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study guide

Aruba Certified
ClearPass Associate
(ACCA 6.3)

ClearPass Guest
--Creating and managing Guest Accounts
--Web Login Page configuration
--Configuration of Aruba Controller for Guest Integration
--ClearPass Guest Roles and attributes

Prerequisites for ACCA 6.3

The Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate (ACCA) exam
questions cover the topics listed below. Attending the
Atmosphere ClearPass Fundamentals training provides the
background needed for the ACCA 6.3 exam.

Exam Format
The candidate will have 60 minutes to complete 40 multiple
choice exam questions.

Scheduling and Paying for the Exam

To schedule an ACCA exam, please vist
The cost is $125 USD. Students who attend the Atmosphere
ClearPass Fundamental training receive a voucher for one
Aruba PearsonVue exam.

--Guest Service configuration

ClearPass Onboard
--Onboard Client Experience
--Onboard deployment options
--Onboard process
--Onboard authentication flows from association to
--ClearPass Onboard Service Configuration
--Dual-SSID Onboarding

Sample questions
1. A ClearPass deployment needs to be designed to check
if a user authenticating is an HR department employee in
the Active Directory Server and if their device is healthy.
Which of the following policy service components will
need to be used?
A. Posture and Onboard
B. Posture and Firewall Roles

List of Topics
ClearPass Overview and External Authentication
--Setting up NADs in ClearPass
--Role Mapping & Use of ClearPass Roles
--Policy Model & Configuration
--Enforcement Profiles & Policy configuration
--Adding AD as an authentication server

C. Posture, Authentication and Authorization

D. Posture, Authentication and Onboarding
2. What type of ClearPass service is used to process health
checks from the OnGuard agent?

--Joining AD domain

B. AppAuth

--Monitoring using the Access Tracker

C. WebAuth

Posture and Profiling

--Posture and Onguard configuration
--Understand the health check process and
posture tokens
--WebAuth Service Configuration for Health Checks

3. An organization wants to have an employee approve a
guests access to the WLAN before they connect their
own personal devices. What feature of ClearPass can be

--Understand Device profiling

used to accomplish this?

--Understand MAC OUI, DHCP and HTTP Collectors

A. guest with self-registration

--Using Posture tokens, AD Attributes and profiling

information in role mapping and enforcement policies

B. guest with sponsor approval

C. onboarding
D. profiling

study guide
ACCA 6.3

4. Which of the following is a use of ClearPass Onboarding?

A. disable camera on BYOD devices
B. control work application policies
C. firmware and patch management
D. provision and revoke device credentials
Answers to questions:
1: C, 2: C, 3: B, 4: D
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