis. Business Analyst & Internal Systems Implementation Team Leader 2005 – 2006. Making Powerful Presentations). ITIL Certified. Consultative Center for Occupational Safety & Health. ExecuTrain. Emotional Intelligence. support. Yemen Modern School + (I. Voluntary Psychologist (Coach) NLP TLT – Smoke FREE. Clear Vision. Yemen 2006 – 2007.) Activities & Participations o 2006 – Current. The 1st FREE Recruitment NPO in Yemen o 2007. Oil & Gas Services Foundation Diploma.S. Removing Limiting Belief & Barriers. Soft Skills Trainer (Personality at Work. Athar Foundation for Development. Egypt .Demonstrate leadership. Kuwait o 2005 – 2011. Yemen o 2009. SABIC. University Prof. SW Engineer). o 2010. Egypt. Ramadan Poverty Reduction o 2007. Cementing Product Line Presenter & Team Leader. Sales Engineer.Net.E. Founder. KSA. Jubail. logistics. Positive Thinking & Being Better! o 2011. Information Technology Infrastructure Library o 2009. Project Consultant. Creativity & Innovation. US. Delta (Doha) Corporation. Executive Master of Business Administration. Trainer (Presentation Skills). Living Better. Cairo. Intern – Sales Analyst Started by a software engineer and then switched my career into business (FMCG Sales Distribution)  Leading a team of 3  Designed Tender Bid Evaluation System (Procurement)  Implemented a Telephone Billing System (IT. Horizons Software.2010. Lucid Training o 2010. Java & DB  Installed Employee Evaluation System (Human Resources)  Implemented Warehouse & Transportation Control System (Logistics & Supply Chain)  Analyzed a financial system to have the expired products out of taxation and be dealt with from the government as expenses which in return increase turn over by 20% Education o 2010 – 2012. Excellent 1st class honors GPA 3. Shihab Insurance & Trading Agencies. promoting and representing the company in Yemen with all required operation such as tenders. AAST. Participated as Events Coordinator & Presenter for the ITC. Egypt o 2002. Engineering School. Yemen Managing. CIS – ILO o 2004. Advisor. Aberdeen Drilling Schools o 2005. University Ultra Malaysia o 2007 . Enterprise Architect. Energy. E-MBA. Egypt. (Entrepreneurship).74 (94%) Graduation Project “Web Apps System & Database + Scheduling – Team Leader” o 2001 High school.C.

Acting and Poetry Seminars & Activities o Practical Skills o Tactful. DE. QA. Community Service Club. o French Honors & Awards o Several @ Oracle o The Star of CBA/MSM Master Graduation Ceremony o Promoted 2 times within 6 months o Company Scholarship to cover my master o Graduated by Excellent with First Class of Honors and finished in 3. AU.5 o University Scholarship for being the 1st & School Scholarship . I have increased the magazines sales turnover by 260% with 70% decrease in cost. Sociable. effective oral presentations & seminar skills.1999 – 2001. Scientific. Acting & Poetry Personal Information o Date & Place of Birth: 13th of July 1983 Cairo. Problem Solving. Leadership. JO . FMCG distribution o 1990 – 2005. Socialization. EU (NL. Joe 21st of August 2014) o Hobbies: Public Speaking. Sports. Traveling. AE. Programming & Database Skills (MS. Gulf (YE. BE. FR). SA).5 years instead of 4. Negotiations. Java. Team Building. Acting. o 1999 – 2001. strong sales activities for the community magazine & enormous fund raising growth. KW. Proactive to overcome problems under stress o Deal Maker. Egypt. Egypt o Nationality: Yemeni / Egypt Permanent Resident o Marital Status: Married (2 Sons: Munib 31st of July 2007. Several Theater. Swimming and Photography o Travels: UK/Great Britain. Strategic Partnerships & Remote Management o Professional Qualitative and Quantitative Planning & Risk Analysis o Strong Technical Applications.Ministry of Higher Education o Award 2nd and 3rd rank on country schools in throwing discuss & metal ball o The 2nd Yemeni with the highest IQ under 11 o School Appreciation Certificates due to Achievement. Sales Analyst. body language & dealing with people Professionally & Collaboratively. Oracle) o Commercial & Technical Licensing Languages o Fluent in English and Arabic (Shami. Spending time with Family. Gulf & Egyptian).Net. Program Officer (Team Leader – Voluntary School Activity).