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Vajrapani, Hayagriva and the King

Guru Yoga / Gaden Lhagyama
From the heart of the Lord of the Gaden devas (Maitreya
emerges a brilliant white cloud, like a great mass of fresh
Atop sits Tsongkhapa all knowing, King of Dharma;
we request your coming to this place along with your great
My Lord Guru is seated before me upon a lion-throne, lotus and
moon cushion.
His body is white and he smiles blissfully.
Please remain many eons and serve as the great merit field for
the growth of my mind’s faith,
and for the increase of Lord Buddha’s teachings.

who received numerous teachings and performed the practices . which ornaments the ear of the fortunate pupil. butter-lamps. hearing or contemplating earns one great merit. CONFESSION DAG-GI TO-MEY DU-NEH SAG-PA YI LU-NGAG YIH-KYI DIG-PA CHI-JYI DANG CHEY-PA DOM-PA SUM-JI MI-TUN SHO NYING-NEH JO-PA TRAH-PO SO-SOR SHAG The unwholesome actions of body. water. beautiful offerings. great field of merit. His voice is a profound teaching. I regret extremely from the depths of my heart. His body’s beautiful radiance evokes wondrous admiration. a display of flowers. speech and mind. I make prostration. perfumes and more both physical and mental offerings. fragrant incense. Vajrayana). OFFERING YIH-WONG TCHO-YON NA-TSOG ME-TOG DANG DRI-JEM DUG-PO NANG-SAL DRID-CHAB SOG NGO-SHAM YIH TUL TCHO-TIN GYA-TSO DI SO-NAM SHING-CHOG CHE-LA CHO-PA BUL I present to you. vast as the clouds and wide as the ocean. my Lord. Bodhisattva. especially actions contrary to the three vows (Vinaya. Tsongkhapa. REJOICING NIK-MI DU-DIR MANG-THO DRUP-LA TSON CHO-JYED PANG-PI DAL-JOR DON-YO SHYE NGON-PO CHEY-KYI LAP-CHEN DZE-PA LA DAG-CHAG SAM-PA TAG-PEH YI RANG NGO We totally rejoice in your magnificent achievements. which I have accumulated over a measureless period. and I reveal each and every such action. To Lama Tsongkhapa whom merely viewing.His omniscient wisdom-mind encompasses all that is existent.

with utmost diligence. REQUESTING TO REMAIN NAM-DAG WO-SAL YING-LEY JING-PA YI ZUNG-JUG KU-LA CHAR-NUB MI-NGA YANG THA-MAL HNANG-NGOR ZUG-KU RAG-PA NYI SEE-THEE BAR-DU MI-NUB TAN-PA SHUG May the Vajra body of Tsongkhapa created from the purity of clear light. unerring in conduct. stay on unchanging. physical form. who abandoned the eight worldly objectives and made the most meaningful use of the eighteen opportune conditions during these degenerate times. without waning. REQUEST TO TURN THE WHEEL OF DHARMA JE-TSUN LA-MA DAM-PA CHEY-NAM KYI CHO-KU KA-LA CHEN-TI TIN-TIK NEY JI-TAR TSAM-PI DUL-SHIH DZIN-MA LA ZAB-JI CHO-KYI CHAR-PA WHAP-TU SOL All you holy Gurus. beneficially serve all sentient beings and the Buddhadharma and especially may the essential teachings of the unerring . DEDICATION DAG-SOG JIN-NYEH SAG-PA GE-WA DEE TAN-DANG DRO-WA KUN-LA GANG-PHAN DANG CHE-PA JE-TSUN LO-ZANG DRAG-PA YI TAN-PI NYING-PO RING-DU SAL-SHEH SHOG May this merit accumulated by myself and others. free of the rising and setting of cyclic existence but visible to the ordinary viewer only in its unsubtle. may you precipitate a rain of realisation of Bodhicitta and Shunyata from the clouds of all-knowing compassion which fills the Dharmakaya sky. providing for the field of disciples precisely what is needed. until Samsara ends.

please ascend the lotus seat atop the head of myself and the other beings. (Recite 21x or more. crown jewel of the holy Masters of the land of snows. Bestow upon us the blessings of your body. great goldmine of Compassion untainted by ego’s delusion. You are Manjushri. as many times as possible. depending on time) LAMA TSONGKHAPA SHORT MANTRA OM AH RA BA ZA NA DHI (1 mala. You are Avalokiteshvara. depending on time) Je Tsongkhapa. You are Vajrapani. speech and mind. great Master of stainless wisdom. anywhere. famed Lobsang Drakpa. and in your great kindness please remain with us.master Tsongkhapa. MIG-MEY TZE-WEY TER-CHEN CHENREZIG DRI-MEY KHYEN-PI WANG-PO JAMPAL YANG DU-PUNG MA-LU JOM-DZEY SANG-WEY DAG GANG-CHEN KE-PEY TSUG-GYEN TSONGKAPA LO-SANG TRAG-PEY SHAB-LA SOL-WA DEB (Recite 21x or more. . Manjushri and Vajrapani. great subduer of all the gatherings of demons. It has the benefits of receiving the blessings of Avalokiteshvara. At your feet. MIGTSEMA (MANTRA OF JE TSONGKHAPA) This can be recited anytime. I humbly bow and earnestly request that all sentient beings achieve Enlightenment. followed by 1 mala recitation of the last syllable “DHI”. become clear and enduring. under one breath) DISSOLVING JE RINPOCHE INTO OURSELVES PAL-DAN TSA-WEY LA-MA RINPOCHE DAG-SOG CHI-WOR PE-ME DAN-JUG LA KA-DRIN CHEN-PO GO-NEY JE-ZUNG TE KU-SUNG THUG-KYI NGO-DRUP TSAL-DU SOL Dear worthy root Guru.

I take refuge in the Spiritual Assembly. please occupy the lotus seat within our hearts and in your great kindness remain with us. PAL-DAN TSA-WEY LA-MA RINPOCHE DAG-SOG NYING-KHAR PE-ME DAN-JUG LA KA-DRIN CHEN-PO GO-NEY JE-ZUNG TE JANG-CHUB NYING-PO BAR-DU TAN-PAR SHUG Beloved. Please grant us your blessings for our temporal success and for the supreme attainment. I take refuge in the Buddha I take refuge in the Dharma. NAMO GURU VAJRAPANAYE Here is a concise sadhana of Vajrapani with three wrathful aspects. (recite three times) For the sake of all living beings.PAL-DAN TSA-WEY LA-MA RINPOCHE DAG-SOG NYING-KHAR PE-ME DAN-JUG LA KA-DRIN CHEN-PO GO-NEY JE-ZUNG TE CHO-DANG THUN-MONG NGO-DRUP TSAL-DU SOL Precious. For that purpose I will practice the sadhana Vajrapani with three wrathful aspects (recite three times) . root Guru. please occupy the lotus seat within our hearts and in your great kindness remain with us. [Refuge and Generating the Mind of Enlightenment] I take refuge in the Guru. noble. Please stay on until we achieve the great goal of Enlightenment. root Guru. noble. I will attain the fully enlightened state of Buddha.

On the crown of that horse is the King Garuda. he stands amidst a wisdom fire with the right foot bent and the left outstretched. He holds in his hands the four types of nagas and eats them. fulfilling the two purposes.[OM SVABHAVA: SARVA DHARMA: SVABAVA SHUDDHO HAM] Everything becomes empty. Out of emptiness on top of a lotus and sun disc is one’s consciousness in the form of a dark blue syllable HUM which emanates rays of light. with white body. [Offerings] OM VAJRAPANI SAPARIVARA ARGHAM PRATITSA HUM SVAHA OM VAJRAPANI SAPARIVARA PADYAM PRATITSA HUM SVAHA . the right raising a golden vajra with the five spokes and the left performing the gesture of threatening at the chest. three eyes and a vajra beak. with one face and two arms. amidst which is a green head of a horse [Hayagriva] making three neighing sounds. inviting identical wisdom beings. dark blue in colour. and at the heart with a blue HUM. He is adorned at the crown with a white OM. Lights gather back and oneself becomes Sri Vajrapani. at the throat with a red AH. His wings are made of swords. Clad with tiger skin garments. and between the two horns of turquoise is a burning gem. From the syllable HUM at the heart emanate rays of light. The yellowish-brown hair is raised up.

Please pacify all interferences and obstacles to the practice of Dharma such as evils. . from today until the time of attaining complete enlightenment and grant us all the attainments according to our wishes. middle and below. DZA: HUM BAM HO: The wisdom beings become one with the visualized beings. speech and mind of the Buddhas of the ten directions. spirits and illnesses that come from above. and all wholesome qualities related to the verbal and realization teachings of the Buddha. purifying all evils. merit. which emanate rays of light. All the blessings of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas gather back in the form of light rays and dissolve into the mantra rosary and letter HUM. Hayagriva and the King Garuda. At one’s heart center on a lotus and sun disc is the syllable HUM surrounded by the mantra ring. bringing about an increase in lifespan. Just by remembering you destroys all forms of interferences and evils. who have taken the form of The Owner of the Secrets. Chief among all the wrathful aspects. illnesses and defilements of oneself and others.OM VAJRAPANI SAPARIVARA PUSPE PRATITSA HUM SVAHA OM VAJRAPANI SAPARIVARA DHUPE PRATITSA HUM SVAHA OM VAJRAPANI SAPARIVARA ALOKE PRATITSA HUM SVAHA OM VAJRAPANI SAPARIVARA GANDHE PRATITSA HUM SVAHA OM VAJRAPANI SAPARIVARA NAIVIDYE PRATITSA HUM SVAHA OM VAJRAPANI SAPARIVARA SHABDA PRATITSA HUM SVAHA [Praises] I prostrate and offer compliments to the body. showing all three as one single nature.

[Colophon] (This concise sadhana of Vajrapani with the three wrathful aspects was written by Bhiksu Dharmabhadra according to the thoughts of the sadhana called Vajra Diamond for his own practice. the Lord of the Secrets.[Mantra Recitation] OM VAJRAPANI HAYAGRIVA GARUDA HUM PHET (recite as many times as possible) [Dedication] By the virtues collected through this practice.) . May I quickly attain the state of Vajrapani. without exception to the state of Enlightenment. and lead all beings.