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name: Joe Tave

Council District: 3

Please complete questionnaire below.
You must send a completed electronic copy to or mail a completed copy to
P.O. Box 192305 Dallas, TX 75219 by Monday, March 2nd.

1. Your background and the LGBT community

Please share any experience that illustrates your understanding and interest of the needs of LGBT Dallas residents.

I have a long record of fighting for equality and the rights of all people. I support LGBT
equality. I am also a member of the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas.

Stonewall Democrats of Dallas seek to inform members of the LGBT and Democratic Party community of candidate's
political background. Our organizations by-laws require us only to consider candidates with Democratic Primary
voter history or affirms their party affiliation via an oath of allegiance to the Democratic Party. Do you qualify or
would you be prepared to sign an oath of allegiance form from the Dallas County Democratic Party?

YES and YES.

2. Creating an inclusive community

Cities compete for residents, tax payers, conventions and new businesses/economic development. As a member of
the Dallas City Council, how would you insure that Dallas can compete effectively with other cities in the area of LGBT

I would vote for and support policies for LGBT inclusion and then work to recruit LGBT
workers and LGBT-owned companies to Dallas.

Would you recruit and consider qualified LGBT constituents for your commission and board appointments?

Yes, I currently have LGBT district residents serving in my campaign. I will absolutely
consider LGBT residents as my appointees to boards and commissions.

Will you support the Dallas City Council's resolution for marriage equality and also a statewide ban on LGBT
employment discrimination?


Mayor Rawlings has refused to join the nationwide effort of mayors of 300 cities and 32 states to become a member
of Mayors for the Freedom to Marry. This effort is chaired by Mayors of Boston, New York City, Houston and Los
Angeles. Would you actively lobby and take action to encourage Mayor Rawlings to join this effort? (Please see
I have and will continue to work with the Mayor to understand the importance of joining this effort.


2. The City of Dallas as a LGBT inclusive employer

The private sector has seen a large increase in policies and benefits for LGBT employees, how should the City of Dallas
remain competitive to attract and retain top LGBT talent?

The city needs to continue to update its policies and benefits to attract LGBT talent. I
support the work of the LGBT Task Force.

Do you support comprehensive transgender inclusive health benefits and as a council member work with the City
Manager to implement such benefits?

Yes and yes.

3. Current Events

The Governor and several state legislators intend to push legislation through to curtail the current scope of
governance of home rule cities like Dallas. This could remove local control over matters such as drilling within city
limits, LGBT protections, etc. Do you favor or oppose this, and what do you plan to do in response?

I oppose this and will work to defeat legislation to remove local control.

What are your thoughts on the current campaign finance rules for Dallas elections which set donation amount limits
on people newly seeking office but essentially place no donation amount limits on incumbents via unrestricted
officeholder accounts which may be used for campaign purposes?

I support closing all loopholes that would give incumbents an unfair advantage. The council
made a good first step by closing the Office Holder loophole to only allow $100.00 of office
holder funds to be used towards campaign purposes.

The proposed Trinity Parkway toll road continues to make headlines. Do you see the Trinity Parkway as an essential
roadway project to alleviate projected road congestion around our downtown core, or are there other solutions that
Dallas should be focused on? I dont support the Toll Road. Project Pegasus will assist in

alleviating traffic congestion around the downtown corridor.

Given that tax revenue for the City of Dallas should rise this year without a tax rate increase, what are the top
priorities to which these additional funds should be directed citywide and within your district?

These funds should be directed to our parks, streets, libraries, animal services, poverty
initiatives, infrastructure maintenance, job training and job creating investments.

I, Joe Tave, am seeking an endorsement from the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas for the 2015 Dallas City Council

Signed Joe Tave