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Hands-On Operations Training


This large-scale, realistic, industrial process system facilitates
training and practice in field activities regularly undertaken
by process operators within the refining, petrochemical and
oil & gas industries.
Designed to support process technology (PTEC), process
operations programs in US technical college programs, the
device can also be applied to similar process operations
programs in colleges and universities as well as within
industry, directly.
Activities focus on common tasks and formal procedures
undertaken on a daily basis by operators in many industries.
Examples include; chemical injection, product sampling,
strainer maintenance, piping line-up changes, taking
equipment in and out of service, pump change-over, routine
process parameter checks, normal start-up and shutdown.

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
10ft x 24ft x 7ft 6in (3048 x 7315 x 2286 mm)
15,000 lbs (6804 kg)
Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
10ft x 24ft x 7ft 6in (3048 x 7315 x 2286 mm)
12,000 lbs (5443 kg)

Fabricated to ASME standards, and incorporating durable

state-of-the-art industrial components, the system will
provide years of trouble-free service, whether installed in the
training laboratory or in outdoor environments.
With multiple installations completed to date, this proven tool
will help make training more memorable, effective, and

#656-001 - Emerson, DeltaV DCS Control System Upgrade

Overall size of 10' x 24' x 7' 6" H (Requires operating

area of 18' x 30' x 10' H)

#656-001E - Emerson, DeltaV DCS Control System

Upgrade, Educational

Welded, structural steel baseplate assembly with

positioning skids, lifting eyes and industrial grating
working surface (Self-draining).

#656-002 - Expanded Instrumentation Package

Welded-steel pump pedestals and tank mounting pads.

#656-004 - Optional ESD (Emergency Shut Down System)

Welded and flanged process piping system fabricated to

ANSI standards.

(3), 1.5 HP primary centrifugal circulation pumps (1 x

1.25 x 5) with flow rates to 25 - 30 gpm.

Includes spared pumps with both series and parallel

piping configurations.

(1) Simulated chemical injection (diaphragm type), 44

GPD, and quill.

(1) Shell and tube heat exchanger with removable tube

bundle and incorporating piping bypass (allows for
flushing and draining).

(1) Air -cooled, fan-type air-cover with 300,000 BTU/HR

capacity (on-off control).

1/4-Turn vent and drain valves throughout allowing for

decommissioning, winterization where necessary, and
component isolation/removal.

(1) 300,000 BTU/HR electric heater tank with

thermocouple control capability and fail-safe safety trip.

(3) Primary process tanks; (1) 300 gallon feed tank, (1)
300 gallon product tank and (1) chemical feed tank, 20
gallons (all polyethylene).

#656-003 - Supplemental Third Control Loop

#656-657 - Glycol Fractionation Tower with Boiler and

Cooling Tower

#603 - Process Trainer, Advanced
#606 - Continuous Distillation Operations Demonstrator
#657 - Distillation Process Operations Trainer

Use and start-up guide

Exercise package
Complete engineering and design documentation package
Commissioning and start-up support

Industrial-quality level gauges, including; (1) gauge

column sight glass and (1) magnetic column sight glass.

Two hard-piped control stations with Fisher

diaphragm-type control valves (300 lb) with positioners,
as well as valve by-pass and block valves.

PLC control system with operator control panel interface

(other control systems, including DCS, possible).

PLC control software package.

Multiple control loops including temperature control,
level control, and multiple flow control loops (allows for
cascade control).

5 Supplemental local thermowells with local

temperature indicators.

Rosemount brand differential pressure and temperature

transmitters throughout.

(2) Duprex pump suction strainers.

(2) Orifice flow assemblies.
Provision for optional DCS control.
(8) Locally-mounted pressure gauges.
System pressure relief valve.

Provision for lock-out / tag-out, at all service


Includes gate, globe, swing-check, safety relief, and ball

check, valves.

Safety shower and eye-wash station.

System stabilization and preparation for shipping via

specialized carrier.

Water source, instrument air source, 480 VAC 3-phase
100A, primary service, 240 VAC, 50A, single phase supplies.
Alternate voltage requirements can be accommodated.

Includes over 120 hands-on exercises/procedures

DeltaV and Rosemount are registered trademarks of Emerson Process Management.

Working process systems and related equipment, have inherent dangers.
This device has been designed for professionals for use under controlled circumstances for training only. DAC assumes no liability for injury
resulting in the use or misuse of this product.
In accordance with DACs established policy of continuous improvement, these specifications and product descriptions are subject to change
without notice. This information is the latest technical information as of the time of viewing or printing.