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1 - Description of current activities.

Maybank are one of the two parties in Malaysia whose take part in the CDP. They had showed
their carbon commitments through their participation in the CDP since 2010.
Basically, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a UK-based non-profit organization which
involves the participation of stakeholders and companies to disclose greenhouse gas emission.
Also Carbon Disclosure Project basically is a measurement and reporting on change of climate
nowadays. Participation of companies in Carbon Disclosure Projects encourages and helps
business implement and execute reduction strategies of carbon emission as an essential part of
their institute. Also it protects companies against the influences of climate change and helps the
organization become more energy-efficient.
In 2009, Maybank was the first and only Malaysian financial institution whose takes part in the
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)s questionnaire. Also, to contribute a better corporations
global effort Maybank had take part in CDP for the past three years to decrease GHG emissions.
In 2011, Maybank completed the CDP questionnaire. Maybank has applied a selection of actions
to save energy. Maybank try to reduced greenhouse gas emission, water consumption by
renewing their energy-saving lift systems, reforming their air-conditioning system and set up
lighting more efficiency. The scoring of CDP is based on an indication of a companys
commitment level and their experiences in carbon disclosure .Maybank get score of 37 in year
2011. In 2012, Maybank is the only Malaysian financial institution who participates in CDP.
Maybank received a total score of 58 in year 2012. It is considered as an improvement compare
to 2011s which Maybank get a total score of 37. website, goal of CSR

Vision of Maybank is to be a regional financial services leader. Maybanks CSR activities are
focus on four major categories which are community, environment, workplace and marketplaces.
To promote and establish their corporate activity, Maybank had set up a foundation. The goal of
the Maybanks foundation is to encourage a sustainable progress that distributes a superior lifes
quality. Maybanks goal of CSR are to bring benefits to society by conserving environment
through awareness activities and also takes part in community development activities. Under
environment, Maybank target to contribute positively toward the performance of environmental.
Also Maybanks goal and mission on their CSR are to make people and their business become
more environments friendly and encourage customers to go green. Maybank wish they can raise
the awareness of environmental issues among communities and enable society getting more
concern on the issues on environment and animal protections.
4.opinion on their sincerity,merit and intention
Maybank take part in Carbon Disclosure Project for their corporate social activity under
environment. Under these issues, we had to figure out whether Maybank are doing their
corporate social activity sincerely and willingly. In my opinion, Maybank are doing corporate
social activity with intention, but not fully sincerely. They do so to build their image up within
the society. Companies which more active in doing their social responsibility programs are
basically getting more attention from the society, also their reputation and image are better
compare with those companies that not getting much involve in social responsibility programs.
Companies with a better image will make consumers more trustable toward to their products.
Also promoting corporate social activity companies will attract potential employees and
investors. When employees feel they working in a company which has a good policies they will
more passionate toward their jobs. This help train productive employees. Also in our opinion,
Maybank may distract the public through launching corporate social activity from the ethical
question they had done.

5.Factors beyond the organizations own initiative which may influence their actions on the
various stakeholders
Due to the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, the climate was changing and caused the rising of
earths surface temperature. GHG was harmful to the ozone layer and may lead to the global
become warmer. Generally, human activities are responsible to the increasing of GHG which
they burning the fossil fuels for transportation, industry, commercial and residential. It is very
important for the society to play a role in reducing the GHG and shift to low carbon economy.
However, most of the Asian countries are a bit slow having awareness to the effect of GHG.
Maybank was the first company in Malaysia who taking action to go through this issue by
involved in Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). CDP is a global standard that used to show the
information of climate change. At present, Maybank is doing well in CDP and they are ranking
no.1 in CDP. Maybank helped to create awareness amongst employees and customers to turn off
non-essential lights and increasing the knowledge of the impact of climate change. Besides that,
Maybank was bringing out few of the solutions in order to reduce the GHG emission and save
their electricity consumption. For example, they check and maintenance their cooling systems
regularly and maintain a comfortable temperature for their employees and customers by using
the sprinkler systems which has the ambient temperature sensors. (Maybank sustainability report
6.A description of their stakeholders and why they fit this role benefits of their actions on
the various stakeholders
A various stakeholders such as investors, employees, business partners or communities are
involved in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). CDP provides the data of environment
performance of companies and allows the investors to compare it in order to help them make an
investment decision. It also uses to improve the efficiency of market and enable a responsible
investment. Besides that, CDP is the interests of investors which encourage the company carry
out the activity of reduce emissions by investing the project with a satisfactory payback period.
Other than investors, government was also involving in CDP. Maybank needs to compliance to
some regulations that restricted by government. During the financial year of 2010 or 2011,

Maybank was obey to the regulations and did not charge for any penalties for violations of
environment laws.

7.Social Responsibility Strategy you feel this organization follows, with support for your
For the social responsibility strategy of Maybank, they are focusing on the company
sustainability. They had a process in achieving it such as find out the needs of employees,
providing a good quality products and services, obedience to laws and regulations, contributes to
society, align the expectations from community and their values, creating their reputation and
maximize the impact of operations. Besides that, we can see the successful of their sustainability
framework through the customer base, their market share and the strong value of their brand.
I do agree to Maybanks social responsibility strategy, they had a clear pathway to achieve their
goals. They find out the issues in society such as the causes that lead the instability of social and
financial and the impact of changing of climate. Other than that, Maybank also conducting
corporate responsibility (CR) policy, which identify all the issues, challenges and the sustainable
strategies for future or combine the sustainable corporate responsibility into their operations.
Here came out the results of many employees was volunteering to participate in CR activities
and community investments is more expanding. (Maybank sustainability report 2010) It not only
creates a good reputation but also make the customers feel confidence on Maybanks products
and services. Apart from this, Maybank also shows the efficiency, teamwork, integrity and
relationship building. All of these values are reflected on their brand values.


EXTRA INFO(ignore)
The CDP 2009 Global 500 Report states that the financial sector remains vulnerable to emerging
regulatory and physical risks. It is also exposed to other risks including reputational damage as a
result of the exposure of its portfolio companies. This necessitates more transparent carbon
management programmes and the exposure of investment and lending portfolios. We aim to
measure emissions intensity in the next reporting period and disclose the risks and opportunities
presented to Maybank by climate change to the public.
Menara Maybank, Dataran Maybank and Maybank Tower Singapore supported Earth Hour in
March 2010 for the second consecutive year. The Maybank Tower Singapore synchronised
countdown on its LED-lit faade was broadcast on YouTube via the Internet. Maybank helped to
create awareness amongst employees and customers to turn off non-essential lights and other
electrical appliances for one hour.
- CDP is a UK-based organization that works with corporations and shareholders to disclose
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It encourages businesses to formulate and implement effective
carbon emission reduction strategies as an integral part of their organization.
- The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a not-for-profit organization that provides investors
with a unique analysis of how the worlds largest companies are responding to the challenge of
climate change. Participation in the CDP allows companies to better understand how to protect
themselves from the impacts of climate change and come up with ways to become more energyefficient.
- CDP is the Global Standard for measurement and reporting of climate change information.
CDP scorings indicate the level of a company's climate change mitigation efforts and provide
investors with an analysis of an organizations carbon management, risks, opportunities and
- The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an independent not-for-profit organization launched to
accelerate solutions to climate change and water management. It collects and distributes high
quality performance information to motivate investors, corporations and governments to set
reduction targets and make performance improvements.
- Standard CDP is the Global for measurement and reporting of climate change information. Its
scoring indicates the level of commitment and experience of a companys climate change
mitigation efforts and provides investors with an analysis of an organizations areas of
management (e.g. Governance, Strategy, Targets), risks, opportunities and emission (e.g.
Methodology, Data Accuracy and Verication). This information is made available to the public
and is often referred to by stakeholders, shareholders and corporations.