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Tuesday, January 22, 1985

7:30 p.m.
James Ozanich
3lCA Lily Street
San !'rancisco

I Annrnrr:l Of i"{inutes as distributed earlier.

2. Treasurcr's Report.

3. Legal Status Update. (Freeman)

a. General.
b. Articles of f ncorporation (iropef uIIy will have
first draft of Articles prepared by attorney).
c. By-Law Changes. (draft available at Board meeting)

4. Calfer Apprentice Program. (Scott)

5. Line Dance Recorcrs . (Claire )

6. BilI Davis Dance. (Scott)

7. Space for Class beginning in June, 1985. (Scott)

B. Review of temporary Policy No. 5, which expired

L2/3I/84-*Tagging-In. (see attached)

9. Rawhide Benefit on February 3. (James)

10. Insurance Update. (Freeman)

11. General l4eeting on January 30. (Scott)

L2. Other Business.

13. irlext Board Meeti-ng.

Note: These items are in this order in case James is held

Llp at work so that ne can participate in the matters which
rnost need his participation.

Policy Statement No. 5



Tagging-in is a procedure which allows aII available dancers

to participate in a single tip when there are dancers willing
to dance but a complete square cannot be formed. It is, how-
ever, potentially disruptive of the dance.


The guidelines which follow should be acted upon with courtesy

and fairness on Club nights and at formal dances.


l. Each club night and dance will have an announced general

program level.

2. Tagging-in is neither necessary nor desirable during tips

called at the general level; there is always ample oppor-
tunity for all to dance during the course of the evening.

3. Dancers are encouraged, however, to voluntarily trade out

in favor of others if the turnout is small and especiallv
if guests are waiting to dance.

4. There may be only one or two higher-level star tips at

most dances; therefore, the procedure outlined below may
be followed to al-low all qualified dancers to participate:

a. The cue square is not available for tagging-in unless

it is the only square on the floor.

b. Up to three couples may tag into the same square.

c. AII couples, including those tagging-in, must be in

place before the tip begins and remain with the same
square throughout the tip.

d. Individuals may tag in following the same rules as

for couples.
e. Before the beginning of the tip, persons tagging-in
stand behind couple #I (or #Z or #3 respectively for
additional couples). Each time the active dancers
return to a squared-up formation, those waiting tag
in and those tagged out rotate and wait behind the
next position along the line of dance.


This policy for tagging-in is considered a temporary policy in

effect until December 31, 1984. After that date, it must be
reviewed and approprj-ate action taken by the Board of Directors.


August 29, I9B4



Tuesday, January 22, l9B5

PRESENT: Chris Anderson, Bob Bel1ville, scott carey, Bryan Finch,

James Ozanich

ABSENT: Claire Meisel, Ken Mierow

A T T E N D T N GE X - O F F r c r o : Bill Habeck, Freeman stamper, Tom Tripp

The Minutes of the December 27, L984, meetinq of the

Board of Directors were approved as distributed prior to the meetinq.


Chris Anderson, as assistant treasurer, stated that it was

too early to have a complete report for the month of January. i{e
reported that dues had been received from 60 members and that 38
dance cards had been sold. The checkbook balance as of January 22
is $4,268.01.


Freeman stamper reported that the paperwork for our

r ny
q n lr / r ai avaq
l -u
i arnu r r rf ,o r tax-exempt status is almost complete. we are
r ^ r r i# ' i ' a €a- +he flnal accounting reports for year
the 19B4 , for

the draft Articres of rncorporation from the attorney, and. for

the revised By-Laws to meet minimum legar requirements for

incorporation, non-profit, and tax-exempt status.

Freeman presented the proposed language for changes to the

By-Laws, which is attached to these Minutes. A motion was made,
co^^hA6; ,
qrrs carried that the attached Proposed Changes to the

By-Laws of the Western Star Dancers be presented to the general member-

^r^..: ^
b r r - L y c- t+L d s ; r e c i a l l y called meeting on Wednesday, January 23, for


Freeman also pointed out that the tax-exempt application

which i-s currently being prepared is for the State of California only.

We will also have to apply for federal exemption. The matter will have

to be discussed with Mark Planl< whether or not his $500 fee is to

cover both State and federal tax-exempt applications.


Scott Carey reported that he is combining the responses he

received to the first draft and that he hopes to have a fi-nal draft

put together soon.


Since Claire Meisel requested this agenda item and was

not in attendance, the matter was tabled to the next Board meeti-nq.


Scott reported that he had written all callers who had called

for the Club in 1984 inviting them to make engagements in 1985. He

has received no responses vet.

BilI Davis is available for a dance on May lB. The Board

acroar{ f A i nrrils him to call a dance on May lB and that the dance

would be Basic, Mainstream, and a Plus star tip.


It was announced that the Central YMCA wants the theater

L/22/Bs 2-
for their use beginning in June, and will allow us use of that space

one night a week Monday through Thursday. The "hall manager" was

directed to have a written proposal for alternative space by the

next Board meetinq.


The Policy No. 5, Tagging-In, was temporary and expi-red

December 31, 1984. There was extensive discussion as to the need to

continue the policy statement. A motion was made, seconded, and

carried, that the tagging-in policy would remaj-n in effect with

ronrrrl r-n lr^-I-), but that it would not be applicable t-o singing calls.

A motion was also made, seconded, and carried to extend this amended

nnlinrr +n Mrrz 30 and then solicit input from the general membership

as to the need for such a policy.


James Ozanich reported that Ray, at the Rawhide, had not

been available to discuss the matter and that details were not known

yet. The hearsay is that Western Star "drew" the third slot of

B: 15 - B:30 to use as we want. It was decided that at the benefit

nn Fel'rrrrarrz ?,
v l r t v v ! s \ l ! t IVSDwould use its time to teach a call and then do a

c j-^i^^ nr'l'l which incorporates it. James ozanich and Bob Bellville

volunteered to handle this demonstration.


Freeman Stamper reported that the applicatj-on for insurance

through the R. F. Lyons Co. had not been submitted because the Board's

approval was restricted to verification that the coverage would be

L/22/Bs 3-
applicable to participants in transit to and from a function. The

answer to the question was "no. "

It was discussed that some associations do provide insurance

with such coverage, but pointed out that we were not members of those

associations and would probably meet resistance as in the past in

applying for membership. The R. F. Lyons Co. does not require member-

shir: in anv association.

A motion was made, seconded, and passed that the Club take

out insurance with the R. F. Lvons Co. to cover club and class

members and the additional premium to cover guests.

It was afso suqqested that the Board consider at its next

moafino t_ho m1lls1 of a contingency fund aS a means of self insurance

Far rhjnnq F^r whiCh we CannOt get inSUranCe, suCh aS Our equipment.

James Ozanich and Bryan Finch agreed to do further research for

insurance on equipment and medical coverage.


It was determined that the only matters to go before the

general membership at the meeting on January 30 would be general



1. Bryan Finch indicated that there were a significant

number of complaints about Doug Clark's fiancee singing along with

him. James Ozanich agreed to speak with Doug.

2. Bob Bellvill-e mentioned that somethinq needed to be

done to create a learning experience on Wednesday club nights. Scott

indicated that he would re*emphasize this to the contracted callers.

r/ 22/ 85 4-
? It was decided that the next theme niqht would be on

tr'ohrrr:rrz )n ^nd haVe the theme "BadgeS, BUttOnS, and BOWS.t' It WaS

also decided that this would be "hash" \,rlednesday on Ash Wednesday.

4. Fee for Bill Hanzef. Chris Anderson indicated that there

was some discrepancy about the amount Bill Hanzel was to be paid for

class instruction. Bill believes that we are paying him $75 a night.

Scott is to check his notes fron the Board retreat meetinq but stated

that he believed there was a slidinq scale with a $7S minimum.

Calculations show that eight squares with $75 fee is exactly the

l.rroalzarzon n^i nt with Caller f ee, rental, and badgeS. ThiS iSSUe is

to be resolved at a meetinq of the Board on Wednesday, January 23.

lNote: At an informal meeting of the Board on

January 23, it was agreed that the Club would pay a $75 flat fee to

Bill Hanzel for class i-nstruction.l

5. Flags. A motion was made, seconded. and carried for

] - h a r T ' l r r l - {r - a ^ u r c h a s e an American f1ag, a California flag, pOles, and

stands for an estimated cost of SI00.

6. Lily Street Fair. It was agreed that the Club would

support the Lily Street Fair on Easter Sunday by participating.

7. I9B5 International- Convention. Bryan Finch agreed to

prepare an information sheet for Western Star members on hotel and

travel information. James Ozanich was requested to complete the

convention form for the Club, and he stated that he was sending the

week of January 2L l-etters to other member clubs of the International

Associ-ation seeking dates for WSDts proposal for hosting the


r/22/85 5-
B. T.O.U.'s. The fact that some I.O.U.'s had showed up in

the cash box for membership fees and dance passes was discussed. It

was agreed that there was no problem at this time and not worth any

official statement.

9. Gofden State Gay Rodeo Association. This association

which is based in Los Angeles is planning a rodeo March 23 or 30.

Western Star has received an invitation to participate, but it was

aoreed tha t 1 -h e ClUb WOUId n o 1 _ n ^ r 1u-r i ru -r i n| / a

.lg .


The next regular meeting of the Board will be on Tuesday,

February 26,7:30 p.m., dt the home of Bob Bellville and Chris


Respectfully submitted,

.: .
i 1 " /
,/. r" /'

Freeman Stamper ,'

Secretary to the Board

L/22/Bs 6-
of the

Western Star Dancers is obtaining (a) corpora'.e non-profit

:nrl th\ vrt
1-:v-oxs11pl statuses. To do So r certain items in the Club's
'!1rran# Qrz-r'ws must be ciranged to meet minimum legal requi-rements.

1. Number of Directors

The By-Laws must set a specific number of members on the Board o1

Directors. The Articles of Ilrcorporation may state a range of the
number of Board members, but the By-Laivs rnust be specif ic. i{e wiII
incorporate using the range of five to seven, as the By-Laws
currently a1low.

Article V, Section A (1) C U R R E I . I T L Ys t a t e s :

The Board of Directors shall be composed of five

to seven elected members.

It is P R O P O S E Dt h a t Article V, Section A(I) be revised to read:

The Board of Directors shall be composed of

seven elected members.

Article V, Section B(3) (a) C U R R E N T L Ys t a t e s :

A special election r':ust be he1d if the membership

of the Board of Directors drops below five.

It j - s P R O P O S E Dt h a t Article V, Section B(3) (a) be reviseo to read:

A special election must be held if the member-

ship of the Board of Directors does not equal
5C V Clr .

Article V, Section B ( 3 ) ( b ) C U R R E I { T L Ys t a r e s :

At the discretion of the Board, a special elec-

tion may be held if the membership of the
Board of Directors is below seven.

I t i s P R O P O S E Dt h a t A r t i c l e V, Section B(3) (b) be deleted and that

subsections (c) , (d) , and (e) be renumbered to be (b) , (c) , and
(d), respectively.


The organization must designate at least three individuals who are

authorized to conduct the affairs of the organization on a day-to-
day basis when the Board of Directors is not convened. The three
positions may be entitled whatever is desired but must be authorized
uv .
\ ! , , nvnvn Ar rr u . r c t m e e t i n g s , ( 2 ) s i g n c o n t r a c t s ,
/1\ (3 ) make f inancial
transactions, and (4) maintain the records of the organization.

In order to keep the original intent and spirit of the By-Laws in

tact, it i s P R O P O S E Dt h a t the By-Laws of Western Star Dancers be
amended by adding a new section for officers to Article V, Board of
Directors, and that it read as follows:

D. Officers:

The Board of Directors shaIl appoint

by December I of each year at least the
follorving three officers to conduct the
buslness of the Board when it is not

Administrator. The Administrator

must be appointed from among the
newly elected members of the Board
who were elected in September of
the year in which the appointment
is made. The Administrator is
authorized to convene meetings of
the Board of Directors and general
meetings of the Club's membership.
The Administrator is authorized to
negotiate and si-gn contracts, subject
to ratification bv the Board of

b Treasurer. In addition to maintaining

Elef-inancial records of the Club,
the Treasurer must be one of the
co-signatorj-es on the Club's bank
accounts and is authorized to release
information as to the CIub's finan-
cial status. The Treasurer may be
appointed from among any of the
members of the CIub.

. S c r - r e ia
- rv- The Ser-ref arv shall take
mftutes of all neetings of the Board
of Directors and the general membership

and is responsible for all written

communications. The Secretary may
be appointed from among any of the
members of the CIub.

2. All officers serve at the pleasure of

the Board of Dj-rectors and may be
appoj-nted and removed at any time by
simple majority vote of the ful-l- Board.

Di ssolution

A non-profit organization must, upon dissolution, give i-ts remain-

ing assets to another non-profit organizatj-on or to the State.
They cannot be distributed to any individuals.

I t i - s P R O P O S E Dt h a t the By-Laws of Viestern Star Dancers be amended

by adding a new Article VIII entitled "Dissolution" and that it
read as follows:


IiOOn the 6l j cenl rr{- j nn ri i c1-=n.'l i -n ^r ^thef

, u ! J v q J r u f r r Y ' v l

termination of Western Star Dancers, all the

remaining assets of the Club, after final expenses
as determi-ned by the tsoard of Directors, shall
be distributed by tl-re Board of Directors to
such organization(s) as may qualify as charit-
able deductions for income tax purposes under
the Income Tax Laws of the United States in
sucir proportions as the Board of Directors may
determine. fn no event shal-I any part of the
assets be returned to or distributed among any
officer, member of the Board, member, or any
other individual connected with the Club
directly or indirectly.

Dated: January 22, I9B5




Tuesday,February 26, 1985

7 : 30 p.m.
Bob Bellvifl-e & Chris Anderson

l. Approval of Minutes as distributed earlier.

2. Treasurer's Report.

3. Resignation of Treasurerrs responsibility.

4. Approval of draft Articles of Incorporation (see attached) .

5. Appointment of Administrat0t! in accordance with revised

By-Laws (see attached copy of revised By-Laws for your
file) .

6. Hotel rooms for 1985 International Convention. (Bryan)

7. Angel badge requirements. (8i11 Habeck)

B. Mainstream graduation. (Bob)

9. Space for class bcginning in June. (Scott)

10. Square Heads. (Scott)

11. Line dance records. (CIaire)

L2. CIub La Star.

13. Contingency Fund for self insurance.

L4. (llo earrier than 9:f5) Discussion of space and plans for
WSD hosting j_nternational convention. (Ramon)

15. Other Business.

16 . Next Board Meeting.



(415) 453-761 3

January 28, 1985

Western Star Dancers

584 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94LL4

Re: Articles of Incorporation

Dear Friends:

Enclosed please find my original draft of proposed articles

of incorporation. This is the absolute'bare bones'! example
of how the articles should be composed. I do not
believe that it is advantageous to be more elaborate in
stating the corporation's purpose that as it is presently
described in article I I .

You should note that I believed that the nur,tber of Dir-

ectors must be s t a t e d i n d r e a r t i c l e s , however researched
showed that the code does n o t r e q u i r e that to be stated.
Accordingly t h a v e deleted-a p r o v i s i o n relating to that

I apologize for the lateness in forwarding this to you.

If you have any questions relating to this document, please
do not hesitate to contact the undersigned. I suggest that
if any changes are made that you consult the undersigned
beforehand to insure its acceptability by the Secretary of
State. Thank vou for vour attention to this issue.

u.:y ,EIyny.,eurs,
//a( tL', /:(c.Q-_
Mark W. Plank
This document should be submitted to the Board of Directors
for their approval.
ls / M^IP'

@trJ, c'.rL"/'tct" utL *n
/Lt f* / Z*r'*'*{


The name of this corporation is 'Vestern

Star Dancers, Inc."
The corporation is a nonprofit nutual benefit corDoration
organized under N o n p r o f i t i 4 u t u a l t s e n e f i r c o r p o i " a i;;-i;;.-"
The.purpose of- this corporation is to engage in bny lawf-ur act or
:n1- irri l-rr fnr r
rhespebific ill"l,i,::;T:$:::"*?Lo;n?:f;'1fr?:0":i$:i":I:l
organized are to educa-te and inform rnenrbers of the gineral public
in square dancing as an art form. The means of proiiding slch
education and inforraation includes, but is not limited t;, the
maintenance of education facilities for student instruction,
menber instruction and practice, and public performances.


The nar're and address in the state of california of this

corporationlg lgent lof service of process is scott carey, whose
address is rl oakwood Street, san Fiancisco, californta g+tto.


The name of the unincorporated association which is being

incorporated is "Western Star Dancersl'.

The unincorporated association whose name is set forth in
Article IV of these Articles of Incorporation is being incorporated
by the filing of rhese Articles.

llotwithstanding.any of the above statements of purposes and
porters, this corcoration shall not, except to an insu6stintial degree,
engage in any activities or exercise any'powers that are not in
furtherance of the specific purpose of this corporation.

IN I,JIT!{ESShIHEREOF,the u n d e r s i g n e d , b e i n g t h e I n c o r p o r a t o r
of \riestern Star Dancers, Inc. , have executed these Articlel of In-
corporation on , 1985, which execution is my deed and


Uarev. IncorDorator
of the


The purposes are as follows:

1. To promote square dancing as a national activity,

2. To provide an identity for Mainstream dancers,
3. To provide and promote opportunities for l"lainstream calling
and instruction.


The po1 icies are as follows:

1. To promote felrowship within the group by square dancing and

other activities,

2. To pursue a spirit of cooperation, support, and positive

To enhance the lifo<l-rrle of gay men, lesbi-an women, and their

4. To encourage the sharing of responsibilities and duties by

aIl members,

To avoid allowing outside issues and internar politics to

divide the group,

6. To be non-competitive in our dealing with other groups as welr

as within our own club.


A. Qualifications for Membership

Membership in Western Star Dancers j-s open to anyone regardless of

race' religion, ethnic background, d9€, genderr or sexual orienta-
tion. Membership is available to those *ho have successfullv
completed a course of Mainstream instruction.

Il Club Dues

Dues sha1l be determined by the general membership. Membership

shall be for twelve (12) months from receipt of the membership
fee. Irlembership will be lost for reason o? ,ro.r-payment of dues.
C. Benefits of Membership

Benefits of membership include but are not rimited to:

The fellowship of the group; participation in, and reduced fees
for, the activities and specilr events of the club; votingr s€rV-
ing on committees, and holding offi-ce; communicati6ns of lerli-nent
club information; a copy of the By-Laws; and a club badge-.


I. A general meeting open to al-I members shall_ be held at least once

a quarter.

z. Notjce of the meetings will- be mailed at least 14 days in advance.

3. Parliamentary procedure will apply to aIl meetings and the chair-
person will be a member of the Board of oirectori.
q. I t 4 e m b e r si n attendance at the meeting shall constitute a guorum.
only members wilr be able to vote. written proxy votes are per-
missible. A majority vote is needed to pass all measures.

6. I'linutes of each meeting shalr be kept and be on file for the

review of any member.


A. Structure:

r. The Board of Directors sharr be composed of seven

elected members.

2. The Board sha1l determine, amongst itself, the distribution

of responsibility and authority.

3. Term of office sha11 be fourteen months wi-th a two-month over-

lap between the outgoing and the incoming Board during
september and october. The new Board shalI conmence on
November I.


1. Regular elections to the Board of Directors shall be held each

a. Elections shall be run by a volunteer committee.
b. Any member who wishes to be a candidate sha1l have his,/her
name placed on the ballot.

c. Voting shall be by secret baI1ot. Ballots will be mailed
to all members fourteen days before the election date.
Voting by written proxies shal1 be permissible.

2. Members may vote for up to seven of the candidates on the

a. The seven candidates receiving the largest numbers of votes
shall be elected to the new Board of Directors. In the
event of a tie which would cause the Board to exceed seven
members, the tie shal1 be broken by toss of a coin.
b. No candidate shall be elected to the Board of Directors
who has not received votes equal to at least one-half the
number of valid ballots cast.
c. If fewer than seven candidates are elected to the new
Board of Directors, those elected shalI constitute the
full Board until the next regular or special election.

3. Special elections shall be held to fill one or more vacancies

on the Board of Directors.
a. A special election must be held if the membership of the
Board of Directors does not equal seven.
b. Election procedures for regular elections shaII apply at
special elections. Criteria for election at a special
election shall be the same as those at a regular election.
c. The number of candidates elected to the Board of Directors

to seven.
d. After any special election, dDy previous members of the
Board of Directors plus any candidates elected at the
special election shall constitute the ful1 Board of
Directors until the next regular or specj-al election.

C. Responsibilities:

Responsibilities shall include but not be limited to:

1. Ensure that the Club's business and activities are carried out
in accord with the By-Laws.

2. Arrange and schedule Club meetings and dances.

3. Publish and distribute relevant Club information.

4. Keep financial and other records and be fiscally responsible.

5. Make all day-to-day decisions.

6. Handle all correspondence.

7. Report to the CIub on a quarterly basis.

The Board is empowered to delegate authority and responsibility
to the general membership.

D Officers:

The Board of Directors shall appoint by December 1 of each

year at least the following three officers to conduct the
business of the Board when it is not convened.
a. Administrator. The Administrator must be appointed from
Among-TEe newly elected members of the Board who were
elected in September of the year in which the appointment
is made. The Administrator is authorized to convene
meetings of the Board of Directors and general meetings
of the Club's membership. The Administrator is author-
ized to negotiate and sign contracts, subject to ratifi-
cation by the Board of Directors.
b. Treasurer. In addition to maintaining the financial
recoras of the CIub, the Treasurer must be one of the
co-signatories on the Club's bank accounts and is
authorized to release information as to the Club's finan-
cial status. The Treasurer m a y b e appointed from among
any of the members of the C1ub.
c. Secretary. The Secretary shall take minutes of all
meetings of the Board of Directors and the general member-
ship a n d is responsible f o r a l l written communications.
The Secretary may be appointed from among any of the
members of the Club.

A11 officers serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors

and may be appointed and removed at any time by simple
majority vote of the fu11 Board.


A recall or special meeting can be called by either twenty-five percent

of the general membership or by a majority of the Board of Directors.
These meetings shall be held in accordance with the rules governing
general meetings (Article IV).


1. A checking account shall be maintained. Two signatures shall be

required on all checks. These two people sha1l not be co-residents.

2. This is a non-profit organization. Dues and other monies received

will be spent entirely for carrying out our stated purposes. The
Club may compensate individuals for instruction, ca1ling, or other
work of a specialized nature. Individuals who receive remuneration
are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.


Upon the dissolution, disbanding, or other termination of Western Star

Dancers, dII the remaining assets of the Club, after final expenses as
determined by the Board of Directors, shall be distributed by the
Board of Directors to such organization (s) as may qualify as charit-
able deductions for income tax purposes under the Income Tax Laws of
the United States in such proportions as the Board of Directors may
determine. In no event shall any part of the assets be returned to
or distributed among any officer, member of the Board, memberr or any
other indivi-dua1 connected \di-th the Club directly or indirectlv.

Revised: January 23, 1985




Tuesday, March 26, f9B5

7:30 p.m.
- !

Claire Mei-se1

1. Approval of Minutes as distributed earlier.

2. Treasurerrs Report. (Ken Mierow)

3. Class space beginning in June.

a. Available space. (Ramon)

b. It{ainstream questionnaire results. (Bil L/Bob/Tom)
c. consideration of night other than Thursday. (James)

4. Graduation.

a. Pf ans . (Bob)
b. Angel badges. (Bifl)

5. April General Meeting. (from 2/26 Minutes)

6- 1985 rnternational convention. (from 2/26 Minutes)

7. May and June calendars. (Scott)

B. Fall retreat. (Claire)

9. Theme night. (f'reeman/

10. Legal Update. (Freeman)

fl. Badges for Basics class. (Freeman)

L2. Policies update.

a. Level of Dance. (Chris)

b. Caller Apprentice program. (Scott)

13. Caller's taw "sing-along. " (James) (from L/22 Minutes)

L4. Membership non-renewals fo11ow-up. (Freeman)

..cont'd on back
Agenda, Board of Directors
March 26, ]985
Page Two

t 5. Squares Heacls. ( f rom 2/ 26 Minutes )

16. Insurance.

a' Report of research on equipment insurance and better

medical coverage. (eiyan & James) (from L/22 Minutes)
b. Contingency fund . (f rom Z/1A Mi_nutes )

17 . Other business.

18. Next Board meeting.



Tuesday, February 26, l9B5

PRESENT: Chris Anderson, Bob Be1lvi-11-e, Scott Carey, Bryan

Finch, Claire Meisel-, James Ozanich

ABSENT: Ken I'{ierow


BiIl Habeck and Ramon Smith (arrivinq at
9:I5 after rehearsal)

The Minutes of the January 22, 1985, meeting of the

Board of Directors were amended as follows: The Board's action

with respect to the tagging-in policy was changed to reacl:

"A motion was made, seconded, and carried, that the tagging-in

policy rvould rcmain in effect with rcgard to hash, but that there

would be no tagalng-in on singing calls."


Chris Anderson presented the Treasurerts Report, a copy

of which is attached as a part of these Minutes. There was a

beginning balance in January of $2,581.98, witli income of

$4,7 83.00 and expenses of $1,546.45, Ieavi-ng an ending balance of

$5,818.53. A motj-on was made, seconded, and carried that the

Treasurer's Report be accepted.


Chris Anderson read to the Board a letter of resignation

by Ken Mj-erow as a rnember of the Board of Directors. A motion

was made, seconded, and passed that his resignation be accepted.

A copy of his letter is attached to these Mj-nutes.

Since Ken had expressed his willingness to remain

active in any capacity to maintain the finances of the C1ub,

after a brief discussion of the feasibility of Ken remaining in

the position of Treasurer, a motion was made, seconded, and

passed to continue Kents appointment as Treasurer. He is to work

out the arrangements with the Assistant Treasurer for division

of responsibilities.

The newly revised By-Laws requires that a special

electi-on must be held whenever the number of Board members does

not equal seven. It was the consensus of the Board that it

would be best to fill the now-vacant Board position as quickly

as possible. Working within the requirements of the By-Laws,

it was decided that the resiqnation would be announced on club

n'icrhf F
trrYlrL L 9e
! !h
u qr! r
vra r.'
qrlu -
q -^rcial
Jyc election called. I.Iominations

would close on March 6 and the election would be on March 20.


The draft Articles of Incorporation which had been pre-

pared by our attorney, Ilark Plank, and had been distributed prior

to the meeting were accepted on motion duly made and seconded. A

copy of that draft is attached to these Minutes.


This newly-created position in order to meet legal

recrni remenl_ s for i nr-ornoral.-ion had to be filled. Since all Board

- ^ !L' li v r ^r >* -
qu -^^'.'i rF
!EYu!!s n r ! )I r z m
v rn r r ra
q Ji vo! rr i fL Jr z a
q tn
J yn
r vrvoq r
! ,r a I - the Board determined that

2/26/85 -2
sel-ection of the appointee to the position of Admi_nistrator, since
the appointee must be a member of the Board of Directors, would
be by secret balrot. scott carey was the only nominee, and it

was announced tirat he had been appointed Administrator bv a vote

of 6 to 0.


Bryan Finch reported that he had blocked a number of

rooms with the hotel in Denver ln the name of Western Star and

that the hotel was requesting a signed contract to confirm the

bookings. As long as unused rooms are released back to the hotel

by a specified time, there would be no financial obriqation to

the CIub. A motion was made, second.ed, and carried that the Club
enter into the c c r n ] _ r a r - 1 _ 'R r y a n was authorized to siqn on behalf

of Western Star Dancers.

James Ozanich was requested to have more flyers about

the convention available by Thursday, February 28.

Bryan was requested to have more hotel flyers available

by mid-tttarch for j-nserti-on in the newsletter.

A motion was made that the crub sponsor a hospitality

room to incfude a double suite. After the persons staying in the

two rooms pay their rodging costs, the cost to the club would be

about $70 per night for four nights. The motion was second.ed. and



On motion made, seconded. and carried, it was determined

that a member must attend more than 50U of the classes in order

2/26/Bs -3
to be given an angel badge by the CIub.


The following matters were agreed: (1) Bob Be1lville

will talk with Bill- Hanzel about graduation being on April 11.

(2) Basics class will be cancelled on April 1l to devote the full

time of to l0:00 to Mainstream graduation. (3) Beginning

April 18, Basics instruction would be from 7:30 to l0:00.

(4) Regardless of whether the Mainstream graduates join the

Cl-ub, the class members may dance free at Club Mainstream through

Marz )A

A motion was made, seconded, and passed that membership

dues for ltlainstream graduates seelling membership in the Club

would be due at the time application is made even though they

are dancing free on Wednesday night through lt1ay 29. The free

dance pass was deemed appropriate since the graduates had

enrolled in the Mainstream class planning to graduate at the end

of May.

A motion was made that a questionnaire be distributed

to the Mainstream class about the split classes on the same night.

The motion was seconded and carried. Bob Bellville, Bill Habeck,

and. Tom Tripp are to do the questionnaire. The results are to

be presented at the l4arch Board meeting.


ft was cl-arified that t l - r e Y I " I C Ah a s decided to take back

the 2nd Floor Tireater on Thursday night, rather than any night

2/26/Bs -4
l4onday through ThursCay. A motion was made, seconded, and passed

to authorize Ramon Smith to run an ad in a local paper seeking

space appropriate for class instructi-on. He was requested to

have a written report of the results at the next Board meeting.


Scott reported that transportation of the sound equipment

from his home to the Y I I 4 C Aw a s n o w a c r i t i c a l problem since

members were not consistent in offering transportation and arriv-

ing prorrrptly. Af ter some discussion of the risks involved in

chaining the equipment to the "wall-s" in the storage room, it

was agreed to take the risk of leaving the speakers chained in

the storage room. The stands have always been left at the YMCA.

The tape deck and the turntable are still to be transported



Claire Meisel suqgested that the Club purchase records

suitable for line dancing. On motion duly made, seconded, and

carried, Claire was authorized a maximum expenditure of $35 to

nrrrr-haqe ine dance and CoLrnf rrzlweqf ern dance recOrds -


This matter was tabled to the March Board meeting


It was announced that r R . u s sl ( i n g had returned the running

of the event to the Board. He will continue to coordinate the

entertai-nment and run the sound system. Since the event was the

2/26/85 -5
forlowing saturday, it was agreed that volunteers would be

solicited at club and class on wednesday and Thursday. Freeman

Stamper volunteered his home to serve as "headquarters" from

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for work details.


This matter was tabled to the March Board meetinq.


This matter was begun with a report by Chris Anderson

of a meeting held on February 24 of indivj-duals from the gay

square dancing community to discuss the possibility of an ad hoc

commj-ttee forminq i-n San Francisco to host the International

convention in 1986. He reported that the people in attendance

seemed responsive to the data presented and that there was

another meetinq to be called at the end of l{arch.

After a lenqthy discussion as to whether the ad hoc

committee which is beinq considered was a committee of indivj-duals

or representatives from the clubs in the San Francisco area,

some Board members felt strongly that the Board of tr{estern Star

must have an official position towards the concept of the ad hoc

committee. After motj-on made, seconded, and unanimously carried,

it was:

RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors of

Western Star Dancers supports and encourages
the concept of an ad hoc committee of
interested individuals from the qay square
dance community meeting to discuss the
feasibility of the committee hosting the
international convention in San Francisco
in 1986.

2/26/85 -6
With the possibitity of the ad hoc committee hosting

the convention in 1986, Ramon Smith was reguested to defer his

efforts for locatinq space for Western Star to host the convention

to a definite time in 1987. It was suggested that he check

with Lost World in southern Catifornia on the possibifity of the

convention takinq over the entire resort for the weekend.


1. Hospitality Nights. A suggestion was made that the

Club host a hospitability night each for Foggy City Dancers and

Midnight Squares in conjunction with our 3rd Anniversary Dance

on March 23. After a brief discussion, a motion was made that

the hospitality night be extended to each club whenever it is

feasibl-e, not necessarily before the anniversary dance. The

motion was seconded, and carried.


The next regular meeting of the Board will be on

Tuesday, March 26, 7:30 p.m., dt the home of Clai-re Meisel.

Respectfully submitted,

Freeman Stamper
Secretary to the Board

2/26/85 -7
l ' l { l ' . i \tSr l { l ' - i ll'i I t l rI ) ( ) i t ' l

.J,\NLIAR.\',I 9 ,95

ileginning llalarrcc: $ 2,58r .98


lrIlll,.j 713.(l(i
I ) , ' t n c c I ) ; r ss 1.57';.01)
i)t)r)r I,'Ltt:tS 112.0()
ULass I.'rres 1,8/8.'iir
i0/50 I t - ) 1 i. r 0
1(ozal Dlrnct
- 11?-,lj-o
'i''rt;t '
I ll,'Vr,ttrlr,S $ 4, /81.00 $ 1. lE J.00


Srrppli cs 1 r 1I +. , 1 + E
Callr:rs 7 4 0. 0 0
Sirlrcrr 2';0.00
L ; r S t J r l ) t , p u si t 2ir. 00
Subscriptior-rs 9 .00
R r tc o r d S 25.86
L J r ) v u r tL i L ) r i I r rt o ](i. I 9
lle frcshrnenLs l/.50
_ _ __l_-.1'_r_
ot a I Iixpenst:s : $ l,'i46.4ir | , 5 4 6. 4 5

Net lncome: $ 1 , 2 ' ) 6. 5 5 3 ,236:55-

l ' i n d in g l l a l a n c c : $ 5,818.53
Kenneth E, Nlierow
1429A Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94I14

February 26, 1985

Board of Directors. Western Star Dancers:

This is lo inform you that I find it necessary to resign from

t l . r e t s o a r d o f D i r e c t o r s o f l . r / e s t e r nS t a r D a n c e r s , f o r p e r s o n a l r e a s o n s ,
. - ' -rih ^ - - - ; " , 1 j ^ - r o w a r d n o n e . It i s mv inf enf i on to continue to dance
I r I'r)

with the club. Further, if the club so chooses, I would be willing

to assist the Board in a purely bookkeeping capacity.


/--v,, ,tL//'( ,f, >'.Tii'i6tl"
Kenneth E. Mierow

The name of this corporation is 'Vestern Star Dancers, Inc."


The corporation is a nonprofit mutual benefit corooration

o'rganized under the Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporatioh Law.
The purpose of this corporation is to engage in bny lawful act or
activity for which a corporation may be organized under such 1aw.
The specific and primary purposes for which this corporation is
organLzed are to educa"te and inform rnenrbers of the general public
in square dancing as an art form. The neans of providing such
education and information includes , but is not limited to, the
maintenance of education facilities for student instruction,
m e r ' . r b e ri n s t r u c t i o n and practice, and public performances.


The name and address in the State of California of this

corporation's agent for service of process is Scott Carey, whose
address is 11 OakwoodStreet, San Francisco, California 94110.


The name of the unincorporated association which is being

incorporated is "Western Star Dancersl'.

The unincorporated association whose name is set forth in

Article IV of these Articles of Incorporation is being incorporated
by the filing of these Articles.


Notwithstanding any of the above statements of purposes and

powers, Ehis corDoration shall not, except to an insubstantial degree
engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in
furtherance of the specific purpose of this corporation.

IN VJITNESSI.IHEREOF,the u n d e r s i g n e d , b e i n g t h e I n c o r p o r a t o r
of llJestern Star Dancers, Inc. , have executed these Articles of In-
corporation on , 1985, which execution is my deed and

D Co t t Carey, Incorporator



Tuesday, April 23, I9B5

7:30 p.m.
Bob Bellville/Chris Anderson

I. Approval of Minutes as distributed earlier.

2. Treasurer's Report.

3. Class space beginning in June.

4. Contingency fund.

5. May calendar.

6. Proposed policy statements.

a. Meritorious Achievement Recognition (scott) (attch'd)

b. Sister City Club (Freeman) (attch'd)

7. 1985 fnternational Convention.

a. Generally.
b. By-Laws of the International Assocj_ation (I.reeman)
(see attch'd)

8. T-Shrrts. (James)

9. Parade Dance. (Scott)

10. Cazadero. (Scott)

1I. Line dances on CIub night. (BiI1)

L2. Singles S/D Clubs Directory. (Scott)

13. Other business.

L4. Next Board neeting.


Policy Statement No.



Many Western Star Dancers members are with the Club for

varying Iengths of time and then , for a variety of reasons, are

no longer able to participate with the CIub. However, during

their association with Western Star, they make contributions which

significantly benefit the Club as a whole. Likewise, the Club is

the recipient of services from individuals wiro are not square

dancers but their efforts add immeasurably to the overall organiza-

tion of the Club and the rewards inure to the membership as



The purpose of this policy statement is to establish a

formal procedure by which extraordinary service to Western Star

f ) a n r - e r q' h
" rr z f o r : m e f membefS and nOn-members mav he recncrnizod'i n a

nrr'l.rl i a
I q: rnr ru l ^u v^rnr t - i Lf n
r r ru rf i rnr c
Y r m
r r rA
qnl l lnl so f .


l. Persons who are square dancers and provide significant

servj-ces to Western Star Dancers may be awarded the designation

of "Honorary Member of Western Star Dancers. "

2. Persons who are not square dancers and provide

significant services to lrlestern Star Dancers may be awarded the

desiqnation of "Friend of Western Star Dancers. "

3. It 1s i-ntended that the a\^Tarrlin.rnf l-hese desiqnations

will be done with a degree of restraint so as not to dilute the

importance of the award. while there are no prescribed guidelines

for measuring the amount of service necessary for consideration,

' i1 - i q : n { - i n i o a t e d
that "significant" wiIl be considered as sustaj-ned,

exemplary or extraordinary performance of service.

4- Either of these awarded designations can be done only

by a majority vote of the full Board of Directors.

5- As an honorary member or a friend, the individuaf

will not be required to pay membership dues and wilt have no right
to vote or hold office. The only benefits accord.ed. the designee
is an appropriate Cl-ub badge and the opportunj-ty to be l-isted in
the Cfub I s Directory with an indication of his or her award.ed status.

6- The appropriate badge for an honorary member is a

standard club badge, complete with rhinestoned star points, with
the addition of the word "Honorary,'in the upper left corner.

7. The appropriate badge for a friend of the club is a

replica of the standard Cl-ub badge j-n reverse colors, complete with
rhinestoned star points, with the addition of the word "Friend"
in the upper left corner.

B- In the event an honorary member returns to dancing

with the Club on a regular basis to participate as a regular member

or a friend becomes a square dancer and pa.rticipates with the Cl_ub
:s: :-e;;-ia:';e,iher, he o( she wrii oe expecceo ro pay dues and,
thus, receive al-l the benefits of a regular member of western Star


Policy Statement No.



In April, 1984, after the close of the Flrst International

c a*_1r u Q n r r a r a n ^ . r c e C O n V e n s i O n i n Seattle, I,VaShingtOn, a grogp Of nine


Western Star members went to Vancouver, B.C., Canada, to dance with

the gay square dance c1ub, Squares Across the Border, orr their

class night. There were ten of their members at that class and

we socialized for many hours after c1ass. The clubs enjoyed each

other so much that those members present decided that the two clubs

would become sister-city clubs. This follows the precedence of

San Francisco having a sister city in another part of the world.


The purpose of this policy statement is to memorialize

the fact that this arrangement exists between Viestern Star Dancers

and Squares Across the Border. This gesture is in keeping with

the hiohcst 'idpaIe nf q . r rq rq r^ r FL danr'incr in fhe

rY that it en6ou_racres

growth of friendships and promotes square dancing around the world.


The two clubs agreed that the nine Western Star and ten

Squares Across the Border members who danced together in April,

L984, would b e ,-rjv-E-r^l - -

q ^ ' r -u -r JL b
uf u qau d
Y cg e u !f
o tLhl l e
c ri r sister city club signi-
t.,: ^- +1-^*
ry rrrY Lrrcrrr qJ "honorary' members. Thereafter, any/member from one
club who danced with the sister club at one of its home functions

would receive an honorary member badge from the sister-city club.

Charter Honorary Members

The nine charter honorarv members from Western Star

Dancers are:

Qnn{-{- 1-a ra\/ Dennis Hopkins

Ron Dougl-ass Russ King
Reisa Glickman tt-an
vey !Mr n
v r! r n s r r

Alan Hall Freeman Stamper

Bert Hobbs

The ten charter tronorary members from Squares Across the

Border are:

Tony Flavell Mrrrrarz T.rrqh

Kev_Ln -t.-Loen David Ogilvie
Stan Galrriel Carof Roberts
Allan Gillis Thumper
WiIlj-am Trachtenburg

v 'tta'/Z/ --V)'l 7
>(l i Q /-/Z

{2- -tr
] ,'J

J Cr/o
\ -V"o/
-1 -.. .l] \ .-,--t..2 Cri g:'- tmtof

P- 'r---r *.n f-
)--v, rYTn 'Y'"t/
of,2-"2\+l f->-2/41 tr--,.
-a-:++ '->.n
r-t- ", r1*-
y>n rZarV o'"Y F
k '.,/ -)E"
<)-o ?<E <) / {_ **

?" \r1., -? '". '-T f'q' ?*7

r)g ,\tt -V-+ WY t?
v-a L

t *c/y

E!J,':.i. ..
pRoposElt EyLtug
T H E X E T I O I I ' L I S S O C I T T I O I { O F O E Y S O U E R ED E T C E C L U E S


Thc nlit of thtr Ctroclrtton rhrll

br thc/hrttonrl Arrocirtlon
of Ory Squrrc Drner Clubr.


It rhrll br the collectlvr punporc'of !hr' rrrbcrr to rncouFrgc

rnd provi.dc roclrl, rducrtlonrl rn,tl rcirrrtlonrl opportunltlrr
for llodrrn lfcrtrrn Equrrc Drnctng on I loerlr rGglonrle tnd n!-
tlonal lcvcl. :.

All etnbrr clubr. lrr rxprctrd to oprrrtr undrr four prtnclglrr

thrt unl?y thr Arroctrtlon. Thorr prlnctplrr lnll
r) llcebrr ctubr lrc gry ortrntld. Thrt lrr thrt thry mlnly
(though not noctlr.rtly rxclullvrly) conrlrt o? try ttrbrnrl
rnd rxlrt rlth thr lntrnt of pnovtdl,ng mlrbrrr o? thr tty
c o e e u n l ty rl th o p p or tunltlr r to fnttr ir 1n llodcr n lfr r tr r n
Equrrr Drnclng.

b) flcnber slubr ut! Crllrrlrb lonrrt ?or thr trrchtng rnd prr-
forerncl of rqurr. denslng.. Thr mltr vrrtrnsr thrt rreblr
clubr hrve rtth Callrrlrb 1r thr lnclurlon o? lfre ttx cou-
ples. .

cl flcrbrr elubr (rtth thr rxcrptlon oo .llol.r.r. mrbrnr) rrt

. nonpro?lt ln rtnueturr rnd tnttnt. Thrt lrr mrbrr clubr
rxlrt erlnly ?or roclrl, rrcrrrttonrl, tnd rducrtlonrl pun-
porcr, rnd lrr not prtltrrl11) ptr?onlhg lroupr or lroupr thrt
rrkr rpprDnrncot ?or prof lt. ' ;+,.
d o n o t rn g rg r tn cor pr tttlvr dr nclng r lt{ r othr n m;br r c l ubr . :,

ARTICLE III .,:ni.- 11 ,

, .i -i!

Srctton | - Rcqulrrltntr
; i:, .
flrrbrrrhlp 1r oprn to rny clu.b thrt lirtr thr crltrntr of thr
?our prlctplrr t l o u t t l n r d l n C R T I G L E , ' ' ! . ;1 , r
Srctlon 2 - tppltcrtlon r n d f i c c r p t r i l c i l' .,. ii i l , ,

Elubs rirhlng to blconl mrb:rr ol thd:hroGlrtlon ulll br rrkrd

to ?ornrlly rpply. Thr Exrcutlvr 3omd. o? thr lrloclrtlon rlll
lxrninr thr.pplicrtlon tnd tf thr club r?plylng rrrtt thr ?our
untfylng prtnciplcr ?or nrnb:rrhtpr thry rlt,l br gnrntrd rrrb* -
rtetur u?on'prylrnt o ? d U l r l , r ; . ; :" r . *j , , , r : l : . . , , , . ; - . , . . ' i ' ' , . ,,;
; -;-* -.,'l 1'+:
' rflt,*'- ,, E*i; ';.iJ:r:*';?";*:*:'u'l;;(i:l
gaetlon g Ducr ,:

llucr lre payrblc lnnuallyr rnd lna rct by thr Exccutivr Eorrd o?
the Assoslrtlon. ,

Section 4 l{enbenehip Categonier

a) Full llerbership

Full neabership ir gnanted to any club that neets the ?our"

pninciples as outlined in ARTICLEII, and is approved by the
Executive Board. Fu11 nenbershig is contingent upon geyncnt
of dues. Clubs that ane granted full rcnber statuc rill se-
leet, by their orn procerresr . rcpnesentative to the Execu-
ttve Boand.

b ) Individual l{eabcrrhip

Indlvidual ne rship 1s gnanted to each eenber ot a ?ull

nenben cIub. a n a pnopq-i-glg_ f eg
f hln a ?uIl aenber cIu vidua
nenbens ere gnanted nenben status at alI asrociation func-
tions, and rray panticiaate eB voting renbers in all gencral
aeetings of the Argociation. They have the night to voice
thetn ideas and opiniong to the Exesutivc Boand ?or consi-
derat i on.

c ) A s s o ci a t e llenbenship

Associate nenbershtp rtay be granted to groups or clubs that

do not neet thc four principles BE outlined in eRTICLE II.
These groupB or clubs ,ray havc non-voting nepnceentation to
the Executlve Bbard, and their renbens nay attand genenal
neetings o? the Association 1n a non-voting cepacity.


Section | - Exccutive Board fleabership

Each club that is gnanted full aenberrhip rtatus in the Associa-

tion shall relect, by its orn processcs, a representative to thc
Executivr Eoard. Each .seociate neaben club shall select a non-
voting nGpncsentative t o t h e E x e c u t i v e B o a r d . A t t h e e n n u a l
conventlon o? t h e Association, t h e E x e c u t i v e B o a r d r h s l l e l e ct .
ilational Chainpenson rho y i l l Eerve u n t i l t h e n c x t c o n v e n t l o n '

Sectlon 2 lluties of tha Exccutivr Eoard

a) Representatives fnoa nenber cIubs.

Repne:entatives froa nenber clube ghaII serve es voting lletr-

bers of the Executlve Eoand end shall sarve.s their club's
voice tn diecussing boerd bueinese. They shall subnit a
nonthly Euniary of thai.r club's ideas rnd concarnr pertlln-
1ng t o A s s o c i a t i o n B u s i n e s e . T h ey shall nelay thc ideag end
concenns o f o t h e r r e n b e n c l u b s t o t h e i r h o ae club. Thcy
rhall elect the Natlonal C h a l r p e n r o n a t n a t i o n a l c o n v entions.
In addition they ehall p e r ? o n r all duties incidental to the
o?flce. Asrociate nenber P e p n e s e n t a t i v e s rhall p c r f o r n the
reie dutlcs ln a non-voting caPacity.

b ) l{etlonel Cheirprrron

Thr llettonrl Ghelrprrron ghall cervc to coordlnate thc ix-

chrngr of tnforrrtlon bctrccn neabcnr of the Exccutivr Eoard
end botrrrn eenbrn clube. Hc/She rhell prcpane a nonthly
bullrtln thrt lr rlnt to cach nenben club. This ehall tn-
cludr lrruer of concrrn to thr arsociationr lr rell ar tnput
fron tndtvlduel clubr rcgardtng thrsc concGrnt. Thc l{rtlonal
Chrlrprrton shell chatr netionrl nretingr o? thc Exrcutivr
Bornd rnd glnrral rrrbrrrhip. In rddition, She/Hr shall pcr-
^l_ v-o.ryt-rrw\-


r ) lletional
3 Rlaoval

of Exrcutivc Board lleibenc
Z7 a aeea'c

h/-*, /4^Z'*;f:;Z'*Z fr'ffi
,14..\ r*at2<-- w/
T h r N e t t o n a r c h e i r p r n i o n r r r y b a n .r ;n;o; ;v'ei ^df i of n o h - o ? f f i iccee b y a 2 / 3 s
najorlty o? the rrnbrrr of thr Exeeutive Boerd.
b) lndl,vldurl nrnbrr clubr trry nriove thclr repnesentatives by
thrlr orn pnoqrisct.


9rctlon t - Exrcutive Board l{eetings

a) An Exacutive Board neeting EhelI be held at least annually at

tha natlonal convention. At thig neetingr the boand nenbens
rhall conduct the buslness of the Exccuttve Eoand and elect
thc National Chalnp.rson fnon anong its ncnbers. Additlonal
rretlngr lray be crllcd ar needed.

b) A quorui fon the conduct of Executlve Boand busine!rs shall

conetst of a najonlty of the nepreeentatives of fuIl renber
c Iubg.

c) Only nrpr.ccntativer o? full nenben clubs lray vote on board

buclncif r

d) Robert'r Rules of 0rder chall senve ar governing authority ln

lnctrnccr of dlrputc.

r) In--l-ieu of board ncatingr, Executlve Board buslne3e nay be

carrled on vta corr.rpondance nanagrd by the Natlonal Chalr-
p.rron. CoFrespondrnce on AEsoclation business shall take
placr on . nonthly basis.

9rctlon 2 Annual Convention

a) A convrntion of thc Association shell be held each yean. The

purposc of the convcntion ts to bring the nenbership together
?or educatlonal, recneational and soctal activities related
t o l l o d e n n l fe s t e n n 9 q u a r e l l a n cl n g , a n d t o c o n d u ct t h e b u s i n e s s
of the Acrociation. At each ennual conventlon, the hoct club
and appnoxinate dates for the next yean'6 convention rhall be

b, Ornrrel flcrtlngr

t grnrnal rrrting of thr ncnbcnrhtp shall be held durlng the

convantlon. At thr gtnrnrl neetlng the National Chai,rperson
end Exrcutlve Boerd rhall present a State of the Asrociation
neport. AII lndividual ieibers of the Association rho an€
rcibens o? Full r+ctber clubc; rhall be allored to rpeak and
vote on burinlli and lrsurg at the gcnenal neeting.

el Robert'r Rulrr of 0rder rhrll be the governing authonity in

lngtances of dirpute.


Thrrc bylarr tr.y br encnded by a 2/3s najonity of the nenberE

pnrrrnt and votlng rt e genenel neeting of the Association held
durlng the l{rtlonrl Convention.


Tuesday, March 26, 1985

PRESEI\T: Chris Anderson, Bob Bellville, Scott Carey, Brayn

Finch, Claj-re IIeisel, James Ozanich, Freeman Stamper


A T T E N D I N G E X - O I T FI C I O : Tom Tripp
Bil-l Habeck (arriving at B:45 after
rehearsal )

The Minutes of the February 26, 1985, meeting of tire

Board of Directors were amended to reflect the fact that Ken

Mierowrs resignation was accepted with regret but with great

appreciation for the services he had rendered to the Club and

the Board as an elected Board member. A motion was made,

seconded, and carried that the Minutes of the February 26 meet-

ino :c amonrlarl ha *avn_nYr 'n r r o r l


Scott Carey, ds administrator, welcomed Freeman Stamper

to the Board as an elected member and reiterated the Board's

Iong-standing policy of confidentialty of the specifics of its

discussions at its meetinqs.


Chris Anderson gave the follorving report:

! 9 v ! g q ! - / v 9 Y r I I I r t I ] : ,
hoa-i nn'i nn ha I enr-15 $5,8r8.53
February revenues: 672.2r
February expenses: 1,053.32
F'ahrrr: rrz and i nn h: I enr-o $5,437.42
March beginning balance: $5,437.42
I4arch revenues: 755.39
March expenses: L ,498 .2I
March endinq balance: $4 ,694 .60

It was announced that these figures do not include any Club Ia

Star or Anniversary Dance revenues, and that only some of the

CIub la Star expenses were included. No Annirzerqarrz Dance

expenses are reflected above. The Anniversary Dance generated

about $380.50 in revenues; we would probably make about 9170

profit from the Dance considering estimated expenses.

It was also announced that, to date, 27 applications

for Club membership had been received from the Mainstream class

which was about to qraduate.

A motion was duly made, seconded, and carried that

the Treasurerrs Report be accepted.


rLamon Smit.h was not present, but Scott Carey reported

that an ad haC been placed in the B.A.R. but that no responses

had been received by Sunday, l"larch 24 . The ad had been running

for a week.

As the matter of space is of extreme importance, the

Board offered suqgestions as to places to check out. The list


1. New SF Ballet building I0. Churches

2. NOVA Academy fl. St. Anthony's
3. Live Oak School (on Mondays) L2. GGBA
4. Hastings Law School
5. Valencia Rose
6. Church by Pay 'n Save on Church St.
7. Women's Buildlng
B. Dreamland
9. Schools

3/26/85 -2
The following people agreed to contact the deslgnated

areas concerni-ng space availability:

Bob BellvilIe - gay organizations

Tom Tripp - dance studios
Scott Carey - SF Bal-Iet and Nova Academy
Bryan Finch - Churches
Freeman Stamper - Women's Building & Hastings
James Ozanich - Schools

Scott call-ed a meeting on l{ednesday, April 3, at 10 p.m. after

Club night for people to rcport on their findings.


James Ozanich indicated that three clubs in San Francisco

are i -c a r : h ' i n o B a s i C s 6n Jfug1.crirrz rlo fal l that Western Star

should consider another niqht other than Thursday in an attempt

to i-ncrease the class size.

During discussion it was pointed out that Bilt Hanzel's

best night is Thursday, but that he could possibly teach on

Monday. As with any class, the availability of the instructor

was the most important factor. It was also noted that all our

surveys indicate that at least B0% of the class members come

from club referrals. With only 202 possibly coming because of

our extensive ads, we did not stand much of a chance of increas-

ing the class size by shifting instruction nights in order to

not compete with other clubs,


It was noted that April 4 was the date that Western

Star must release its block of unreserved rooms in order to not

be financially obligated. It was agreed that Scott Carey/John

3/26/85 3-
Conley and Chris Anderson/eob Bellville would occupy the sleeping

rooms adjoining the WSD hospitality room. Bryan Finch was

requested aqain to make the reservation.

It was agreed that anyone on the Board who wanted to

would meet on Monday, Aprif l, at the home of Bob and Chris to

assemble information about the convention to be inserted into the

Newsletter which would be ready for mailing that night.


The followinq calendar items were announced:

April 3 caller Bill Hanzel

April 10 call-er Doug Clark
April 17 caller Johnny Kozol
April 24 caller Bill Hanzel

May 1 - caller Bert Swerer

May B - caller apprentice Bob Bellville
May 10 & 17 - caller Vicki Woods for Plus
May 15 caller Bill Hanzel
May 18 - dance with caller BiIl Davis
May 22 - caller Bill Hanzel
May 29 caller Eric Henerfau

It was agreed that there would be a qeneral membership meeting

i-n June.


It was decided that the fall retreat would be held at

Cazadero Music Camp on September 13, L4 & 15. A motion was made,

seconded, and carried to send a deposit of $380 immediately to

secure the reservati-on.


Bob Bellville save the results of the questionnaires

completed by the members of the graduating c1ass. A copy of the

3/26/Bs 4-
questionnai-re is attached as a part of these Minutes, and an

annotated copy will be distributed to the Board when it is

completed. The comments were predominately enthusiastic.


Bob Beflvilfe discussed in detail the proposed gradua-

tion proqram for april 11, announcing that 33 dancers would be

graduating that night.

After discussion of a bonus to be paid to the instructor

and whether or not to ask the class members to voluntarily contri-

bute towards the bonus, it was moved and seconded that the Club

give Bill Hanzel a flat bonus of $50. The motion passed on a

vote of 5 to 2.


Freeman Stamper indicated that a Club member had

suggested a theme night of "homecoming" where former members who

had not danced in a long time would be invited back on a Club

ni-ght where the Ievel of the floor would be reduced to provide

them an opportunity to dance. Because of prior attempts to

encourage such participation, it was agreed not to pursue the


It was agreed that ApriL 24 would be themed "square

Dance Fiesta," and that the month of May would be "Hospitality

Month." l,Iay I, Foggy City Dancers will be invited to be our

guest at no charge to the Foggy City members. t{ay 10, Midnight

Squares will be invited to be our guest at no charge to members

3/26/85 -5
who are not also members of Western Star. On May 15, the Basics

class will be invited to join the Club night, and, on May 22,

Western Star will pav tribute to the wornen dancers.


Freeman Stamper stated that all the papers had been

sent to the attorney and that the attorney had advised that the

documents had been filed with the State. The attornev is sendins

a Declaration to be signed by Scott and Freeman, as named

officers of the Club, stating that the unincorporated group had

voted to incorporate. After a brief discussion, it was the

consensus of the Board that this was a proper action as the

qeneral membership of the Club had ratified the changed By-Laws

for the express purpose of seeking incorporation as a non-profJ-t



Freeman indicated that the current Basics class stiII

did not have permanent class name badges. The Badge Master was

authorized to order 35 nore badges and a good-quality Dymo gun

to irave these badges avaj-lable as soon as possible.


Scott Carey presented his idea of badges for "honorary"

members or "fri-ends" of the Club for excepti-onal service to WSD.

Scott was requested to draft a written proposal for the April

Board meeting.

3/26/Bs 6-

The Level of Dance policy was tabled to the May Board

meeting, and Bryan Finch agreed to present a draft of this policy


Scott reported that he is still working on the second

draft of the Caller Apprentice Program, after soliciting comments

to the first draft.


As it appeared that this matter had not been discussed

with Doug Clark, the Board reiterated its desire that James

Ozanj-ch speak with Doug about the matter.


Freeman indicated that some people who were currently

participatiruJ with the Club had not renewed their membership for

I9B5 and stated that he felt the Board should follow-up on those

individuals. Tom Tripp and Freeman agreed to handle the matter.


Scott stated that we had been fairly successful in

getting the current members to sign up for one or more square

ha=zle l-rrrJ- +-h a l_ mrrc{- aor the svsf em tO WOfk . Chf iS Andef SOn

is to renew his efforts to get the program going.


Bryan and James indicated there was nothing new to

report, and the matter is to be agendaed for April.

In connection with the consideration of a continqencv

fund as a means of self-insurance for equipment loss and damage,

3/26/85 7-
Ken l4ierow was requested to have a proposal for the April meeting

for an amount of money currently available that could be set

aside for this purpose. He is to make an evaluation of proposed

revenues against proposed expenses prior to the next "major"

source of revenue "


l. Chris Anderson announced that he was immediatelv

instituting a ne\{ procedure at both Club Mainstream and Club PIus

for the col-Iecti-on of dance f ees. Monev will be collected or

passes punched after the third tip. The Board unanimously endorsed

his idea.

2. Class Enroll . Bob Bellville

indicated that two new class members were joining the Basics

class in mid-class. It r,vas agreed that admission or acceptance

into the class woufd be based upon the decision of the archangel

and the instructor as to their competence. It was moved, seconded

and carri-ed that these people be accepted on a prorated-fee


A motion was made that, for future mid-class

enrollments, the fee would be prorated as to actual classes

attended with a rninimum fee set at S17.50. The motion was seconded

anrl nv s: v r v \ql .q o d

3. T-Shirts. James Ozani-ch indicated that there was a

strong interest in the CIub providing for sale WSD T-shirts. A

motion was made, seconded and carried that the Club would do so.

James agreed to handle the project.

3/26/85 -B
4. June Parade. Scott stated that entrance applicati-ons

were due in mid-ApriI and proposed that the WSD participation

again this year be a joint venture in the name of the International

Association. He also proposed that we not have a guest caller

for the parade contingent, but that we use our caller apprentices.

The Board agreed to these proposals.


The next regular meeting of the Board will be on

Tuesday, April 23,7:30 p.m., dt the home of Bob Bellville and

Chris Anderson.

Respectfully submitted,

Freeman Stamper
Qon ro]_ : rrz

3/26/Bs 9-
I r:rl.lilnI F t
t.t,:.t, t-1;1tlsTFtEAf1 tri_rE:_-T

A F , F , IL I II:I:

Please {i1l c'ut tl-re follot,.rirrQ que=.tionnair'el dr, lilltT l c] fr .l'O U f F r8 l T r E ,

e=.Eor-r!.EE a..=cotrrlrlete but
l ' 1 a . 1 , : r. p ag t'rie+ a: F,tr,==ible. T f r a . r rf ' . t * c ' u .

'.1.: [rid t t - re c].ig: rTreFt 'r'c,ur. 8):.p'5'cta.tiane-r' \e=. l'..1E

r. i.r f,,:, .,,c,u ieel the rla:.'= in:truction t , ra . = a d j ' l u * 1 t e l ' I u:. _ l'lc'

i.. | -.
I - : l
l . , . . l a :t l - re irretr'uttic,n gf'Ere-rFrriate o.rrd tr-, the C,,:,intJ' I Y: | \ L r

{ 4.) ''.' irr trc,duced tc,u ri.F idl)'-i Ye s.

l,.lere tc,c, Irr,irr ii,:r:r'e'= t',t Lr

'.3 'iF= tJc'

[ , .- ]r = . t f r e r - e tE,c, little drilI crrr 1-'gi,.r1i'intrc'duced f iguresj'

' :i , ) 1 . . , . 1 ;t;l - r , : r e a.dequa.te denr,:rrEtr'a.ti,:r, n+ r re l ' J i i q r - j r F : i Ye: ilr'

i.7j [iiC i.c,u r.e+Fr tc' t i - r e I ' 1 . : i r ,E t r e a . n r H ; . r rd t , c , , : , | , i ; ' t - t f t e r r 5el,j'-,i-l'r - ['l*'..ter'

i . ' , :ri [rid i , r : , , - .+j i n , J t l - re H a r rd b ; ' c ' i ' . u E e i u l ? r'E= - fltr'

'..!') [ , . . 1 h a td i d r'r:,u ie*l u . r . i . Ef f s r - r ! . th- e l p , { u l in lea.rnirr': netl.r{igure:-:

[;em,:,r, =.t r ii.t i ,:rr'=.

l . . l a r r . : . t i ' . . ' E d E . = C r . i F ,t i ' _ , r l

H a i - ,r i t , c , , : , | ' i 1 1 u ' = t r a t i r - , r E

l,.! l-rc'g,;

t l rt l - re r i . F ,l e - i . = . * s.t'F':ii:'

:__ _J__. -,t-*l ''i

il]) [rc, a'f,rl iee] effrpl-ia:ig r]rrr :.ti'1 I llLj !!,r-r=. C(jHqUi e E l'l;-,

11,r l , ..l; , g . t h e r E - : ' . T: ", t i n r e tfre.t .r',lrUr FFf = . , : ' F r -l aI i.' I r . r r E fe F I T I t ' . ! . Ff 3 . - == . F d t,'

',=.i t l - re t;l'l tr-:' 1E= -.- l'ir'

,..t, .i -i. Tl *a;1 ,] f i ?' I H = r'lL'

,. I i r'F 3 . 3.n l-J i'f'U l-rts.,,.,E n ':, n t ' . - ei , : t i c , r r . = . , E l e . 3 ' : . F E . E r a ' : I * r ' . i - i= . e r e r . . r e r ' . = . p = i d * C,{
! . F rE E t i+ fr E ' : E = = - : , .1-i..:'
t , r ' : [ , l ' l h ] l i ' : i T R E n i i f , r L l E E , TCi r l l i . l F F
i li t F A t t :

t:lit l , . l f - r a tF . 3 r t C,i the lea.r'rrirr,t e'FFr tEfrc? did i'c,u itrr d

t.a) rrrcrEt cji++ r cul t?

( .t , . i l r r c , E . t r r r t e r ' E E . t I n a c ' r ' c l - ra ' l l e r r E i n f r - ' '

,, C .i mA = t t'Or' i rr Cr?

,..d.1 lrrf,E.t +Ur, -r

i.1:i., l,lhEt Ea.r.t r-'l the le;rninci dc,'r'irU t l - r i n l , : , : u c l l -t, t , t , l - ai ' . r e r . F , : e t ( . r e d

': i .i fTt':, T E E IT|E l-r A. E i ': :'

t l .-L, 'i j
1 It a <. = = gn,r,F, .
= = EtttF,r,ai.: | :

, :1 4 . : [ . . l f r ; . t s . F , e c i f i r iiqure= df,.r',:,U

i - r . . r F rc , t lit,e?


r t'i er.Ep,:ial Ii' I il,le':

t .l 5 . r LiC, r'CrU irrterr d t , : ' ' - n r r t i r r U e r , r i t h r t . , , | : : ,a[ i: . - i f ] U t , n , e n r t , e r ' - : r'eE. l"lC'

i .1 i ' i i-rre i'tr,u irrter'e=.ted irr beirr,: an a.rrQel fc,r' {uturs cl.J.=.:,P=.J' ie'= f'lr;,

, :1 7 ) -+rE i'c'u intere=.tF,i rn attrrrdirrr: a F'lu'= rJ.3.:.=? =. ['lC,

, .1 E : tl.orrnrentE.:


I"londay , June 10 , I9 B 5
7:30 p.m.
Freeman Stamper

l - Aooroval of l'linutes as distributed earlier.

2. Treasurer's Report.

3. Basics graduation.

4. Parade weeJ:end.

( l l l o m h a r q hJ 'r il I v
l ' I U f l l U L I
n Annl
n t t t ) L
i irrnq
J .

6. Tagging-In PoIicl'--extend, make permanent, or delete

1. Level of Dance po1 icy. (Bryan)

B. fnternational Assocj-ation delegate for WSD--who, how, and for

how Iong.

9. Class archangels

10. Square heads.

11 . other busines = . .-,a

L2. Next Board meeting.

r .r')
l" \


Tuesday, ApriL 23, 1985

PRESENT: chris Anderson, Bob Belrvirre, scott carey, Bryan

Finch, claire Meisel, James ozanich, Freeman Stamper



The Minutes of the March 26, 1985, meeting of the

Board of Directors were approved upon motion duly made and



Chris Anderson reported that the attached report was

preoared from the checkbook as of ApriL 23:

Beginning Balance $4,694.60

Expenses 1,550. B7

Ending Balance $3,14L.73

He stated that $B87,68 of the expenses were comprised of three

major items: deposit on cazadero Music camp, materials to

make club vests, and badges. Additionally, there was available

for deposit, but not yet deposited, $825.75 in checks and


chris was requested to ask Ken Mierow to prepare

a detailed written report on a quarterly basis.


It was announced that the Everett Middle School was

a real- possibirity and that Ramon smith was meetinq with the
m.inager on wednesday, ApriL 24. Ano'Lher space available was the

N r , - , , 7As c a d e m y f r o m 6-9 p.m. on Thursday for $g an hour. rt was

also noted that we were stj-l1 holding a tentative reservation at

the W o m e n rs B u i l d i n g . It was agreecl that the Boarrf would meet

orr Wednesdal', Apri l, 24, af ter club niglit to consider this issr:e "

Bob Be1]vi11e suggested that I,Vestern Star shoulcl st-art

thinking about f urid raisers to buitd towarcls a buildinq f und.

No discussion, but many smiles of agreement.


Freeman Stamper presented the current rates for money

market accounts af- Atlas Savinqs & Loan. A motion was,

seconded, and carried to put $1,000 in a 9-month monev market

account at Atl-as savings & Loan for the express purpose of

a reserve for equipment loss.


Scott Carey announced the followinq activities:

May I - Foggy City Dancers are invited to be our quests

on cl-ub night. our members are asked to brinq refreshments.

Ma_vI0 - Midnight Scluares are invited to be our guests

on crub Plus. our members are asked to brinq refreshmenEs.

May 15 - The crass was invited to joln us on club night.

May 18 - Bill Davis would be calling a dance at the


May 17 the second Club pl-us for Mav.

The idea of a salute to the women dancers has been tabred to

another month.

ApriL 23, 1985 2-

And on into June,

June 15 Capitol City Squares has invited us to join

them for Sacramento's gay pride celebration.

June L2 General membership meeting.

June 29 Parade Dance, will try for Dale Houck or

Vanya Leighton.

June 30 - Parade, the caller apprentices will call the



The proposed polj-cy statements for Meritorious Achieve-

ment Recognition and Sister City Cl-ub were discussed. It was

suggested that, in the i,leritorious Achievement Recognition, in

Procedure paragraph number 5, the word "only" should be stricken

in the second sentence. Upon motj-on made and seconded, both

proposed policy statements were approved as amended.

Freeman Stamper proposed that Agnes Smj-th, Roger Perry,

and Dennis Fi-cken, dS founders of Western Star Dancers, be

awarded the recognition of Honorary Members. He also proposed

that Mark Carey and Demian Quesnel be awarded the recognition

of Friends of t{estern Star. Mark has, since the beginning of

Western Star, provided many hours of support in artistic

achievements and participation at functions such as the parade

and retreats. Demian Quesnel has provided invaluable assist-

ance in developing the computer data base, for which he is

undercompensated. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the

three nominees for honorary membership and tire two nominees for

friend status were approved.

ApriL 23, 1985 3-


James Ozanicir reported that there had been no resDonses

to the request for art work. Freeman suggested that the design

be our CIub badge logo with iron-on rhinestones on the star points.

It was the consensus that this design would be accepted and that-

the s}rirts would be 1j-9ht purple with pink lettering and stones.

r{- r.'ic ncrraaA that we WOUI-d pUrChaSe Seven dOZen ShirtS.


Scott announced that Johnny Kozol had been booked to

work the retreat for the cost of his airfare. Flyers will be

taken to Denver for distribution to other cJubs. It was aqreed

that the price of tire weekend woulcl be set at S50.

There was a discussion as to whether to extend an

invitiation tc Doug Clark to also participate, since he has

expressed interest in working tire retreat agal-n Lhis )'ear. No

decision rvas made, but it was deci-ded to hold the matter until

closer to the date of the retreat.


Bill llabeck indicated that, since we had a few of the

records for the popular line dances, j-t was time to start teach-

ing the dances. There was general concurrence, but no formal

action was taken.


Scott Carey indi-cated that the Club had received an

unsolicited announcement to appear in a new directory of singles

square dance clubs. He had sent it in, indicating that we are

ApriL 23, 1985 - 4 -

a gay club. Subsequently, Jarnes Ozanich had received a phone

call from a friend of his indicating that they did not want to

Iist us since we were couples and not open. The friend did not

know what the real- problem is, since the couples information is


It was agreed to not pursue the matter for the time

being with facts based on hearsay.

As another matter, James Ozanich was requested to

redo the 9@ Western Star activities listings,

specifically indicating l{estern Star as a gay club.


1. Bryan Finch indicated that he had gotten some good

response from some members to Doug Clark's Plus cal}ing, and

indicated he would like him to do more Plus. It was asreed to

use Doug more on Wednesday.

. 2. Mike Sarfaty. Chris Anderson noted that an

application for membership had been received from Mike Sarfaty.

I'Iike has indicated that he has problems with regular attendance

because of work. It was aqreed that the Club would waive the

"regu1ar" attendance during the three-month period for him.

3. Square Heads. Chri-s Anderson stated a need for

a square heads list and a need for a sign to be used at CLub


4. Literature Display Case. Chris described the

need for a l-iterature dj-splay case for the Club. A motion was

made, seconded, and carried for the constructj-on of the case.

ApriL 23, I9B5 5-

5. Fund Raiser. Bob BeIlville noted that a Tupperware

square dance party might be r rrnnrl €rr nzl - Jtser

r t fnr C'l rrn nioht in

Jull'. Claire Meisel agreed to check out an ava ilable Tupperware



It was no'ted that the exact number of Western Star

rnembers att"ending t.he convention vJas not Jino\,Jn. Bryan reported

that t,he irotel is working out frorn the problems rvith the previous

sa I c,s Derson h a n d I i n o t -h p m a t t e r .

In connection with the qrowinq concern in San Francisco

in connection with the perceived improprieties in the By-Laws of

the Tnternationa] Association which is being distributed, James

gave a sulrunary of what he ]lnew. Freeman indicated tirat he had

drafted a letter which he intended to send to the Association

expressing his dissatisfact-ion with the lack of proqress of the

Association during the past year, stating that it was just a

first draft and contained somc emotionalism. After reading the

draft, a motion was made, seconded, and carrj-ed that the letter

be reworded to be a communication from the Board of Directors of

Western Star and that none of the "emotionalism" be deleted.

A copy of the final letter is attached to these Minutes.

A motion was made, seconded, and carried to form an

ad hoc committee to make proposed chanqes to the Internatlonal

Association By-Laws. Those who volunteered to be members were:

Scott Carey, Chris Anderson, James Ozanich, and Freeman Stamper

A meeting was set at Scott's for Sunday, April 28, 9:30 a.m.

ApriL 23, I985 -6


The next regular meeting of the Board will be on

l.{onday , June I0 , 7 :30 p.m. at the home of Freeman Stamper.

Respectfully submitted,
-T' ,rl I
, /, /i'l-

Fraamrn vC #u=s L
mFD e1.


ApriI 23, l9B5 -7

t zt7/
**-//rc f W,fzW
nF/-qL -qt /!/ 7Q J/1'./7/' r//
ooyl 4q
(fp, -x'sz) ry*
r+ t7//r ryVryy

oo'a%. -ffi(n %
eo,o77:arTAryV) o/,l$ry ?-/g

-ef,-rr-l % sd-zc-s f.--a/ 74

-ef-E€-/+ ,"8/V.*1H-
Etlectrveri, t't z. / /(a )i-

Money Market
(CD)-7-3ldays 2,500.00 All Interest 5 - ' ) o tr, (
Money Market
(CD) -3months 1,000.00 I month d .i,; -/t
(CD) 6monlhs 1,000.00 I month ?.on J

M o n e yM a r k e t ,I
L1 ."
(CD)-9monrhs 1,000.00 l montn / . )1 ) .a
Money Market
( C D ) - 1 2m o n t h s 2,500.00 I month "r,.r{) /o
Money Market
't, L J
(C D ) 1 8m o n l h s 500.00 3 monlh i ri;
Money MarpL-
\!)--<r'^nnn' :p*. 9F-14
Money Market
(CD) 24months 1 0 00 0 3 month 1 t r\,
Money Market
(CD) 60monlhs 2 5 0 00 0 6 month I
Money Market
(CD) 34monlhs 2 , 5 0 00 0 6 month

lRA"/Delrned I
C o n t r i b u t i o nP l a n
F r x e d{ 1 8 m o n t h s ) 100.00 3 month I
I B A / D e fr n e d l
Conlnbutron Plan
Frxed{30 months} 1 0 00 0 3 monlh

Money Market
C h e c k r n g-
"All-Star" 2 . 5 0 00 0 none /.4 J /
Money Market
Savings -
"All Amencan"' 2,500.00 none / o, ta,

J U M E OC D s 10 0 . 0 0 00 0 vanes

R a t e s u p d a t e d e v e r y w e e k a c c o r d r n gl o t h e D o n o g h u e I n d e x
NOTE Atlas Savings reserues the right lo change rates wrthout nolice
a r e s u l l o l a c h a n g e I n p o l r c y ,l a w o r r e g u l a t r o n .

Atlas Savings& LoanAssocratron

ApriL 26, 1985

Mr. Wayne Jakino, Chairman

1985 International Convention
International Association of Gay
Square Dance Clubs
c/o Charlies's
7900 East Colfax
Denver, CO 80220

Dear Wayne:

Recently the members of the Board of Directors of Western Star

Dancers came into possession of a copy of the alleged "By-Laws" of
the International Association of Gay Sguare Dance C1ubs. As one
of the five founding members of the Association, we were shocked
at what we saw and wish to express publicly our extreme disappoint-
ment with how the officers of the Internationar Association who
were elected at the official meeting of the Association in Seattle
in April, 1984, have handled the business of the Association.

We have compared the copy which was received from l'1r. Bud Rhyne in
Denver, Colorado, who titles himself as "Chairman IAGSDC," with
a copy which was initially distributed at the business meeting in
SeattLe. The only two changes which have been made which possibly
could have bben ratified at the Seattle meeting are (1) inter-
lineating "Inter" in the name of the Association on page one and
(2) deleting the second sentence in item III(4) (b) on page 2. It
is very sad that these alleged By-Laws do not even have the word
"Proposed" stricken from the titIe.

The members of Western Star Dancers were active participants in the

Seattle business meeting. Those who have seen these By-Laws who
were in attendance in Seattle know that more changes were made to
the proposed By-Laws. we assumed, as we suppose all other concerned
IAGSDCmembers were assumingr w€ would receive a copy of the minutes
of the Seattle meeting along with a complete copy of the By-Laws
as ratified by the general membership in April, 1984. For a year
rro\rrreveryone has been anticipating this correspondence to be

5 8 4 C A S T R O S T . S U | T E4 8 0 . S A N F R A N C T S C OC
. A 94114 (415) 864-6134
Mr. Wayne Jakino, Chairman
April 26, 1985
Page Two

We are deeply troubled by the insertion on page 3 in the section on

"National C h a i r p e r s o n " o f a n a c t i o n w h i c h was supposedly taken at
the Reno Rodeo. Not only do we believe the logic behind the action
to be improper, but taking the action itself is entirely improper.
The ratified By-Laws do not allow for there to be ca11ed a special
meeting of the International Association. Since there are no
official representatives of the member clubs to form an Executive
Boardr rro activity can be forthcoming from a body calling itself
the Executive Board.

We believe that the minutes of the business meeting in Seattle

should be made available so that By-Laws as actually ratified can
be assembled. If that action is not possibler w€ believe the
Association must go through the ordeal of re-ratifying the proposed
By-Laws. Hopefully this task witl not be necessary and the elected
officials of the Association had the good business acumen to save
the documentation to prepare the proper business papers.

Even if the authentic By-Laws as ratified can be producedr w€

respectfully reguest that the improper action as indicated on page 3
of the "proposed" By-Laws be made an item for the agenda at the
business meeting in Denver, Colorado. The By-Laws of an organiza-
tion are the very foundation of continuity; they cannot be changed
to meet a need without going through a ratification process as
described within the document itself

Whil-e we are extremely appreciative of the tireless efforts of

Harlan Prestridge, Doug M c P h e r s o n , a n d w h o e v e r was elected secretary,
in executing the first convention in Seattle and for whatever input
they may have had in seeing that the convention is being developed
in Denver, we must express our utter disappointment in their execu-
tion of their duties as elected officials of the International
Association. There i-s a second convention happeni-ng, but there has
been absolutely no other progress made in enhancing the Association
and using it as a system of information for the benefit of its

We hope that whatever happens in 1985-1986 will see the International

Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs start to be the vehicle that
it should be.



,/rra,-," - /)*^22,t4/
Board of Directors
cc: see page 3
Mr" Wayne Jakino
April 26, 1985
Fage Three

copies to:

Mr, Bud Rhyne Capitol City Squares South Florida Mustangs

c/a Charliefs Larry T. Kellogg P. O. Box 462
7900 East Colfax P. O. Box 7II7 Hollywood, FL 33022
Denver, CO 80220 Sacramento, CA 95826

Eigiit Star Squares Foggy City Dancers The Wilde Bunch

c/o Identity fnc. BiIl whitefield BiIl Eyler
Box 4279I 250 Hartford St. #6 P. O. Box 40393
Anchorage, AX 99509 San Francisco, CA 94114 Albuquereu€, Nt{ 87L96

Desert Valley Squares Midnight Squares Time Sguares

Ted Oaks PauI Zimmermann Ken Pollack
13209 N. 37rh Dr. 2196 15th St. 115 East 9th St. *9D
Phoenix, AZ 85029 San Francisco, CA 94 1 1 4 New York, NY 10003

Midnight Ramblers Squares Across the Border Rosetown Ramblers

Larry Gunter Kevin S. Floen Larry Murchison
3030 N. 7rh sr. *67 Box 3I2, 1755 Robson t. P. O. Box 5352
Phoenix, AZ 85014 Vancouver, BC V6G IC9 Portland, OR 97228

T Squares MiIe High Squares Doppler Dancers

Maxine Smitherman 7900 East Colfax Doug McPherson
5753 E. 19th St. Denver, CO 80220 610 lOth Ave East
Tucson, AZ 85711 Seattle, WA 98102

New Years Resolutions Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus Emerald City Squares

Dave "Happy" New Year Karl Jaeckel Don Lee
7235 Santa Teresa Circle 1519 S. Sherman c/o 610 10th Ave East
Buena Park, CA 90620 Denver, CO 80210 Seattle, WA 98102

New Years Sun Dancers D.C. Lambda Squares Puddletown Squares

Dave "Happy" New Year Doug Barnett Joel llurdy
7235 Santa Teresa Circle 6414 49th Ave. 1450 E. Republican #105
Buena Park, CA 90620 Riverdale, I{D 20737 Seattle, WA 98102


Monday, JuJ-y 22, 1985

7:30 p.m.
Scott Carey (see directions below)

Ladies & Gentlemen:

Please accept my apologies for not contacting each of you

j-ndividually to solicit items for the agenda. r was out of the
office for over three weeks on jury duty and have been swamped in
the office--unable to sneak ti-me for WSD. These agenda items are
standard items or items which are pending from prior meetings. f
suppose there may be a ton of "other business."

I. Approval of Minutes of June 10 and Julv 10 as distributed earlier

2. Treasurer's Report. (hopefully half year and monthly)

3. Cazadero retreat.

4. Calendar. (Xeith Bishop invited to attend)

5. Report of Int' I Associ_ation representatj_ve.

6. Definition of selection process and tenure of Int'l Association

ronraqoh+e{-i rra

l. Review of membership appfications.

B. San Jose club--update of start-up activiti-es.

9. Board of Director efection.

f0. Level of Dance Policy. (Bryan)

1I. Club benevofency policy--general discussion and assiqnment of

dra f ting responsibility.
t'i .
12. other Busrness. .,i ;7.*U-t'"1
,.L," ;. I
13. Next Board meeting. .," "'iJ'*,')'J,
t'" LL'.c'" t'l
DIRECTIONS to Scott's: Go to 2LB9 Market StrJet (that's the shoe
sEop-adJacent to the Stagecoach at l5th and Market Streets. Rj-ng
the buzzet at the front door of the shoe shop--even if the women
are 1n there working , for the buzzer does not ring in the shoe shop.
wait for the garage door to the reft of the shoe irrop to open--it
may take about a minute for someone to come from the apartment to
open the door. Simple, no?


Monday, June f0, l_985

PRESENT: Chris Anderson, Bob Bellville, scott carey, Bryan Finch,

Claire Meisel, James ozanich, Freeman startper



The Mj-nutes of the April 23, 1985, meeting of the Boarcl

of Directors were amended to reflect the fact that the ending
balance of the Treasurer's Report was $3,143.73, instead of $3,14r.73.
A motion was made, seconded, and carried that the Mi-nutes of the
April 23 meetj-ng as amended be approved.


Chris Anderson stated that the Treasurer,s Report given

at the April 23 meeting showed/ expenses and that the expenses
should have reffected $2,287.00 with an ending balance of $2,493.73.
The report attached as a part of these Mi-nutes were
approved upon motion duly made and seconded.

There was a discussion of the $646.98 expense for badqes.

rt was a consensus of the Board that we were overstocked for our
needs and that we shoul-d be certain that badge costs do not continue
at such a high level. As a result of the discussion, it was pointed
v rqr rLf
a fLl rr: l{ c
- rL di nr\ r7 ' y l a r g e expense can create a cash-flow problem unless it
is anticip"a"u- After further discussion, the following resolution
was carried after motion dury made and seconded:

Any event, proj.9f, or billing anticipated to

regurre an expenditure of over $100 .l one
should be approved by the Treasurer prior to the
actual expenditure.

Bob Bellvill-e noted that our badges are sold at cost to

the club and that it was his berief that the orir:e shourd be more

than cost. A motion was made, seconded., and carried that aII badqes
and assorted paraphernalia is to be sold for $0.25 above cost.


ft was decided that decorations would be simple and that

Club members woul-d be asked to bring refreshments. Bill Habeck
agreed to coordinate the reproduction of certificates of completj-on.


Chris Anderson stated that it was his underst.anding that

the members of Foggy City Dancers did not know about the parade
plans, and Scott inclicated that Bill Whitefield would be letti-nq
them know shortl-v.

scott reported that, dS a result of a meeting between

Bill whitef ield ancl hj-m, the following items were decided: FCD was
renting the truck for the parade, wsD was renting the sound equip-
ment and Ramon smith was handling the equlpment rental, and Bill
whitefiefd was handling the insurance for the truck with Schmidt &
schmidt. He further stated that it was decided that each club woul_d
provide at least five monitors.

As for appropriate clothing for wsD in the parade, it

was determined that the membership would vote at the General- Meetinq
on June 19.

June 10, f985 2-

ft was also announced that the classes from Foggy City

and Western Star would be invited to participate in the parade. The

f I rror l^reino nrenared i s a r:emake Of the r.rne I ast vcar

Dance. Vanva Lavton has been contracted to cal-l the dance.

As she is the "hat lady," everyone is encouraged to wear hats. The

Board afso decided to offer Foggy City the opportunity to perform

their Denver piece if they wished. Because of increased expenses for

the parade, the charge is $5, both in advance and at the door; and

members are asked to bri-nq refreshments.

Easel. Actually unrelated to the parade weekend but brought

)rn Far rii qnr,.sion at this time, was the subject of an easel for dis-

n l aw nttrncrses, On m O tu ir O
v l rn drrl v
uul] m
r r ra
q uder r t- ser-nnded
-suvllusu - and
qltq r - A r - !i
!Lll -l g' ^
!--*-Y t

Board authorized the purchase of an inexpensive easel.


On motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the application

of Mike Sarfaty was approved.

Because Mike's applicatj-on had been accepted with a waiver

of his regular attendance, there \'ras a discussion about whether a

waiver could be granted from attendance at aIl Club Mainstream nights,

nr i r r e r - r ' z l ' r r #f "waiver" actually was. It was the consensus of the

Board that a waiver could be granted, if absolutely necessary, from

tLhr rau r! aLnY rurl i! r os m
r r rasnl ll
,trFcrlrl arl pl rrq
u tLOv a t Lt eLns ldl u
q r sy urq r r yr r t t \f ---l L U
L -b
l l J lM
v lad fJ - n
nSSEt ff eeaamm a
* .n
. -d n
. , .* i: j r. rl tl. S ,

but that the Board could not waive attendance at all Mainstream

nrghts during the three-month waiting periocl for membership.

The application of Wref Fulton was presented to the Board.

D U O t t rLr -a- ^r, e

Qnn++ ,
y s^ 1t a t e d that it was his feeling that Wref could actual_ly

June 10, 1985 3-

be consj-dered to have been on "leave of absence" as he had already

had exposure to the entire program of Mainstream prior to moving to

Phoenix and that he had been dancing in Phoenix. Upon motion made,

seconded, and carried, hj-s application for membership was approved

for immediate membership.


On moti-on made - ser-onded - and r'arri

e q r ! cd -
r u e
J-he f Fmnrlr,ar\/ statuS

af tho rl.arroi no-Tn Pnl i crz t^IAa ahannarl +n Y ) a r! mr ^' Lnuo rnr u{ -
rqYYrIlYIvrrv-I yu rr L .


Tabled to the next meetinq.


Freeman Stamper stated that he felt that, with the amount

of work Western Star had put into encouraging the International

Association to improve its administration, Western Star should be

more specific in the administration of the position of our CIub's

rAnrAcan{- rii rza to the Ar sr Jsv uo! qc i a t i o nL l .v 1 1 . James

uqlltEo'i r-h
vaqlIIUll s l t c r c r p q tL eg Ud
JUYYgJ fL r hl a : f L

the By-Laws be changed to make the position an officer position that

could be filled from the general membership. rt was decided to

table the matter to the next Board meetinq to qive the Board members

more time to think about the matter. However, it was agreed that

a report from the Internationa] Association representative should

be a regular agenda item for Board of Directors meetinss.


Freeman stated that he was uncertaln as to the theory with

ran: rrl
to class archangels' duration of service. After a brief

June f0, 1985 -4

discussion, it was agreed that the theory is: one archangel per

cl-ass from beginning of Basics through Mainstream graduation. There

was some discussion as to whether an archanqel- should have some

-trs9f f i ed
!luu danr-o
onno and
qrru it
W qaOS goreed
qYrgEU JU .l hl qaL j - I cr.^f

experience was not an important factor.

For the class beginning July ff, nominees for the arch-

angel would be open at the General Meeting on June l-9. In the event

of more than one nominee, the Board of Directors will select the

archangel from the nominees.


Scott announced that the Art Committee was schedufed to

meet on lulonday, June I1, for dinner and business. He stated that it

was his hope that other squarehead groups would start to meet in

informal- settings. A very lengthy discussion was held about the

noraonfinn nf members w
w qaDq d
u vor li rny o e
E rvzL e
the tuhr taq t L tLhl res Boardu
uvqr r r vJt hL ir n
r ro
rly anrl
q jlu

that they were guarding their power by not accepting the offer of

volunteer assistance. The result of this discussion was that, whether

the Board believed that the perception was caused by real or imaqined

events, the perception still- exists for a number of members. Members

of the Board are in a highly visable position and the subject of

much scrutiny and, therefore, must be extremel-v aware of the need

of members to assist with tasks whenever thev offer.


Eood_drive. Bryan Finch indicated that Tom Kernkamp was

rr r' ruf i 1a 'r rr ri: -J ^ fu nv ^^ordinate food bank activities
uv\ for the SF ArDS Foundation.

The Board agreed to support hj-s efforts.

June 10, l985 5-

CaIIer Apprentices. Bryan indicated that seven people

had expressed to him concerns about the way caller apprentices are

being handled--more specifically, the quality of their efforts.

After considerable discussion, the other si-x Board members expressed

the sentiment that utilization of cafl-er apprentices was not an

issue to be discussed. One of the objectives of the Club is to pro-

vide opportunities for the development of g-y carlers; this crub

purpose will be re-affirmed at the General Meeting on June 19.

Cazadero. It was announced that al-l- money for the retreat

was needed by August 30. rt was noted that a flyer needs to be

going out with specifics of the weekend.

Etiquette Problem at Denver convention. Freeman stamper

related the substance of a conversation he had had with Johnnv Kozel

in Denver after the closing of the annual- convention concerning a

potential- breach of square dance etiquette--reportedry by a wsD

member. The Board decided that it could not act upon hearsay and

Freeman was authorized to speak directly to EImer Sheffield about

rho :llonorl 'ituation. Freeman is to report to Scottr ds adminis-
{-rr#nr r'rh^ '^'i1I continue with the " investigation" of
t rvrrv
the matter.

July 1l Class. Questions about hours and pubticity are to

l-ro :h :nanri- item for the.June 19 General Meetinq. The Board did

authorize Keith Bishop to proceed in gathering information about

using Muni billboards for publlcity.

9gg_":"r_sqlutes- There wilr be a sarute to our women

members in.July and afso a sal-ute to Russ King on a plus night in


June 10, 1985 6-

Henry Shernoff. Freeman announced that Henry Shernoff

had died on May 31 and that he thought it was appropriate for the

Board to authorize some fitting memorial for Henry. James moved

that the Club make a donation to the San Francisco General HospitaL

Ward 58 brunch activities. The moti-on was not seconded. After

further discussion, the Board was unable to reso]ve the issue and

recommended presenting the issue to the general membership at the

June l-9 meetinq.


The next regular meeting of the Board will be on Monday,

.Trrlw )2 -
- - , 7: jO n.m af 1 _h e home Of SCOtt Carew- [Ser-refarwrs
t v v e l

fn a moment of sr}ly generosity, Mr. Carey offered to provide

dinner at the Board meeti-nq. That invitation has since been

retracted. Sorry, gang. I

Respectfully submitted,

Qanro* r rrz

June 10, 1985 7-

td-{'i) | h ti A J.1lt.iL.ti ' ,t tiE.F't.iti
I' (ti1aitl\

Fl::.i;:f.ll 4,/:i.$,ti:!::; t;A:!jl'1 l.i.{ llANl,i

, 4 r )J . 7 3

l : i [ :V f : . 1 ' ] l J f : . J', 4-i:_|. r+s

[: ]i ['I N ,S[. ,!

{ . l l : : i t l , i J F I i [ : . f r { . ] , ! :Il . iii)i) . (1)i)

l'l i.!;i l:' l. I tl i . I i i ,l t.l l. I [ : .ii.i? . 7 i
i l r j l . r L tI l I l : { ti i ) t : . l j ' i . J i . lI :;::,1i:i . i:)(.)
l:tA i) [" I 11fi l l l-.l.l :i $4,5 ^ 1?i:i
fi L! .i4) |, ^ t,\:,

{lfil.. 1..[:.|:t,!l::I t: lij

l l /.ifJ,i l: 1.. C:'.jH.00
l"ll::i'l [: fi | . t:tt.I CIU ^ (.rr.:,
LJi.JI,!T,\ 1 i),.lr^ iJ i)
I)fii.r I i 1 oil. i)i.)
sL,lt..l-iH.ti 7:t. (:)(J 1,fi4i:)^0i)

li l::.f,l I
.., ' , !..
l'f1 {.1di -i r'.. --1 r
i.t i.r

Yt'lt.;A :)r.:, .. (:.,!J

t.ll l

l:'i t l:tt.i): i ij:i ,
r:r1)v I t. ;it I f,l(; Li^ri^[t :i? " 0{)
l''ft [i Fiji li F L:[:,li .i:t. (.){)
i LJF'F r. | [.,! :i C,i:! . ::i,jj

I tt i fil.. [: ],f:'E.iJi:jl:.S ( . 4, & 1 4 , 1 ; i ' 7)

I: iJD '-"" 1 0r[:]':i i.:r:ii)jl'.|.t.i.JFAi.Jti



W E D N E S D A Y ,J U L Y I 0 , t9B5

PRESENT: Chris Anderson, Bob BellvilIe, Scott Carey, Bryan Finch,

C f a i r e M ej - s e I , F r e e m a n S t a m p e r

ABSENT: James Ozanich

A specia I meefino of the Board of Directors was convened

-Trrl 'l
at the conclusion vn !f r ' r- u' l !r r l - r
u rnr riy a
r rhu+ v^ nl l vurl rr r v n. The following items

were consldered:


The applications of Ken Kalstein and John Tayfor were

'aYn n- rrn' r z o r i l f nr momi.rarch i n


The following schedule for the election of the new Board

of Directors was approved:

1. Nominations open on Wednesday, August 2I, and close

on Wednesday, August 28, at the close of Club night.

2. Baflots to be maifed by the weekend of August 31.

3. Ballots will be collected on September 4 during the

enti-re durati.on of Club nj-ght and on September lI until 9 p.m.

All barrots received after 9 p.m. on september 11 wirl not be


PAqnFr.t frrl I rr crrl'rm'i 1u -l e{ -u at r l

{- amno r

SanraJ- : rrz
\ z1.r/_l,z-tfi- 4Ln-/



Monday, July 22, 1985

PRESENT: Chris Anderson, Bob Bellville, Scott Carey, Bryan Finch,

Claire Meisel, James Ozanich, Freeman Stamper



ALSO IN ATTENDANCE: Keith Bishop, Wref Fulton

The Minutes of the June 10, 1985, regul-ar meeting of the

Board of Directors and the Minutes of the July f0, 1985, special

meetino of the Board of DirectorS were *ar n

Yn. r r' ' o
. rred a s d i s f r i t - r r ref d n r i O t .

to this meeting on motion made, seconded, and carried.


Attached to these Minutes and incorporated herein by this

reference are the following financial statements prepared by the

Treasurer, Ken Mierow:

a. June, 1985, statement of profit/Ioss

b. fncome Statement for month ended 6/30/85
c. Income Statement for six months ended 6/30/85
d. Income Statement for three months ended 6/30/85
e. Income Statement for three months ended 3/3I/85

A reguest was made for a cfarification of the neqative income item

fnr Qnoni:r F-"zents. Because of the aniount of data, the reports were

accepted for analysis and tabled for action until the next Board


Scott Carey announced that Ken Mierow had resigned his

position as treasurer effective July l. The Board unanimously

carried a motion to send Ken a letter of appreciation for his long

hours of hard work in improving the organization of the Club's

financial affairs.

After a discussion of various people who could fulfill the

position of treasurer and/or who had expressed an interest in serv-

'incr in 1L l-l h *l t rt Uf qer-onded-
!llY !lI a a fL c,-*^^;!"
uqyqUr L/ t VII ion
L!vII dnlv
uu!j m
I r ta
q udsa - t Jc!vlluEu, and
AllU uL rnt lad lnl lit m
L l \oJ u
L Is5 .! _l I v

rv q-ra r rr i +vs e d t- t -h e Roard aonoi nf ed Ji_m Blevins to f ill the of f ice of

treasurer. Afterwards, a reminder was made to change the signature

cards on all accounts of Western Star. Bryan Finch brought to the

Board's attention the recently publicized weakened financial status

of Atlas Savings and Loan. It was a consensus of the Board that,

considering the level of our deposits, the fact of Federal insurance

coverage, and the potentially limited inconvenience in recovering

n rrr m^na\/ f
i {- was not
L v necessary to consider at this time transferrinq

our accounts to another financial institution.


It was announced that the flyer was going out with the

newsletter, that Bob BellvilIe was scheduling workshops, and that

Morry Brown's is allowing the group to square dance at thc bar on

Sttndav affernrrr'\n Qanl-oml-ra. Il.


Scott presented his discussions with Johnny Kozol and what

he nercF i rred aS q
anrl ri nr rdui r L C t r sp yc ur let e
oqu1- !Fun! r ^rrrranf ^F
u I tLre^ :^e- 5
d5 ,w. ,g^I Ir ' r
PdyntcllL ds

his airfare and lodging. Johnny had also suggested his conducting

a wc-rrkshop during the day during the latter part of the week prior
'.n rlc'nrrf inn for cazadero. There was a lenqthy discussion as to

the appropriateness of payment of fees in light of prior negotiations

and our utifization of Doug Clark also. Additionally, discussion

July 22, l9B5 -2

ensued as to the appropriateness of caller apprentice workshops.

It was the consensus of the Board that Johnny Kozol should not be

vu !v m^ra +h:p $200 in fees. Scott Carey is to negotiate for the

best fee possible, and Bob Beflville is to discuss with those people

? 1 r ' \ q qh' i' l rJ , , ^i ' ^n" -t '- e r e s t e d in caller workshopS whether or not they will be



Keith Bishop was present in his newly appointed position

as "cafendar boy" to present the tentative calender through the end

of the year. His report for the months of September through December

is attached to these Minutes and incorporated herein by this reference.

It was noted that no Plus Club niqhts were scheduled for

December. After some dj-scussion, a motion was made to not schedule

Plus Club nights for December. The motion was not seconded. It was

a consensus of the Board that December 6 would be the onlv Plus Club

night in December.


Wref Fulton was recognized for a presentation to the Board

F{o nrnnnqorl that he be allOwed to work out a comprehensive program

for the Club for the administration of the Club by committees, which

are crrrrentlv a:'llorl Qn,rr-eheadS. ThiS WOUId be a three-tiefed

I ""

nrniacl-. t\ r, 1 \ derzal nnmont n ( )\ 'i

/ rru v f l-ho nr^orrm
\Ll f r rm
/ f lu r r rnem
L qnLfr v r l t : 1- i nn qe rnr ur l

(3) coordination. After presenting his background to undertake the

nrniaaf =nrl t-'iS initial ideaS, Ofr mOtiOn dUly made, SeConded, and

carried, Wref Fufton was appointed to proceed with the project.

July 22, 1985 -3


James Ozanich announced that financial reports had been

received from Denver for the International Association and for the

convention itself. He also announced that the CIub's first report

to the IAGSDC had been sent, which report is attached to these

Minutes and incorporated herein by this reference. The report was

accepted for review by the Board members and discussion at the next

Board meeting.


Freeman Stamper stated that he felt that Western Star

should now have, in liqht of our pushing the IAGSDC to tighten its

administrative process, a formal process for selection of the WSD

IAGSDC representative--setting forth the tenure of the position.

There was discussion of currentfy perceived facts and alternative

nr^nn q: I q Rrrrrn I ' ir t t^u^r h *r r^r .v1v 9 6l j

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uf cd lL-l hI ge

IAGSDC representative until such time that a definite procedure was

determined or until a new Board takes different action. There was

no second to the motion. Claire Miesel moved that James Ozanich

be appointed the WSD representative to the IAGSDC throuqh the 1986

convention. The motion was seconded but did not carry.

As no consensus could be reached as to the sefection

process nor the tenure, the matter was tabled to the next Board

meeting with all interested Board members requested to submit their

individual written proposals for consideration at that meetincr.


At a previous Board meeting it was agreed that all pending

July 22, l9B5 A

i * -
membershj-p applications would be reviewed at each Board meeting to

determine if there were any probfems prior to the expiration of the

three-month waiting period. There was discussion as to the need to

follow the Ietter-of-the-policy or the spirit-of-the policy. While

most Board members felt that not all applicants needed to wait for

three months from the date of the application, the opposing view

r.7^cavnraqqad that there was little Compelling reason to bend the

policy so frequently. After this discussion, the following applicants

were presented for membership:

Don Mayou. Based upon his prior attendance for the Basics

nnr+'inn ^€ +h? class which is now starti-no

rLur L!rrY Mainstream
r_rqrlrJLruqrrr and his -ri n-

dance experience, or motion made and seconded, his membership was

approved on a vote of 5 to 2, with one abstention.

David CogsweIl. Based upon his prior attendance at Marn-

steam Club night, hj-s prior dance experience, and the Board's under-

standing that there had been an interpretation that one must attend

for three months prior to applying for membershi-p, on motion made

and seconded, his membership was approved on a vote of 4 to 2 , with

one abstention

All other pending applications were discussed, and James

Ozan i r:h aoreed to discuss with one applicant the need to attend Club

Mainstream to comply with the requirements for membership.


Sr:o1-f Carev hriof'l w ron^rf.ed On tL ht l e

u r eu C
r u ! 1e1 n
u rtJ. l v held
Ii9ru m
u Le t L

with the sponsors from San Jose and stated that it is hoped that

the first class will begin September L7. Darrel-l Anderson has been

July 22, 1985 5-

appointed the "point man" for coordination between San Jose and

Western Star.


Freeman Stamper stated that, with the increasinq size of

the CIub and increasing interest in running for the Board, he felt

the Club should have some way of having the candidates express their

interests by some other way than just putting a name of the ballot.

After some discussion about written solicitations, the Board aqreed.

that it would not encourage such action but would take no action to

preclude it either.


Attached to these Minutes and incorporated herein by this

reference is Bryan Finch's proposal for the CIub's policy. Because

of the late hour and the complexity of the issue, the matter was

tabled to the next Board meeting af ter review of his submission.


' At the last General Meeting of the club membership, the

Board was requested to make a written proposal to the Club of the

clrrl-rrc nnl ia" with regard to benevolency at times of extreme illness

and/or death. Scott Carey and Claire Miesel agreed. to draft the

proposed policy, and Scott "volunteered" Carolyn Matthews to assist.


I. Publicat ron of Board Meeting Minutes. Upon recommend.a-

tion of Chris Anderson and Bryan Finch, the Board aqreed. that Minutes

of its meetings would be made available to the general membership at

July 22, 1gB5 -6

Club night. Because of the expense involved, copies will not be

made for individual members but will be available for perusal at

Club as a part of the literature table.

) ^nnni-fma1l5 and Amendment to Ju]v 10 Minutes. James

Ozanich asked for clarification of appointments which had been made

f ha :Ami n i StratOr. f t WaS diSCOVered f h^i i-hp :nn6
jnl6entS had

been announced at the July I0 special meeting of the Board and the

It4inutes of that meeting are amended to reflect the followinq announced


Bob Newman "Cf oset Mai-d"

Keith Bishop "Calendar Boy"
Mike Albert & Pat Haro - editors of the newsletter

3. Denver Investigation. At a prior meeting it was

announced that there were reports of a Western Star member breachincl

square dance etiquette and causing concern with the professional

callers. Scott Carey stated that the investigation into the hearsay

was complete and that the problem seemed to have been at the Al

program. While the situation was not as severe as it had originally

been represented, there was excessive rudeness bv a WSD member.

While some felt that the situation shoufd be addressed officially by

the Board of Directors, the consensus was that the Board would take

no offici-al action now. Chris Anderson agreed to speak personal-ly

wi-th the member.

4. Legfll_gpie;le. Freeman Stamper stated that non-profit

l-ncorporation had been granted by the State, but that we were waitinq

to pay the incorporation fee until resolution of our tax-exempt status.

The State has denied the tax-exemption, but the Federal exemption was
granted under a provision as a social welfare orqanization. Our

July 22, 1985 7 -

^rfc:rnev has advised us that, with the Federal exemption, the State

must now grant the exemption under its miscellaneous section. We

Aro awaifino notification from the State confirming the State tax



The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors will be

Monday, August L2,7:30 p.m. at Chris Anderson and Bob Bellville's


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Freeman Stamp6r /

July 22, I9B5 B-


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July 8, 1985
D e a nH o ffma n ,P re si d e n t
I n t e r n a t i o n a lA s s o c i a t i o no f G a yS q u a r eD a n c eC l u b s
c / o t h e S o u t hF l o r i d a M u s t a n g s
P 0 Bo x 4 6 2
HollywoodFL 33022

r e : a s s o c i a t i o nn e w s l e t t e r
D e a rD e a n :
I t w a s a p l e a su reto me t yo u and wor k with you in Denver . I look for ' war d
to an exciting year with you as our leader.
I n r e s p o n s et o H a r l a nK e r r ' s l e t t e r o f J u n e 1 0 , 1 9 8 5 ,W e s t e r nS t a r D a n c e r s
o f f e r s t h e f o l l o w i n g r e s p o n s e s(:n o t k n o w i n gh o wy o u w i l l f o r m u l a t et h e
n e w s l e t t e rI w i l l d i r e c t m y r e s p o n s etso y o u i n d i v i d u a l l y a n d a s s u m teh a t
y o u w i l l c o m p i l ea l l t h o u g h t sf r o m a l l t h e c l u b s i n t o a c o h e s i v ew h o l e . )

1 ) C 0 N V E N T iTON H OU GH T ASs :a mem ber of W ester nStar Dancer s( t,lSD)I can

a s s u r ey o u th a t l .l S Dh a d a w o nder fultime and think that the Denvercom -
m i t t e e s h o u l db e a p p l a u d efdo r t h e g r e a t t i m e p r o v i d e dt o a l l . W ew e r e
t r e a t e d r o y a l l y . W ee n j o y e dt h e c a n d l e l i g h tA I D Sv i g i l a n d t h e h i g h
spirits of all the attendees.

S c h e d u l i no g f c a l l e r s / i n s t r u c t o r sc o u l d h a v eb e e nm o r eo r g a n i z e db u t t h e
D e n v ep r e o p l ed i d a g o o dj o b c o n s i d e r i n gt h e i r l i m i t e d k n o w l e d gien t h i s a r e a .
[ . l ef e l t th e o p e n i n gce re mo nsyhouldhavebeenshor ter in length. The nam es
o f p a r t i c u l a r d a n c es e s s i o n sa l s o n e e d e dt o b e m o r ec l e a r l y d e f i n e d . I n m y
m i n dt h e r e i s a d i f f e r e n c eb e t w e e n a n I n t r o d u c t i o nt o P l u s a n d a P I u s L e v e l
W o r k s h o p .B o th o f th e se te rms wer e used in Denverand wer e seem inglyus ed
i n t e r c h a n g e a b l y . . . . b u tI d o n ' t w o n tt o s e e mo v e r l y c r i t i c a l a s i t w a st h e
b e s t s q ua red a n ceco n ve n ti o nI haveever attendedin ny 17 year s of squar e
d a n ci n g .
2 ) PR O P 0 SBEYDL A WS We: ste rnStar has few comm ents on the pr oposedbylaws .
W ef e e l th e cu rre n t b yl a w sn eedto be updatedbut that is whywe pr oposed
a n d d r a f t e d t h e c h a n g e si n t h e f i r s t p l a c e . S i n c ew e h a v eh a d a l i t t l e
m o r et i me to th i n k a b o u t o u r pr oposalsand get r eaction fr om other s we
w o u l dl i k e t o s u g g e s ta f e w m i n o r c h a n g e a ss follows:
Article I (no changes)
Article II
s u b s e cti o n1 : ch a n g eto re ad as follows: To pr omotecontem porAm y er ic an/m oder n
w e s t e r ns q u a r ed a n c i n g .
s u b s e c t i o n2 : t h e a d d i t i o n o f " e s p e c i a l l y "a f t e r t h e w o r d " p e o p l e , ,
s u b s e cti o n3 : ch a n g eto re ad as follows: To pr ovide an oppor tunity for the
s o c i a l a n d d a n c i n gi n t e r c h a n g e o f i n d i v i d u a l m e m b e rass w e l l
as to provide a forum for the exchangeof ideas amoung member
cI u b s .
s u b s e c t i o n4 : ( n o c h a n g e s )
5 8 4 C A S T R OS T . S U I T E4 8 0 . S A N F R A N C T S C O
C.A 9 4 1 1 4 ( e1 5 ) 8 6 4 - 6 1 3 4

D e a nH o f fma n ,IA GS D C
p a g e2

Article II (continued)
s u b s e c t i o n5 : ( n o c h a n g e s )
T h e c l o s i n g s t a t e m e n it n t h i s a r t i c l e i s v e r y n e c e s s a r tyo t h e s e b y l a w s
i f w e d o n o t w a n t th e IA GS DC to become an um br ellaor ganizationfor other
t y p e s o f cl u b s su ch a s cl o g g er sand non- squar edancingwester ndancer s.
H o w e v e r,I d o n 't th i n k th i s s tatem entis in the pr oper location of these
b y l a w s . I w o u l dl i k e t o h e a nt h e t h o u g h t so f o t h e r s o n a s u g g e s t e p dlace
t o r e - l o c a t e t h i s s t a t e m e nw t ith in the bylaws.
Article III
s u b s e c t i o n1 : ( n o c h a n g e s )
s u b s e c t i o n2 : d e l e t e " A s s o c i a t i o no f A m e r i c a "
s u b s e cti o n3 : d e l e te th e l a st phr ase"and ar e not per for minggr oupsor gr oups
th a t ma kea p p ear ances for pr ofit"
s u b s e c t i o n4 : ( n o c h a n g e s )
s u b s e c t i o n5 : ( n o c h a n g e s )
s u b s e c t i o n6 : ( n o c h a n g e s )
s u b s e c t i o n7 : ( n o c h a n g e s )
s e c t i o n2 a n d
s e c t i o n 3 a re o k b u t sh o u l db e m ovedto after the cur r ent sectior 4, thus
c a u s i n ga r e n u m b e r i nogf s e c t i o n s .
s e c t i o n4
s u b s e c t i o n1 : a d d " c l u b s " t o t i t l e
s u b s e c t i o n2 : a d d " c l u b s " t o t i t l e
a d d " a n d / o r "a f t e r q u a l i f i c a t i o n s 1 , 2 , a n d 3 a n d
add "and/"to qualification 4
s e c t i o n5 ( n o c h a n g e s )
D e a n ,f o r a l l ch a n g e sme n ti o n edaboveplease see the attachedcopy of pr opos ed
b y l a w sw i t h n o t e dc h a n g e s . A l s o , I b e l e i v e t h e s u b s e c t i o n s h o u l db e c a p t i o n e d
w i t h l e t t e r s n o t n u m b e rtsh r " o u g h t o ut ht e p r o p o s e d
b y l a w s ,i e s u b s e c t i o n1 = A , 2 = 8 ,
a n d 3 = C ,e t c . b u t I a mn o t p o s i t i v e a b o u tt h i s o u t l i n e f o r m a t .
I n t h e f u t u r e w e w o u l dl i k e t o d i s c u s so n l y o n e b y l a wA r t i c l e p e r n e w s l e t t e r
a s e a c ho f t h e r e m a i n i n ga r t i c l e s a r e l e n g t h l y a n d t i m e i s o n o u r s i d e w i t h
o v e r a y ea r b e fo re w e ca n a ctu ally vote uponany changes.
3 ) C t - U gI N T R OD U C T ION : i f and accur atediscr iption of t.lSD
A b re can be found
o n p a g e39 o f.Gu j d eMa g a zi n efr om the DenverRodeopr ogr am.( a copy is
also attached)l
4 ) AD D I T I0 N AIN L F OR MA T I0 TN h e: IAGSDC bannerlead the squar edancecontin gent
u p M a r k etS tre e t a t th e a n n u alSan Fr anciscoGayFr eedom DayPar ade& Cel ebr ati on.
D a n c e r si n c l u d e dm e m b e rf sr o m t h e f o u r l o a c a l c l u b s , F o g g yC i t y D a n c e r s M
, idnight
Sq u a r e s ,Ca p i to l C i ty S q u a re s,and l.lester nStar Dancer sas well as dancer sfr om
A n c o r a gA e l a s k a , S e a t t l e W a s h i n g t o na,n d V a n c o v eBr r i t i s h C o l u m b i aC
, anada.
T h e n i g h t b e fo re We ste rnS ta r held its annualpr e- par adedancewith caller
Va n y aL e ig h to na n d h a d o ve r 1 6 squar esin attendance.
T h e 4 t h of Ju l y a l so h o l d s fo n d memor ies
for the locals whoattendedthe a nnual
5 8 4 C A S T R OS T . S U I r E4 8 0 . S A N F R A N C T S C O
C.A 9 4 1 1 4 ( + 1 5 )8 6 4 - 6 1 3 4

p a g e3
p i c n i c o n A n g e l I s l a n d i n S a nF r a n c i s c oB a y . t l e a r l y 1 0 0 p e o p l ea t t e n d e d .
W ed a n ce do n th e -p e i r b e fo re the fgr r y left dock, we dancedon the fer r y ,
a n d w e d a n c e da l l o v e r t h e i s l a n d ( i n s i d e p r e - W o r l dW a rI b u i l d i n g s a n d -
o n t h e b e a c h e) s.
l ' / e s t e r nS ta r w i l l a l so b e h osting a r etr eat weekend in Septem ber .The
$ 5 0 . 0 0r e g i s t r a t i o n i n c l u d e sd a n c i n ga t a l I l e v e l s t o b o t i ' rI i v e c a l l e r s
a n d r e c o r d i n g s ,a l l m e a l s ,r u s t i c s l e e p i n gc o n d i t i o n sa n d l o t s o f f u n .
C a s a d e roi s a b o u n t2 0 mi n u tesNor th- W est of the RussianRiver r esor t area.
T h e d a te s a re S e p te mb e1r3 -15and ever yoneis invited. For mor e infor mati on
c o n t a c t u s d i r e c t l y a t : 5 8 4 C a s t r oS t r e e t # 4 8 0 ,S a nF r a n c i s c o ,C A9 4 1 1 4 .
5 ) F U T U RTEO P I C Sa:. m o n e yf o r t h e a s s o c i a t i o n - - s e p e r a ft reo m t h e c o n v e n t i o n
co mmi ttee. W eneedmoneyto oper atethis newsletter ,etc .
s u g e s t i o n sf o r f u n d - r a s i n g .
b . a d o p t i o no f s t a n d i n gr u l e s o r p o l i c y s t a t e m e n t tsh a t w i l l
h e l p m a k et h e b y l a w sw o r k , o n e e x a m p l ea n a p p l i c a t i o nf o r m
fo r n e wm emberand s for r enewals.
c. b a n n e r s- - whose can be hungat the convention,member&s
a sso ci atem emberonly? s Also the needto haveyou r banner
fi re -p r oofed.
d . i n c o r p o r a t i o no f t h e a s s o c i a t i o n .
e . s t y l i n g - - o n eo r t w o c a l l s p e r n e w s l e t t e r - - ar e g u l a r c o l u m n .
f. profits fromfuture conventions.
g . a s s o c i a t i o nh i s t o r i a n .

D e a n ,t he se a re th e i d e a s o f W ester nSatr Dancer sin my wor ds. I hopet hi s m eets

w i t h y o u r n e e d sa n d d e s i r e s f o r t h i s n e w s l e t t e r .I f c a n b e o f a n y f u r h t e r a s s i s t a n c e
p l e a s e l e t m e k n o w . F e e l f r e e t o c a l l S c o t t C a r e y( 4 1 5 / 8 6 4 - 6 1 3 o4 r) m y s e l f ( 4 1 5 /
6 2 1 - 3 9 9 0r)f y o u n e e da n y a d d i t i o n a l i n f o r m a t i o n .G- o o dl u c k .


lim6sR Ozan
i ch,
to th e IA GSDC


5 8 4 C A S T R Os T . S U T T E
4 8 0 . S A N F R A N C T S C. O
CA 94114 . ( + 1 5 )8 6 4 - 6 1 3 4


The name of this essotrietion shalI be the International Association of

Gay Square Dance Clubs.


Thir Association is a non-profit organization of equare dance clubs

whoge purposes are:
1. ro pronro#;'*t;f"n1 square danci ns.
z. To enhance tfre image of gay peopl"fff;(,gl! ,na".national Equare
dance c o m m u r r it y . r
Q r , < t y 7 o tI r - , ' , l y f l r J l r 1 9 o r , r c ^Ql n A A a , t o t ^ , r , , l e , - t l * ' t T 4 o l n l r ! t c l u r l . ! . r 1 , , , ^ b " , r l
3. To prevrdetra f orurn f-or the e;rchange. o{ id*as rnemb"."fLlr'lt-i"
clube "rongttfr,

4. To support and encourage the growth o{ itg mernbership.

5. To be policrtally active in those issues involving EqLrare dancing

in general. and speci{ically qay cquare dancing, where the Association
{eels it is pertinent or vital to the interestc of the member cIubs.

^7* {?n these Eytaw:. the terms "dance" or "dancers" are used solely tol
r € s p € , - t - r v r .I y . " s q r r a r e d a n c e , , o r ,,square dancers. ,,
lneanl -)
A F T T I C T - EI I I - m E F l t r L , R : ; i - ] l F '

Sectierr 1 - Requirements

Memberrhip requirementg are:

1. Ee a gry-oriented square dance cIub.

2. FoIlow the standard sqLrare dance programs as prescribed by


5. Be norr-profit in structutre and intenti that ig, member clcrbs e>lirt

{or social r recreattonal, and educetional purposes ar^C-*rc..*et.
-|. -^ i r
f or.lfn&n i nA Or_gJUUr
rfre *h,.-+ lljBf.
Fa-r c JnL
f fre{

4. Bc rthlcelly run 1n I non-competitlve spirit.

5. Has membership oPen to anyone regardless of race, religion, ethnic

bachground, rger genderr otr sa>lulI orientation.

6. Heve end maintain l memberrhip of.t JeaEt eight dlncerr.

7. Be rcsponsi.ble lor rending at least one Executive Boerd delegetr to

thr Annuel Board l.leeting.
Section p - Applicetion rnd Acceptence

-L s/$/rr
re A fclraral w;-itten rppl ication rnust be made to the E;recr-rtive Board.

?. Clcrbs .r,eeting all requirementg end receiving approval by the

Executive B o a r d r w i L I g r a n t e d a p p r o p r i a t e r n e m b e r s h i p u p o n payment of

Secti on
+ Renewal g

Alt member clubs are required to renew their mernberships no later than
the Annual E>lecutive Foard l''leeting. Reqrlirements f or reneyral of
membership are the tarne aE applications for new membership.

S e c t i r l r ,f l . ' i'lembership Categories

' t. Ful I l"lenrberc-lubr.

Full memlrership is granted to those clubs meeting all requirements for
m e m b e r e h ip .

? . A s s o c i a t e H e r n b e ra l u r b r
Associatet menrbership ls gfanted to those sguare dance clubs that arel
( 1) not ga:- ori ented, and lrl
-1?-\ run {or prof i t, 4r1I I
( I r ) p e r f o r m a n c e o n l y , a A d" 'llo t ^
(4'\ have. f ewer tharr eight a,tA/
( 5 ) l u n a L .I e t o h e r e p r e e e n t e d at tne Annuat E>:ecuti ve Board Heeting.

.' a. l nd: '. r d.,ral, l"lerrber
( Indrvldu;'l tnembershrp ir grented to each indivrdlral membe:- of a
full-rnembership club. tndivrdual memberE may participate as voting
, ,nlrnberr i n grneral meeti ngs o{ the Associ ati on. They have the ri ght to
' voic: their ideae and opinions to the Er:ecutive Board for
conridcretion through thrir club drlegate.

9rction 5 - Dues
/ Dusepare payable annually
jr each July 1. For new rpplications received
',. July I' duer r.riII bc pro-reted by half-rnonths to June SCr, The
' f l t T" o N N ta" r n o u n t i s d e t e r m i n e d annually by the E>:ecutive Board and will be based
-,/inrl upon memberrhip crtegorirr er f ol toers:
,tr" ,d
yili,rA. Full m:mber3 e flat rum plur e pcr-dencer rmount for each ef itr
o,{rn own m:mber e.
tl 2, Atsoc i ate menrber: e f I et rurn
3. Individual mernberi Asressed through thc full-nember club, with the
2 , m c m b c r c l u b r e s p o n r i b l a f o r p e y m c n t o f t h r p d u e s , n o t t h e i n d i v i dual
/, t -,/ nrmblr. ,

Tz," /;".'
, , t ' , r ,n t * ' /
1,. ,r

an tt''l'tj;

'Woetcra, Btar
Daaccrs (

Since March, 1982, Western

Star Dancershasgrown from is fivc
founding membersto a non-profit in-
corporatcdclub andclassofovcr 150
squrnc danccn. Atthough WSD is
prinrrity I Mainstncam Club, wc
offcr r complctc dancing prckegc
hom Basic lhru Plus, including con-
tinuous ycar-round instruction in
Basic, Mainstream and Plus, a
wcckly Wedncsdayclub Night dc-
votcd to Mainstream dancing, twicc
! monthly Friday nights dcvotcd to full
Plus dancing, and weekend Hoe-
downs about every sir wccks. Our
policy of building bridges betwecn
thc gay and straight community has
becn lergely successful;we havereg-
ularly ettcndcd many straight danccs
ts wcll u rcgiond and Statc conven-
tions whcre we havc cstablishcd a
growing rcputationfor quality danc-
; ing and friendliness,and we have at-
mcted a variety of local callen who
now call for WSD on a regularbasis.
It is our bope that this typc of rapport
wc ar€building in SanFranciscowill
pave thc way for our fellow clubs in
thc Association.
Western Star Dancrrs is proud
to be one of the founding rncmbcrs
of the lnternational Associuion of
Gay SquareDancc Clubs.O
:J -- *^!- 1



' 'ior' sCIr',re TIHE TnE BoARDHAs DrscussF:p rlre ruerp FoR A sTATETIENT
,4* BEcARDINe DAhlcE
'' '( Elif t d EN c o L , R Ae d poLlcy. THE punposE oF sucH A srATEf,rENTwoulD BE
a' W R O T E
' ,:. ADDflEssET DH E I s s u n . I t J p n E p A n I N or n l s p I E c E , I H A V Es p o K E Nt ^ l l T r . l
I . J U T ' I E R Q UPSE O P L E D I R E C T L Y I N V O L V E D N I T H T H E i l C f i L D O F S O U A N E D A N C I h I E ,
S T A T E o F C A L I F L i R N I A , A N D T H E E D I T O R B F S 0 U A R E D A N C I I . . I GH A I . I A Z I N E .
a' u F e i r.r- lr tr THALL r xE anr r cLEs r HAT HAVE APPEAR T - D
t{ N t l r d so u I TE t^ tH E R E 'rO
I N V A R I O U S S O U A R E D A N C I I . I GP U B I . I C A T I C I I i S , O R H A V E B E E N P U E I ^ I S H E D B Y
I N D I V I D U A L S D U R I N G T T I E P A S T 4 0 Y E A R s , I I O - O N E W I T H W I - I O I 'II S P O K E C A N
g R E C A L I - I I A V I N G S E L . N A P R I N ' I E D P O L I C Y R E G A R D I I I G L E ( . ' E L -O F l l A i \ C E .


,i, sHouLD Br... sHouLD THE srATErlrNT DEAL t^lrrri sTvLING-/ EVE{.ItiAND HoLDs
C A N B E C O N T R O V E R S I A L - _ S I . I B U L DW E U g E A N E A S T E R N O R I ^ I E S I E R N } . i A N D H O L D
. : - - I N O C E A T iH A V E S ? S F t C I t J L D T H E S T A T . T D A RH DA N D H n L D B E ' , R T G H T P A L | ' 1 S U P ,
I. L E F T P A ! - t 1 5 D t - l W N ' O R T l - i E B E L L E S . / L I E A U XC O N C E F ' T . W l l i : f ' l : H 0 U L D T F I E L E ( L E : : } . /
B E A U X C C I N I C ETP B E H [ i DI F I L D ?

) t ^ l ' r l A ' fA B O U ' F S H I N G I I ' l G n N E ' 5 P A R T l . i L . R . S l - l i l t r L D A D A I . I , I L . RP l ' l ' iS i C A L L Y S T J I N C H I S

P A R T N E R O R S H U U L D l ' t E S I H P L Y R A I S E 1 . 1 i 5 i ' l A i ' l D r \ N D t I A I T F t - . r Rf l I S P A R I - ' ' 1 i - - fTi O
T U R I ' { B E | ] F A T H H i S R A I S E D H A | . I D . t i } l i : N i , , :A e Vil.l0-lf-iE-liIFle SHUIJl-DDA}.IL:lis D0 A
) , P A T T Y C A K E , A S D C JH T J S Th J E S T E R NS T A I I I } A I J C E I I 5 , S , i I ] I I - I L DD A I \ J C [ R 9 B L I ; " I P} - t i P S
I , J H I C I - II 5 C C I ' I M O Nt ^ I I T H I J E L L A C G I - I A I F i I E DI J A N C E R ST H I ? O L I G I I O U T H E B A Y A K E A
I J R S I 1 O U L I JD / i I T I C E R Sl l T i l , C U R T S Y , A I { D H E S I T A T E C I N T I - I E F I R S T I J E A T O F - T H E


A C C E P T E D I I Y T H t : C L U B C I R W D ' - I L D I T n E I A h I O R E I I A g T i l E W E S ' I s i t l ' . IS T A R P C L I C Y
O I . I T A G T J I N G I S F R E O U E I . I T L YI G N I ] R E D . T I I E S E A R E J U S T A I . 4 I T { I i ' I U I 4C F T H E
" ' H I C } JC O I ] L D B E A D D R E S 5 E D .
!f--p_Al:rg-E1sro PAR_IICIPef_E-.-_El_'l:jtrl(ABlJ
FLOORLE'JF:L, Wl]flg_ NgT_l1INnEgIllQ.-j_4!fi8__SKILLEn nAllCERs f,rltR ItiTIt'lIDATll.JG
L''E-gs_E-Sr-tt=-Eq_..o-nlr-q_rlsH0PEFULLY, rHrs r^rout_DPtSl/,IpF a[L ii,qrrrcERs-&u-ft
) Ii J L t r o R rL ,F l rrY ro T N C R E A IIE
_ruqlJL_gtqr r,rriuLosE ro
runrxrn cnNSrDERArroN
A S S I S T D A N C E R S I N F E E I - I T . ] OH O R E C D I 4 F C I R T A B L E [^]ITH DDD, APD, AI.ID IN
') I ] E C O T 4 i I . I EF I D A N S U A L S , I F T H A T I 5 T I - i E I R O F J E C ] . I V E .


'a i . -,''i -;
" '
':.. '{ ""
.!' I'. .:
.t .:.. ..
E F T I I ' I E B E F C I R EP R O C E E D I N G T O T H E N E X T I . I I G H E R L E V F L O F D A N C E .
O F T I . I O Y E A R g O F H A I N S T R E A T , I( B A S I C A N D H A I N S T R E A T , IC L A S S F R O F I C I E N C Y , ,
I T F A I L S T O H E E T T I . I E S P E C I F I C N E . E D s O F } 4 O 5 T I ' 4 E I " | E E RO SF
\ ' :,'
t! .THE
T I { I S I 1 E A N S K N O I , J I N OT H E D E F I I . J I T I C I N A N D I . I A V I N G A G D [ , D C O H P R E H E N S I O T {
;t E_ocHDArJCERstlg1lL!*JjAVE_A'eBOD--rJN
ffi=TilET nE rs rrj KN'H T H E P R E C I S E C A L L E R L A B
\.lt ,-

T H E B A S I C S l ' t E f 1 DT O B E C O N T I N U A I . L Y S T R E $ E D A S T H E Y A R E E X A C T L Y T H A T - -
)". T l ' t E D A S I C S - * F O R l - l l G l " { t r RL F V E I - S O F D A l . l C E . T l t E 5 9 B A S I C A l { D M A I N S T R E A } i
{. -fHt:
Al'jD l'1AINS'fll!:Al'1l'liivEP;f-tJl"S. l..i:ARNif'.lGTFJE CriLl- Di:F INITIT'it,J CORFiECTLY
5l'iOL,LD RFj COl.lII!'JtJALl-Y STF:ELjSi::DtJi-fH BilTl{ t'.lL,fJAf{D t'lCnE EXiiERiENCED
nAf.lli:Fg. THE DAI'ICt--Ft^il'10lji'il'i-.i]STA.flD5 TI-JAT t-lNIAR CYCL.E IS HII'JC;E-FOLD-
t -fFiAN
PA'iLi-PEEl. RATi'll:R t l t i C ' / ( ! - [ " / r l ' i D - A - C I U A R I F f ? -I I O R E t ^ J I L L .f ' J R O l A I i t , Y B B T H
F-hiJOY ITAnICINC:i'lf:lf?tsAhlD DE t,i,.CO{.}l'.i12}_O 45; A nf:ITER DANCE PAR'l-}iER
THE l^JE{--;l'i:Rl.J 5l'All rlF-l'iBLR i^JlJtiCCf'll'it-NTEDTHAI' FiE Ell*.rOYFD 'HARD B/iSIC5'
., l',Jt\$COI'lliUi'liCAl Il'ie FAR MiltiE /+lrCUl' ill"lA1" UUFt Lrrr.r.lCE t-EVEL AliD ABILITY
C A f i B E f H r \ N l ' l / r l { Y O A h i C E R SR F - r r t . i Z F L .






Monday, August I2, l9B5

7230 p.m.
Chris Anderson and Bob Bell-viIle's home

L Approval of Minutes of July 22 meeting as distri-buted earlier.

2. Treasurer' s RePort

(a) Tabled action of Prior month

(b) JuIy RePort.

3. IAGSDC Report

3. IAGSDC Representation Policy (see 3 attached proposals)

4. Member Applications

5. Level of Dance PolicY

6. Board Self-AnalYsrs

7. Other Busincss

B. Next Board meeting

Oaits / r/*

fug.4 /*

i . ' i f ! l i ' i i : . . r : r i t .:. , : ' ' l :i : l : . t . i j t l i l i : , i ' ! t r i l i : . l , l f l l . i i . t . , : lf:::, i l . i : l i : r t . , , : i l j { :

'.: ::,a.i. i. i.r.r|.t i i . r :1 . r , . r .r ;1 . . L t . i ; . ! , , , ' t .f , : I iIlit _

,.: i'r,'l::' r.'r. l"iii i...J..l::.l'.

'i' .iii'.; l , ' : , i - , . . . . 1 i ri . i l i ' i . i : : i i J - 1 : 'i,i ' l : : . i l i : ' , , : . ; t : l l . l f i i : it :i : j i i . i . . . t t i l l l[.:i

i,li:1.' Iljiiillii,li liil:: i+i;;,;1!iii::iii iiriJ, r::ii l,.l!jri.,li i.i.i,ir:: il'1i,, i.!l::i,.1
, : r , . i . ' : . . ' 1 . i ,i :111 . .i ! t i : . . i .f ; l lil.i | .l i: :..'.


|,;! ! ! . 1I : l.ii I'i::il i r i : l : . l i r ' . . | i " , : ' l r . l r ' : ! ' j :. i : , i i i, i l i : r J..rj [:.-i., reSpeCl
i i i . r i . r i r i ; r , ' i f i i : i L . i l L . 4 i l i l ' , i : i i . L , . L . i l i j ; : . i r: .: l: J | - l . ' , i l : 1 . .". f

, . i : i , : : . r i . - i J , , 1 , t . ,
Bob Bellvil le B/l /85

F . i - i F i - ,: l f [ , i:tiFf ]GE':, Tii THa

Er1'_ LHl.,.l::
C,i t f,;
l, rE ': T E F'f i ': irT F
[i'-if ,ii E tr':

B., Add t fi E f tr'l I ':'r'.ri rr ':r :

H e ' = . f r * = . 1; -. rl l F F f r r ' P E . p r - r tc ' r ' d e l e o e t e a . u t F rc , r ' i t , ' ' t c , r ' e F r . p E p F rt

t , . l e : t p r ' r r S ;t a r f r s r rr e r ' : irr rt: d e i i i r i c r E v . r i t l - i c ' t l - rF r - E . H e . " = h E E l - ar l l
e F F , c ,i r r t c ' r ' d e l e e E t E . 3 . u t f r , : , r ' i t - t r I ' a . C , E , c , it r r a l l 't'tfrEr'fnrrmitEF f , e r ' . = t r , .r=r a . =
rr*eded. T l - r* A d n r i r r i _ . t r - ; t C , r n r. 3 . : ' f , r , l r . , . i C , t F C t T rn r , i t t e r _ = t r r . C , re_l -. 1 rt t , e { , : r p tfr F
f r ' 1 ' ; , . ; . f l- . ' l [ i i r e c t ; ' r . : . irr c;-=F ,],i .i ti*.

7.. r - i l : r 1 IS ; T H l ' l T * t i f . i l t ' . j l E T F . i T t _ t F t

a., Ad,J tfre c,iiice n+ ii::i:t-.'.rr t n ' : i r 'i r r i : i - r - = , l r : , t - . i E i r : ,l l , _ - r r . , r ! !

Thp rr'=:i:tarrt Admini:.tra.tor m u E t t e s . F E c , i n t e d i r . ' : n , a r , o n . J t F rF

r r€ ! . r l r r ' e l e c t e d m e n r t ' e r ' = c ' { t f r e E a a r d t , , r h c ,r , J e r p e l e c t e d iri !ep'lerrrber. c,f
t l - r e i ' E - r r i f i r , . r li -crh the ar,Eointmerr t iE rrra'Jp. The As.s.istarr t,r
= . F r al l . a E t a = . H d n ri r i i e . t r ' F . t r - ' r t r i l - ri : . . , ' h e r a b E e r r c e c r r ' i r r c a g , a c i t ) ' . He.e.he
s.hall b , e l i a = . c ' n t , E t t , . t e E n t h e I r r t e r r , ; . l 1 g , n - r .1 A : . : c , c i - i t i o n a+ G.:i':-iqua.r.F
[ie.nce f:]ubs a.rrd i/.le:.ter'rr 5;ta.r' Lra.Trcer:.r crr deleeate a r'epreE.prrtatir,e tc'
the Internatic, Assc'riatic,n. L , . r i t f , t h F a E , E t r ' L - ' , . . rca, lf t h e A d n , i n i s . t r a t , : , r .
Stamper B/l /85

Annotated Proposal for

Policy Statement No

R E P R E S t r N T A T I O NT O T H E I N T E R N A T I O N A L A S S O C I A T I O N

Annotation P rcrno qed Pn l 'i r-rz

The nrr rncrqe o E th i s

nrnnnqal is, lo Cfeate
A q\/q l-em For Sef eC tiOn
of the WSD representa-
tion to the IAGSDC
which will allow for
flexibility, club
participation, Board
i-nr'i- :nrl ^ ^ St i t i O n

-^hJ- i n r r i ] _r z


The Tnternational Association of Gay Square Dance

Clubs ("IAGSDC" and "the Association") By-Laws
requires each member club to appoint a representa-
tive to the Associ-ation to act as a liaison betwecn
it and the member club and to serve on the
Executive Board of the Association. Western Star
Dancers rs a member of the Association. Because
the Association conducts its busi-ness at meetings
in conjunction with the annual convention, repre-
sentation cannot be fixed to an annual calendar


The purpose of this policy statement is to establish

a formaJ- procedure for the selection of the Western
Sta r reprcsentation to b.he TAGSDC, define the
responsibilities, and set the tenure for such

.Lto'ut cf 'L-u't'':-16'"
By dealing with 1. T h e , 1 G . i * * bs h a l f appoint the following
appointment of a back- posltrons as soon as possiblc after the adoption of
up, the Board is able this policy, and the positions wilf be filled at
to know what will al1 times thereafter accordinq to the schedules
i-mmediately happen outlined bel_ow.
during an unfulfilled
term--Iike having a (A) ( synonymously referred ro
vice president. Not as "delegSt!.")
Stamper 8/7 /85
Page two

(B) Assistant Representative (synonymously

.raving the Position _
of an alternate defined referred tolE- f ternate de1egate")
puts the Board rn a
position of reactrng
to the inevitable
rather than Preparrng
for it at some Point
in time.
'l'ne IJOaro or
Allows only current 2. Criteria
Club members, not ni rer.1-rlrs
u!rsuuvrr mav :nnni
*I-y" nt anw Club member who it con-
siders is qualified to fulfill c'i fher nosition.
potential members

Allows individual 3. Nominees: Persons considered for both positions

e x p r e s^s-r (i )^n^ I g r o u p may be bro"ql-tt to the attention of the Board by any
action, and Board of the following methods:
exnressi on--all of
which have a verifiable (A) Self-nomination in writing or vocally to
source upon which to any one Board member.
act, not just guess-
.i-^- +l--+
rnq cnat solrteone nlay (B) Written nomination to the Cl ub administrator
be interested. which rs signed by at least five Club members other
For subparagraph (B), than the nominee for consideration.
five could be any
rumber deemed to be (C) Suggestion o f a n y t w o B o a r d members who
An A
* _n
v Fn r r l n r i a t e Vo]-ce have verified that the Club member is willing to
[or group acLion. serve in the stated position.

In a social setting, 4. Tenure:

it is too difficult
to tell someone lnis/ (A) Representative. Serves from the time of
her efforts, although 'ppointment until the close of the immediately
done with good inten- following IAGSDC convention.
sions, may nol be
* rn_nvr- e c i a t e r J Not (B) Assistant Representative. Serves from the
allowing the repre- time of appolntment to- the cfose of the immcdiately
sentative to succeed folJ-owing IAGSDC convention. At the close of that
him/hersel f, aIlows convention, immediately assumes thc position of
the current Board to Representative. A new Assistant Representative will
tolerate less-than- be appointed within two months of the close of that
desi rahl e nai:formanCe
_Y"' conventlon. Addj-tionaIly, should the fuff term of
for a shorter period the Representative not be fulfilled, the Assistant
of time. Representative automatically becomes the Represen-
A new Board has the f ati rze t _h r o t i c r h tha cnmnl a{-i gn 6[ the CUf rent term
opportunity to redirect and an Assistant wiII be appointed , ,ry process of
the influence that the this policy, ds soon as possible.
Rep, as a member of
the IAGSDC Executive
Rnrrd m:\/
r Lr qf
h-1ve in the

ri r-f q nAr'l-i:l -rzo:r

appointments to
n a r f i a I - r z e ar tenure .
Page three Stamper 8/7 /85

lf a nersrlnts actual
interest is the Associ-
ation connection, then
'i-he nFrsr-ln r-^n Ser.Ve
Ac Pen ^na \/ea1. and
Asst. Rep. the next,
: hA f l-ran r^n^et the
cycle. At the same
+ i ma +u lr-rrun ^llrrent
Board doesnot have
rr-lf r:-l n n n - r a r-
apporntments of a pre-
vious Board with which
to contend.
Bv harrino fhe Asst.
become the Rep. , the
Board is not under
t r e m e n d n r r q _r Yr r' .e S s u r c
fo Finrl a Ren.
r \ ey ! for
fhe r-omincl \/car
because an Asst. Rep.
will have been chosen
r . r .+
i h *vvr -i rte delib-
In section (b), "by
,rocess of this policy"
raFr^rq 1_n n:rAoranh ?

of Procedures.

You appointed them; 5. Removal: ErLher incumbenL may be removed by

you can remove them. action of the Board of Directors for iust cause.


"Faithfully" means (A) Representative. Shall faithfully express

no rndividual to the Association the thoughts of Western Star
emotionalism. Dancers through hts/her communi_cations with the
general membership and/or the Board of Directors.
S (he) shall comply with all requirements of the
IAGSDC j-n keeping Western Star Dancers an i-ntegral
part of the Association. s (he) shall also reqularrv
consult with the Assistant Representative on matterl
of correspondence to the Association and decisions
rn order to prepare the Assistant Representative
for future responsibilities.

"Whenever designaLed" (B) Assistant Representative. Shall be ready

covers unfulfilled to assume the responsibilities of Ronraqanfrfirro

terms and normaf whenever desiqnated.

rssumption of Rep.
D:da fnrrr Stamper B/7 /85

Board of Directors Status:

The Ren- musl- have (A) Representative. Shall be an ex-of f icj-o

first-hand knowledge member of the Board of Directors of Western Star
of the decisions of Dancers and is expected to regularly attend
the Board in order Board meetinqs. If not an elected member of the
to formufate communi- B o a r d , h e / s h e s h a - I l h a v e n o r i q l-l - L t - o g & i e f d i s c u s -
cations to the Asso- s i o n s a t - B o a r d m e e r . in r r s r i n . le s s % f f i e . nv the
ciation on behalf of pres iding of f icer. As an ex-of f i-cio member,
the Cl-ub. The Rep. s (he) is expected to maintain all levels of confi-
cannot be a required dence expected of all elected members.
B o a r d m e m b er - E e c a u s e
o F t h e u n n a r a LI e l (B) Assistant Representative. Is not an
terms of the WSD ex-offici O attends Board
Rv-T,aws for Roard meetingfikt'ltfre request of the Board as communicated
..- 1\ ,t
members and the throuqh the' administrator.
Flexihilil-rr needed
between conventlons.

Ito: B of D

re; Board Elections

Rtss caIled ne today t-o request an octension of the ncrninating process

for one additional veek. He feels that tie opening night cannot count
as tlrc volunteer ccrnn-ittee was not in place unti-l- the tail end of the
evening and that the announcenents coverilg this subject appeared to
him to be "chaotic".

I am calling for a Board neeting noct wednesday night to decide the

issue. If agreeable, I r."ould furtlrer propose that t,e postpone the
Ceneral neeting frcrn the night of Sept. 11. I strongly believe that
Ceneral neetings should be kept clear of the election process. This is
a corollarry to the recent Board decision not to prcnrrte or encourage

I have asked Russ to confirm to us that the Election trtee is in

agreenent with his proposal.

Because the elections are so central to the foundation of tlre Cl-ub,

I personally r^,ould be jn favor of his proposal, even tho I hate the


Monday, August L2, 1985

PRESENT: Chris Anderson, Bob Bellville, Bryan Finch, Claire Meisel,

James Ozanich, Freeman Stamper

ABSENT: Scott Carey

ATTENDING EX-OFFTCIO: Jim Blevins, Bill Habeck

A discusslon of the Minutes of the July 22, I9B5 meeting

of the Board of Directors was opened. Claire noted that i-rer name

was misspelled on paqe 4. It was also noted that the vote of Don

Mayou's membershjp woufd have to be incorrect, as the total exceeded

seven. Freeman Stamper indicated that the notes were in a previous

^ !L^C ^I I U
J yqu
I ^--'
qllu would have to check the notes after the meeting.

hiith the correction of these two items, the Minutes were approved

as distributed prior to this meetinq. lsecretary's note: A check

of the shorthand notes of the July 22 meeting revealed that the

vote was 5 to l, with one abstention.l


The Treasurer's Report for the prior meeting was brought

to the floor to resolve the unanswered question of negative income

figures during the tirst six months of 1985. It was explained that
qnan ia I arranf g SUCh aS the CaZadefO retreat are "nettt aCCOUntS.

Deposi-ts and advance expenses for these types of activities create

negative balances until the revenues begin. A motion was made,

seconded, and carried that the Treasurer's Report of July 22 be

No July report was available because of the change of

personnel handling the treasurer's duties and the early date in

Auqust of the Board meeting. Jim Blevins as introduced as the

"tentative" treasurer, since he has been offered the appointment

but has not officially accepted. Jim indicated that he had reviewed

J-ha -rrrronl- -rOCedgreS and aCcoUnting SyStem and believed there

r.rn'rlr'1 l-.o nnlrz minr-,r r-hancreS that he WOUId make. He Stated that he

would expect an audit in the not-too-distant future because of our

an1_ ininet-od non-Drof i f. incornelrntion and 1 _ a v - aUv1 A\ 9m


Because of this, he stressed the need for careful documentation of

receipt .rnd expenscs and stated that he would prepare written pro-

cedures to eliminate historical problems. Since no report was

-iTr and Chris
rJ Ll Anderson indicated that there did not

appcar to be any cash []ow problcms at the present time.


James Ozan-ich indicated that he had received the first

newsletter from the Association and that a copy would be placed on

the literature table at Club niqht. In connection with the

correspondence to the IAGSDC which was attached to Minutes of the

July 22 meeting, Freeman Stamper noted that official communications

rrnm +ho r-l"h/Board did not seem an appropriate venue for personal

comments which has been expressed. The point was taken. There

\ ^ 7 a aa n i ^ a r r i - y about why, in Article III, Section 1(3) , the phrase

ttAnci ft ' nl -ar l1- + m
a lr ve
u fnr.v) Lf n
peu r! !F c l r m i n c r a
y -r Jr rUr p
l tSn q a trr
O f l rr o^ ul tpnsq
g m :a1K2e^ a- hp nl -a_r*r _a n ^ a Far

nrnfi+trhrrl l-een defeted fi:om what the Board had authorized when

the draft was submitted to the Association before the Denver

August L2, l9B5 -2

convention. ft was explained that, upon second review of the WSD

proposed By-Law changes, cieletion of the phrase in this section

and inclusion of the phrase i-n the "Assocj-ate Member Clubs" section

better represented the spirit of the intention to place a restric-

tion upon for-pro Fi h clubs. It was Lhe opinion o f- the m aj o r i t y of

the Board members present that the Association should continue to

restain from offerinq fult membership in the Association to clubs

who exist for profit and are consistently paid for performances.

James stated that he would keep the discussion in mind for future

discussions with the Association.

IAGSDC qgt t_q! t_9!-_P_o

Bgp.1e_ I i cy
After discussion of the three proposafs submitted to the

Board, it was agreed to use the proposal submitted by Freeman

as the basic document for discussion at this meeting. That proposal

is attached to these Minutes and, by reference, is made a part of

the Minutes. The following revjsions were approved to the draft:

Procedure - 1. positions: strike everything after the

phrase "the following posltions."

Nominees: strike sub-paragraphs at b, and c and change

the sentence to read: "Persons considered for both positions may

be brought to the attention of the Board by either self-nomi-nation

or nomination of another Club member. "

Tenure: This section was discussed to where a consensus

was reached and Chris Anderson and Freeman Stamper were requested

to rewrite the section to conform to that consensus. This action

was taken because of the lateness of the hour.

August 12, l9B5 -3

Dutles - (B) Assistant Representative: Add the last

senLence from sub-paragraph a, rewording it as appropriate.

Board of D i-rectors Status - (a) Representative: Strike

!l--^ ^^^^*.1
Lrrs -svvrlu >srlt'€r)Ce .

A motion was made, seconded, and carried that the draft

proposai as amendcd be adopted.


It was agreed that, oo the next printing of the Membership

Applicatjon form, the phrase "from date or apprication" would be

deleted from the instructions side, ds the existing policy can be

i-nterpreted as being a different period of time.

There were no additional concerns expressed with the

pending applications which had not been previouslv discussed.


After review of the discussion submitted by Bryan Finch,

rho I l n : r r 1 u-Y^ -ra' e d that defining the level of dance for the Club was

more difficult than a policy statemenL.. It was agreed that Bryan's

submission should be published in the next issue of the newsletter

and that the best way to maintain a competent level of dance for

the Club was through periodic publrcation of articles in the news-



The matter was tabled because of the absence of Scott

and he had requested the matter be placed on the Aqenda.

August L2, l9B5 -4


I. Tupperware Party. Claire Meisel reported that the

fund-raising event was tentatively set for September 28.

2. Board Action on Membership Applications. It was

aqyreed that the Minutes wJ-lI refl-ect Board action upon membership

applications as either "carried" or "not carried."

3. Class Statistics. Chris Anderson reported that 24

nonnl o nnmnl -ted enrOllment fOrmS fOr BaSiC and 28, fOr: MainStream.

A total of 48 have paid. It was noted that we need 57 in the com-

bined classes to break even. It was also noted that the loss would

be even c_Jreater if we do not continue to conduct split classes

because there would be no Basics class when the current Basics

class goes to Mainstream. There was discussion of the problems

with conducti-nq split classes and it was the consensus of this Board

to recommend to the next Board that it consider not conductincl split


4. San Jose Connection. Bryan noted that Darrell Anderson

had expressed concern about the lack of communication between the

newly formi-ng San Jose club and himself as "point man" for Western

Star. There was a brj-ef discussion and Cl-aire agreed to speak with

the San Jose qroup.

5. Legal Update. Freeman reported that the Federal

.i hart t-roa- rnnr6ygll
tax exemnf on *IJy! . A l L hL rOr vUu \rJrr hr fuhr reu Sl-al.p
JLqug has
rruJ o r i cf r\ Ji !nI Iaq lI I )
ut lv

denied our State tax exemption, we are submittinq as new evidence

the Federal exemption. fn the meantime, because of the time lapse

awaiting the state tax exemption, the secretary of state has

returned our original Articles of Incorporation and fitinq fee.

August L2, I9B5 5-

There is no difficulty in re-submitting the Articles, but we are

waiting for further deter:mination of the Franchise Tax Board.

6. Cazadero. Bob Bellville reported that the schedule

for Cazader:o had been developed and that Johnny Kozel would be

utllized about t hours and Doug Clark. about 4-L/2 hours. He also

reported that fees for these two callers are within the guidelines

of the Board.


The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors will be

, r , r r a c r:rrl r e o n r Le\ p f u g ; 24, 7:30 p.m. at hOme Of

r veF/ the ChriS AnderSOn and

Bob Bellville-

Respecttul Iy submitted,

" .4' 'L

. , :i..'--_27 r i- , - ._.,t.*!,', t:'-t!-
Fornnman (J_nmnor'
r vuurrrt,vL f rQuo
v LnurLac ]a .J a rrr

August 12, l9B5 -6

Stamper B/1 /85

Annotated Proposal for

Pni i r-w Stafement No.


Annotation Drnnnqad - n-l* - ir ry


Tl-ra nrrrnne6 ^f thiS

nrr-rnnsa'l is to Create
A a \J/ q .J l - L
aLmr l r ca'l aaf i nn
a D !f V n! r )gagu Lrvrl

of the WSD representa-

tion to the IAGSDC
which will allow for
€] ^ . , . i 1 ^ . i1 . i + . , c lub

nrri-icinal-inn Rn:rrl

i nnrrt - and nclsition

^^n+ i nrr i f rz


The International- Association of Gay Square Dance

Clubs ("TAGSDC" and "the Association") By-Laws
rcquires each member club to appoint a r:epresenta-
tive to the Association to act as a li-aison between
it and the member club and to serve on the
Executive Board of the Association. Western Star
Dancers i-s a member of the Association. Because
the Association conducts its business at meetings
in conjunction with the annual conventj-on, repre-
sentation cannot be fixed to an annual calendar


The nr'rrn.)qA ni J-hie n nlinrz

yvfrvl statement is to establish
a formal procedure for the selection of the Western
Star representation to the IAGSDC, define the
rpqn^nqi h'i 1 i +i oq rnd co# the tenure for such
repre senta ti-on .

3.-.-r/ e/4;44'd4L
By deallng I. Positions: T h e trGl*rb
with r G t = + $ h a l 1 qaopoin'
s : ny tn/ nU' fi nf +].rn €al'l ar.r-i nn
rr L LrrE rL-/.Lt-L-,w11lg

appointment of a back- positions as soon as possible after the adoption of

up, the Board is able this policy, and the positions wiII be filled at
to know what will alI times thereafter accordinq to the schedul-es
immediately happen outlined befow.
rrrng an unfuf f illed
-erm--1ike having a (A) Bepregentative (synonymously referred to
vice president. Not as "defegate )
Page two Stamper B/7 /85

having the Position (B) Assistant Representative (synonymously

of an alternate defined referred to as "alternate delegate")
puts the Board j-n a
^^-i+i^- n€

to the inevitable
rather than PreParing
for it at some
in time.

Allows only current 2. Criteria for Appointment: The Board of

Club members, not oirectors m a y a p p o l n t a n y C I u b member who it con-
nntenfial membefS siders is qualified to fulfill either position.

Al-1ows indi-vidual 3. Nominees: Persons considered for both positions

expression, group may be 6rought to the attention of the Board by any
ar-f inn -
qrru Roard of the following methods:
exnression--aff of
which have a verifiable (A) Seff-nomination in writing or vocally to
source upon which to any one Board member.
a-f n^+ g u es s -
fng rnar someone may
i '.^ !l^-! (B) Written nominatj-on to the Club administrator
be interested. which is signed by at least five Club members other
For subparagraph (B), than the nominee for consideration.
five could be any
number deemed to be (C) Suggestion of any two Board members who
an appropriate voice have verified that the Club member is willi-nq to
rt ^o- r g r o u p a- ^c+ r l - o n . serve in the stated position.

In a social- setting, 4. Tenure:

it is too difficult
to tell someone h:..s/ (A) Representative. Serves from the time of
rt tr ee rr o fr
u fr nv rLf L J t c --l f l.^"^.|.
-,ppointmenf-unTfl--tIe close of the immediate]y
done wi fh cY "r"n o d i n t e n - following IAGSDC convention.
sions, ildy not be
appreciated. Not (B) Assistant Representative. Serves from the
allowing the repre- time of affiointment to the close of the immediatety
sentative to succeed following IAGSDC conventj-on. At the cl-ose of that
him/herself, allows convention, immediately assumes the positj_on of
the current Board to Representative. A new Assistant Representative wilt
tol-erate Iess-than- be appointed within two months of the close of that rahl c n erfgyp6ng6
vvt convention. AdditionalIy, should the full term of
for a shorter period the Representative not be fulfilted, the Assi_stant
of time. Representatj-ve automatically becomes the Represen-
A new Board has the tative through the compl_etion of the current term
opportunity to redirect and an Assistant wilI be appointed, by process of
the inffuence that the this policy, dS soon as possible.
R.p, as a member of
the IAGSDC Executive
Board, mdy have in the
Restri r-tq n:rl- i: I - r Jr ou a
appointments to
partial-year tenure.
Page three Stamper B/7 /85

Tf a person's actual
-nterest is the Associ-
ation connection, then
the p e r s o n c a n s e r v e
as Rep. one y e a r a n d
Asst. Rep. t h e n e x t ,
and then repeaf the
r : w r : le - At the Same
f ime - f he c'rrrrent
, ur.v

Board does not have

ul tra- long-range
appointments of a pre-
vious B o a r d w ith which
to contend.
Rrz harrino f he Asst.
become the Rep., the
Board is not under
i-remendorrs nreSsure
l-n f ind e Ren. fOr
f he r:omi no veaf
because an Asst. Rep.
wi]I have been chosen
with appropri-ate delib-
In section (b), "by
nrnnaqa nf l-h i q nr-rl i r-rzrt
aFarq {-n nAr^nranh ?

,f Procedures -

You appointed them; 5. Removal: Either incumbent may be removed by

you can remove them. action of +l-^ Board of Directors for iust cause.


"Faithfully" means (A) Representative. Shal-1 faithfully express

no individual to the Association the t h o u g h t s o f W e s t e r n Star
emotiona I i sm. Dancers through iris/her communications with the
general membershrp and/or the Board of Directors.
S (he) shaII comply with aII requirements of the
IAGSDC rn keeping Western Star Dancers an integral
part of the Association. S (he) shall also regularly
consult with the Assistant Representative on matters
of correspondence to the Assoclation and decisions
in order to prepare the Assistant Representative
for future responsibitities.

"Whenever designated" (B) Assistant Representative. Shall be ready

covers unfulfilled to assume Representative
terms and normal whenever designated.
assumption of Rep.
,!.i ^^
CL{ -A =Tm
I InI /aEr ! A
e / / 1 t / e/ JQ . q
Page four D

Board of Directors Status:

The Rep. must have (A) -Representative. Shall be an ex-of f icio

fj-rst-hand knowledge member of the Board of Directors of Western Star
of the decisions of Dancers and is expected to regularly attend
the Board in order Board meetinss. f f not an el-ected member of the
to formulate
to the Asso-
on behalf of
Board, he/she shall

presidinq off icer.

have no rig
sions at Board meetings unless wffitr,i'ii:=-
As an ex-of f l"cio member,
the C1ub. The Rep. s(he) is expected to maintain al-I Ievels of confi-
cannot be a required dence expected of all elected members.
Board membcr i:ecar,rse
of the nnnAra ll-eI (B) Assistant Representative. Is not an
terms of the WSD ex-officio,me A attends Board
By-Laws for Board meetingJjk?fthe request of the Board as communicated
."1\ t
members and the throuqh the' administrator.
flexibitity needed
between conventions.


Wednesday, August 28, t9B5

PRESENT: Chris Anderson, Bob Bellville, Scott Carey, Bryan Finch,

Cl ai ra Ma i qol . . S- f - .a-n, , t p e r

ABSBNT: James Ozanich

A specia] meeting of the Board of Directors was convened

at B:10 p.m. at CIub night on Auqust 28. The followinq items were



Scott reported that Russ King, oo behal-f of the Elections

Committee, had requested that the election period be moved forward

one week, since the nominations were opened so late in the evening

on August 2L and the announcement covering this subject appeared to

be chaotic . A motion was made, seconded, ancl carried tl-rat nomina-

tions would remain open through September 4, that balloting would

occur on September 1l and lB, and that the General Membership

Meeting woufd be rescheduled from September l1 to September 18.


Scott Carey presented the attached proposed policy ()n

outside Club presentations and by this reference, it is incorporated

as a part of these Minutes. It was his suggestion that this be

the official response of the Board to the letter which had been

received from four members expressing concern over the awkwardness

of the participation of Western Star Dancers at the fundraiser at

the Rawhide II on Auqust 16. There was extended discussion about

Ju f-r hu o Roarjrq 6prnanfinn nf the intent Of the letter tO the BOard and

!L rI t^E ^ ^^r^^nFi
^r of
u! tu hl r se m
r r r ger rm b! Je r s
rvL aS
qJ tL ov tL hl r ge intent
rltLgrlL of
vr S c o f t - r so
uuvuu nersona

\ ^ r r i t _1 A
_ n rAqn.\nSe. On mOtiOn made, Seconded, and Carried, the BOard

vnf ed J_o srrnnort Scottt s f ef ter ctf resnonse aS an of f i r-i a'l resnonse

of the Board.

However, ds an official response to the issues raised in

the letter from the members, it was agreed that the attached pro-

nOqr.rl nnl ir-rz }urEa r r r a gc D

a nE{r-l nL zglu }L6v lL_l hl uC ffrrnArAl aJ. m
i l rogmi lhLaUr q
ght Di t r f y n A
lJvruu I/vrluJ l/l YurlEr o L+ lL- thl o
L nt rr (osost L- it nl tnv

of September 18 with a statement of the background and most recent

cvents leadinq ho this proposed policy.

The meeting adjourned at B:57 p.m.

Respcctfully submi tted,

*J;I +/-
/'. - / ,; ..
i'. r?' lt t{ r,
L ;v \.L. t t2' (4-, . f /' .r (, ,' / - t -
+\e /
trtrnomtn I Q J - a m n
vuu'rrtJv!, a r uQgount rLaLl q
>Lr tJt

August 28, l9B5 -2



Definition of terms: Although it is just a question of semantics,

since l.iestern Dancers does not have an esLablished requl-arly
practicinqr qroup for exhibition purposes, alI activities of an
exhibition or demonstration nature wiII be refemed to as "Presenta-

Requests for WSD Presentations: All requests for participation

of WSD at an event must be submitted to the Board of Directors.
The Board will determine the most suitable type of presenLation
and shall appoint one or more Board members who shall be responsible
for the presentation. The Board retains the right to decline an
invitation if it deemed to be in the best interest of the Club.
Proposals for participat,ion should be presented to the General
Membership for their input and for finalization of the proposal.

Other Considerations:
1. Wherever possible, the Board should plan for a teachinqr type
of presentation.
2. Dependinq on the leadtime avaiLable, the Board and the General
Membership should expecL to handle these matters on a Wednesday
CIub niqht with or without prior notice.


General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, September lB, 1985

l. Importance of arm bands.

2. Tagging-In policy.

3. Proposed policy on outside Club presentations (see


4. Noise fevel at class.

5- Drscussionr/evaluation of policy of requesting repeat

of class.

6. Announcement of new Board members.



Definition of terms: Although it is just a question of semantics,

since Western St,ar Dancers does not have an established regularly
practicinql group for exhibition purposes, aIl activities of an
exhibition or demonstration nature wiII be refemed to as "Presenta-

Requests for WSD PresenLations: AlL requests for participation

of WSD at an event must be submit,ted to the Board of Directors.
The Board will determine the most suitable type of presentation
and shall appoint one or more Board members who shall be responsible
for the presentation. The Board retains the right to decline an
invitation if it deemed to be in the best interest of the CIub.
Proposals for participation should be presented to the General
Membership for their input and for finalization of the proposal.

Other Considerat,ions :
1. Wherever possible, the Board should plan for a teaching type
of presentation.
2- Depending on the leadtime available, the Board and the General
Membership should expect to handle these matters on a Wednesday
CIub niqht with or without prior notice-


Tuesday, September 24, l9B5

7:30 p.m.
Chris Anderson and Bob Bellville's home

1. Welcome to new Board menibers

2. Approval of Minutes of August L2 meeting as distributed earlj-er

3. Treasurer's Report

4. Deter:mination of termination date of outgoing Board members

5. ConIidential ity issue

6. Appointments
a. Officers: Administrator, Secretdyy , Treasurer
b. trx-Officio membcrs: Treasurer, 2 Archangels, Space Manager
c. IAGSDC representative (.rnd possibJy assistant representativc)
1. Space af ter Decenrber 31, 19B5

B. Cazadero follow-up
a. Cla,ire' s thanks
b. Women's reaction

9. Graduation and currerrt class schedule

10. Calendar: Halloween

ll. Member applications

L2. Pending matters (not necessarily for discusssion but to at

least chronicle for the new Board)
a. Literature display case
b. Star Staff
c. BenevoJ ency po I icy
d. Caller Apprentlces policy
e. Legal status

13. IAGSDC Report

I4. Other Business

L5. Next Board meetinq



Tuesday, September 24, l9B5

PRESENT: Chris Anderson, Darrell Anderson, Bob Bellville,

Keith Bishop, Scott Carey, Bryan Finch, Wref I'ulton,
Bitl Habeck, CIaire Meiscl, James Ozanich,
Freeman Stamper


ATTENDING EX-OFFICTO: Jim Blevins, Charles Thomas


The new Board members were welcomed to their term ln

office, enrphasizinq the incresinq complcxity of the role o.t the

Board of Directors. It was noted that when the Club was small, the

job of the Board was simple; as the Club has grown, the job of the

Directors has grown more difficult.


The Minutes of the August 12,1985, meeting of the Boarcl

of Directors, ds distributed earlier, were approved upon motion

duly made and seconded.

The written reports of the Treasurer for July and Auqust

were presented. It was noted that the September report will be a

better picture of the financial sltuatlon of the Club, dS it will

reflect the income from the Cazadero retrear.

At this point, it was presented to the Board that there

had been five Cazader:o cancellations after the guarantee number had
been given to the Camp. There was at least one refund requestf and

the question of refunds was presented to the Board, since there had

lreen n.) qnec j f i n ra€rrnrl n a 1 i 6 ' 1 . s l _a f e d i n the diStribUted CaZaderO


literature. There was a lenqthv discussion as to whether there

should be any refurrds and, if so, in what amount. A motion was

made that a refund of $40 be authorized, charging a $l-0 processing

fee. That motion was amended to add that the refund would be qranted

if j-t were requested. The motion as amended was seconcled but failed

to carry on a vote of 5 for, 4 opposed, and I abstention.

A motion was then made that a refund of S40 be authorized

+n rl I f i-'o ^eop1e
_v' who had cancelled, recyardl-ess of the reason.

The motion was seconded and carried.

The meeting returnecl to the Treasurerrs Report. It was

noted that the checkbook balance was about $2,500 and that there

was about $1,000 to be deposited. cazadero is paid for except for

a broken window which will cost about $f00. In orcler to facilitate

hanlz rlonncil-c, Charles Thomas suqgested that the Club obtain a

rn ri ol hyl r_ r L duasn ln,c\i /l -- ! L bog, and agreed Lo pick up and retLrrn the empty bag

to the Treasurer. It was agreed that we would do it.

Upon motion made and seconded, the Treasur:er's Report was

accepted and is attached to these Minutes.


The By-Laws state that, after the annual election of the

Board of Direel-orq ]_ho nlrl and new Boarcl members will overlap for
a two-month period. The guestion has been raised, ds again this
year, what constituted two months. From alf the possible interpre-

tati-ons of the time period, it was the consensus of the Board that

September 24, 1985 -2

the intention of the By-Laws was that the overlap would occur for

the first two consecutive regularly scheduled Board meetinqs folfow-

ing the election of the new Board of Directors.


It was noted that historically discussj-ons hel-d durinq

meetings of the Board are considered confidential for two major

reasons: (l) many times discussion of issues can be resolved onlv

by discussiong specifics, particularly when people are invorved,

and (2) to keep "politics" to a minimum so that issues are resolved

at the Board. rf there is to be a change in this policy, the

change should wait untir December to alrow the outgoi_ng Board

members to proceed as in the past. rt was noted that the most

r- il' ,- t^ p
ur uarrL cr>p€ct of the conf j-dentiality issue is the matter of

or scret.l-on .


Treas*urer. on motion duly made, seconded, and carried,

Jim Blevins was appointed as the Treasurer for the cominq year:.

Seg-r.e!!tY- I'reeman Stamper requested that a new Secretary

be appointed by the next Board meeting, since no one present was

willinq to accept the appointment. It was determined to go to the
general membership to ask for volunteers and to put a notice in the
newsletter "

The Board asked to be officially recorded as

expressinq its deep appreciation for Freeman's work as Secretary.

gqryf!f9!,Le!.91. On motlon duty made and seconded, Chris

Anderson was nominated to serve as Administrator. A secret ballot

September 24, 1985 -3

was taken and the motion carried.

The Board asked to be officially recorded as express-

ing its deepest appreciation f,or Scott Carey's many years of day-

to-day administration of the Club.

It was decided that the appointment of the new

Administration was effectir.o immarli:l_aIrr- thus, Chris Anderson

began his reign at 9:55 p.m.

Spags_Serre_ger. The need f or the Space Ivlanager to

be an ex-officio member of the Board was discussed in liqht of

regularly on-going responsibifities. On motion duly made, seconded,

and carried, the position of Space Manager was removed as an

ex-officio member of the Board.

at_q!qlgg-!. A motj-on was made that archangels be

retained as ex-officio members only for tl-re duration of a class.

The motion was seconded and carried.

Treasur_er__Les_g5,rff!-rl. On motion duly made,

seconded and carried, the position of Treasurer was retai-necl as an

ex-officio member.

I A _ G S Q ! _3 _ e g l g t g n l a t i v e . A motion was made, seconded.

and carried that James Ozanich be appointed to serve as the Western

Star TAGSDCRepresentative unti-l the conclusion of the 1986

Convention. ISecretary's note: The recent]y approved policy which

defines this positlon stipulates that the position is considered

an ex-officio Board member. I


rt was noted that the current Basics class still does

September 24, l9B5 -4

not have permanent class badges and this needed to be resolved.

Arr:ncomonf q r^/efe made. It WaS alSO nota.l f hrf = oi ^nif iCant ngm-

ber of class members had expressed concerns about the instructor

lecturing too much. Chris Anderson is to discuss this with 8i11.

On motron duly made, seconded, and carried it was decided

that the current Mainstream class would qraduate on October I7.

After further discussion of the Baslcs class schedule, another

motion was made, seconded, and carried that the current Mainstream

class would graduate on October 10, instead of the l7th.

After discussion of the potential space problems by

January l, a motion was made that at1 efforts be made to graduate

the current Basics class fronr mainstream on December t9. The

motron was seconded and carried. rt was the consensus of the

Board that the $35 fee for the Mainstream portj-on of class would

be due on Thursdav, November 7.

The Roard approved Russ King's proposal of september 24,

attached hereto and incorporated in these Minutes.

A motion was made that all Western Star Mainstream cfass

graduates be allowed to dance free on Club night for the j-mmediate

first four club nights after that graduation, and that this be a

yn aer m! ri nLaLn 'qF r r e t , - yn n-l - r c y . The motj-on was seconded and carried.


It was announced that the CIub wilt be Iosinq the Central

YMCA on wednesday nights after December 31. A committee of

D e t l t t+
Qanf ar-
L a r- ^e. ,y , Ir l a m o n S m i t h , Bryan Finch and Keith Bishop was authorj-zed

to immediately seek solutions to this problem.

September 24, l9B5 -5


Claj-re Meisel thanked everyone for their work and help

in makinq the retreat such a success.

There was a very lengthy discussion about the visablity

of drag and the entertainment that was offerecl at Cazadero. Some

women have exnraccorl ^^n^6rlt about drag, but other comments seemed

to revolve around the timj-ng of the entertainment. Since comments

are from men and women, there seemed to be a biqqer issue than the

mere presence of drag. This seemed to be a correct analysis slnce

the quality of entertainment and its implications towards women

could not be defined.

rt was noted tl-rat western star has no dress code, and

that was to be construed in its broadest terms. As a square dance

club, Western Star ntust maintain a strong dance program. The biqqer

issue is one of compromise. Because of t -h a . . ) m n t o . z i l - y o f the gay

society and the complete freedom that Western Star must provide its
members, there ntust always be an element of compromise between
tolerance for drag if it is an unacceptable activity to one and
tem]rerance in exposing drag to others if it is acceptabre you.
A motion was duly macre, seconded, and carried to (r)
reconfirm the policy that ttre Club has no d.ress code, (2) reconfirm
our By-Laws that the Club is open to all people, and (3) adopt a
policy when schedulinq all non-clance actrvities that they be
scheduled so that alL may ha,ve a complete choice partj-cipation.


The fol lowing dec isions were made: (l) Wednesday,

October 30, wi 11 have a Hal Loween theme, (2) cancel Basics class

September 24, I9B5 6-

on October 31 to allow members to attend the 1986 Convention

benefit at the Rawhide II, and (3) invite the class to Club night

on October 30 to dance free. Doug Clark is already booked for

October 30, and BilI Hanzel has indicated a willingness to caII

that evening. After discussion, it was determined to invite BilI

to call on October 30, paying Doug his full fee and neg'otiating a

reduced fee for: Bill.


Chrls Anderson is to conLact the three persons whose

* rnr n l ^ i r - a f i o n q v7^ro nreconf arl fOf membef Sh.i n annrrl\/;)l 1_O diSCUSS the

Cl-ub's policy on "regular" attendance at Cf ub nigtrt.


Several matlers were presented which are currently pend-

itg, but for which thcre were no reports: literature display case/

Star Sta[-[, bcnevo.]ency policy, and cafler apprentices policy.

!eqaf_q!q!_ge. Freeman Stamper announced that new

Articles of rncorporation had been filed with the secretary of

State to be in conformity with the State Franchise Tax Board's

consideration of our application for State tax exemption. All

documents were submrt.ted in a timery manner, so we must iust wait

for the Tax Board's decision.


Ir'lr-l rAna)ri \r7Aa nroqon1-orl

September 24, l9B5 -7

r\'TI-]F D IfIIq. TL L I\TFq. (-
u v e t l v J

1. Voting_Resul-ts. A question had been raised as to

whether or not specifics of the Board election results should be

open to the membership. It was determined that the specific results

are available to any member who requests the information, but that

they wil I not be pubJished.

2. "Star Thru" Ijenef it. The benef it at the Rawhide TI

on October 31 for the f9B6 IAGSDC Convention entitled "star Thru

the Golden Gate" was announced. Western Star is to encourage its

meml-rers fo srrnnorl fhe e\/el'IL.

3. Food Bank. Contributions to the AIDS Foundation Food

Rank throrrch Western Star arc d rnnrli nn n[f . We are to contrnue to

cncoura(Je cveryone Lo parLicipate by givin,l even small amounts.

4. Commendation. As an outqoincr Board member and as

the first woman Board member and currently most-active woman Club

member, Claire MeiseL was commended for her sfrono efforls to the

Club in general and her specific efforts to enhance the Western environment for other women.


The nexL reqular meeting of the Board of Directors will

be Tuesday, October 29, 7: 30 p.m. at the home of Claire Meiset.

Respectful ly submi tted ,

-- i, ,/':f
'-rJ/v:::-lli:t" -/-'-t''- n'- *.: z"'
f'reeman Stamper, Secretary

Sentemher 24 - l985 B-
Ans,,, ruA;^rl (ii 1
/)t zrzz- .,1/.rt
,//,zrnbz t ootl
Aanzz- 5".]i
Ca./+.-. ?coll
(/a"u. ri
@ll l33ooo
Spteta lil l
&/se {*11
\Irc\q!r^r'\, r .'1l
b9s I

56Ab 31oo aah$

t"'l5oo looca

I lf'l'l

.-ll ,

l'*-i ' I
i$bq'N r1.l
\" '\\
\*-, '--, )c.-
o,.rF-,-"..,.-.t]f,ha-.- r--..{.\. :\ ,
'-) C-- r- -\-
--\-' ,t-a. --- --t-- .]I c-\ t-'r . ,u-.r'rJ-.
.- \\- r i.(\c, ,-..\)- c1".,,\ o \ _ Q^^,,*ep.JE,A
t ,,c12/_:s

T"c /zt ( ( /t,t,

l)i ztzz- il .,4/n I
-:.-_.---- il
/famtu 4r!'g ( tl
0a zt4/, I,4aa,a,' Losl
,\ \-)
pol-L ftts ;{f,) L
/t / .-n
c /.Q-d, tt{5 .{ )5oojI
Spt.cra/,| €, an k < , o ,,-r.t:-jj il
,&/se il
^-\ * .ofr-
+- _,)y''q:
I >t.3:ll
f,x--..' ., L:jl
z'l .]r)li.

? t3
a '{3$o
. KA /t2, {ft
,4cpac t t - o-"
Al/rctl t!5 :i >(

529P./r r| G| r QL \

' kba-/ i 11 ,__

25 'l--o *


34 tl

ll N*X Ddo. s ga?o?

" l 1Il

S e p t e m b e r2 4 , 1 9 8 5

To the Board:

Per chrisrs suggestion at the generar meeting last wednesday, r've been
giving some thought to organizing a few workshop sessions for the class
that w111 shortly be graduating. one possibllity that occurred to ne
was to try to include in these workshops some of the class "back-sliders"--
people who paid for the Mainstream session but who haven't been coming
regularly during the last few weeks. Attendance has definitely been off
lately' partly due to problems with the location, partly due to the vacation
season. rfd like to try and contact these people, by mail or phone, and
see if any of them would be i-nterested in doing a quick catch-up in order
to graduate. The workshops would therefore serve a dual function: additional
review for those who have been coming regularly, and relatively intense
instruction for the "backsliders."

I feel that this suggestion needs board approval, since there may be some
Postage costs involved (probably no more than $5.00), and since it could
amount to a vraiver of the class-attendance requirement for graduation in
some cases. I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, however.
If we got even one addltional club member as a result of the effort, it would
more than pay for itself. As to attendance, I would make sure that all the
required cal1s were taught, and that response time was reasonably good. I do
not anticipate objections from the class members who have been arrenriino
regularly; most have expressed disappoinrmenr .; ;;; fft;i;; ;;;-;;;i;, t
think, be glad of a chance to get their friends back in the action. It would
also make it easier to get a ful1 square to the workshops, considering the
small pool of dancers we are dealing with here.

One piece of information that I would need before proceeding is the date for
graduation; hopefully this will be decided tonight. Having a date to shoot for
would help to re-motivate some of the class members, I think. Several class
members Irve talked to have expressed displeasure at the uncertainty of the date,
and feel as though they are drifting; I think this has been a factor in the
attrition rate. Time perrnitting, I'd schedule 2 or 3 workshops prior to the
graduation date and a couple more afterwards, to help people deal with whatever
problems they may have encountered on regular club nights and to ease the
assimilation process. If anyone has any further questions, I expect to be in
al1 evening tonlght, nursing a s11ght cold, so gi-ve me a call (863-0990) if you
1ike, as long as it's before 11:00 p.m.

A related suggestion: for future classes, including the present basic one, I
think it would be a good idea to set the dates for basic and mainstream graduation
as far ahead as possible, preferably by the time the class begins, so that both
the instructor and class members can pace themselves accordlngly, and have a
sense that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. Although the dates
may occasionally have to be modified due to unforseen circumstances, v/etve been
offering classes long enough now to give reasonable estimates of the time required
to finish basic and mainstream; it will be to everyonets advantage if we tighten
up our scheduling procedures.

Have a productive and cooperative meetingl A"-t-


TUESDAy, FtCnR 29, 1985

PRESSIT: Chris Arderson, Darrell Arderson, Bob Bellville, Keith Bishop, Scott Carey
Bqfdn Finch, hlref F\rlton, Bill Habeck, Clajre l€isel, Janes Ozanich,
FYeernan Stanper

ABSEDTT: tibre

AffiS{DING D€FFICIO: Jim Blevins

108501: APPRC'VALOF MINt-l1tES

Ttre nrinutes of tlre Septenber 24, 1985 reeting of the Board of Directors \^ere approved
upon nrrtion duly nnde and seqcnded.


On nption duly rnade, secorded ard approved by acclanation Scott Carey was appointed
as the Secretarl for ttre cqrLirrq year.

The i.vritten reports of the TYeasr:rer fo4beptenber and for tlre fuarter fdirq 9-30-85
werc.presented. It was rroted that the profit for the Cazadero Retreat anrcr.rntedto $385.00
and tJre profit for Cazadero T-shirts anounted to S105.00. It was fi:rther noted to
everTone's satisfaction that the current balanc-e is atrproximately $2,000.00. Or:t of
tlnt figiure nmst be paid outstanding Iegal fees of approxirnately $250.00 as r^,e1l as
tle day to day ruuing of ttre club thru the end of Decsnber. IJpon nrction duly nade
arrd seconded, tle lteasurer's Report was accepted and is attached to tlrese rninutes.

108504: IACTSE REFOFtr

Janes Ozanictr, I3C€rc representative, reviewed the response for tlre IAC.SE newsletter
t^rttich was fornulated by himself , Scott Carey and DarreII Arderson. ScfiE discrrssion
follcrrrred: On the question of stlrling for "\€alie the ring", there was agreenent thrat
tlre stated trrcsition "Ttrerefore, it is ttre opilion of Western Star ttnt tlre call "t€)av€)
tle ring" be dore by usirq tle c'Allerlab defilition, erhidl is "a right ard left grard
withor:t touchi-ng hards.'vras the npst correct ard practical approactr to the problan
of stardarizittg stylirq at futr:re Conventions. The response to Article II section 2
of ttre prcposed By-laws rsas clarified as ccnc€rning ttre phrase "enhancing tlre image
of Gay people" vttlictt ttris club vier.m as a positirre satsrent of pr:rpose. The response
to Article IlI sestior 1 of the proposed By-1aws was clarified as concerning tlre need
for all cl:bs to serd a representative to tlre nreeting in order to be considered
as a firll rerber of the Association, vtrictt again ttris club srJpports enttrusiastically.
It was tbe:,@nsenslts of the Board tiat tie response be approved. The foloring action
was also approvedr
lgllgl; that the IA@C tilqrsletters, our responses ard the ISGSE By-Ians are
to be kep't. intbirder, in a ccnphrehensive rnanner, ard rnade available
for the gereral. renbership at eactr Cld] ni$rt. Jares Ozanich is to
handle ttris action.

108505: GAY GAIvIES

Scott Carey revieved a forrnal invitation vfiich was rec.eived frcrn tlre Gay Ganes for
our particitrntion in the closilg cererncnies of tlre C,ay C,anes ttris cuning Augnrst.
A nction was rnade that the cl,rb enthusiastically accept this invitation witi an
offer to help coordirnte with all of the square dance cl:bs as rniell as with all square
danc-ers who rnay be for tlre IAGSrc Convention in order to present a large,
colorful, cohesive ard energetic pictr:re of square dancing. Ttre nrction was secorrded
ard carried. The follovrirrg aetion was approved:
Action; Sc€tt Carey, Freenan Stanper, Keittr Bishop, Darrell Anderson ard Bob
Bellvi1le r,vere autlrorized on betralf of the Board, to negotiate wittr
the pertinent parties to zut said nption il operation.

108506: SPACE
Scott Carey and Chris Anderson reviered recent ilfornration that the YICA is willing
to offer us the tleater space for botJ: Club ard Class nights at a startilg tine of
approxirnately B:15. It was also noted ttrat St. Boniface's new ccnmunity space will
not be available until at least mid sr-unrer. Discussion folloraied vihich focused on tLe
favorable aspects of the YICA such as the storage of equipnrent with the resulting
freedcrn frcrn havilg to transport eqiprrent, the lcrar price, the continuity, and the
prospects for possiJ:ly regaining or.rr earlier startilg tjne irr the future. ltre follovring
decisions raere rnade:
1. To stay at the YICA with a later starting tjrre and a later closing tine.
2. rc nrrve the next class back to the YI,CA.
3. Tto request a written contract with the YICA for the forthccrnilg year.

In order to put these decisions into operation, the follovsing action was approved:

4g!tgl; Ctrris Anderson and Scott Carey in conjunction wittr Ranpn Sniti and
Roland St. Pierre are to @in negot-ations with the YI4CA.

It was fi:rther agreed to hold an all day Board neeting in tJ:e near future il order
to develope our ccnphrehensive program for 1986.

108507: CALB{DAR
Keith Bishop revievred the calendar for the npnths of }trovenrber and Decenrber. Tlre
follouring decisions rtere nade:
1. Tlo host a party at Plus night Novernber 8, 1985 to honor our recent Plus class
2. b rnake an annor:ncqrent seefirrg willing party hosts for Thlarksgiving, Ctrristmas
ard possi-bly New Years celebrations. WSD wiII support tlrese events to scne extent.
3. Declined an invitation to perform at an upccrning Dignity event due to or:r hoedcrrn
of Novenrber 16 scheduled on sare date.
4. Agreed to take a tlro \.Eek CIub vacation dr-ring the Christmas holidays.

lg!_igli Scott Carey to coordinate parby for PIus Graduates on l.lov. 8. Chris
Anderson to nrake announcerrEnts requestilg hosts for this Holiday
season's parties.

l-08508: DAIG PASS

the follo,ring rnction was nade htrich rcdified a previous Board decision regardilg
the application of tlre Dance Pass vis-a-vis the nor calendar year ard ttre paynent of
1986 Club dues:

108508: DANG PASS (contj-nued)

For those that rene$/ their nenrbership, or for those wtro initially apply for nernbership,
for calendar year 1986 (dues payable by January 31, 1986): Credit will be given for
ttre unused portion of the 1985 DAIICE PASS, e.g. if there are 5 unused slots on the 1985
pass, ttren tlre bearer will be issued a new 1986 DAlffi PASS will L1 punctres and 5
urrused slots, subject to the paynent of 1986 dues. Ttris process can begin as early as
Decernber 1, 1985 , but in no case ecterd past January 31, 1986.

For those that do not renew nenrbership for calendar yeerr 1986: The 1985 DA|{E PA.SS can
be utilized thn: January 31, 1985 but il no case can be used after thrat date.

Effective Decernber 1,1985 tJlru January 31, 1986 the front desk will issue eitlrer
1985 DAI@ PASSBS to those wlro are not renevring their nernbership at that tine, or
1986 DAI'ICEPASSES to those that are paying for their nenrbership. Both passes can
be utilized during this tirre period. Effective February 1, 1986 only 1986 DAI{G PASSES
will be sold or punched and no credit will be given for 1985 DAI{CE PASSES.

After discussion which clarified the above nrction in light of previous Board decisions,
the notion was seconded and carried.

Mditionally, ttre follc,wing actions r.riere agreed to:

Action; 1. The 1986 DAIICE PA.SSis to be designed by Tcrn Kernkanp and should
include pertilent rules concerning its use.
2. Information concerning the 1986 DAIICE PASS as vell as the renewing
of nembership ard the palnent of calendar year 1986 dues should be
presented to the general nenbership as soon as possiJcle.


At a recent Club night, a quorum of the Board approved of a waiver of 1985 dues for
our recent Mainstream class grraduates. Freenan Stanper reguested that his concern
with this decision be noted for the record. Hi-s concern is due primarily to the fact
tJ:e Club's application form states that pa.ynent of dues is payable at the tirre of
application and fi:rther, that the recent practice and precedence of the Club, based
on B<rard decisions, has been to collect those dues irregardless of any free dancing
tijre that is granted. He pointed out the inportance of nailtaining continuity wittr decisions. Others discussed concern about ttre decision as being overly generous,
or ttr,at it did not take ilto accrount that pynent of dues does seal the social contract
nade wlren joininq any ch:Jc. Chris Anderson brought up sone poilts to shcn,r tlre decision
did have scne precedence ard that in any case it had been duly decided for ttris
particular case by a quorum of the Board. Ttrere \,rere no nptions nnde to recind th,at
decision. Darrell Anderson noted the need for written policies so ttrat ner.r Board
rrernbers as well as the general nenrbership are better inforned.

108510: CLUB CALLER.

BilI Hanzel has requestedrinforrnally,ttrat he be given a badge as hlSDClub Ca1ler.

After scne d.iscussion as to what "Club Caller" actually neant ard as to our current
poliqf of scheduling many different callers, a rurtion was nade, secorded ard passed
that the Club check with eill Hanzel as to tLre o<act nature of his reguest. To tlat
erd, tle follcwing action was approved:
Aqlfgq; Scott Carey is to crcntact Bill Hanzel regarding this question.

108511: I'SQUARE
A questi-on was raised as to wtrether advertizing in "Sguare Danc-eWhere" was filancially
a good idea. Various Board nernbers pojlted out that although ttre ads did not attract
enough dancers frcm tlre larger cunnrnity to pay for tlre ads, they did shcw ttr,at the
C-ay Square 6ance lbvenent was viable ard that. WSDwas here to stay, ard ttr,at ttrey
I,vrerean aid to attracting new callers as rdell as possi-ble new rembers. Considerilg
the larrge potential, tlte c€nsensus was that it is rrpney itell spent.

Claire llbisel recrcnnended that the Ch:lc Badge be sized dcnrn. She felt tlr,at the
crrrrent size is acl<uard. Otlrers errpressed similar feelilgs and noted that the corners
should be rounded to keep the badge frcm being torn off. t4ost felt that the lettering
sj-ze for the nanes, hcrrever, should be retained.
Astion; Soctt Carey is to contact the Badgemaster with a view tcnrards irrplenenting
the above.

On notion duly rnade, seconded and passed, Bill Habeck was aplninted as the Assistant
Tteasr:rer as uell as oc-signator for all checks, for ttre ccnLing year retroactive to
Septernber 24, 1985.

Freernan Stanper ncrni-nated Helen Scnrrers ard Fblqp Dickey, of Helens' FoIk Design
as honorarl nenrbers due to the support and frierfthip they have shourn l,tSD during
the year in giving us gift certificates for hoedovms, keeping their store
open for shopping sprees and for referrilg interested dancers to the club. Tfris
nption passedrbased on the requirenents of our Honorary lGrnbers policy, by a sinple
rnajority: 6 YES, 1 I'lo, 4 Abstentions. 4g!lqn; Freernan Stanper to handle.

Irlref F\rlton reccnnended that rryrecontinue to utilize a Cal-ifornia lottery ticket as
part of our 50/50 due to substantial interest.
4g!]9!; Chris Arderson to crcordjlate with Fred Crusius
Bob Bel1ville requested that Freernan Stanper nrake ccpies of all WSDPolicies available
to all Board rernbers.
Action; Fresnan to handle

AI1 outgtoiry Board nernbers rere ccnnended for tlreir dedicatiog, hard rnork ard tireless
efforts drrring tlre past year.

108518: NH{I MEHII}CS

Surday, Novernber 24, 1985 9-5PM to discuss 1986 sctredule including Class and Plus as
tvell as a budget for tlre upc€nLing year.

lresday Decernber 3,1985 7:30PM 0 Tcrn ard Jaresr - libxt regular Board of Directors lrbeting.
\) r-4Jc-r../<-\tJf,--t.- \-\- *rr..^,

,L/arnbc ?'p tlC co -o-
Aan&- /aca', 9go I rSoo 3(oq>
/)a*L, t5 58t r?(oo l-r t oo
C/at^u r785co - o-
Spzeto q?3lb
tq l3llo
&/ue a+115c. 1t5o
3o=8 l5ol
,asao lo93o
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tn-^ir - \-i/\lf\\-ru 5G gio >o il
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| 115 565c,.'* ? /scs ' ,l95oo
95ooc 2-r5oo 9:5oo ,5ooo
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3o45'l I t1n t161
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. i. ./a'ro
?7 l,

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ji rr.oioo



)'+ lil bScB


F R I D A Y , N O V E M B E R8 , 1985

P R E S E N T : ( Q U O R U I ' I )K E I T H B I S H O P , D A R R E L L A N D E R S O N , C H R I S A N D E R S O N ,


SB110801: This special meeting was called by Chris in order to

discuss a Ietter of concern received by Russ King which requested
a reply prior to Nov. L4,1985. Russ was concerned about the
requirement that the I'lainstream class pay $35.00 for a very short,
and probably inadequate, class period covering the l,lainstream calls.
(letter attached)

After discussion of the issue at hand and related matters such as

extending the class beyond the target date of Dec. 19,1985, Chris
recommended that the Board think about it over the weekend and that
we meet again on Wednesday Nov. 13, 1985 to make a decision. Whereupon
all were in agreement and the meeting was adjourned.
November 8, 1985

To the WSD Board--

Several club members had a discussion at last nightfs basic/mainstream

class over the issue of whether lt is appropriate to charge this class
$35.00 for the mainstream section, which will begin next week and is
scheduled to graduate on December 19, which means a total of five more
class nights, including I'grad (The club members taking
night" ltself.
part in this discussion, which I initiated, were Charles Thomas, Bryan
Finch, Bill Habeck and Michael Albert.) T h e c o n s e n s u s r ^ 7 a st h a t w e
should not charge for the remainder of the year, and I would therefore
like to request the Board to re-open discussion on this matter, and
make a final decision prior to next Thursdayts session.

I don't believe, when the lnitial decision was made to charge for a fu1l
class schedule, that anyone realized that it was going to have to be quite
as accelerated as it now appears. This class is not yet solid on the
last few basic calls (trades, runs, circulates, etc.--especially circulates),
and there is no way they can learn mainstream at the rate of five new calls
a week wlthout a considerable sacrifice in the quality of their instruction.
Charles will be co-ordinating a workshop in my dining room on November 16,
and hopes to schedule additional ones, but even so, it is going to take
considerable pluck on the new dancersr part, and considerable patience on
the clubrs part, to bring them up to club level in the near future. The
class has been further harnpereC, since the lasi grad night, by an abser-.ce
of angels (end-of-year burn-out has taken its tol1 on the club), and (until
last night) arm-bands and attendance lists, among other things. So, to charge
$35.00 for this session would be quite unfair, i,n my opinion; these people,
through an unfortunate combination of circumstances that rea1ly isntt anyonets
fault in particular (and relates primarily to t h i s y e a r ' s e x p e r i m e n t h r ith
split sessions and our housing problems), are not getting full value for rnoney.

Further, both Charles and I are afraid that if we charge an addltional fee at
this point, we may lose a significant number of dancers. Since wetre talking
about a class that now musters three squares (including a few angels) on a
good night, we need every body there we can get. If the club were in financial
difficulty (which I hear is not the case), we might be justified in charging
something on the order of $10.00 to $f5.00, but if the club can absorb it, my
suggestion would be to charge no more this year. I think we should explain
to the class next week that we do normally charge separately for the mainstream
session, but due to scheduling;d housing problems beyond our control we have
put them on a heavily accelerated timetable, and beg their indulgence; we should
also reassure them that we wl11, if necessary, provide additional workshops and/or
class nights to solidify their mainstream if things haven't come together by
December 19th.

If anyone wants to discuss this or any related matters with me before next
Wednesday, feel free to give me a ring.

Best regards,

tl t






Charles Thomas reconrmended that the class be extended due to the fact
that the dancers would not be very solid in the ability if we adhered
to the Target date of Dec. L9, 1985. Keith mentioned that there was
/ some strong concern in the club that postponment of the graduation
date might result in some class members dropping out. Charles felt
that the majority would be willing to stay. Darrell suggested that
the issue be discussed with the class. On motionsduly made, seconded and
approved unanimously, it was agreed to extend the class through
January, that the specific Araduation date would be decided after the
.. Holidays, and that the fee would be $35.00.

Aqllgn; That Scott Carey would rePresent the Board at the class
meeting of Nov. 14, 1985 and, aE per the recomnendation
of Darrell Anderson, call for a general meeting of the
class in order to discuss the above decision.





S811240L: SPACE
1. Club and Class dance schedule to run from B:15 to 10:15 as a result
of new requirements from the YMCA
2. Club to secure a written agreement from the Y|4CA covering the
calendar year 1986.
3. Check with the YMCA about the back lot parking situation.
4. Obtain extra set of keys for the closet as well as for the
secured speakers.
5. Attempt to move 1986 Hoedowns to outside halls.
6. Begin the process of looking into joint space with the other
local square dance clubs.


I. Publish all pertinent rules and requlations covering the Dance Pass
in the Newsletter and publish for display at Club Night as weII
instead of printing on the back of the Dance Pass itself. This
action reverses an earlier Board decision.


1. It was agreed that while the CIub has no dress code, this should not
imply that "good taste" in the context of the social setting does
not apply.


I. At hoedovrns, where three levels are desired (Basic, l.[S a Plus),
the schedule will be Basic alternating with US and then Plus
reserved for the end of the evening. It was noted that alternating
three levels throughout the evening is difficult and confusing for
the caller and thus does not give the dancers the best dancing
experience possible.
I. PLUS CLASS: Per Russ Kingr s request, approved moving the plus class
to the YMCA. Club to check with Y for possible spaee other than the
Theater, with possiblity of holding classes on Thursday concurrent
with the Basic/tuls class. The price of PIus would have Lo increase
to $2.00 per personr/per night to cover the additional rental costs.
2 . G U R R E N TM S : G r a d u a t i o n t o b e h e l d o n J a n . 3 0 , 1 9 9 5 . A f t e r t h e
Ho1idays, the class will resume on Jan 2,L985 with Bob Bellville
calling that night sj-nce BiIl Hanzel will be on vacation. The class
will be returning to the YMCAand starting at g:I5.
3 . F U T U R EC L A S S E S : T h e r e w i l l be two new classes in 1986, the first
in February and the second in September as follows:
"Learn How to Dance Dance" Jan. 18
Free Nights Feb. 6 and 13
Payment Due Feb. 20
*Tentative "Learn How to Dance Dance" on Feb. 8

"Learn How to Dance Dance" Sept. t3

Free Nights Sept. 18 and 25

sB1I2406: Archan Handbook

To strengthen the position of the Archangel, duties and responsibilities,
it was agreed to develop a "Handbook" for the use of the arthangel.
A committee was formed to produce this handhook, pr€ferably before
the start of the next class r €ls follows;
Wref, Scott, James and Bill


. It was agreed to retain the current format.


It was agreed to retain the current format, with the addition of
occasional third. Friday plus Nights with a different caller than Vicki

To hold another Cazadero Retreat the Last weekend of September.

S8112409: O T H E RS P E C T A L E V E N T S
l. "La Star" to be held April 12,1985
2. Fourth Anniversary Dance to be held March 22,L985
3. WSD to sponsor a fund raiser for "Star Thru"
1. To add 2 more authorizing signatures to checking account.
2. BilI Habeck authorized to make deposits.
3. Established a finance Committee to work on Budget Activities:
DarreII Anderon, Keith Bishop and Jirn Blevins to be this Cmttee.


To treat social activities as a vital and intregal part of the Club's
activities, with the possibility of appointed a future social director.

SBI124l2z R E Q U E S TF R O M P A M M c K E E V E R
A request was received from Pam McKeever to call for the club. The
secretary is to respond to Pam stating that while we are supportive
and appreciative of the work she is doing thoughout the countryr w€
must decline her request due to the fact that she calls in a tradj-tional
f o r m a t w h i l e I ^ I S Di s v e r y s t r o n g l y a Modern Western CIub.

That the Board will make efforts this year to fully organize the
oroced.ures, rul-es and policies of the Club.
So^-t$-\ l\e^.-)..\tr".As}*- 3 \ | \q85

n ,ii
A)t'3( ,r, ,0 fV,?"7'J 1/ztu

y'larnfu)p/""p L 3 t ooii
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po/4_, frtt
n / .-+/
-c /(&d.- t7{5 .1l?w)i /93oos
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Spau 4 , l1 5 o O
, ,4t rer.
,4,ePo'r,<^ *L/t{
Ai/qt/l tt oI
A/urls./t 65,40
-Sa'oo/r I t1'r1
,?H,b4' --.

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34 $ lioqiqs

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; I r ' 7'sfifi7 =:-:
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.Qr."l**F l^,,.'.o tcts:i/ G - Il ll 1l
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A.s, ,,7, ,#rz

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S=---Xf-*-- J.C\s-,a$-- t-r-+*-J- N *-.*rr-r\.-r.-3^>, lq?t
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0/a*,- Ct rrzo
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,L/amLt L/ttfl AZZJ
Ae rtZz- Do'"z.

Aa*u i u<, 2 3ooc.
UaJr- - ? (5 549 os
5pt,e14 €r'en k ,/\
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' *+J\--\1- . \\).ce-...q t4"+
Bo-*. 3en
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.Spaa-_ . --
r'3 oDs l1€o .rvvu
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,4,zpacz.t rz/ :_€z/-i/(
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,4/1zu* ' /- r t4,/
?7. - - -- 3ac:
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sI I-U.:[ t^lfit il- Q=*



__J_ i:l-:i
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sy'nAeztzz- 4u- "? mos *tu? "Ar/s-

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\^-) -q-djE-'\'c\ tXt=^- \-)o-""^-"-:..-^-,

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F=.--x>---o-Q.-r,-^;X.-"- t^--\*,L 1 - ac- t t
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y'lurnbt ("ro dlu
ba naz- 'A,l'4-, 9-oo
+C aD ,tDDll
Da/-L. o<, 58t rs(oDii rr r 61i
4/a^u, l3 | 7 85cD +55ooli o_ li
5pteu Erert k q?3lb oo>of1 t q 9 3 1 { i, i
,&/se 24tt ro 85oil r , goii
l5or ii
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9 -r- t4? rorao
10 (. q ;J
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fn-;-^- -- C\
(t-)z\'-r\rr 5C 5. _"li
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'0a,/h .l95oo
| 115 565or ?,5CD
"llil 95ocs ?15oo 9:5oc ;E;ooo
-O- -o.- -o- -o-
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.,ll Cgqo 65qo - o- -o-
72 ll
Sa-oo/rt 3 0151 I t111 te 61 165tl
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?H,b.7 a oocD -q-- - o- ,06O)
24 ll -o- -o- -o-
.r tlll -o- -o- :_o_-=- -o-
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, il : ./ato ,5151 , taE
?7 ll I tooo ( r".o) i o--
3ll (r"' i:9- i trlg
*ll -,,1- ^ - 3r


Tuesday December 3, 1985

PRESENT: Chtis Anderson, Bitl Habeck, James Ozanich, Wref FuIton,

Keith Bishop, Darrell Anderson, Scott Carey



120301: A P P R O V A LO F M I N U T E S

The minutes of the October 29, 1985 Regular Board of Directors

Meeting were approved upon motion duly made and seconded.

I2O3O2: T R E A S U R E R ' SR E P O R T

The Treasurer's Report for the Month Ending Oct.ober 31, 1985 and
t.he Income Statements for the 3 Months endins 3/31/85 and 6/30/85
were reviewed. Approval was postponed until additional copies
are provided the Board Members.

Action; The Treasurer is to provide the Board members with the

balance of the checking account for each regular meet,ing of the
Board -

120303: R E C O G N I T I O NO F B I L L H A N Z E L ' S S E R V I C E ST O T H E C L U B

Action; IL was agreed thaL the most recoqnition for

BiII Hanzel would be an "Instructor" bar to wear with his Club
badge. It was further agreed, that the Club would also purchase
for Bi1l Hanzel and for Vicki Woods as well. a "WSD" dangle to
wear with their Associatj.on Badge-

120304: C A L L E R S A P P R E N T I C E P R O G R A M /S T A N D A R DP O L I C Y & P R O C E D U R E S

The "CaIlers Apprentice Program" as submitted by Scott Carey was

approved- Additionally, the Board aqreed to adopt a "Standard
Policy and Procedures Manual" and a committee was formed to begin
the initial work with such a manual. The commjLtee js ccmprised
of James, tlref , and Scott.
120305: G E N E R A LM E E T I N G

The Agenda for the General Meeting was reviewed

120306: D I S T R I B U T I O NO F M I N U T E S

The Secretary and all Board Members are encouraqed to make a better
effort in the distribution and timely receipt of alI minutes.

I2O3O7: " S O U A R EW H E R E ? "

listings with "square Where?". It

\.ras also agreed to accept Jason Fontaine's
of fer of writing the CIub's monthly ne\^is for the same magazine.
It was requested that the Board review these submitions for the
first few times soley for the purpose of constructive help.

120308: T W OC O U P L ET A P E S

James brought up the desirability of having some two-couple hash

music on hand in the CIub's music 1i brary. The purchase of this
music was approved.


It was agreed that the Board request the Newsletter Editors to

include definitions of some of the calls periodically in the
Newsletter as a helpful aid to the new dancers- It was also agreed
that the Quarterl ies should be regularly published as welI.


James offered to cord inate publicity for the next class. Wref
volunteered to assist in the effort. Both of f ers were accept,ed
by the Board-

120311: CALENDAR

It was agreed to hold cLass on January 2, 1986 al-though Bill Hanzel

wi]] not be able to be there; records and in-house resources will
be used instead- Jbhnny Kozal's trip to SF in January was reviewd
and the terms of the CaI ler's class brere discussed- t^lref of fered
to coordinate the annual Christmas qift exchange- There was a
discussion regardinq eh Christmas and New Years' parties fal-Iinq
thru, and it was agreed to make the Happy New Year Dance the party
for the holidav season- Plans for that dance were reviewed.

120412:. Next lleeting

nEsD *7 JA1J 7t t?Ee ? : 30 Pa, O eHais A{Da*aUS