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MS in Computer & Communication

2009 Hussein M. Karaky

Address1: Lebanon, Zahle, Main Road, Bohsas, Munif Karaky's

Address2: Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh, Mathaf, Shalouhy Building,
2nd Floor
Phone: +9618930525

Birth Date: 15/02/1984

Nationality: Lebanese

Invest my mental power in science & technology development.

Keep up with technology pace.

American University of Science & Technology

MS in Computer and Communication Engineering

American University of Science & Technology


BS in Computer and Communication Engineering

Secondary School of Rayak


Lebanese Official Bac II

S o f t w a r e D e v e l o p e r | N e t w a y s (current employer)

.NET and C# development.

MS in Computer & Communication Engineering

Web Developer | Path Solutions

2007 –2008

Bank Muscat Website development (Coding and Designing)

Bank Muscat Web Reporting Engine (over BIRT platform)

SQL Migration (Oracle vs. Sybase)

Under the supervision of: Ms. Souha Saab

Training | Ogero
11/07/2005 – 05/09/2005

Theoretical training / course attended: the basic concept

of the PSTN network, the Access Network, the switching
concept, and particularly the signaling C7 used in PSTN.

Topics covered in site visits: covers the PSTN network, the

main & local switches, and the payphone network.

Project Executed: this is a hands-on project which includes the

overview of payphone (components & network), the Open
Payphone Management System (OPMS), working with SQL
server, applying security measures, deploying and activating
the Security Management System, prepaid cards, cards
generation and activation.

Under the supervision of: Mr. Walid


MS Thesis | AUST
2005 –2008

Planning, Implementation, Development, and Documentation.

This project was a turning point in my academic life.

It was about a digital circuit simulator that helps in teaching

students and in the academic mechanization of the Digital
Design Course in the university as well.

It's all built over the Java platform. It included excellent

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MS in Computer & Communication Engineering

programming techniques which led it to success.

The program runs very well, its very life-like user interface
makes it very easy to work with, it imitates just the real life lab
for engineering students.

For further information, project demo is available upon


 Data Structures.
 C# & VB.NET ― Object-Oriented Programming, Reflection,
Serialization, Globalization…
 Java ― Object-Oriented Programming, File Processing, Networking,
Database Management (J2EE), Designs (Java2D, Java3D), Security, Web
(Java Servlets, JSP), J2ME, JNI.

 C/C++ ― Object-Oriented Programming, and File Processing.

Special Project: Live-View Digital Circuit Simulator.
 BIRT ― Designing and Scripting Web Reporting Engines.
 Web ― ASP.NET, HTML/XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, XML
Management, and Web Designs.
 SQL ― T-SQL, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase.
 MATLAB ― Telecom (Signal Processing, Antennas), and Image

 Digital Systems Design
 Network Infrastructures
 Robotics/PLC
 Antennas (MATLAB Simulations)

 Arabic (Fluent)
 French (Good)
 English(Fluent)

 Ambitious, Fast Learner, Hard Worker, Responsible,
Dynamic with Good Communication Skills

Interested in Writing, Drawing, Painting, Graphic Designing,

Swimming, Equitation, Traveling, Technology Researches, and

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MS in Computer & Communication Engineering



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