meeting of Reviewminutes November (let them know when we are site Mission Playground issues dark) . Treasurer's report all . GreenMainstreanr Class(status: # of members; plastic ltalne badges made'/; fces paid?; potential concerns' date, co4rpletiq,n etc.) class anticipated
(- x'a"?'"r'

L.,*& x,ta*h

Y'Plus Class planning (emailRichchanges) . WSD website Bay Area Dance . Dances in 2004 (getting daleslcallers; , 't/r{

tfil LL& A,lou.


L-\ a

i k t-

0 ,{ c 1L.,,'-'i -.-



bto fc-

o Club nightcallers . Otherbusiness


7 D,v-..k,.7t ib
/t I

1/DY .L'."^-t,,




l ''1

Report Secretary
There was no December meeting due to holidays

1. Review minutesof Novembermeeting. not Secretary present during reviewof minutes. 2. Review minutes,if available,from generalmembership meetingon I lll9l03 (reactionto cards). Secretary present not during this review. 3. Who has keysto locker? Do we needto retrieve notebooks, keys,etc.,from previousBoard members? Steveto ask Alvin for them. Steve& Dan to set mailbox & locker keys. 4. MissionPlaygroundsiteissues. Stevetalks to Lquise,headof center,aboutour being lockedout of center.Louiseapologies threetimes.Stevemakesa reportaboutit, #6955008 let'slouise know which dayswe'll be usingthe and center(((Centerhas beenopenedfor dancing every time since then))).Dan talks to Mission areaCustodian abouttoiletsand light on outsideof building (((Custodian sentplumber tofix toiletsand

5. Treasurertsreport. Board decides put Treasurer's to reportin Newsletter. 6. Green Classinformation. l1 peoplesign up. Five pay full fee,6 repeat. New dancer(Gqg) holdshandsof otherdancers tightly. Jouwill to (((Daryl makes talk to him. Stevewill ask Felix to makebadges. badses))).

closed(((Jotalksto is to Boarddecides tell Merleclass already Merle))). 7. Bylaws. Board who givesnewBylawsto Boardmembers arepresent. Steve putting thenin Newsletter. against decides (changes, uPdates). 8. WSD website site says is verygoodnow. Steve for 9. Arrangements holidayparty on Dec.| 7. will Steve to didn'trespond E,-tnail. to Richdeclined call,Peggy else asksomeone to call. Bay dates/callers; Area Dance in 10.Dances 2004(getting Calendar). will Steve giveKip dates. 11.Otherbusiness. Club coordinating Nights.Board City about Jowill talk to Foggy in numbers Newsletter, and listingaddresses phone against decided and with addresses booklet only.Darylwill make will list names phone numbers. stamps. Jim will buy37-cent out to will Steve E-mailaddresses Darylsohe cansend Newsletters.




Financial Report January-Februa 2004 ry

Income: AnnualDues Water ClubNight Donations Total lncome

$ e3600 36 00 51.00 I 17.00

$r r39.00

Expenses: Water Insurance Business Supplies ClubNight Mailings TotalExpenses Checking Account Balance Investment CD
[as of 2/20/A4]


44s r8000 s.96 56.99 1480

$ 262.26 $23r3.76 2048.99 s4362.7 s

{. ',--q"

\ ; -) '*/ ,.,..-!;v-''




BOARD MEtrTING AGENDA: March20. 2004 . Reviewrninutes February meeting of . MissionPlayground issues (OK to usestaff bathroom) site -----' o Treasurer's report
\. -\

Green Mainstream Class(namebadgesidangles receivedand

o PlusClass (freeintro.,f1yer, planning recrLlitment)
' N''


F'oggy'City/ WSD co-sponsored l l l g l l t club e



, l. n1 , y V r n.

. WSD AnniversaryDance (cake, supplies,food, drinks, ice...wear vests!) o Dances in 2004 (getting dates/callers; Bay Area Dance Calendar)
v.-' (L -o o

(changes Rich,Daryl) Club nightcallers to (e.g., Otherbusiness bowlingshirts)





Secretary Report
0Ul0t04 l. Reviewminutesof January meeting. Minuteswhereapproved afterspelling corrections. 2. Mission Playgroundsite issues them know when we (let are dark) Dan will askLuis to unlockinnerdoorto bathroom dance on nights. 3. Treasurer'sreport Dan will attach Treasurer's reportto Secretary's report. -Moved-ThatJoewill askRich if he wantsnotefor tax purposes-app1qygd4. Green MainstreamClass(status:# of members;all plastic namebadges made?;feespaid?; potentialconcerns. Anticipatedclasscompletiondate,etc.) 5 badges will be madethis monthandDaryl will makebadges from now on. Fees all paid. are Classshouldbe completed endof March. by 5. PlusClassplanning Steve, "Let's decide aboutPlusafterGreenClassis nearer end. will therebe enough makecostof class. will takea to Joe

surveyof who will pay for classand share this informationwith Rich.Joesuggests moresingingtips singingtips. -moved- will talk to Rich aboutGreenPlusclass. Joe -approved-

Darylpraises on beinggreat angb. Joe
6. ESD website(email Rich changes) Daryl will sendnewsletter Rich for web site. to Rich on site. Stevecompljments 7. Dancesin 2004(gettingdates/callers: Bay Area Dance Calendar) Discussion because is not here. Kip deferred in aboutdancers BAD calendar. Joewill put something Danceshouldbe heldon March Will decidelaterif Anniversary 27 or Apr 3 will call Kip if he can'thandle Steve it Steve andJoewill. 8. Club night callers Steve e'd Fen,Peggy, has andothers. Michaelwill call Jan.clubnieht. invitedto club nieht afterthreemonthsof class. Students

9. Other business costwill remain$36. Membership Daryl will sendout renewalform beforeFeb. new form one(Class). Joewill design new form two (renewal). Daryl will design aboutAngle Islandtrip. Daryl will askaround

! inancialReport

A r i t r t t a iD u s s D / lo.uu
al\ ^r / AA

Dorration BottleWaterDonations Total Incorne

40.u0 I_] JQ $ 269.s0

Expcnscs Mailings BottledWaterPurchase Mainstrearn Teacher Substitute Club Nisht Caller TotalExpenses


81.97 2.00 25.00 20.00

$ 128.97


t0.29 s23




I i!

.v'1 ,\^grxtY


(>tzr .\ r**rl,rv'- V,tt.,r,i

BOARD MEETING AGENDA: Aprll 24, 2004 . Review minutesof March meetins

o Treasurer's report o Success of Anniversary (?) Danceand co-sponsored club night with FoggyCity. Green MainstreamClass (all name badges/dangles received and in locker?;certificates signedby Joe and Rich?; classqpmpletioSdate and arrangements...who what?: cake, does Ot"r]L<, ,, lod,Orq[r.. Pltrs Classplanning(date,free int{., flyer, rocruitment, interestby -bU.!/,{C\greenclass?) ]"**,.:.!,fr{/.; Dancesin 2004 (dates/callers?; info. submittedto Bay Area Dance Calendar?; interestby callerr Howard Richman - in 2005 ".g., dances?) Proposal FCDfo sharebooth,includingcost and responsibilities, by at Pride festival Qandouts about our club, includingclasslocation, v (pontact info.,dateof next Mainstream class. etc.,would be needed) C*)



Membership directory(discuss final promptletterto thosewho have not renewedduesin 2004)

r New club shirts . Otherbusiness

Secretary Report 03t20t04
Kip not present. 1. Reviewminutesof February meeting. Approvedwithout change. AnniversaryDancewill be held March 27 at QuakerCenter. 'Birth Date' with 'Date of Birth' on forms. Replace 2. Minutes report. permission Club to useoffice bathroom. A: Stevesecured for B: Steve will find out who hassecond lockerin dance hall. mayopenmile addressed otherBoardMember. C: Secretary to D: We will havea party for classcompletion. 3. Treasurer'sreport. Everything'sfine. 4. ClassCompletionDance. A: Graduationdateundecided. . B: Daryl will makeCertificates. C: Dan will ordercakefor graduation. will bring food. D: Steve E: Daryl will sendpostcardsfor Graduation. F: Daryl will give Stevemasterlist of membership. 5. New Plus Class. A: Stevewill talk with Rich abouta good startingdate. B: Stevesuggests free intro-night. one C: Daryl will makeflyer. 6. We will co-holdClub Night with Foggy City April 6'h. 7. Daryl will get example materialfor club wear. of


liinancial ll,eport ,\pril 200;l

I rtcolnc:
\\ ller l\larch('lub Nite A l u r i v e r s a r YD l n c e ( \\ SD/F('D ('onrhirred'lub Nitr Altltu:rll)ucs
'l'olll lltcunte

$ 2.t.00 | 5.00 r 53"51 2tt.0{) 35.0(f s 255.5l

\1 rter lladges ( ' l a s sS u[ r s i{t ul e ' l ' e : r c h e r P . O .P l u s\ l : r i l b o r l t e n l : r l
'l ot:rl ['-rpensc

ti 20.90 99.t9 25.00 125.0t) $ 27{}.09

( heck Book Balnnce ('.1). 'l otal ,\ssels

$2J97.5{ 2052.50 ${.15{}.0.t

BOARD MEETINGAGENDA: May 15.2004 o Revieu,minutes April rneeting of Treasurer's report GreenMainstrearn class (ls everything arra'gedfor classcompletion party? Rich says l-re doesnot havecertificates...Daryl rnakenew to q.!.9_s:)Plus class plan'ing (confi'ned interestby green classrner-nbers? Advertising otherclubsor to the cornrnunityi) to Dance Coordirrator's rt (2004- 2005) repo Prideboothand Castr-o Street Fair booth Mernbership directory (prornpt letter to pay cluesrnailed? Total numberof paidnrernbers, inclucling greenclass?) ,.,! *, ,";,t, \ n,*-" New club shirts (ordersent?Anticipated shipment date?) Convention delegates Mission Playground issues (Access,s going? to it Secondlocker...Gilberto EVRC confinnedit's ours...he,ll of give key to Luis...l boughtlock with several keys for our use once it,s unlocked) . Otherbusiness (e.g., recruitrnent blue class) for

Secretary Report 04t21t04 Kip not present
l. Reviewminutes March meeting of A. Locker appearsto havebeenbroken into. Stevewill try and find a safeplacefor locker. B. Minutesapproved with two spelling changes. 2. Treasurer's report. A. Made a profit of $28 on danceco-hosted dancewith FoggyCity. B. We will roll over CD. (?) 3. Success of AnniversaryDanceand co-sponsored club night with FoggyOity. A. Anniversary roaringgoodtime. Made $153.51. a B. Co-clubnight had several squares. C. Joe will ask FoggyCity aboutco-hosting someclub quarterly. nights,perhaps 4. GreenNlainstream Class. A. Steve shouldget masterlist as well as Joe. B. Badges are in the locker. C. Certificates are signedby Joe and Rich. D. Classcompletion rlateto be May 24th. E. f)an-cake, samesizebut lessexpensive then before. F. Drinks and water will be free. G. Dan will find a ride to class nightsfor Jim. H. Daryl will sendpostcardto members completion. for I. WSD congratulates GreenClasson completion. 5. Plus Classplanning(date,free intro., flyer, recruitmento interestby greenclass?) A. A free intro night on July 12. B. Classbegins July lgth. on C. Complefiondate to be discussed later.

D. $65 for Plus classor $,10 fhosereturning within for last three years. E. Daryl will senda flyer to the club about Plus class. F. A new Mainstreamwill start late in October. G. Dan will placeinfo on Craig's list for Plusclass. 6. Dances 2004(dates/ in interestby callers- e.9.,Howard Richman- in 2005?) A. Steve will find out what's happening 'Leather for and l,ace'and Pink dance. B. Stevewill ask Kip to ask l{oward or Pat Carmathan. 7. Proposal FCD to sharebooth,includingcostand by (handouts responsibilities, Pride festival at aboutour club, includingclass location, contactinfo.,dateof nert Mainstreamclass, etc.,would be needed.) A. Steve "'We haveinsurance the Parade. for B. WSD will help people boothand sharecosfs. C. Amman,Joe and Dan will coordinate space the a at Castro StreetFair. D. Joe will find out aboutthe Paterson Fund to help pay for costsof space fair. at E. Daryl will crcatehandouts the fair. for 8. Membership directory(discuss final prompt letter to thosewho havenot renewedduesin 2004. Steveremovedsome'Friends' namesfrom Directorv.Board Ok's that. 9. New club shirts. A. Order form will go out in May. B. Moved "Nloney for itemswill be sentto WSD by members. Jim will give monies Daryl who will to pay for itemswith his credit card." Approved. 10. Other business. A. Jim will probablyresignnear end of year.

B. Rich desires teachtwo persondancingduring to breaksin class. Board members will monitor to make sure that classtime is not Offected. C. Joe will help coordinate anotherCaller Labat Friendscenterin June,July or August.'- j { (--'sl+f



Report F-inancial
May 2004

Incorne: Ciub Night cionations and WateriClass Club Niglrts Star FnggyCity/Western Club Night Cornbincd AnirualDues Total Incorne Expenses: iv{ailings: starnps, carlridges, ept. CastroSt. Fair BootlrRental Total E.xnenses
'l- - ""-

$ 2100 Ls.00
lR nn


0 $ 136 0

$ el ss 200.u0
s 2_c) I .85

Assets: Checking AccountBalance Investrnent C-D

69 $255-1 2052 50
vavv ,.


A ^^^+^



Pu icity/ Pro bl motions Repo rt
May | 5, 2OO4
1. Newsletter
The next edition of the newsletter mail on MemorialDayweekend.I want a classcompletionpicture will and will get a photo of sonreone wearingthe new uniform. I will also announcethe Angel lslandpicnic (seebelowl


Flyers Pride

The flyershavebeensent I sent two copiesto eachclub in California.I also emailedone to Rich to post on our web page. Mid-JuneI will send postcard all the club members, to and ask them to bring food to share.


Clubuniform shirts

The shirtswill ship earlynext week,and I expectto havethem available classcompletionnight,May 24. the on greenlettering didn't appear the forestgreenapparel, light greenis beingsubstituted.Red doesn'tshow up on so on red,so pink is beingsubstituted.Heretofore, club attireshould be orderedonline at any qnrLrqrd eryiustf p ryq U,e nr q wwW. I anticipate settingup a link on our webpage.After all is saidand done, the club ought to makeabout $7 or B on the deal.


Angellsland Picnic

Plans are progressing the revival the WSDArrgellslandPicnic.Sincethe July 4'n weekendis booked,we will for of be going on Augus(21. Rich Reelhasagreedto be our caller. l've reseryed spaceon the islandftat can a accomnrodate to 80 people($82.50). Blue& Gold Fleetis supposed be sendingme informationabout up to group rates.They havesaid that they don't think we will be able to danceon the ferry,but maybewe can tly a guerrilla action. We need to get sonredangles this event. I think the club ought to providesoft drinks for sale. for The picnic will be potluck, and probably by reservation.I plan to invite people from the five area clubs. Portable grills and charcoalare pernritted. Dogsare not allowed,alas. Are there other details l've overlooked?


Recruitment brochures

A WSDinformationalbrochureand a short history of squaredance brochurehave been preparedfor printing. We print them on nice paper. How nranycopiesdo we want? My idea was agreedat the last meetingto haveKirrko's to print up at least200 copiesof the informational brochure, and maybe IOO of the other..

BOARDMEETINGAGENDA: June 2004 20. r of Review minutes Mav meetins
Treasurer's repoft (Receipts for club expenditures/ money fiom club night and waterturnedin to .lim? Darvl reimbursed shirt orders?) for Suggestions Rich for structure lasttwo "class"nightsbeforeconvention? to of l; ) Pricle llance (Saturday. 6126104: Advertising? Arrangementslbr caller? cord.etc.,needed?Friends Meetingaccess'lCake ordcri Equipnient, extension sign-in sheet? Considerrvcaringyour Drinks, ice? Supplies?Flyers,brochures, ' >n ' ir ,''i


\. ...




,lU )

wsD srrirt')





?)",,,t"; "\:(' { L'

(Any additional inlbrmation'/; Prideboothand contingent paracle in

(lJow to Photo Clonverttic-rn to get the WSD banner the hotcl by 5 pm on 6130104'/ Input for club delegates?) and GrandMarch: any unilbrm restrictior-rs?
r ClastroStreet ["air booth

(Clonfirrned by or Plus Classplanning intercst greenclassmembcrs othersin the lengthof tips/ instruction; couplesdancingat communitv? Structurc class: of breaks'? ) report (Bay Area dancecalendarissuesresolved'/ Any Dancc Coordinator's bookings for 2005? Potential co-hostcdclub night with FCD with Howard Richman calling?) Ordersfbr club shirtsand otherWSD anparel linked to website? (I Mission Playground issues: contacted Gilbert of EVRC again,and he promised to tllrn over key to second lockerto Luis within the next week) Club niglit (Great fun on 6116104 with four straightguys fiom Germanywith promiseof picturesfor next ner.vsletter): Parkingproblemsfbr Peggy...any ideas? for Callers 2005? (e.g.,potential Otherbusiness Boardmernbers next year) for

Set'retar"l' Itelrort {}5,/ I 5/{}{

\ l u r u 1 c s n l l r l et l i u t r l i r l r i l l u r , c t l . ' \ l l l l r i l l r l n t c n ti r c r : s . i \c t r r L : i l i l r l r i I r c i r s r r r c r t ( ) K - c t l l i r r '\ t r r - : c tl r a i r liltttt

' i

t ' e r t t l ' i c i t t c s l ) p c i l lt t r t r c l o s t a ' \ l t : r i n r l l l r " k I r i i r ,i l ' t l l c ( . ' c l r l c rl u l r \ c r : n l h e r r r . I ) l t r ' ,Ii u i l l r r r t r l . .t.l * :u r c r ' { r l l c l i c . . , c ' r ' l r n '( ,locii ril l ; r s : t ' o r l l p l e t r o l rN i g l r t .

i l o { ' ..'! l t c c t e l l i s s n t r ' n l l r c l -h o l r c t r r t l r l o c ) l r r s . s l t [ ) l u t u i l l p l t r e cr i r r( ' r ' i l s si i : . , t [ ) n l ' iI r r i l l r i t i r l . , lr':l r c r " 'ltlulrrllu',t) ( i l r t t \ r ' r ' l rI ) t u r i . : ( e i l u r rr r r l l e l ' - : , i u ) t c . s . n I l i t r t t p t ( ) rl" ri l l c a l l l i r r ' (i i n [ ) r i t l c . r I i : i r t l t c r r t t t il ; r c ci ' i r l l r r n i ! l l - r r{:' ) } . l o c r t i l l l l r r r l( ) u l \ \ l r i c h ( ' i r l l c r n i l l c a l ! l o r l t , , g g ] I ' i t r i r t l ) r i t l c l . , r p1 1l l c N rc i . ,t t i r l c l t ' r 'l ( l { } 5 , ' \ r r r r ir\r s i l t ' \ [ ) a l r c c . i e

l } t t t r t i l i r r o r l . , l t l ) r i t l eb r i o t l i l i ' o l r rI t o i i . , \ r t t r t t o r t a s : ; i g n c tIl t ) c u o l ' c l i n l l t ( ' i t s t r ( )I : a i r [ r o t r t l r is c i ) r t i r r r r l l i r : , kl t r c l r l r i ; ; 1 l l i l , i r c ' l r t t ! t l 1 i , r ) t

l \ l c t t l t r c r s l r iipi t ' , " ' c t o u i l l h c l l r i l l i z c d h r c r r r . l l ' n r o l r t l r . l n o

- nurr nlcnthfl't. l J i i l r I r i i l l l t i ; t i , - c) i t " c c t o r ri r t . i u r r ci u r c ls e l t d i l o r r t .( l l u r . t ' l c l l t l l . i

S l r i r i sr l t n t t l r lh c i t r i l i l l t h l cl - r r( ' l u s s c ( ) n t i t l c l i o n 1 . \ l r l " l .u ' c , r ' c , ) r I ) i t n I s i t r s c l u h u i l l r r r a k c$ 7 t r r ' * 1 .o 8 s h i r t s ,n \ r t e . c lI s l i r r r rp i c l r r el r i l l h c , \ r r g I l ' ' l N , I i t ro l ' l i O ! l c { ) l ) l e i r r l l r c :I } l r r ci u t i l ( i o l d L i l r c . l . i u er i ' i l l r i l t l c r t i u r t g l c s ( ' 1 r | ] \o l ' r l l l l i : l e r l e : i g l rl i r r l t i c l r i ci i i l l l r c [ r r t r u l ' l i t ( ] n r ' \ l n t r ' c t i n s

I ) c o p l rr' n r r s itr r i r r st l i c u '( ) \ \n r l r i r r k s S t c rc l t n r ll ) l r r rI

i : . : r i [ ' . l r l t ll t l t t l t t ' o o tb 'rt t i s r \ n ( ] \ \ ; r r o c c c r l i t tr!rli t l t t l r r h r t c h . ] l l ' . c r s l i t r s c c r t t t rl lo o l ' c rs h o u l dl r c l r e c o r r M r l n r l a r . r r I t l c k e r s r i l l r c r n ; r i rrrr h c r el l r c r ; u u
I t r , .t:t i i i s e r ' l t [ r , r t t t { r - " t j 1 [ 1 r i 1 ; I l r"l 1o o : l i r r ( ' l r s t r o S t r c C l h o t r t h is t


FinancialReport June 2004

Mailings IAGSDCDues AngelIslandFee Club NightCallerslLevy& Shumwayl Class Completion Cake
Total lixpenses

$ 41.r5 42.40 82.50 40.00 16.99


Income: Dues[Alvarado Attardl &
Water Donations Total Income

s 72.00 28.00 $r00.00



BOARD MEETING AGENDA: Iulv 24.2004 r Reviewminutes Junemeetins of

o Treasurer'sreport

o Convention (Colnrlents? Delegates'report)

e P l r" rs l a ss (H o w 's i t going? C co rn p l e te d ?F e e sp a i d?)

How lnany in the class? Form s


Dance Coordinator's reporl (Leather & Lace? Any bookings fbr 2 0 0 5 ? P o tcn ti a lco -h osted club nislits with FCD?)

o Mission Playground (Would sonreone issues: else call Gilbert fronl EVRC at #205-5943and ask hirn to give the secondlocker key to Luis? Are we gettingaccess the staffbathroorn?) to


Nervsletter (Deadline items be submitted? for to Supplies needed?)


S p e ci a l e ve n t p l a n n i ng ( Silent Auction, Angel Island picnic, Castr o StreetFair booth)

o Oth e r b u si n e ss (e .g ., Boar d elections;Boar d m ember jobs, Blue

Mainstream classplanning) i lo*1/6-., .,


Secretary Report o6D0tal
Ammon Corl and Bob Brundageattend meeting.

1. Review June meeting. of Minutes moved approved. and 2. Treasurer's report.0 givenrepoftby Treasurer. All Board members Balance $1462.83 Darylhasbeenreimbursed tea shirts. for Treasurer's repoft approved. 3. Suggestions Rich structure lasttwo "class" to for of nights before convention? Joewilltalkto Rich with aboutproblem Weave the Ring styling. (Saturday, 4. Pride Dance 6126104: Advertising? Arrangements Caller? for Equipment, extension cord, etc.,needed? Friends Meeting access? order? Cake Drinks? Supplies? Flyers, brochures, sign-in sheet? your Consider wearing WSD shirt.) Rich Hampton $250+ $50for travel. Rich Hampton hisownequiprnent. has Kipwill bringextension cord. loe willopenhallat 6:45. Danwillbringcake. Kipwillbring drinks. Steve bring50-50tickets, will forks,etc. Danwilldo Craig's announcement. list Post cards sentandflyersmade. Daryl bringsign-up will sheets. '
5. i.," ,i. ,., ,1, , '.: i,; ,,.,11,ll1..{.iir:jilt i;,i:.ji il:lji.,ili i:i 1

RickPerna Foggy hascontingent of City information. What's boothnumber? the

Howmuchshould payfor the bootf (|IZS?.V. ^ we t /"r'1c*,r'."' Danwillbe a wheel \ monitor. 6. convention (Howto getthewsD banner the hotel to photo Grand by 5 pm on 6129104? and March: any uniform restrictions? for clubdelegates?) Input Noonevolunteered takebanner stevewill to so follow-up that. on Uniforms strongly are encouraged. Defegates propose will Joesidea.proposed and approved. 7. Castro Street booth. Fair Ammon saysthe committee received has the application check. with Grantrequest 9300sentin. for Joewillbringtable. Daryl bringleaflets sign-up will and sheets. Ammon bringcandy. will Richreelwillcallandhe doesn't needa powersupply. B.Plus planning class (confirmed interest green by .luu, members others thecommunity? or in structure of class: length tips/instruction; of couples dancing at breaks?) Joewill talkto Rich abouthaving shorter tips. It is not necessary havedaA+t#B everytime. to 9. Dance coordinator's repoft (#7Ai6H'dance calendar issues resolved? bookings 2005? potential Any for cohosted night club withFCD withHoward Richman calling?) No2005bookings madeyet. steveE'dFCD aboutco-hosting someclubnights. FcD thought that wasa goodidea. Kipoffered poolparty.Hesuggests a september.



apparel WSD and for 10. Orders clubshirts other linked website? to Darylsaysyes. of (I Gilbert issues: contacted Playground 11. Mission to and again, he promised turnoverkeyto EVRC the within nextweek.) locker Luis to second Wasthe keyturnedover? with fun night(Great on 6116104 fourstraight 12. Club for of guysfromGermany promise pictures next with ideas? problems Peggy...any for Parking newsletter): for Callers 2004? and for WSDDangles strangers the will Daryl design it will board consider at nextboardmeeting. for will Steve findout aboutparking Callers. from car. with carrying Bob& Joeofferto helpPeggy potential for members (e.9., Board 13.Other business nextyear). & Auction Leather Lace. at Board saysyesto a Silent Moved:(BobandAmmonbe askedto join tuard at Approved. July Meeting.) Boboffersto join Board. timeto thinkaboutit. Ammon sayshe needs



FinancialReport July 2004

Pride Dance Water Donations A n n u a lD u e s Club Night Donations Green Plus ClassFees Total Income

$ 88.72 8.00 36.00 27.00 $43s.00 $s94.00

Club Night Caller

$ 20.00

Checking Account Balance Investment CD Total Assets

$214s.25 20s7.35 s4202.60

BOARD MEETING AGENDA: September 2004 11. Reviewminutesof .lulymeeting (Notethat therewas no rneeting August) in participation other club by Kip's pool party was a success. Let's encourage members i1'this becomes annual an evcnt. l'reasuter's report interestin this ellbctivetoday. Bob has expressed Jim is retiringfiorn the Boarcl. position. Jinr has beenremorecl from thc WSD accoLurt, Stevehas been and 'l'he u'ill to aclded with deposit chcck-r'ntitins and authoritl'. new treasurer neccl bc added thc accouut. 1o ( r P l u s( ' l a s s N u r n b cirn c l a s s v i t h rrr>Fi{ii--') Is class corrplction scheclulecl ()ctobc'r'!y' Colurnbus [)ay? (Mission ti\r \ I)laygrouucl opcn'/.;


llcatcs l' completion Cc'rti o ('akc'l
Illue Mainslrcanr('liiss Rich Ilccl has agrccd to bc inslruclor. Wc ncecl1o agrcc on his lcc anclcontract ncctlsttr ['rcsctttttr ltint. [)ates Ibr classrccruitin{-l C'astro? on [)ancc C'orrrdinalor's rcpr)rt 25. IIe says he requiresno [)avc Dccot will call Iirr LeathcranclLacc, Septcnrber cquipnrcnl. C'ontract signed'/ Who r,vill be'responsibletbr kcy to Friends solrnd Mcelinghouse,cakc, drinks. paper products,rallle tickets, lood, etc.? Status o1' S i l c n t A u c t i o n i t en r s ' . ) , ? . , I r|\u,unV'l,".>r, *-'-\ F Ur Specialevent planning(Caslro StrcetFair booth) Docs Dan havc the booth? Sign-up sheets covered?





General rnernbcrship niceting September on 15 Ballotshavcbeenrnailcd.Ammon hasagreed be the B l u eC l a s s to Archangeland se to be a write-in cattdidateJ n11 by-_lalvs proposed? amendments changes or (Joe'sproposalto co-sponsor Other business our Pride Dance with Foggy City next -vear)

r"t rt' ;\r* s'*tln [{c1lsr
t ! ' " , -+ l r . $

l. Review .Iuly-lninutes. of
.\pg;*'*{'d :iccnrr*rftri" r


2. I'reasurer's report.
$ *n ;trq t$ i !{'B u i r*rsrq:r r it t' *$l"*gtut' !.;1' fr ut' r ,' tl r tpgtr utr td. *ttt{

ntion (Comments? report) 3. Conve Delegates'
\ u t , r t i i r t $ t i f l r t ' * $ ; m t t : r t m i " l ; {\ t { r r t } } x [ { s r f t \ f n t i * r t , r l
q oqlllrfqcrrrl?ntiltg illt*i.

\ i g l i { g l * r i $r ; r r { l [ ' n l l l , i $i i r r ' " i, q ri $ i t r l l l ft ft ' l r i * , a( ' r ' n l r l * r i l r \ e r r q l r i I r ^ r " " l L t r r r { s t r r [ , ! u h l i { l ' r e i ; i d en I t . r l " i , \ . ( ; 5 $ d] " $ i 1 , ,t { x i k { 4 . t u " $ r r l i r{l f i ' r s i d * r t t t { ' I U ; 5 [ ] t ' ] A l i * u { , l u r ' s * i r l q " ;lrr r i l . ' tf t ' r r l r { ' uh l l h : } l ' { "r ' { ; g 6 t r p { * : t *;a i n c f r { . } t [ ] ]i n t h c $ ; t t r x r t ' \i l
i r ' i i i ' ; l : . ; i i i l { t t i . l l i l l r ; l I i i [ t { } m l ' , { ! t c , h : l t i i t ' " { t { } [ ! \ $ i { , . { ' i i nl l' t l : * t i l ! ' ]

I rgirit;rtium.

4. Plus(.lass(llow's it goilrg? llow many in class? Forms complcted? lieespaid?) g ['iq;rr.lrrcc;'r:irug -xpriirfrrp Elt"rhirpcofhr,'r'c u{'if. lrill" 5. Dance(loordinator'srcport (Leather& Lace?Any trookings 2005?Potential for co-hostefl nightswith FCD?) i*"igr -,,iilr, ffiir:rt $'ur:t}{ff [],--r*: Dpeat
[ ] ; l ; " ] I i l \ i " i * r X uI i r i i l g i - i r u r { { . f i { " c tt l n i i { f . l i l l r r f r r ni.i i : t c l . r r . l { , t e l r u e $ ' { . . f l * lq \ h r i n g f n l l r } , : hf r {r E E ; i l rl t l r q r l t i i l ' t i l t r " { \ \ i : ' r l ' r " r u r5 r t c r ' ; r ! s l r r t t u u r { I t l ' i d r ? r: n l i * i r t ' s i i l l i l r l u r a u t ' l r tt" r ' - l l r i t i rt i r ' l u l r t l i * l r { s l l " r i t g { r { r ( li r i e : t . '

6. Nlission Playground (would someone call issues: else Gilbert fronr tivRc at#205-5943 and ask him to give the second locker key, [,uis?Are we gettingaccess the to to staff bafhroom?) l):ur r",iil r.:rll {-ii$irrl \\'r rr*r *rttitrg *r'{r\l {* si:rl'X" i.

Supplies (Deadline items to be submitted? for 7. Newsletter needed?)

'X-u*'sd:lr \t:s{ tt { T i S T ; t } " $ } r t ' ; l * l } t l liti r l ' \ E : r r q l * t t c r l l l " f i c N e s . I [ ] ; r r " r f r n r s u g l p l i r si m l t a r t d .

eventplanning(SilentAuction,Angel Island 8. Special picnic' Castro StreetFair brtoth)
r l l n t r i l $ q l f l l : l r 3 ' lr i i l * ' - r n r k i n \ i f r : n t l n c f i n n . g . [ r l r :u i e g r r l : , l ' r ] n t i f , t g l * l l f n c ' f l l u r h n r r r - s . t [ ] u l t r , rl l * r l , I ' - l{ ; r r a l i u u * d o m i t { r { ' E r r r r r l r l i u r r l [ rcgisIr"aIi*n. \1 \n) iiiii drillate ? tirkrts ttl al! J \\'51) tlrlrecs ntst \eilr. f , l : l n l . r y r r q i t ' i st l l c o n l , i l f i n r l n s l c n g l s i f ' s n ( ) f l { } r [ d . f l u n I w i l l l * : n d o u I p r i s f l . : l l ' r ! sl t r i i u t . \ n g r ' ! [ s l a t r d . i 5 t E : r r w i l l b t ' i r r S ; r l i r l r r "s t r l u l r r rrs t ' . t \u.r rr ute l- * ili llr []r'(]\ir.lcrJ" l u i ; i " 1 ; * i i l 1 l i + r - [ i , , 5 ; i { r i r - r ! :h r.1 l r I I ' l ' . l - 8 . i r . , r l l a r " g c " n * i l t n r l i $ f E r t : n r i l : t t i { " r l f lf r r r r h o n i h f i r r { ' i r s t r n S f r r l f l . ' * i i r . s t' E h l i " r i t i ! ! i - r i r : l l t ! l t e ![ . t { ; ! i [ ] { " t i r i t c r l n u f i s r n i l lr ! i s p ! i r r . I :

9. Other business (e.g., lloard elections, Board memberiobs. (llassplanning) I|luc Nlainstrcam
$ u . i i[i i i l t ' i i r t ' i ] r i n r ' i l l i u t r r i l l t i r n t l r l u c { n [ i ( . l g r r i t h d r i n l * s . Ji;rr1'l tt'ill nryi,i'rrr hgtprgr.firr id;tl) d r- fi, Sltldrr{/ {. 1\fspysl!
ty's's;t iElir/ {tf}{t t"4 S \ r l * \ l l r i t l ' l r I r i j u i r r l r u i l r - t t* N r t , l t r i p l t r i * n r , [

{}f"fr'r"fidit'h thr illue d lrlss Reel t:riNer".i'*tr gril3 rlrld hinl.
. { - / ' u ' , . , ! j ' : . , " j l i r i . : ,i,- i l i i , i ' , r i , f t l ; r i / r l ; i : ; : 1 g l. " u " # 1 . , 4;


FinancialReport August-September 2004

Income: BottledWater PlusClass Angel lslandPicnic Club Nisht Donations l'otal Income

$ 38.00 210.00 326.32 27.00 $ 601.32

Expenses: BottledWater Club Banner Printing& Postage Angel lslandPicnic Club Nisht Caller


16.50 20r.66 70.07 I I r.18 20.00

TotalExpenses $ 4 1 9 . 4 1

Check Book Balance(as of 9ll0l04\



D !ctl.i-'-'

zr i(. Jb

AngellslandPicnic 2004

August 2004 3,

34.66 4.87 25.52 7.00 24.94 2.40 1.79 420.00 521.18

Expenses: (dangles) Shrinky Dinks Krylon Sealer Postage I colorinkjetcartridge plastic, Plates, cups, tablecovers (no Metal hoops dangles receipt) for (no Napkins receipt) (35@$12) Ferry TotalExpenses lncome: 33 Reservations @$ZO 1 Donation ^ TotafIncorne Income Expenses Previously island reimbursed rental Profit

$660.00 10.00

$670.00 $148.82 - 82.50

Payments Checks WSD to Other Reimbursement Expenses Other TOTAL

$260.00 410.00

521.18 410.00 ${ 11.18


20.2004 BOARD MEETING AGENDA: October . meetins of Reviewminutes October s Administrator' report fbr Class($200)and I'm working on Rich's contract the Mainstream will be submitting club insurancerenewal soon (United Square Dancers of Arnerica insuranceprograrn prernium is $4.65 per insurance coverage is merlber... anyoneawareof a less expensive prograrn?).

repoft Treasurer's of Classfees? Status Mainstream BlueMainstrearn Class sheet,sign-upsheet attendance Do we havea list of classmembers, for fbr snacks?How's it going? Any feedback Rich? We're now and regularly displaying club banner the rainbowbanner. the repofi DanceCoordirrator's of Recommendations callers for upcoming dances? Any new bookings? Dance sites confirmed? ls Bay Area Dance Calendar or dances clr.rb for infbrmation current? Any proposals co-sponsored fbr nishtswith otherclubs?Callers WSD club niehtfor 2005?

o Ch"rb (poorattendance) night issues . proposal arnend to bylaws. Consider

o New namebadge design Otherbusiness
tL r' "

'' ' t )



L s ' { . ' r " i; t l {\ { t * 6 l l l l ' { ' !' '

1},$ ff{},'$t l. Reviewof Sept.minutes. No July meeting). ( Kip's pool party a success. I-et'sencourage participation hy membe if this becomes annualevent. rs an
lir$ilf 'I'rcasurer's 2. report.Jim is retiring f rom the Board el'fectivc today.Ilob expressed interestin this position. .fim removcdfrom WSD account, Steveadclecl with deposit check-writing & authority.New treasurerwill needto be addcdto thc account. tr { t L q ' 1 f;;t , , ,t ' c , l " g ' t " q ttt$ . t

$ $ r ; ; t i - r i ' i ' i : 1 . ' iri ' { J { ' { ' $ } { rir" J r ' i , r : v " o t ' r ,l r l1 .l l n t " n l r


3. Plus(llass(Numberin class with feespaid?).ls crass completion scheduled Oct. I l, (lolumbusDay? for (1\{ission (lertificates compretion? I'laygroundopen?) of (lakc?
I i I l , r \{ . 'd i i i } r tfr ^ , r{.h 1 - l ' i ' i , r r t i ; t s c{ . r u n r t r r $ * { i r {{ tr..,{ . } r ' i{ I * . ir r { t a ' $ n r ' i f l i r I i u ' r $ . o i r l * r f r } ' r * t[r]-l l r " rI { t ' t " { i l j c i t f r r r . { .-

(hss. Rich Reelagreed instruct.we 4. Blue l\lainstrcam to Ncedto agreeon his t'ec& contractneeds be sentto to him. l)atcsfor class recruitingon Clastro?
'r " 1 { l l i r i r i f r E 1 l " l i r $ . r i 4 }l$ r r "0 } l i s ri,. " $ ; r \ , "l.t.' r r r r r l l n s i l l r i , " rr 5 r : ' i i u i n ' * r 'r{* r ' $ ' { i t " i r*^ ; u $ g r :w i i $ r r \ r "r"? $ ; r $ i r r r q,ir$ { l { { i s t r f " }

5. Dance(loordinator'srcport. DaveDecotwill call for Leather& Luce,Sept25. l{e requiresno sound (lontractsigned? equipmcnt. who will be responsible for key to l.'riends Nleetinghouse, cAke,tlrinks, paper products, raf1letickets, food,etc?Status SilentAuction of items?

"\fr;iiir',,1r }. r . ' t i i x q , . r r . , ,{ d { ' { : r " [ $ i q i l l t * g l { : t \ t $ . { r{ { ' . } r " . i1 " [ { r , ) . { " 1 . 1 $ i

, l ' , , 1 ;ir$ ) ; l g i r " c ' {* * ; ' r } i : r ; t [ * t ] t t e t i i { q t ; r ' { ' € i { }rt;l { }t } { i r ' { ' F { } $ ' ! , l $ ! : * * : - { ' ; i i , . n'" ' l r 'q ' - { c ; l r l { r ' ; i r , .! u i p " " t $ l " i n $ ,l;F ;.i l 1 - " t $ l r : \ { { ' \ * * { " \ s ;e $ r { . nx [ ] ; i u ' rl - r i y n ] * $ [ ]q ] r t " s ' t .f i ] ; t tq ' r qi N ] a " q : t ' *r ' i5 B t ] f ] " -, . l

planning(CastroStreetFair booth)Does 6. Speciel events Dan havethe trooth? Sign-upsheets covered?
f r $ i l * ! l i * " l r r i * l i t i i t r l i t \ \ ; t ' " $ ; r g t r x $ s rf i l t " l i l l : l t ' i * f . {

7. Generalmembership meeting Sept15.Balletshave on '.,;\ Beenmailed. Ammon hasagreed be I|lue Class\;o-<'"to someone to be a write-in candidate. clse Any Bv-law proposed? antendments changcs or
\ * * r t i i { i ' 1 , .1 tlrl r ' $ r i i l l c { l i r o ' . \ r " u ' $ l i t { t L i * i t" { l i t { t U { : q{;* f i 4 r , 1 . 'lr X , , t t s , . i i l i l r d l t i i l t l r r " r r ; i ( ' { l; l l l r l t { r c ' t { i g n r ' "

(.foe's proposal co-sponsor Pride fl. Othcr business. our to l)ancew'ithlioggy()ity nextyear).
\* ! i I c ' ! r - : \ g l l r t f i ' - r i r ' ' ; l * i![";$ n r ' i l ] * "$ ] : n l l t " t ' " { ' s f n l r t ' r " l t i t l } \ ir . ' { } * t \
i:';t:r ;rllt{'t illlr!*.r .. ..i,..i' -.

Financial Report September-October 2OO4
Income: Club Night donations Water donations Donation(SteveCameron) Annualdues(half_year) PlusClassfees Leather& LaceDance SilentAuction Total fncome

$30 2l t00 t8 t0 363 565

$l r07

Expenses: Club Night Callers Castro Street Fair Upgrade Leather& LaceDance Cake for plus ClassCompletion Printing and Supplies

$40 50 383 l7 t99

Total Expenses

$ 689

Checking Account Balance as of October 25 Investment CD as of October 25 Total Assets

$2496.34 2052.59 $4448.93

30.2004 BOARD MEETING AGENDA: October meeting Reviervminutesof' September

and duties): New Board(names for that we have a dancespace (Steve): Oversees club by ensuring Adrninistrator annually;submits and f-ees documents class and club niglits; submitsinsurance with WSD activities coordinates status; non-proflt to to documents State maintain otherclubs. 'freasurer club's tinancialrecordslmakes for (Bob): Responsible rnaintziining tiom drinks.etc.;writes chccksfbr incorne dancef'ecs, liorn classf-ees, cleposits etc. instructor. class supplies. caller. club niglrt/dance and others to (Dan): Responsible writtencotnlnLrnication members 1br Secretary concerns cards,complaints/ thank-you Board(e.g.,birthdaycards, o1 behalfof tl-re membcrship Board and getreral Park & Rcc. site):writes minutesof regarding mectings. anclediting of for llclitor(Daryl): Overallresponsibility productiott Newslctter directory. menrbership and club nervslctler maintaining etc., housing. callerfees,includingair f-are, (.foe):Ncgotiates DanceCloordinator placesWSD rate fbr sitesfbr club clances; locatcsand negotiatcs lbr all clances; callers for club clanceinformation on Bay Area Dance Calendar;coordinates night. and organizes danccrs o1'new recruitment (Arnrnon):Oversecs ClassCoordinator ongoitrgcotnnrnnication Orle: maintains informatiott Fort-u on class meurbers' ctc.; acts trs liaison betweenclass. witlr class mcmbersregardingschedr-rle, and instnrctor. Board. Fair; makes bootli at CastroStreet (Grcy): Organizes tffi"l Event Coordinator (e.g., Kip's summer pool party); for arrangements Angel Island picnic, etc. 'l'his ideas. We areopento creative (?). is a new positiorr. webmaster 'l-reasurer's report and with check-rvriting Bob ald Steveare both now on WSD's B of A account authority. Who has made some paymenttoward tl'leir ATM deposit/withdrawal fees? Class Mainstream


BIue Mainstream Class How many are in the class'?I may have a friend startingon November 1. A guy named8..T. will stadon November I will be at MissionPlayground 7 prn to 8. at help hirn catchup. Rich will be thereearly(maybe7:15)also. Can anyone else arrivea little earlv? DanceCoordinator's report Darrin Gallinahas conlirmedfor our 2005 Leatherand l,aceDance. Joe is going to try to book callersthrough2006. We plan to hosl oLrr2005 Pride Dancein a largchall. Othcrbusiness



Financial Report November 2OO4
BlueMainstream ClassFees Water Donations Total lncome

$375.00 28.00 $403.00

Club Night Caller Logo Setupfor new white badges Postcard printing Mainstream Books Total Expenses Checking Account Balance of November 15,2004 as lnvestment CD Balance of October 25.2004 as

$20.00 35.00 22.00 | 0.00 $87.00 $2523.63 2062.59

Total Assets


BOARD MEETING AGENDA: December 2004 18. . Reviewminutes November of meetins
Adrnin i strator's reporl I have cornpleted Rich's contract fbr the Blue Mainstreaur Class ($200 f-ee), and he has signed it. I proposethat the Mainstreamclass caller/instructorbe the caller for the annual holiday party/club night ( N o t e : I a u t h o r i z e d 2 5 f b r R i c h ' sf e eo n l 2 l l 5 i 0 4 ) . $

Treasurer's repclrt S ta tu so f Ma i n stre a rr Classfbes' / B l u e M a i n s t r e a tC l a s s n ( D i s c u s s i o n f c h a n g ei n c l a s sr r i g h ta t M i s s i o nP l a y g r o u n d i m p a c to n o c l u b n i g h t 1 b r W S D a n c lM S i f W e d r - r e s d as c l - r o s e n . . . p a r t i c i p a t i o r r iy be o f a n g cl s fi o n r E C R would poter - r tially r educed;class tr tetnber , P a u l , i s i n F C D 's cl a sson Tuesdays; inipacton clLr bnight fbr FCD i l ' 'l 'h u rsd a y i s ch o se n ). Itich has agr eedto be availableany wcekd ay night. Dance Cloord inator's report r S ta tu so 1 -ca l l eb o o ki ngsand conllnned sitesfbr 200512006? Calle r s fo r WS D cl u b n i g h t for 2005?

o Oth e r b u si n e ss

lqu**' ;e ${.* r" *'*":{r"r gl* t
$ $ '',i{}/{}."$ *r"+t+-*{i{i J++*.+*++F#r*s* *{"

l. Reviewminutesof trtovember meeting.
$ { r ' i n * l " i{ , t $ s " ' t ' r }i 1 { t u g r r l l i l l g E . ' i i ; m l i j " r ' r , " q

2. Administrator's report.Steve working on Rich's is (lontractlbr Nlainstream ($200) class and will be submitting club insurance (tlnitedSquareDancers soon. of America)premiumis $4.65per anyone Arvarc a lessexpensive of program? insurance
,$ ' * ' r i . t " p r r{r " 1 } . , . ' 4 .$riir.y { r ' 0l,l r r l r l r ' i t \ N } 4 a . { r q}: f l s ' t ' !l" r ; r ' i { '
iii".lij ili1r".r'

3. l'reasurer'sreport.Statucs Nlainstream of fees? class
\ i { . ' \ i , l l l $ l $ r : l l l ( } $ rn '" $ l { " s . l d r l.t ' l u , t } x \ + . ' t " i r1 r } l u $ u$ '$ r u i il \ i t x xi a t , q , n. " '; X .r r . ' r " r r u i ' { r : l \ i r r ' * . } f g } i i l t r u 1 ; $ i ' l ,$ l t n , * n , { . q ' u $r

,{. Blue lVlainstream class. we havea list of class Do members, attendance sheet, sign-upsheet snacks? tor lloll' is it going?,,\n,v" fcedback Rich? We're now for regularlydisplaying club bannerand thc rainbow the banner.
\ \ i l i i l l ; r q , ' 1 . , { l l r $ l . , lirn r l i l l s '\ ; l l l u s i l , } ' { } t r n il, f i t "l,r i $ $ l "--"l{i . 'l r r i' r $ $ i t" { i l l l * i ' q ; t r ; i i{ ' \ i t { ' r "l'! ; r $ ; l $ t q 'i t I i c ' i r ,{\. r . t tr}{ t t r } t , i l { r l * t i r l r ; i r l l i { ' $ , ;}.n i n r { r . ' t * {i q; i x{ ' $ } { " { . nr } } \$ u t g l $ ' $ ' { f r t ' ill'"t : t a , \$ r ' { t $ , r r I f i l l r " r ' t ' i r i f , o * ' { . ' u ' + } llr-;., , lrt " f i { , i c - l l ; r \ t r , i q q $ l r l l l gr * w r , * 1 , l* l

5. Dance(loordinator's. Recommendations callersfor for upcoming dances? Any new bookings? Dancesites confirmed? Bay'Area DanceClalendar ls information current?Any proposals co-sponsored for dances club or (lallersfor WSD club night for 2005? nights?
l " rr l ; i l t t ' i , ' o;,r i { . 't ; t { { i i l r . ; c $ t ' t * r l ; * t \"d i i , , t $ c r l l * - 1 j , t l , " t } ,

\ : r r t i l ,{ . ' } ' \ i r c 'l r ; r { r E ' : 1'f { i $ " k v r r i r } * l l l u ' r t$ ' r " i r t * ' } l r s t r ri l { } { $ $ ' j i ,r $
utl ,!ii {t;,".r' l r { l r l l " u ; t 1 i I i u , ' i t r i 'io t r , { , 1 ' * t i ' i * ' g $ t . q $-e l l 'r t , i { { , ,t ?

n ,c.'l rx'ci ;c{i i' rE l \q 1 1l;i s' ii} i,.' 9"". %ttl t' \*fi} ;i#.d^".,{ o;."*r tr *J*t* .{i tr r r {. i q,'i$ii+i*-* $qihxigitts.

(poor attendance). 6. Club Night issues
qri:.'$r \i;{,'qti r r t 1 ! l r + l i ' r " q u { r \ r ' r .fi' l ' l a r l t ' $ l l } r \ t * i l $ : , " f i * l t ' liX! 'i$'rtt;itrt{}{fr ! , Y! r ' ; i 5 i \ 1 i { i I r * ' ; t { ; r * * u ${ } * t q m { l r t t ' r i i i $ " . f i } { ' r ' f t ; t p l l e t ' q { i ' q ' t l l l * q ' r\" } { r i { ' l ' { t q l r l * i g t r { r q l i { f l - c r - ' * - ' 1 . , " q '{*:it}{ ! r ' s . " ' { . "lullriti

proposal amend 7. Consider to bylaws.

q , i t ; u i t . : r ' !i , ; l i n , l l * ' , ';"[ { } i r e ' 4 t! " q $l r $ $ q r ; t r - t $ q {l r i t t ri i c d \ ! ;nt ill;t*-'t'ti
l ; t ' i , r i ' ! . "t N t i . : i t t [ ] i ' l ' ' , $ t i { t { ; f t ; t l r ' { q l l r { q " . ll

fl. New namc badgedesign.
\ g r l u " * ri ' t t ,

9. Other business.
\ * r r ! I t l i , ; q ; 1 i r l r ' t , i l t r l j ,o u ; 1 !l r + ,$ . $ r , r " . ' 1 '; t l { l t t n . ' {H


Financial Report December 2004
BlueMainstream ClassFees AnnualDues Club Night Donations Water Donations Total lncome

$| r5.00 | 08.00 2s.00 29.00

Club lnsurance BirthdayCakefor RichReel Total Expenses Checking Account Balance of December 15,2004 as lnvestment CD Balance of November25.2004 as

$ | 88.00 r7.00 $20s .00 $2642.08 2063.87

Total Assets


Proposed Amendments to the Western Star Dancers Bylaws
l. Article 4: GeneralMeetings, Section currentlyreads: A A general meeting oPen to oll memberc sholl be held ot leost once evenf four (4) months with the cycle beginning in tonuary of each calendar yeor. It is proposedthat this sectionbe amended read: to A general meeting open to all members shall be held at least annually in September. ,-i.,( .,.,

2. Article V Boardof Directors SectionD Subsection currently reads: b Treosurer. ln oddition to maintaining the finoncial records of the Club, the Treosurer must be one of the co-signotories of the Club's bonk occounts ond is authorized to releose information os tot the Club's finonciol stotus. The Treosurer may be oppointed from omong ony of the members of the Club. It is proposed that this subsection amended read: be to Treasurer. In addition to maintaining the financial records of the Club, the ireasurer must be one of the two signatories of the Club's bank accounts and is authorized to release information as to the Club's financial status. The Treasurer will issue a financial report to the Board of Directors at each Board of Directors meeting. The Treasurer rnilrf be appointed from among any of the members of the Club. .

3. ArticleVll Finances Section currentlyreads: A A checking occount shaff be mointained. Two signotures sholl be required on oll checks. Ihese two PeoPIe sholl not be co-residents (wheneyer possible). It is proposedthat this sectionbe amended read: to A checking account shall be maintained. The Treasurer is responsible for the 'ehib maintenance of the club accounts. A second member will also atdil" check writing privileges, but two signatures will not be required on checks. These two people shall not be co-residents (whenever possible).

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