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Board of Apprenticeship Training (Northern Region),

An autonomous body of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education

Government of India
invites you to join the National Apprenticeship Training Scheme
Offering Apprenticeship is a great way of growing talent with the skills needed for the future as well as
helping young people to build up their careers. The apprentices are not only technically proficient but are also able
to cope up with the changing demand. It is a cost effective, low risk way to bring new resource and skills into
business of any organization.
Board of Apprenticeship Training (Northern Region), Kanpur, makes available to the pass outs (freshers), an
opportunity for undergoing one year duration, on the job training under The Apprentices Act, 1961 (as amended
in 1973 & 1986). This training enables the pass outs (freshers) to acquire skills and competencies required in the world
of work, thereby enhancing their employability.
To supplement the institutional learning by hands on practical on-the-job training
To make freshers employable
To facilitate skill development
To establish liaison and promote industry institute interaction
Eligibility required
Pass outs of Graduate in Engineering / Technology / Pharmacy / Architecture / Hotel Management and
Catering Technology.
Pass outs of Diploma in Engineering / Technology / Pharmacy / Architecture / Hotel Management and
Catering Technology.
Pass outs of Vocational Courses at 10+2 level
Method of training on the job practical training with soft skills
Training can be availed in any one of the establishments from more than 6000 industries / organizations
notified in Northern Region
Training duration one year, training can be started on any day
Apprentices receive a monthly stipend
One year of apprenticeship training is considered as work experience
Certificate of Proficiency awarded on satisfactory completion of one year of training
Apprenticeship Training is offered throughout the country through this Board and other such three Boards located at
Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai functioning under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of

Benefits to Industries/Establishments:
a) No obligation to offer any employment to the apprentice on completion of Apprenticeship training.
b) Employer will get one year period to assess the performance of trainee to offer permanent employment if
requirement exist and thus can minimize the tedious job of employee hunting.
c) Readily available pool of skilled workers.
d) Negligible financial burden that too compensated by availability of additional human resources.
e) Reimbursement of stipendiary share.
f) Fulfillment of statutory obligations.
g) Every apprentice undergoing apprenticeship training in an Establishment is a trainee and not a worker and as
such the provisions of any law with respect to Labour does not apply to or in relation to such apprentice.
h) Continuance of payment of stipend depends on satisfactory performance of Apprentices during the training
i) For breach of contract by the employer, the employer is required to pay compensation to the apprentice of an
amount equivalent to his three months last drawn stipend.
Benefits to Pass Outs / Aspirants:
a) Smoother transition from world of education to the world of work.
b) They get opportunity to work with modern technology and handle high tech machinery, which bridges the
technological gap between class room teaching and world of work.
c) Direct exposure to technology (i.e. systems, practices), concepts, values and environment.
d) Get to learn by doing, under supervision of experienced personnels.
e) Further knowledge and skill of the fields are imparted.
f) Their overall personality and confidence level is improved and they become self-reliant.
g) Their employability is enhanced by getting rich hands on experience.
h) Apprenticeship training is considered as work experience.
i) Certificate of Proficiency is awarded to the apprentices after satisfactory completion of training.
j) After completion of training, on the basis of performance the employer may offer them permanent employment if
the vacancy exists.
The Establishments can:
a) Register themselves with BOAT (NR) by sending the duly filled up Assessment Form available at our web portal under the option Download Forms.
b) Engage the apprentices after getting allocation of seats by Board office.
c) Ask for additional quota of apprentices for particular financial year apart from the allocated quota.
d) Claim for reimbursement of Government Share of 50% limited to Government minimum rates of stipend prescribed
from time to time.
e) Visit our web portal for more information or may send e-mail to .