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Business Research Method
Batch: 2014-16
Group No: 12
Section: E

Prof. R.K Jena

Group Members:
Varun Tandon (2014318)
Veer Berea (2014319)
Vedant Madhav (2014320)
Vikas Jain (2014321)

Background: Construction industry is the second largest industry in India.A written research proposal Construction Business and Labour Market are very closely interlinked in India yet this sector is much unorganized. Title: Organizing the Construction Business and Labour Market in India. Time Scale: Date 30th Jan 2015 2nd Feb 2015 9th Feb 2014 23rd Feb 2014 Activities review of literature draft literature review review research methods literature and agree research strategy access to the organizations for collection of primary data using questionnaire . Conduct a review of the literatures on daily wage labor cross training in Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) Website. It is a monopolistic competition economy. Several Labour Lobbies exist in the Morning Hours in every city in case of Daily Wage Labors. Relocation of labors to other states results in excess of daily wage labors population increase. 2. There are instances when it does happen that the entire daily wage labors are not employed which results in relocation of labors to different states. It includes both real-estate and infrastructure sectors. Man-power is one of the reasons that cause bottlenecks in the construction industry. To establish the characteristics of the Government Intervening Body. This could be done by effective policy making and development of proper institutions. At times there are market imperfections that could be inherent in an industry. 2. It is quiet lucrative industry with economic growth around 7% CAGR. 4. To identify the opinions of the daily wage labors regarding their pre conceived increased employability and their motivation towards getting cross trained by the State Government. To draw conclusions about the applicability of government intervention in the labor market. Carry out primary research on the secondary data that would be used and some important qualitative facts would be collected from institutes and organization’s websites such as Industrial Training Institute and National Skill Development Corporation. It is this juncture where in government intervention is required not in form of control but in form of effective monitoring and aid to remove ‘information asymmetries’ in (construction) labor markets. Method: 1. Research Objectives: 1. 3. To examine the assumptions behind the management technique of nationalization of the labor market. Our Inductive Research is totally bent towards organizing this sector in India.

. Carr. Barry 3) http://www. Jon C. 4) ITI Website. ITI and CIDC website. Atanu Adhikari. Mitch Griffin (2014) Business Research Methods 8e A South Asian Perspective by CENGAGE Learning. 2) http://nsdcindia. KYC details and Accenture Consulting research paper from CIDC for reference. References: 1) William G.cidc.2nd Mar 2014 9th Mar 2014 16th Mar 2014 final collection of questionnaires and analysis of data completion of first draft of project report final writing of project report Resources: We will access the data from NSDC. Babin. Zikmund.