By:Mariana INT. UNKNOWN FACILITY – SOMEWHERE IN L.A – TIME UNKNOWN SPOTLIGHT on AERIN. She appears to be tied to a chair and she’s struggling against the ropes. The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on her hands. The rope around her wrists has rubbed her skin, making it raw and blistered. The CAMERA PULLS BACK so that we get a SHOT of her face. One side (the right) is swollen and we see that she has a nasty looking black eye. Her eyes, one almost swollen shut, glisten with anger and hate. The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT, revealing her tormentor/tormentors. It’s the SHAPE SHIFTER and THE FIRST. And they both look like SPIKE. One of them tilts its head as it studies Aerin. SPIKE COPY 1 “So much spirit. So much fire.” (shaking its head) “It’s a shame really. That you got caught in all this. But in the end that’s what it’s down to. You’re not important. You’ve never been.” AERIN “Go to hell.” (spitting in their direction) “When he gets here you’re going to wish you were dead!” SPIKE COPY 1 “Aerin. Aerin.” (moving forward) “He doesn’t care about you.” SPIKE COPY 2 (caressing her cheek) “I never have.” AERIN (struggling even more) “You’re not him. None of you are.”

SPIKE COPY 1 “Is that so?” you’re right about me of course. Can’t touch you.” (hand going thru her) “See.” (nodding towards Spike copy 2) “But he can.” SPIKE COPY 2 “It’s rather fascinating really. You, thinking that I could ever love you. That I would ever rescue you. You truly must love me.” (sneering) “How…romantic. In a very sick and twisted way.” AERIN (shaking her head) “You’re not him. You’re wrong. He will come. He will come for me.” The CAMERA FOCUS on Spike copy 2 as he grabs her by the hair and jerks her head back roughly. Then he backhands her across the face, laughing while doing so. SPIKE COPY 2 “I am already here, luv.” AERIN (spitting blood) “No.” SPIKE COPY 1 (sighing) “You’re so stubborn.” (smiling) “We really have to do something about that.” SPIKE COPY 2 “I think I know how.” Spike copy 2 pressed a knife against Aerin’s cheek, using the sharp blade to cut a bloody gash across it. AERIN “You’re sick.”

FOCUS on Spike copy 2 as he caresses her cheek, smearing out the blood. SPIKE COPY 2 “You would know, right?” AERIN “When I get loose, you’re going to die. Slowly.” SPIKE COPY 2 “I don’t think so.” SPIKE COPY 1 “You’re the one who’s going to die.” Aerin struggles against the ropes, effortlessly. AERIN “Why are you doing this?” SPIKE COPY 1 (eyes glittering) “Because it’s all about power.” SPIKE COPY 2 “And it’s fun.” (leaning in closer) “You know, you’ll be the third slayer that I’ve killed.” (chuckling) “Buffy will soon be the fourth. I think I’ll torture her a bit. See how long she can hold.” AERIN “You can’t beat her.” (ragged laughter) “You can never break her.” SPIKE COPY 1 “Really?” SPIKE COPY 2 “Cause I think I have. Many times.”

AERIN “She’s better than you.” SPIKE COPY 1 “Oh?” (morphing into Buffy) “Hurt her a little bit for me, Spike.” SPIKE COPY 2 (smiling) “As you wish, luv.” Spike copy 2 approaches Aerin, blocking her from our view. A PIERCING SCREAM.



SUPER LEGEND: INT. UNKNOWN ROOM – PLACE UNKNOWN – DAYTIME The CAMERA PANS IN on a little GIRL sitting on the floor holding what appears to be an injured ankle. (A.N: The girl seems to be about eight to ten years old, with long dark hair and she’s wearing jeans and a red sweeter.) UNKNOWN VOICE “There’s no pain.” FOCUS on the UNFAMILIAR MAN in his mid twenties as he approaches the girl. The man’s wearing a tweed suit and his mouse brown hair is slicked back with gel. On his prominent nose a pair of glasses resided. (Everything about this man screams WATCHER.) MAN (convincingly) “You can’t feel pain.” (roughly) “Pain is for the weak. The inferior.” GIRL (chastened) “There’s no pain.” MAN (lips quirking) “Good.” (pause) “Now, get up!!” FOCUS on the little girl as she, with some effort, manages to get up on her tiny feet. As she straightens her spine she grimaces and looks over at the older man with a frown. GIRL (apologetically) “I think it’s broken, Mr Chards.”

MR CHARDS “What is?” GIRL “My ankle. I think it’s broken.” The CAMERA PULLS BACK TO A WIDE SHOT as the man approaches the girl with a rather angry look on his weather-beaten face. The cold blue eyes regard her icily. MR CHARDS (sneering) “And what makes you believe I would give a damn?” (snorting) “Do you think your enemies will care that you’re ankle is broken? No!! They would use it to their advantage. And they would most surly kill you.” GIRL “What enemies?” (sniffling) “I don’t understand…” MR CHARDS “I know you don’t.” (contemplating) “Fine. I think it’s time to introduce you to your pray.” GIRL (confused) “Pray…?” Suddenly the door to the training room is flown open and another man in a tweed suit enters, dragging a struggling man behind him. The prisoner is a young man in the begging of his twenties and he’s quite good looking, with high cheekbones, lazy green eyes and a mass of dark curls. MR CHARDS “This, my dear, is a vampire…” (smiling) “Your enemy, Aerin.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOPRESENT TIME: INT. THE FACILITY – DOWNTOWN L.A – TIME UNKNOWN The CAMERA seems to be UNDERWATER, as our view is blurry and we can kind of make out the structure of the ceiling through the layers of water. Suddenly a female head is thrust down into the water and we recognize AERIN as she seems to struggle against something. Bubbles are blocking our view from getting a clear look at the slayer, but we do see that she’s trying desperately to hold her breath. The seconds ticks by… A ROOFTOP SHOT as one of the SPIKE LOOK A LIKES pulls Aerin away from the basin of water. She emerges wet and coughing, eyes closed and head falling back from what appears to be exhaustion. We can dimly see the shallow cuts that mare her face and collarbones as well as the bruises on the pale skin. SPIKE COPY ONE (laughing) “Had enough?” A WIDE SHOT of the scene as the other SPIKE CLONE emerges from the shadow. This would obviously be THE FIRST as the other one is capable of touching Aerin. This makes the first one automatically THE SHAPESHIFTER. THE FIRST (grinning) “She seems stubborn yet.” SHAPESHIFTER (enthusiastically) “Let’s see if she breaks this time.” And with that he once again forces Aerin’s head under the water. She fights against his grip but appears unable to break free and after a few moments her body relaxes. This causes a frown and the Firsts’ lips and he gestures to the Shapeshifter to pull her back. The Shapeshifter sighs and draws the slayer away from the water. A CLOSE UP on Aerin as she’s tossed recklessly to the floor. She seems unconscious, but then begins to cough up some of the water that she apparently has swallowed. One of her eyes snaps open and she gives her two tormenters a rebellious glare.

AERIN “Is…” (cough) “…that…” (cough) “…all…” (cough) “…you got?” THE FIRST (amusedly) “Still got some spunk in you, eh?” (peering over at the Shapeshifter) “What ever shall we do with her, Spike?” AERIN (gritting her teeth) “Stop. Calling. Him. That.” THE FIRST (raised eyebrow) “Why?” AERIN “He isn’t Spike.” (shaking her head) “Nothing you say or do can convince me of that.” THE FIRST “Really?” (stepping closer) “How do you know it isn’t Spike?” AERIN (grimly) “Trust me. I can recognize a vampire from…something else.” (silently) “Especially a certain vampire.”


CUT TOSUPER LEGEND: TRAINING ROOM - UNKNOWN LOCATION – TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE SHOT of the training room reveals the VAMPIRE from before, pacing back and forth across the floor while casting dark glares at the closed door. When there’s suddenly a commotion on the other side he tenses and stops dead in his tracks. Without warning the door burst open and MR CHARDS storms in. In his arms is an unconscious teenager. Her limp form is delicately shaped, the baby fat just lost, with long limbs and a perfectly sculptured face. Her long, wavy hair hangs down as a banner over the WATCHER’S arms. Without acknowledging the vampire, Mr Chards quickly walks over to the couch in the far corner of the room and places his burden there. As he steps back the other watcher appears in the doorway with a first aid kit. VAMPIRE (distressed) “What’s going on?” (no answer) “What happened?” MR CHARDS (turning to the other Watcher) “Please, Eric, give me the kit quickly. She’s losing way to much blood.” ERIC (trembling hands) “Is she going to be okay?” MR CHARDS “I think so.” (shaking his head) “Your charge is strong.” VAMPIRE (growling) “What happened?!” FOCUS on the Watcher called ERIC as he turns to the anxious vampire. He lets his brown eyes travel over the creature, a frown developing on his features.

ERIC “Aerin wasn’t fast enough.” (looking away) “She got severely beaten up by a Fyarl demon.” VAMPIRE (incredulously) “A Fyarl?! What the hell were you thinking?” (angrily) “She’s not strong enough to fight against such a creature. Damn you!! She’s not a slayer!!” ERIC (blinking) “I know she’s not. But she’s a Potential. She has the skills…” STEPHEN (frustrated) “That’s bullshit!” MR CHARDS (steely) “That will suffice for now. Both of you.” FOCUSING on the couch. AERIN lays unmoving. Her face is covered in gashes and blood. There are even some ugly looking bruises marring her smooth pale skin. We can see her chest rise and fall in shallow breaths. (A.N: the teenager is wearing baby blue jeans and a black top.) Suddenly the young girl stirs and her eyes snaps open to reveal unfocused dark eyes. She seems disoriented for a while before gingerly sitting up. ERIC (sigh of relief) “Oh, thank God!” MR CHARDS (bluntly) “Do you remember what happened?” AERIN (nodding) “I failed my mission.”

MR CHARDS “Indeed you did.” AERIN “I’m sorry.” VAMPIRE “You’re sorry? It’s he who should be sorry!” MR CHARDS (irritated) “Why isn’t that thing in his chains?” ERIC “I saw no reason to it. He can’t escape this room.” MR CHARDS “I don’t trust him.” ERIC “Of course not. He’s a vampire.” There’s a growl from said vampire, but it’s ignored as the two Watcher’s focus on the teenager. She’s busy examining the wounds she’s acquired. ERIC “Are you alright, dear?” AERIN (nodding) “Yes.” (looking up) “You can go now.” MR CHARDS (benevolent) “You’ll spar with the vampire? Good. You need to train.” The CAMERA FOLLOWS the two men as they exit the room, door slowly closing behind them. Then it SPINS AROUND to reveal Aerin getting up from the couch with the help of the vampire. (Odd. But then again, it has been odd ever since we noticed his concern for her.)

AERIN “Thank you, Stephen.” STEPHEN (knotted brow) “Are you sure you’re alright?” AERIN (weak smile) “Still a bit tender. But I’ll be fine.” STEPHEN “Why do you let them order you around like that?” AERIN “They’re my watchers.” A WIDE SHOT of the scene as she limps over the floor towards a table. Reaching her destination she picks up one of the water bottles standing there and drinks from it as if her very life depended on its cool liquid. When she has emptied the bottle she puts it down and turns around to the brooding vampire. AERIN “How about that training?” STEPHEN “You can’t be serious?” AERIN (smiling) “Oh, but I can.” STEPHEN (hesitating) “I’ll go easy on you.” AERIN “Don’t hold anything back.” And with that she charges at the vampire. FADE OUT-

CUT TOPRESENT DAY: INT. THE FACILITY – DOWNTOWN L.A – TIME UNKNOWN SPOTLIGHT on AERIN tied to a chair. She’s so still that it’s hard to tell if she’s conscious or not. A SOUND from the shadows draws our attention there and as the CAMERA SHOWS us a WIDE SHOT of the room we see the image of BUFFY approaching Aerin. (This most be THE FIRST posing as the blonde slayer. (A.N: This version of Buffy is clothed in jeans and a green shirt. The blonde hair hangs lose and frames her face.)) THE FIRST (tauntingly) “Poor Aerin. All abandoned and lonely.” (inching nearer) “No one has come looking for you. No one cares.” (whispering in Aerin’s ear) “No one loves you.” AERIN (looking straight ahead) “He does.” THE FIRST (scoffing) “In your dreams maybe.” The First backs away so that it can look down at the tied slayer with a smirk. There’s something really creepy with that smile plastered all over Buffy’s features. THE FIRST (sighing) “You see; he never really loved you. How could he?” (leaning in) “The only reason he’s interested in you in the first place is because of that stuff your Watchers’ prepped you with.” A TIGHT SHOT of the horrified expression on Aerin’s face. (What the hell…?) FADE OUT-

CUT TOSUPER LEGEND: INT. UNKNOWN ROOM – LOCATION UNKNOWN – DAYTIME ZOOMING IN on a young AERIN lying on a couch with MR CHARDS kneeling besides her on the floor. The Watcher is just pulling out a syringe from her arm and he places it on a table before pressing a cloth to the puncture mark on Aerins’ arm. MR CHARDS “Are you feeling okay?” AERIN (nodding) “Yes.” (brows knitted) “Tell me again why this is necessary?” MR CHARDS (sighing) “These pheromones will attract vampires to you.” (beat) “Since you don’t have a natural slayer sense to detect them this will help you.” AERIN “By making them horny?” MR CHARDS “Ah, yes. It will even work to your advantage as the vampires will be, er, distracted.” AERIN “From killing me.” MR CHARDS “Yes.” AERIN (blankly) “By wanting to have sex with me instead?”

MR CHARDS (blushing) “Yes.” (getting up) “But no need to worry. You’ll kill the before there’s even a chance that they can… you know…” AERIN “Ravage me?” MR CHARDS (disapproving look) “Really, Ms Browder.” Aerin laughs softly and rises gracefully from the couch, just as ERIC walks into the room. The other watcher gives her a warm smile before directing his attention towards Mr Chards. ERIC “It went well then?” MR CHARDS (humming) “Very well.” ERIC “And it will work?” MR CHARDS “I see no reason to why not.” ERIC “And there won’t be any side effects?” (silently) “What would happen if a vampire would be exposed to these pheromones for a longer period?” MR CHARDS “It won’t happen. They’ll be dead in matter of seconds.”


CUT TOPRESENT DAY: INT. THE FACILITY – DOWNTOWN L.A - TIME UNKNOWN FOCUSING on AERIN and THE FIRST (who still looks like BUFFY). The First circles around the dark haired slayer, sizing her up for some reason. THE FIRST (speculative) “How does it feel to know that the only reason Spike’s with you is that he couldn’t help himself?” (quizzically) “That you poisoned him into loving you?” AERIN (shaking her head) “Stop it!! It’s not true!!” THE FIRST (mocked surprise) “No?” AERIN “He loves me for me.” (sobbing) “The pheromones have nothing to do with it!” THE FIRST (laughing) “Keep telling yourself that.” ANGLE on the First as it stops in front of the slayer, coming into a kneeling position. THE FIRST “He. Doesn’t. Love. You.” A CLOSE UP on the tormented look in Aerin’s eyes. FADE OUT-

INT. THE ROOFTOP – THE HYPERION - DAY AN AIR SHOT of SPIKE standing on the roof overlooking the city down below. The streets are empty and a soft wind ruffles his hair untangling the curls and whipping the duster (that he hasn’t worn for quite some time) around him. Aside from the, oh so hot duster, the blonde is wearing blue jeans and a black shirt that clings to his toned stomach like a second skin. The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on the vampire – or whatever he is nowadays, revealing the pained expression in his handsome face. (He looks so lonely there he stands. A single figure against the clear blue sky.) FLASH. (This is obviously a memory of some sort:) The CAMERA FOCUS on two forms under a bed sheet. Suddenly a head pops out and we see that it’s SPIKE with a goofy grin over his face. Just seconds later AERINS’ head pops out from under the fabric as well. She slaps the smiling vampire on the shoulder and makes a funny face. AERIN “You’re insatiable!!” SPIKE (growling) “Right back at you!” AERIN (dreamy look) “Eight times…?” SPIKE (toothy grin) “What can I say? You bring from the beast in me.” AERIN (kissing him hungrily) “That’s not hard. Oh, and that’s not the only thing that’s hard…” They disappear under the cover yet again.

FLASH. Spike closes his eyes and lowers his head. A shuddering breath is heard and as he opens his eyes again the pain in them is almost unbearable. So much pain… SPIKE (ragged voice) “Aerin…” FLASH. (Another memory (?)) SPIKE walks up to AERIN, who stands by a window, and sweeps her up in his strong arms. Aerin squeals in delight at the surprise spin and he buries his face in the crock of her neck. His hands firmly on her slim waist. AERIN ”My own twit-a-whirl.” SPIKE (muffled) ”Yours. Only yours.” ZOOMING IN as the vampire kisses Aerin again. Clumsy, passionate, starving kisses that leaves them both breathless and dishevelled. He finally lets her body glide down the length of his body to the floor. SPIKE “Do I make you happy?” A TIGHT SHOT as she tenderly cups his cheek, an endearing smile curving her mouth. She leans in to plant yet another kiss on his parted lips. AERIN “How could you not?” FLASH. SPIKE turns his back against the city and walks towards the door that leads if the roof. As it disappears inside a sudden cast of wind blows up dust from the roof and ascends towards the sky. FADE OUT-

INT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION – DAY A WIDE SHOT of the LOBBY reveals five characters in play: BUFFY, XANDER, WILLOW, FAITH and DAWN. BUFFY (looking around) “Where’s Spike?” XANDER “I think he’s up on the roof.” BUFFY “The roof?!!” FAITH “Chill, B. don’t you remember? Bat boy can be in the sun nowadays.” BUFFY “Oh.” (twisting her hands) “I guess that I forgot that for a sec.” XANDER “That’s okay, Buffy. We are all on an edge now since Aerin’s…abduction.” FAITH “I really hope that we find her soon.” BUFFY “She’s in pan. I can feel it.” FAITH (nodding) “I can feel it too, B. our sister is suffering.” BUFFY “We can’t tell Spike. He wouldn’t be able to handle it.” XANDER “I agree.”

SPIKE “I wouldn’t be able to handle what?” The five of them turn around to face SPIKE. BUFFY “Nothing.” XANDER “Hey, man… How’re ya holding up?” SPIKE “What do you think?” XANDER (shrugging) “Not so good.” SPIKE “Spot on, Harris.” BUFFY “You do know that we’re doing all that we can to find her, right?” SPIKE (eying her warily) “I know, Buffy.” (turning around) “But it’s not enough.” We follow Spike with a STEAD CAM as he walks away. The CAMERA SPINS AROUND to the others, revealing their pained expressions. DAWN (silently) “I’m sorry.” BUFFY (puzzled) “For what?”

DAWN “That I haven’t had any visions that could help us.” (shaking her head) “I’m useless as always.” WILLOW “Don’t say that, honey.” XANDER (nodding) “You’re not useless, Dawn.” DAWN “I just wish…” XANDER (distressed) “No wishing!!” DAWN (pouting) “Oh.” A collective sigh of relief is heard. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN ROOM – THE HYPERION – DAY SPOTLIGHT ON SPIKE and ILLYRIA standing face to face only inches away from each other. Their gazes are locked and the silence is almost deafening. ILLYRIA (blankly) “You wish to do violence.” SPIKE (equally blank) “Yes.”

A CLOSE UP on Spikes’ expression. There’s pure wrath there. No question about it. PULLING BACK to a WIDE SHOT as Illyria delivers the first blow, a sharp jab to the vampire’s nose. He tumbles backwards, but manages to keep to his feet. Illyria moves really fast now and manages to get around to his back. He strikes out at her, a high kick to her face, which she easily ducks. Then the entity crouches down low and manages to sweep Spike’s legs out from under him. He hits the floor hard with a thud and Illyria straddles his prone form and grabs him by the throat. ILLYRIA (calculative) “Your grief makes you weak.” SPIKE (growling) “’m not weak.” Spike buckles beneath Illyria and sends her flying off of him. He does a gracious flip and lands on his feet just as Illyria finds her bearings again and advances upon him. This time his fist hits the target as he strikes at the god king. She stumbles back and lifts a hand to the assaulted cheek. ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “You’re strength is increasing.” SPIKE (sneering) “All thanks to you.” ILLYRIA “I detect resentment in your voice. It is illogical. Without my assistance you would have perished that day.” (circling him) “It would have been unpleasant after all my other efforts to keep you alive.” SPIKE “Mighty of you.” ILLYRIA (another head tilt) “If one should feel grief it would rightfully be me.”

SPIKE “Why? What’s the worst thing that has happened to you?” ILLYRIA “To be stripped of my strength and be no more than the humanity that infests this earth.” SPIKE “Oh, that.” ILLYRIA (longing) ““I was the centre of the universe.” SPIKE (snapping) "Enough, innit?" The CAMERA CIRCLES AROUND the pair of them as the vampire and the entity charges at each other once more. Spike’s fist connects with her jaw and Illyria’s foot lands on his cheek. Then they’re on the floor, rolling around, getting in punches and kicks and actually ripping each others hairs. (What the hell…? Not exactly expected from the imperiously Illyria, right? And when did Spike ever indulge in that kind of warfare?) FAMILIAR VOICE “Ahem.” The CAMERA SPINS AROUND to reveal BUFFY in the doorway with a perplexed expression in her beautiful face. Behind her we can see FAITH, WILLOW, XANDER, DAWN and GILES. (A.N: Faith is wearing black leather pants and a red blouse. Hair pulled back into a knot. Willow’s clothed in a green summer dress, hair loose and curly. Xander and Dawn is both wearing black all the way and Giles is clothed in blue jeans and a white shirt.) BUFFY “We have a lead.” SPIKE (freezing in motion) “What?” FAITH “Dawn here thinks she had a vision. Of a warehouse.”

FOCUSING on the two opponents as they draw back from each other and graciously get up on their feet. They share a quick look before turning their full attention to the others. SPIKE (tentatively) “A vision?” DAWN (chastened) “It was just a short glimpse.” (twisting her hands) “I saw Aerin. She was tied to a chair. In a warehouse,” SPIKE “Was she…” (swallowing) “Was she… hurt?” There’s a shared look between the sisters and we can almost cut the sudden tension with a knife. DAWN “There were some bruises…” SPIKE “Bruises.” DAWN (cringing) “And blood…” SPIKE “Anything else?” DAWN (shaking her head) “No.” ILLYRIA (crudely) “She’s lying.”

BUFFY (clenching her fists) “How dare you…?” ILLYRIA (ignoring the blonde slayer) “Her body temperature indicates that she is lying.” SPIKE (softly) “Dawn?” DAWN (gingerly) “I’m sorry, spike.” (eyes cast downwards) “But she’s in pain.” ZOOMING IN on Spike as he staggers back, fiercely shakes his head as in denial. SPIKE “God, no…” GILES (steadily) “We must act right away.” BUFFY (nodding) “We’ll have all the slayers searching the town.” (beat) “We won’t rest ‘til we find her.” FAITH “I wasn’t planning on sleeping anyway.” A WIDE SHOT of the scene as they all head against the door in intent of leaving the room. The door closes behind them.


INT. THE FACILITY – DOWNTOWN L.A – NIGHTFALL The CAMERA PANS over the room towards the lonely chair in its middle where the darkhaired SLAYER sits tied up. FOOTSTEPS are heard and soon enough a FIGURE wearing BUFFY’S face appears into our view. Followed with someone looking like SPIKE. THE FIRST and the SHAPESHIFTER without a doubt. THE FIRST (as Buffy) “Look at you.” (coming to a halt) “The almighty Aerin.” SHAPESHIFTER (smugly) “Not so almighty now, tough.” THE FIRST (clapping its hands) “This is like…a dream come through.” (laughing) “To see you off your high horses.” SHAPESHIFTER “Did you actually think that I would turn my back on her?” (gesturing towards the First) “She’s my golden goddess.” THE FIRST (beaming) “That’s me!” SHAPESHIFTER (passionately) “She’s the reason I exist!” THE FIRST “I am!!”

SHAPESHIFTER (shaking his head) “I’m sorry, luv.” (leaning in on Aerin) “But you’re nothing to me.” FOCUS on Aerin as she lifts her head and open one swollen eye to glare hatefully at the two. (Oh, man, she’s really beaten up. There are cuts and blisters and bruises all over her face. And all that blood. She must really suffer from severe blood lost.) AERIN (coughing) “You’re not real.” SHAPESHIFTER (exasperated) “Not that tune again, pet!” (caressing her cheek) “I’m as real as it gets.” AERIN (shaking her head)¨ “You’re not him.” THE FIRST “You don’t see it do you? Nobody will come for you. You have no friends.” (inching closer) “No one who loves you. I mean how could they?” (sneering) “You’ve always been alone.” SHAPESHIFTER (hissing) “And you’ll always be.” ZOOMING OUT as the scene…


SUPER LEGEND: INT. THE TRAINING ROOM – LOCATION UNKNOWN – TIME UNKNOWN FOCUS on the door into the training room as it’s slowly opened and AERIN – who’s a young woman now, enters. She appears to be limping and drags a bloodied sword behind her as she makes her way over to the couch. There she bonelessly slumps down with a frown and looks over at the silent STEPHEN who stands in the middle of the room and had been watching her entry with solemn eyes. STEPHEN (furtive glance) “What was it this time?” AERIN (sighing) “A Ghora demon.” STEPHEN “Jesus.” AERIN “And about five vampires.” STEPHEN (growling) “Those bastards.” AERIN (weary smile) “It’s my duty. My calling.” STEPHEN (emphasizing) “You’re. Not. A. Slayer.” AERIN (leaning back) “Not yet.”

We follow the vampire with a STEAD CAM as he approaches the worn out woman. He stops by the table and snatches a bottle of what appears to be whiskey. AERIN (suspiciously) “What are you doing?” STEPHEN (raising an eyebrow) “I plan to get thoroughly pissed. Care to join me?” AERIN (shrugging) “Whatever.” FLASH. ZOOMING IN on Aerin who has draped herself over the couch. Stephen sits on the floor next to her looking dizzy. AERIN (lazily) “I hate you in so many, many, many ways.” STEPHEN “Not as much as I hate you. Where’s the bourbon?” With what appears to be a great effort, Aerin uprights herself, pulling a bottle out from under her and passes it along to the eager vampire. STEPHEN “Empty,” (sigh) “And our last one, at that.” AERIN “No way. What happened to all the other ones?” STEPHEN (a monstrous burp) ”Gone.”

AERIN (blinking) “Why do you think they let you live?” STEPHEN (examining the bottle) “I’m your pet vampire. All the free training a potential slayer can wish for, yeah?” AERIN “I’m glad tough.” STEPHEN “How so?” AERIN (slowly) “Cause then I’m not alone.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN ROOM – LOCATION UNKNOWN – DAY A WIDE SHOT of the room reveals AERIN, ERIC and MR CHARDS standing in the middle of it. There seems to be somewhat of a tension going on between the three of them. MR CHARDS (calmly) “You’ve been called.” AERIN (quietly) “I know.” (beat) “I felt it. Last night.” ERIC “There’s a whole army of slayers now.” AERIN “I’m not alone?”

MR CHARDS (shaking his head) “Our source tells us that the Slayer, Buffy Summers, has created an army of slayers using the essence of a scythe and her own slayer essence. All to prevent an apocalypse.” AERIN (glazed look) “I’m not alone.” ERIC “You’re one of many, my dear.” A CLOSE UP on the beautiful smile that starts to stretch over her mouth. But then it slowly fades away and she gives the two elder men a questioning look. AERIN “What will happen now?” MR CHARDS “You’ll do your duty. Protect mankind from evil and serve your sisters.” AERIN “I have to leave this place?” MR CHARDS (nodding) “Yes.” (gesturing towards the training room) “And you’ll have to get rid of that thing.” AERIN (blinking) “Thing?” MR CHARDS (grimly) “Yes. Thing.” A CLOSE UP on Aerin as she turns her head towards the door. There’s only a blank expression. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE TRAINING ROOM – LOCATION UNKNOWN – TIME UNKNOWN The door into the training room swings open and we have a WIDE SHOT of the scene as AERIN enters. She closes the door behind her and turns around to face a smiling STEPHEN. STEPHEN “Where have you been?” AERIN (moving towards him) “Around.” STEPHEN (laughing) “Oh, it’s a secret then?” FOCUSING on the two as Aerin draws back her fist and punches him right in the face. Stephen stumbles back and looks at her in shock. STEPHEN (baffled) “Why?” AERIN (silently) “You’ve been the closest thing to a best friend that I ever had…” A TIGHT SHOT of them as she plunges a stake into his heart. AERIN “But in the end you’re just a vampire.” A CLOSE UP on the betrayed look in Stephens’ face before he crumbles away in dust. The CAMERA FOLLOWS Aerin closely as she slowly leaves the room. AERIN. (whispering) “I’m sorry.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE FACILITY – DOWNTOWN L.A – TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE SHOT of the room, revealing AERIN – still tied to the chair. But other than her the room is empty and as the CAMERA ZOOMS IN we can see that the slayer is rocking her chair back and forth as if to tip it over. We get a SHOT of her wrists and sees that they’re slick with blood. Suddenly the chair tips over and smashes against the hard concrete floor, breaking into pieces. The hit to the floor seems to leave Aerin unfocused for a while. We can see her leaning her forehead against the concrete. AERIN (whispering) “Oh god… Save me.” The tiny whisper seems to be echoing in the large room as Aerin starts to crawl over the floor, heading towards the door. She doesn’t get very far before she stops and coughs up blood. Her body is trembling and we can see tears streaming down her bruised and bloodied cheeks. We follow Aerin with a STEAD CAM as she gingerly, and painfully slowly get up on her feet, continuing her way towards the door and her freedom. Then we ZOOM IN as she freezes in place, a terrified look on her face. The CAMERA shows us the scene from her POV as she turns to face one of the SPIKE COPIES. SPIKE COPY “Leaving us so soon?” His face gets blurrier and blurrier. SPIKE COPY “The party has just started.” Still Aerin’s POV: She blinks once, twice… FADE OUT-

INT. UNKNOWN STREET – DOWNTOWN L.A – NIGHTFALL ROOFTOP SHOT down from a building reveals a bunch of people making their way down a dark street. We hear muffled voices and as the CAMERA PANS DOWN and ZOOMS IN we can at least recognize BUFFY, WILLOW, XANDER, DAWN, GILES, ANDREW, VI, RONA and DANA. DAWN “This is the right way.” (beat) “At least I think it’s the right way.” BUFFY “You’re doing just fine.” DAWN (hesitantly) “Buffy…” (hush tone) “What if we’re too late?” BUFFY “We won’t be.” XANDER “Let us hope so.” WILLOW (shaking her head) “Poor Spike.” XANDER (nodding) “For once I have to agree with you.” ANDREW (sniffling) “It’s like Han and Leia. Like Romeo and Juliet. Like…”

BUFFY “Andrew, shut up!!” ANDREW (guilty look) “’m sorry, oh great master.” FOCUSING on Buffy as she shakes her head in resignation. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN ALLEY – DOWNTOWN L.A – NIGHT The CAMERA PANS ACROSS the dark alley and approaches a small group of figures moving towards it. Characters accounted for in this scene: 7. They are; SPIKE, ILLYRIA, FAITH, JOHN, CANDY, FIONA and JADE. ILLYRIA (coming to a halt) “The First is near.” SPIKE “You can feel it too?” ILLYRIA (nodding slowly) “Yes.” SPIKE “Illyria…” (meeting her gaze) “Can I trust you to do your best in this fight?” ILLYRIA (imperiously) “I will continue my battle until there’s none left to fight.” FAITH (whistling) “Way to go, Illy!!”

FOCUS on Illyria as she gives the dark-haired slayer an icy gaze. Then she begins to walk down the alley again, in a jerky yet very graceful stride. Behind her trails the others in a thin line. All carrying a different variety of weapons; AXES, SCYTHES, SWORDS and STAKES. JOHN “I’ve given word to the other teams. It appears as we’ll all meet up at a junction not far from here. It must be there the First is holding.” ILLYRIA “I’ll make trophies of our enemies spines.” JOHN “It could be wisely to keep some of them alive.” ILLYRIA “I do not understand. To kill is the reason for existence. It would be wrong to keep enemies alive.” JOHN (deep breath) “It could be useful to interrogate them. Find out what the First is really up to.” ILLYRIA (contemplating) “You speak wisely. I’ll spare the filth for this reason.” FAITH (rolling her eyes) “Mighty thoughtful of you.” Another glare. ILLYRIA (turning to Spike) “I do not approve of this one.” SPIKE (warily) “’s enough, Illyria.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE JUNCTION – DOWNTOWN L.A – NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of the scene as several groups meet up in the middle. It’s hard to get an exact estimate of how many people that’s gathered but it’s a lot. More than the slayer army back in the Hellmouth. FOCUSING on the centre group that includes; BUFFY, FAITH, XANDER, VI, WILLOW, DAWN, GILES, RONA, JOHN, ANDREW, GILES, SPIKE and ILLYRIA. GILES (to Dawn) “Is there anything about those building that spark recognition in you?” DAWN “I think it’s the building in the middle. The huge warehouse with the black doors.” FAMILIAR VOICE “Wouldn’t be wrong there, seer.” There’s a collective gasp of shock as the entire group turns around to see the imitation of BUFFY standing a few metres away. BUFFY “Shit.” THE FIRST (thoughtfully) “I didn’t think that you would find us this early.” (looking towards Spike) “I must admit that I wish I had more time to play with Aerin.” (pouting) “She’s so fun to play with.” ILLYRIA (stepping forward) "I'm going to rip your head from your shoulders and place it on a spike. I'm going to tear your flesh from your bones and wear it as clothing." THE FIRST (retreating) “Hey now. Temper, temper.”

BUFFY (clipped tone) “Ignore it.” (looking from face to face) “It’s trying to stall us.” GILES (nodding) “I agree. We must hurry.” THE FIRST (sighing) “No need really. It’s already too late for sweet Aerin.” FAITH “I don’t think so. Because if it was you wouldn’t be here trying to stop us.” THE FIRST “Not going to stop you.” (gesturing towards the building) “Go ahead.” The whole group turns towards the warehouse and starts walking towards it. But one figure remains behind, facing the First. It’s Spike. The two of them sizes the other up resentfully. THE FIRST (sneering) “You’ve always been a pain in the ass for me, Spike.” SPIKE (irregular breath) “Your time is at an end. And you now that.” THE FIRST (sneering) “Wouldn’t think so, lover.” SPIKE (gritting his teeth) “Not your lover.”

THE FIRST (sighing) “True.” (caressing its breast) “But you still desire this body.” ANGLE on Spike as he turns his back against the First and heads after the others, duster billowing in the breeze. THE FIRST (yelling) “You’ll always come back to me.” (more silently) “You’ll always come back.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE FACILITY – DOWNTOWN L.A – TIME UNKNOWN ZOOMING IN on a massive door as it’s opened and SPIKE steps over the threshold. He bumps into the back of an immobile DAWN and gruff at the sudden impact. SPIKE (wrinkled forehead) “What…?” The wall of slayers, watchers and demons suddenly move aside, creating an opening so that Spike can see the figure slumping on the concrete floor in the room’s middle. AERIN… SPIKE “Aerin!!” The CAMERA STAYS with the blonde vampire as he races towards the still form and sinks to his knees beside it. ZOOMING IN at the two as Spike bends down and lifts up Aerin into his strong arms. We notice the tears running down his pale cheeks as he buries his face in the tousled dark hair of his beaten lover. SPIKE (ragged voice) “Aerin… Wake up, darling. Wake up.”

For a long moment there’s no movement from the dark-haired slayer. No signs of life. We can’t even see if she breathing or not. But then we hear the tiniest gasp for air and her eyes starts to open – slowly, inch by inch. AERIN (raspy voice) “Spike…?” SPIKE “I’m here, my love.” (caressing her cheek) “I’m here.” A CLOSE UP of the two as he draws back a little to look into her swollen eyes. He closes his own for just a second and draws a shuddering breath. SPIKE (sobbing) “’m so sorry.” (deep breath) “It’s all my fault.” AERIN ”I never blamed you. Not once. You came for me. That's all that matters.” PANNING OUT to a wide shot to reveal the tearstained faces of the rest. GILES steps forward and puts a shaky hand on Spike stiff shoulder. GILES “We most get her back to the Hyperion. She needs medical care, Spike.” Spike makes an effort to lift Aerin up in his arms but she lets a cry of pain at the movement. AERIN “Don’t!!” (meeting Spike’s gaze) “It hurts too much.” BUFFY (stepping forward) “We can’t remain here.”

FOCUS on Aerin as she gives the blonde slayer a quick glance. Then she turns to Spike and leans in to whisper in his air. AERIN “Promise me, Spike, whatever sacrifice you make for them, you make sure it's worth it.” SPIKE (brow knit) “What are you talking about?” AERIN “I can’t go on from here. I’m finished.” SPIKE (frenetically shaking his head) “No…!” A TIGHT SHOT of Aerin as her body convulses in the vampire’s arm, making his body move with her. This goes on for a few seconds before she finally calms down and becomes still. Her breast his moving in shallow breaths and we can see how hard it is to her to just exist in this very moment. Spike is desperately caressing her hair and murmuring incoherently. SPOTLIGHT on the two lovers. AERIN (between ragged breaths) ”God, how…I…lo…love…you…” SPIKE (incoherently) ”Aerin…” (tears floating) ”Hold on, baby. Please, hold on.” AERIN ”To far gone now…” (coughing) ”Spike…” SPIKE (shaking his head) ”It can’t end like this…”

AERIN (blinking dazedly) ”I’m so tired…” (smiling weakly) ”I’m going to miss you…” SPIKE (cupping her cheek) ”Baby…” AERIN ”I can’t follow you any further…” (more coughing) ”This is…as far as I can go.” SPIKE “No!” (placing a chaste kiss on her mouth) “You’re the only thing in this got damn world that makes any sense to me.” (crying) “You can’t leave me. You just can’t.” AERIN “Don’t you worry about me. Everything’s gonna be just fine.” (deep breath) “My time has come to an end, yours has not. Now you have to do the rest. You have to look after for them all.” SPIKE (shuddering) “I…I can’t. Not without you.” AERIN “Yes, you can.” (caressing his cheek) “I have faith in you.” SPIKE (stubbornly) “No.”

ZOOMING IN as Aerin lays her hands around his face and tenderly wipes away some of his tears. Her love for the vampire is so clearly written out in her face. It’s breathtaking. It’s beautiful. It’s… heartbreaking. AERIN “Don’t argue with me on this.” (coughing) “It’s your duty. What you’re chosen for.” SPIKE “Just breathe, baby. Just keep breathing and everything’s gonna be fine.” (sobbing uncontrollably) “Aerin…Aerin… You can’t die.” (desperately clutching her to him) “You can’t die.” AERIN (closing her eyes with a relieved smile) “Yes, I can.”