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CMOS type

Micro Laser Distance Sensor
Conforming to
EMC Directive

Conforming to
FDA regulations

Reliable detection

10 μm precision
Compact in size

25 mm
W0.787 × H1.732 × D0.984 in
W20 × H44 × D

Sensor shown is
the cross-sectional image.


969 in Measurement range: ±15 mm 0.756 mil 135 mm 5.559 in 50 mm 1. ø70 μm 2.378 in Beam diameter: Approx.197 in Beam diameter: Approx.315 in 100 mm 3.591 in Beam diameter: Approx.394 mil HG-C1100 HG-C1050 HG-C1030 2 Repeatability: 10 μm 0.756 mil Repeatability: 30 μm 1.787 × H1.984 in 0 mm Measurement center distance: 30 mm 1.984 in .732 × D0.969 mil Repeatability: 10 μm 0.969 in 35 mm 1.937 in Measurement range: ±35 mm 1.724 mil Repeatability: 70 μm 2.181 in 25 mm 0.937 in Measurement center distance: 50 mm 1.181 mil 65 mm 2.378 in 30 mm 1.M I C RO L AS ER D I STA N C E S EN SO R Measurement center distance: 100 mm 3.181 in Measurement range: ±5 mm 0. ø50 μm 1. ø120 μm 4.394 mil (for HG-C1030) Dimensions: W20 × H44 × D25 mm W0.

0003 inch Excellent level detection performance Repeatability: 10 μm 0. it is now possible to perform highly precise measurements in the order of 1/100 mm 0. CMOS sensor Example: HG-C1030 Emitting element Lens 20 μm 0.787 mil Conveyor 3 .0003 in.HG . The existing adjustable range reflective sensors cannot achieve such accuracy.C SERIES Overwhelmingly stable Precise measurements on the order of 1/100 mm 0.394 mil (for HG-C1030) Detecting warpage of a circuit board Checking for overlapped lead frames Checking for presence of packing Checking for presence of O ring Fitted with a precise CMOS image sensor and an original algorithm Thanks to a precise CMOS image sensor.

Compact and light-weight W20 × H44 × D25 mm W0.732 × D0.984 in. . The HG-C series sensors incorporating a new optical system with a built-in mirror provides smaller sensor depth as well as higher measurement accuracy equivalent to displacement sensors. A new optical system with a built-in mirror In general. more accurate and stable measurements can be obtained by increasing the optical path length between the receptor and the light receiving element (CMOS). 35 g (excluding the cable) Controlling the dispenser head height Controlling the mounter head height Controlling the parallel link robot height Installable on a food packaging line where water splashes (IP67) Remove water droplets on detection surface to achieve correct measurement.984 in Built-in mirror A light-weight but strong die-cast aluminum casing has been adopted. A compact.787 × H1. 4 An aluminum die-cast casing protects from strain and heat HG-C series 25 mm 0. approx. solid body casing reduces the impact of strain and heat on the measurement accuracy. but this also increases the sensor depth and the sensor body gets bigger.

4 -5 -2.197 . 0.0 -0.1% F.S.098 (Center) Measuring distance L (mm in) 5 0. Various calculations and storage (logging) can be performed when output is taken into a PLC + analog unit. ・Temperature characteristics: 0. 5 ■Linearity characteristics  (Typical example: HG-C1030) 0.S.197 -0.S.) +V 0V External inputs Control outputs Analog voltage outputs (0-5 V) Analog ground (shielded) Same as for a high-precision sensor.S.098 0 2.2 -0.5 -0.4 PLC ・FP0R-C10 control unit (w/RS232C port) AFP0RC10CRS ・A/D converter unit w/8 input channels (terminal block type) AFP0401 Programmable controller FP0R 0.1% F. Measuring the hoop slack Measuring the insertion depth of an actuator Measuring the thickness of a panel Measuring the thickness of a part Connected to PLCs Connected to PLCs Equipped with 0-5 V analog output ・Linearity: ±0.03%F.M I C RO L AS ER D I STA N C E S EN SO R Indicates real measurements Linearity: ±0./℃ The sensor not only indicates measured values in mm but also produces analog voltage outputs.2 Error (% F.5 0.

” which is useful for very small objects and backgrounds. and 3-point teaching. One-shot timer 5ms 5ms Function: Sends output signals for only 5 ms after detection. 1-point teaching 2-point teaching Set to Light-ON OFF TEACH ① TEACH ② Threshold value OFF Threshold value TEACH ① OFF ON OFF Threshold value Threshold value Lower limit Upper limit sensing object sensing object Sensing object present Perform 1-point teaching and the threshold range is set for the distance from the reference surface of the sensing object. 2 and 3). 2-point. are possible. .” “on-delay timer. and 2 and 3. “2-point teaching” as basic teaching and “limit teaching. Useful for sensing objects at different distances. There are 3 methods for setting the valid range: 1-point. Timer setting function The time mode options are “off-delay timer. This mode is also used to extend temporary signals by a desired length of time.” The counting time is fixed to 5 ms. Usage: Appropriate in case a connected device is slow to respond and ON time is required to extend. respectively. Usage: Convenient way to override temporary signals and control with a time lag. Usage: Useful when the signal duration needs to be constant to meet inputs from a connected device.M I C RO L AS ER D I STA N C E S EN SO R Useful functions Teaching & window comparator mode With an object below the sensor. Set to Light-ON TEACH ③ Distance Reference point Distance Distance ON 3-point teaching Set to Light-ON OFF TEACH ② ON OFF Sensing object B Reference point 3 Threshold value Reference point 2 Threshold value Reference point 1 Sensing object C This is the method to set the threshold range by conducting the teaching at 3 points (sensing object A. Useful for sensing objects at different distances. B and C). In normal sensing mode. In addition to the teaching & window comparator mode. Off-delay timer On-delay timer One-shot timer 6 5ms 5ms 5ms 5ms On-delay timer Function: Overrides output signals for 5 ms after detection.” “one-shot timer” and “no timer. the “rising differential mode”. Off-delay timer Sensing level Function: Extends output signals by 5 ms. “trailing differential mode” and “normal sensing mode” are available. The thresholds are set at the midpoints between reference point 1 and 2. press the TEACH key to set the valid range for distances via threshold values. the reference points are automatically sorted in ascending order (reference point 1. TEACH ① Sensing object A Press TEACH once for the lower (first point) and once for the upper limit (second point). After teaching.

* When the display setting is set to offset.C SERIES Zero set function External input setting function This function compulsorily sets the measured value to “zero. the zero set function cannot be set.” “teaching function. One of four functions. “zero setting function. The bottom hold function holds the minimum measured value which is output and displayed.HG . * When the zero set function is executed while the peak hold function or the bottom hold function is valid. Assign any one. and even after teaching.” The zero point can be set at a desired value.” Normal Invert Offset Near measuring point Center measuring point Far measuring point * The above display is for HG-C1050 Peak and bottom hold functions The peak hold function holds the maximum measured value which is output and displayed. +V Zero set 0V Teaching External input Control output Keep pressing both keys for 3 seconds. Emission stop Trigger Analog voltage output (0-5 V) Analog ground (shielded) Display setting function How to indicate measured values of the moving sensed object can be chosen from three options. “Normal. Key lock function This function protects setting conditions from unintentional changes. * When the zero set function is executed while the peak hold function or the bottom hold function is valid. * The zero set indicator (yellow) will turn ON while the zero set is valid.” “Invert” and “Offset. see “PRO Mode Setting” from page 10. Threshold value fine adjustment function Fine adjustment of threshold values can be performed while measurement is proceeding on the display. 7 . It is useful when measuring steps or tolerance with reference to the height of a sensing object. * For other functions and procedures for setting the functions. the held measurement value is reset. * The peak hold function and the bottom hold function cannot be set at the same time. the held measurement value is reset.” “emission stopping function” and “trigger function” can be assigned to an external input line.

969 in type 50 ± 15 mm 1.969 ± 0. FDA Standard 50 mm 1. emission peak wavelength: 655nm 0.1 mA or less • Leakage current: 0.197 in 10 μm 0. These values were defined by using 1/e2 (approx.2V DC Valid: +4 to +V DC • Input impedance: Approx. 13.181 mil Approx. the reflectance around the detecting point may be higher than at the point and this may affect the measurement value.756 mil Approx. output: 1mW. 2) This is based on the FDA Standard. SPECIFICATIONS Type Model No.756 mil HG-C1050 HG-C1050-P 70 μm 2.197 in 10 μm 0. 10kΩ 2 2. according to Laser Notice No./°C Red semiconductor laser Class 2 (JIS/IEC/GB)/Class II (FDA) (Note 2) Max.181 in ±5 mm 0. ø120 μm 4.000 m 6561. Due to leak light outside the specified area.181 ± 0. ø120 μm 4.937 ± 1.5 ms / 5 ms / 10 ms <NPN output type> <PNP output type> NPN non-contact input PNP non-contact input • Input conditions • Input conditions Invalid: +8 to +V DC or Open Invalid: 0 to +0. 35 g (without cable).5V or less (At 50mA sink current) (At 50mA source current) • Leakage current: 0. Item NPN output PNP output Applicable standard Measurement center distance Measurement range Repeatability Linearity Temperature characteristic Light source Beam diameter (Note 3) Supply voltage Power consumption Control output Output operation Short-circuit protection Analogue output Response time External input Degree of pollution Operating altitude Environmental durability Protection Ambient temperature Ambient humidity Ambient illuminance Cable Material Weight Measurement center 30mm type HG-C1030 HG-C1030-P Measurement center 50mm type HG-C1050 HG-C1050-P Measurement center 100mm type HG-C1100 HG-C1100-P EMC Directive Compliance.03% F.969 in 100 mm 3.1 mA or less Either Light-ON or Dark-ON Incorporated (Auto reset type) • Output range: 0 to 5V (at alarm: +5. 2 m 6. 13.394 mil IP67 (IEC) -10 to +45°C -14 to 113°F (No dew condensation or icing allowed).724 mil HG-C1100 HG-C1100-P Note 1: This is the size in the measurement center distance. Due to leak light outside the specified area. 10kΩ • Input impedance: Approx. 60 mA or less (at 12V DC supply voltage) <NPN output type> <PNP output type> NPN open-collector transistor PNP open-collector transistor • Maximum sink current: 50mA • Maximum source current: 50mA • Applied voltage: 30V DC or less • Applied voltage: 30V DC or less (Between control output to 0V) (Between control output to +V) • Residual voltage: 1. These values were defined by using 1/e2 (approx. 8 . 0.969 mil HG-C1030 HG-C1030-P 30 μm 1. Storage: 35 to 85% RH Incandescent lamp: Acceptance surface illuminance 3.591 in ±35 mm 1. The subject is white ceramics.000ℓ x or less 5-core composite cable. ambient temperature: +20°C +68°F.724 mil 12 to 24V DC ±10%. the reflectance around the detecting point may be higher than at the point and this may affect the measurement value.181 in type 30 ± 5 mm 1.394 mil Measurement center 50mm 1.S. NPN output PNP output Approx. ø70 μm 2. response time: 10ms.HG-C ORDER GUIDE Measurement center distance and measurement range Repeatability Beam diameter (Note 1) Measurement center 30mm 1.5V or less • Residual voltage: 1.328 in Type Appearance Model No. 85 g (including cable) Notes: 1) Supply voltage: 24V DC.937 in type 100 ± 35 mm 3.2V) • Output impedance: 100Ω Switchable between 1.591 in Measurement center 100mm 3.026 mil Approx.969 mil Approx.5%) of the center light intensity.328 in 30 μm 1. Storage: -20 to +60°C -4 to 140°F 35 to 85% RH.756 mil ±0.680 ft or less 30 mm 1.6V DC or Open Valid: 0 to +1. Front cover: Acrylic Net weight: approx. approx.5%) of the center light intensity.1% F. 3) This is the size in the measurement center distance. ø70 μm 2. 50 of the FDA Standard. Ripple P-P 10% or less 40 mA or less (at 24V DC supply voltage). ø50 μm 1. and analog output value of measurement center distance are used for unspecified measurement conditions.756 mil Approx.181 mil 70 μm 2. ø50 μm 1.S.5617 ft long Enclosure: Aluminum die-cast.937 in ±15 mm 0.

5 -0. the sensing characteristics may not be hold depending on the installation condition. ANSI or IEC etc.689 0 17.2 -0.984 in) screws with washers (SPCC) are attached.0 -0.2V DC or • External input Invalid: 0 to +0.2 0. 12~24V DC ±10% Main circuit Main circuit + *1 - External input (Black) Control output (Pink) External input Load (Blue) 0 V 0 to +5V (Gray) Analog voltage output 100Ω External connection example Internal circuit Analog input device (Shield) Analog ground (AGND) AGND 12~24V DC ±10% External connection example *1 *1 Non-voltage contact or NPN transistor / open-collector Non-voltage contact or PNP transistor / open-collector • External input Invalid: +8 to +V DC or open Valid: 0 to +1. 9 .295 (Center) Measuring distance L (mm in) 15 0. * The product complies with the FDA regulations and satisfies requirements of the FDA’s Laser Notice No. 50.098 (Center) Measuring distance L (mm in) 5 0.5 0.689 (Center) Measuring distance L (mm in) 35 1.591 0. (The warning labels in Japanese and Chinese are packed with the sensor.5 0.4 -35 -1.5 0. • Never use this product as a sensing device for personnel protection.591 -7.) • Do not operate products using methods other than the ones described in the instruction manual included with each product.0 -0.4 -15 -0.0 -0.2 -0.197 Error (% F. S. in case of the purposes for acquiring the displacement data and a fine detecting.2 0. S.5 -0. Handle the product according to the instruction given on the warning label.2 -0.2 Error (% F. (Blue) 0 V 0 to +5V (Gray) Analog voltage output 100Ω Analog input device (Shield) Analog ground (AGND) AGND Internal circuit *1 External input + - 50mA MAX.) Linearity 0.6V DC or open Valid: +4 to +V DC or SENSING CHARACTERISTICS (TYPICAL) Sensor L Sensing object (white ceramic) HG-C1050(-P) HG-C1100(-P) 0..5 -0.4 0. Note: Due to the simple mounting bracket. for personnel protection applicable in each region or country.) - HG-C1030(-P) 0. S. Simple mounting bracket (Note) MS-HG-01 Simple mounting bracket Description ・ MS-HG-01 Foot angled mounting bracket Material: Stainless steel (SUS304) Two M3 (length 25 mm 0. I/O CIRCUIT AND WIRING DIAGRAMS NPN output type PNP output type Color code Color code (Brown) +V (Brown) +V Load (Pink) External input (Black) Control output 50mA MAX.378 -17. such as OSHA. Control or adjustment through procedures other than the ones specified may cause hazardous laser radiation exposure.197 -2. use products which meet laws and standards.) + Error (% F. • This product is classified as a Class 2 Laser Product under JIS / IEC / GB standards and as a Class II * Laser Product under FDA regulations.295 0 7.4 0.378 PRECAUTIONS FOR PROPER USE • This catalog is only provided to help choose a product and the user’s guide attached to the product must be read before use.4 0.098 0 2.HG-C OPTIONS Designation Model No. • In case of using sensing devices for personnel protection. Do not look at the laser beam directly or through an optical system such as a lens. • The warning label (English) is attached to the product.4 -5 -0.

“ ”: Normal. Current consumption can be reduced. “ ”: Dark-ON “ Set the sensing output.00079 to 1. The timer time is fixed at 5ms.“ ”: Offset Set the control output and the analogue output operation when a measurement error occurs (insufficient light intensity. “ ”: OFF-delay timer “ ”: ON-delay timer. “ ”: ECO OFF. “ ”: Standard 5ms. HG-C1030: 0.591 in HG-C1100: 0.00 mm 0.01 to 15.001 to 5.197 in HG-C1050: 0.00 mm 0. “ ”: Hold ON The digital display can be set to go OFF when key operation is not performed for 30 seconds.00040 to 0.02 to 35. “ ”: Teaching function “ ”: Light emitting stop function. • When the DOWN key is pressed for 3 seconds or more in the middle of the PRO MODE setting.00004 to 0. “ ”: Normal sensing mode “ ”: 1-point teaching (Window comparator mode) ”: 2-point teaching (Window comparator mode) “ ”: 3-point teaching (Window comparator mode) “ “ ”: Rising differential mode “ ”: Trailing differential mode ”: High speed Set the hysteresis width. “ ”: Reset OK .00 mm 0. saturation of light intensity. “ ”: Trigger function Set the timer operation. “ ”:High precision 10ms. “ ”: Zero set function.HG-C PRECAUTIONS FOR PROPER USE Part description Zero set indicator (Yellow) PRO indicator (Yellow) Digital indicator (Red) Teaching indicator (Yellow) Output operation indicator (Orange) Laser emission indicator (Green) TEACH key UP key DOWN key PRO mode setting Part description PRO indicator (Yellow) DOWN key (Select) TEACH key (Confirmed) UP key (Select) • The PRO indicator (yellow) will turn ON when the PRO mode is set. ”: Light-ON. out of measurement range). “ ”: Reset NG.5ms Select the control output operation mode. “ ”: No timer. “ ”: ECO ON Return to the default setting (factory setting). “ ”: Invert. “ ”: Hold OFF. “ ”: One-shot timer The display of the measured value can be changed. the display returns to the measurement display.“ 1. Item Default setting Response speed setting Output operation setting Sensing output setting 〈HG-C1030〉 Hysteresis setting 〈HG-C1050〉 〈HG-C1100〉 External input setting Timer setting Display setting Hold setting ECO Setting Reset setting 10 Description Set the response time.378 in Set the external input.

HG-C PRECAUTIONS FOR PROPER USE Procedure Measurement display <Arrow description in figures> : Press the TEACH key : Press UP key or DOWN key : Press DOWN key DOWN: Press for 3 seconds Response time setting High precision TEACH UP / DOWN Standard UP / DOWN High speed UP / DOWN Output operation setting Light-ON UP / DOWN TEACH UP / DOWN Sensing output setting Normal sensing mode TEACH UP / DOWN UP / DOWN Dark-ON 1-point teaching Window comparator mode UP / DOWN UP / DOWN 2-point teaching Window comparator mode UP / DOWN UP / DOWN UP / DOWN Trailing differential mode 3-point teaching Window comparator mode Rising differential mode Hysteresis width Hysteresis setting TEACH UP key : Increases hysteresis width DOWN key : Decreases hysteresis width UP / DOWN External input setting Zero set function TEACH UP / DOWN Teaching function UP / DOWN Light emitting stop function UP / DOWN Trigger function UP / DOWN No timer Timer setting TEACH UP / DOWN OFF-delay UP / DOWN ON-delay UP / DOWN One-shot UP / DOWN Display setting Normal TEACH UP / DOWN Invert UP / DOWN Offset UP / DOWN Hold setting Hold OFF TEACH UP / DOWN Hold ON UP / DOWN ECO Setting ECO OFF TEACH UP / DOWN ECO ON UP / DOWN Reset setting Reset setting TEACH UP / DOWN Reset setting UP / DOWN Response time setting 11 .

strong acid or alkaline. Measurement can be performed with minimized effect on the object caused by up / down deflection. M3 screws (prepare separately) 18 mm 0. it will cause a failure. • Take care that the product does not come in contact with oil. • The overall length of the cable can be extended to 10m maximum with a cable size of 0. • If noise generating devices (switching regulators. . <Measurement of rotating objects> • When measuring rotating objects.984 in) screws with washers (Accessory for MS-HG-01) Note: Due to the simple mounting bracket. • This product is suitable for indoor use only. Please prepare M3 screws separately. the tightening torque should be 0. Others • This product has been developed / produced for industrial use only. therefore make sure to prevent direct incident light. make sure to connect the frame ground (FG) terminal of the device. • Make sure that stress by forcible bend or pulling is not applied to the sensor cable joint. • Make sure that the power supply is OFF before starting the wiring. • Make sure to turn OFF the power supply. before cleaning the light emitting / receiving windows of the sensor head. particles or etc. mount the product as follows. away from the emitting / receiving surfaces of this product. mount the product so that optical path from the lightemitting part to light-receiving part is not interrupted.457 in Mounting hole dimensions • Measuring of narrow locations and recesses • When measuring in narrow locations or inside holes. or lens cleaning paper. etc. organic solvents such as thinner. Mounting Direction • Direction to a movable body <When there are differences in material and color> • When performing measurements of moving objects with excessively different materials and colors.5 N・m or less. • Do not run the wires together with high-voltage lines or power lines. The tightening torque should be 0. <When there is a step> • When there is a step in the moving object. If contaminants adhere to the surface. • Although it depends on the type. use M3 screws. the sensing characteristics may not be hold depending on the installation condition. dust or etc.) terminal of the power supply is connected to an actual ground. may affect the sensing. • Keep water. it is effective to use a dull black color. • Do not use the sensor in locations where there is excessive vapor.709 in • When mounting the simple mounting bracket (optional) on this product. which reflect light. • If the wiring is performed incorrectly. or in an atmosphere where corrosive gases. or dust. light from rapid start type or high frequency lighting type fluorescent lights. mount the product per the following directions to minimize measurement errors. wipe off with a dust-free soft cloth. which interrupts the light. When the reflection factor on a wall is high. Measurement can be performed with minimized effect from the edges of the steps. in case of the purposes for acquiring the displacement data and a fine detecting. ensure that the frame ground (F. inverter motors. Simple mounting bracket MS-HG-01 (Optional) Plate (Accessory for MS-HG-01) M3 (length 25 mm 0.HG-C PRECAUTIONS FOR PROPER USE Mounting • When mounting this product. 37 mm 1. sunlight and etc. grease. position deviation and etc.3mm2 or more. fingerprints and etc.G. • If power is supplied from a commercial switching regulator. or put them in the same raceway. 12 • When mounting the product on a wall • Mount the product as follows.. etc.) are used around the sensor mounting area. etc.5 N・m. so that the multiple light reflections on the wall do not emit to the light-receiving part. is generated. oil. • Verify that the supply voltage variation is within the rating. • Do not use this product during the transient state when the power supply is turned ON. mount the product as follows. This can cause malfunction due to induction.

2 3.562 ft long cable (5-core composite cable) Model No. the measurement is not performed normally. Please contact our ofce.1 mm 0. • Since the display setting is set to “Offset”. • Set the display to any setting except “Offset.969 22. DIMENSIONS (Unit: mm in) CAD data can be downloaded from our website. HG-C1030(-P) HG-C1050(-P) HG-C1100(-P) Measurement center distance (L) θ 30 1.161 in. 2 m 6.138 6.5 0. HG-C□ Sensor DOWN key UP key Measurement center distance (L) 20 0.5° 100 3.709 ø4. Load of the sensing output is short-circuited causing an over-current to ow. Error indication Description Remedy <Hold OFF> <Hold ON> Measured value blinks Insufcient amount of reected light. Turn OFF the power and check the load. The semiconductor laser is damaged or is past its life expectancy.732 Zero set indicator (yellow) PRO indicator (yellow) 2-ø3.787 25 0.181 30° 50 1. • Conrm that the sensing distance is within the specication range.3 0.” During teaching. The sensing object is out of the sensing range.457 Beam-receiving axis 44 1. Please contact our ofce. Adjust the installation angle of the sensor. the measurement is not performed normally.984 Laser emission indicator (green) TEACH key Beam-emitting axis Output operation indicator (orange) 3.138 18 0.5 0. the zero set function can not be used. System error Please contact our ofce.937 12. Conrm that the sensing distance is within the specication range. attempt the following measures.248 θ Teaching indicator (yellow) 37 1. Flash memory is damaged or is past its life expectancy.5° 13 . • When zero set is set. Conrm that the sensing distance is within the specication range.HG-C PRECAUTIONS FOR PROPER USE Error indication • In case of errors.

Introducing our laser sensors Laser Displacement Sensor Compact HL-G1SERIES Digital Laser Sensor Conforming to EMC Directive Conforming to FDA regulations Amplifier-separated LS-500SERIES Conforming to EMC Directive Conforming to FDA regulations High-precision measurement is achieved at a resolution of 0.866 ° 10 5 0.5 15° 0.283 1.HG-C DIMENSIONS (Unit: mm in) CAD data can be downloaded from our website.138 15. Engineered for maximum compatibility with fiber sensors in every aspect of its design.630 14 0.1 . Kasugai-shi. Assembly dimensions 37 1. CE-HGC-1-2 February.457 1 0.909 2.283 ° 28.748 2-M3 × 0.551 10 ° 30 1. Please contact : 2431-1 Ushiyama-cho.709 15° 9 0.2 φ0.78 R0 0.354 10 ② 7 8 .2 26 37 1.5 0. form and operability.177) 2-φ3.5 0.488) 9 0. based on research conducted by us.1 1.197 2- 3.78 R0 15. fastest response time* 60 μs. Full lineup! 10 models of diffuse reflection type (class 2) and 6 models of specular reflection type (class 1) are available.197 3. MS-HG-01 Simple mounting bracket (Optional) ① 5 0.5 0.059 5 0.457 18 138 18 0.709 8 0.126 3.138 3 0. 2015 Specifications are subject to change without notice.3 0 94 19 0.11 0 R2 R3 R 2- 37 58 1.709 t =1. The LS-500 delivers an environment that makes it easy to choose a class 1 laser sensor.5 2.5 0.197 Emitter 0 R2 7 . as amplifier-separated type laser sensor amplifier. 486-0901.5 0.181 Material: Stainless steel (SUS304) Two M3 (length 25 mm 0.866 18 2015 No.5 μm 0. * As of September 2013.610 -R 3 R0 .181 18 0.197 5 0.138 3.110 (50.354 (4. 5R R3.5 0. They accommodate a variety of applications.5 0.059 90 0.976) 16 0.087 22 0. Japan Global Sales Department ■Telephone: +81-568-33-7861 ■Facsimile: +81-568-33-8591 panasonic.2) (1.984 in) screws with washers (SPCC) are attached.8) (1.5 0. Easy to embed in machines and production lines thanks to a built-in controller.457 2.138 30 1.5) (0.020 22 0.2 1.02 mil (HL-G103□). Printed in Japan .315 58 53 48. Aichi.610 (37. Industry’s smallest* laser sensor head.