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Question Answers for case a workaholic Dilemma

1) Do you agree with then view expressed by Mr. X? Justify and explain your
Ans: Yes I certainly agree with views of Mr. X. Method and means to be adopted to
enhance the workforce productivity was their main focus. He was concerned and
stressed with the need to cultivate calmness and composure to improve the quality
of output.
His view were different from Mr. Y, He wanted to introduce certain regular exercise
like mind stilling to create an ambience of serenity in the workplace.
He wanted to make a better enthusiastic motivated environment, a pleasant
environment where the people get a good working culture so people can work with
focus and their quality of work improves.
Mr. Y’s team members were also with the same opinion. Even Mr. B says that mental
stillness is necessary to recharge your batteries.
Mr B is suggesting this technique because he also does the same thing and so it is
kind of tried and tested method.
A good working environment is necessary for any organization to grow, only targets
and incentives won’t boost the employee to work and Mr. B is with same opinion.
So I would say Mr. B is right and he should implement such programs in his office.

Q2) If you agree with views expressed by Mr. Y , give valid reasons for your support.
Ans) Mr. Y is not completely wrong neither is his views right.
He has different point of view. He feels this motivation and things aren’t that
To survive in market you need to perform. To grow you need to work. He is more
work oriented. For him only target is important.
But he doesn’t understand that to achieve targets employee needs a better
environment, a good work culture.
If an employee gets that his performance will improve.
So here the views of Mr. Y are quite different.

mental stilling program as well as targets should be given.Q3) “An organization is just a collection of individual” Do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer. individualism won’t work here. . he will perform well and he will give more efforts to perform better and show good numbers. But the individualism factor should not be there. An organization has their own goal which all the individuals have to work for that. This would be my way of solving the issue. Ans: An organization is not just a collection of individuals. All should work as a team. They should have a motivation. how they perform. If the employee gets a positive. should cooperate with each other. In an organization all about how all the individuals are managed efficiently. should motivate and understand each other. Here every individual has a common goal. It has many more parameters involved in it. They have a certain protocol to be followed. Q4) According to you what is the solution to this problem? Justify your answer Ans: According to me the both the factors are important. People should be motivated to work for extra miles and give good performance. Supportive environment.