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Kaikorai Valley College Music programmes

What do we learn? Through what units of work do we learn?

Year 7 Notation reading rhythms
Level 3 using Rhythm squares crotchet,
approx pairs of quavers, minims, and
crotchet rests. Lines and Spaces
Bingo (pre-music reading skills).
Aural recognizing duple and
triple meter, recognizing pitch
contours/shapes (assessed test)
Guitar: Chords of D G A
(assessed - observation)
Vocab Using phrases in student
book (rhythm, meter, melody,
dynamics) choose words/phrases
to describe music listened to
(assessed- regular marking of
written reponses to music
Year 8 Notation Semibreve, minum,
crotchet, quaver, notes and rests.
Level 3 The dot, and the tie. Associated
approx music maths)
Writing a simple score of two
percussion parts, correctly
aligned (assessed test
Guitar reading simple TAB
(assessed observation)
Listening routine focused
questions on a wide range of
Vocab: (related to drum unit)
ostinato, call and response,

Performing as a class to
peers (a Waiata, a Beatles
song; using guitar and
glockenspiels in
performance on other
instruments students have
(assessed observation)

Not covered

The Beatles: what led to
their fame. the instruments
they used, how their music
changed and why,
(assessed test)

Not covered

Composition in a group using ostinato and

call and response.
(assessed performance and written)

Drums from their

origins, to drum kits
shapes where in the
world music with call
and response and ostinato
(assessed written work)

Year 9

Notation Semibreve, minum,

crotchet, quaver, notes and rests.
Level 4 Sharps, flats and naturals. The
approx dot, and the tie. Bass and treble
clef notes including ledger lines.
Time signatures (2/4, , 4/4)
(assessed test)
Aural recognizing rhythms,
two bar rhythm dictation (no
dotted notes). Recognising
melody, completing melody with
missing notes (repeats and steps
only); identifying meter (duple
and triple only) (assessed test)
Guitar - playing three chords in
a song.
Blues scale and chords using
keyboard (assessed
Listening A Z things; and a
range of music associated with
each unit of work
Vocab associated with each
Year 10 Theory Rhythm - note values up
to semiquavers, and dotted
Level 5 quavers, correct rhythmic
approx groupings, rests, anacrusis;
simple t/sign; Pitch - ledger
lines; transposing up/down 8ve,
up and down a 2nd; Tones &
semitones; melisma; Major and
minor) scales / ksigs up to 2 #
and bs, Triads, Chords I IV V
Performance directions to about
About Gd 1 (assessed end of

Performing The Can Can

on either glockenspiel or
keyboard. ( assessed )
Students learning an
instrument have the
opportunity to perform on
their instrument.

1 An 8 bar melody (with opportunities to

extend it with an ostinato accompaniment, a
middle section, an intro and ending etc)
Sibelius used for notating. (assessed)
2. Improvise on the keyboard using the blues
scale, over the 12 bar blue chords. (assessed

West End Blues by Louis

Armstrong (origins of
blues, features of blues,
Louis Armstrong story,
(assessed poster)
The Can Can (and a
Handel Minuet if time)
(reasons for compositions,
beat and metre of the

Tuition Students
expected to learn
instrument or voice to
make the most of the
course. But not
Group Short pieces
associated with units.
Solo One main
opportunity on their
instrument. (assessed)

Composition explored within units of work.

Encouragement to notate. Examples (units
covered vary according to the needs of
1. (in pairs) a piece for a particular function
(eg lullaby, to wake up to in the morning)
2. (in pairs) using features of Indonesian
3.( in pairs or individual) song with a NZ
flavour or topic
4. (pairs) using extremes of dynamics
5. (individual) a series of at least three short

Examples of works
Music For Life
exploration of function of
music in community and in
own lives. (assesst task
creating a pamphlet)
Gamelan music of
NZ 1980s Rock music,
ways in which the decade
is important in historical

year test)
Aural Identifying when (on
music) chord changes, melodic
dictation with rhythm given, (&
vice versa) (assessed end of
year test)
Guitar and keyboard skills
continue on from Yr 9 and is the
bottom line for performance.
Listening a range of musicals
styles associated with Music

Performance of
composition progress and
completed work

pieces for own instrument

(assessed looking at all the students work
over the year. )

context (assesst task poster)

Volume Pig by Gareth
Farr styles, performers,
(analysis test and concert
Bach Rondeau Score
reading, Baroque features,
analysis, (analysis test)