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Department of Education

Region III

Doa Asuncion Lee Integrated School

Mabalacat City, Pampanga


S. Y. 2014-2015
NAME: ___________________________________ Level & Sec. :___________________ Score: _______
Direction: Read each item carefully. Choose the letter most appropriate for each of the
given statements.(30 pts.)
1. It is the most popular materials used for tools and equipment, but it is more expensive.
a. Aluminum
b. Stainless
c. Plastic
d. Wood
2. A must to all types of kitchen tasks, from feeling an onion and slicing carrots, often referred to as
cooks or chefs tools.
a. spatula
b. scraper
c. chopping board d. kitchen knife
3. A kitchen tool which is specifically designed for pulping garlic for cooking.
a. garlic presser b. knife
c. measuring cups d. peeler
4. It is used for turning food items.
a. soup ladle
b. baster
c. flipper
d. colander
5. A more complicated tool that may refer to a small electrical appliances.
a. grater
b. equipment
c, dredgers
d. funnels
6. It is used to measure solid and dry ingredients
a. roasting tools b. measuring cups c. kitchen shears d. colander
7. This is used to measure small quantities of ingredients.
a. measuring spoon
b. measuring cups c. potato masher d. scraper
8. Essential utensil for various tasks from cleaning vegetables, straining pasta or tin content.
a. colanders
b. cutting boards c. teflon
d. scraper
9. A special coating apply to the inside of some aluminum that helps food from not sticking to the
a. teflon
b. plastic
c. wooden
d. baster
10.A kitchen essentials used for creaming, stirring and mixing that made` of a hard wood.
a. wooden spoon b. measuring cups c. scraper
d. grater
11.It is the most popular, lightweight, attractive and less expensive materials for kitchen.
a. stainless
b. aluminum
c. plastic
d. ceramics is greatly durable and cheap material of kitchen utensils but may not last long.
a. plastic
b. ceramics
c. flipper
d. whisks
13.A rubber or silicon tools to blend or scrape the food from the bowl.
a. grater
b. spatula
c. scraper
d. ceramics is used to measure heat intensity.
a. temperature scale
b. measuring cups c. thermometer
d. measuring
15.It is used to shred, slice, and separate foods.
a. baster
b. grater
c. whisks
d. flipper
16.Which of the following is a substance used to destroy germ and diseases?
a. stacks
b. disinfectant
c. infestation
d. cleaning
17.It is the process of reducing number of harmful organisms to safe level on food contact services
a. sanitizing
b. cooking
c. frying
d. drying
18.This is the removal of visible soil from the food.
A. pedestal
b. cleaning
c. cooling
d. sanitizing
19.A room especially set apart and containing the necessary utensils for cooking food.
a. kitchen
b. dining
c. garden
d. bedroom
20.It is an imaginary line drawn from each of the three primary work stations in the kitchen and
avoid traffic flow problems.
a. work flow
b. work triangle
c. work centers
d. work station
21.This means doing the job in the easiest, simplest and quickest way.
a. work simplification
b. work centers c. work flow
d. work triangle
22.This kitchen shape is one of the most flexible and most popular, providing a compact triangle.
a. U-shaped kitchen
b. G- shape kitchen
c. L- shape kitchen
d. Island
23.This style of kitchen makes the most out of the smaller space.
a. gallery kitchen
b. island option
c. single wall kitchen
d. U-shaped
24.Which of the following types of kitchen is designed for homes or apartments because it offers a
very open and airy feel?
a. single wall
b. gallery kitchen
c. U-shaped kitchen
d. Lshape kitchen
25.This is a poisonous substance that makes u sick.
a. toxin
b. hazard
c. molds
d. bacteria

26. Which of the following is caused by touching exposed electrical wire or a piece of electrical
equipment which is not grounded properly.
a. Electroshock
b. grounded
c. burned
d. none of the above
27. This is a situation that could be dangerous to people in the workplace

a. risks

b. hazards

c. fighting

a. washing

b. sanitation

d. working

28. The science and practice of maintaining clean and healthy conditions of food production so that the
food served to customers cannot make him ill.

c. cleaning

d. inspection

29. These are living cells so small that they can only be seen in a microscope.

a. bacteria
b. molds
c. microorganisms
d. fungi
30. It is also a microorganism that has "furry" growth often found on spoiled food.
a. molds
b. microorganism
c. bacteria
d. fungi

II. Choose the letter of the word or group of words to complete the sentence below. (5 pts.)
A. recontamination
B. dry

c. storage
d. soak

e. washcloth

31. After cooking the ingredients, ________________ all used mixing bowls, spatulas, measuring spoons
and cups and
mixer accessories in a tub of warm water.
32.Use a damp ________________ to wipe off all cake mix splatter from the mixer.
33.Return electric mixers and other electronic equipment to their designate _______________ places.
34.Make sure all wooden spoon and accessories are ___________ before storing.
35.Proper storage and handling of cleaned and sanitized equipment and utensils is very important to

prior to use.

III. Complete the following table. Show your solution. (6 pts)
Solve for Markup and Percentage Markup






Selling Price


(Selling Price)


Percentage Markup






IV. Draw the following kitchen signs and symbols.(9 pts.)
42. Stove or Range
43. Washer
44. Toilet



45. Shower
46. Free standing sink _____________________

47. Fridge

48. Hot Water Heater

49. Dryer


50. Cabinet with sink