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Packaging Nanotechnology

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Edited by
Amar K. Mohanty and Manjusri Misra
University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada


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Hari Singh Nalwa, Nanomax Technologies, USA
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, USA


October 2009
350 pages, Hardcover




Atomic Force
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IISBN: 1-58883-105-1

Packaging Nanotechnology summarizes new developments and the role of nanotechnology in the area of packaging science and
technology. There has been a great progress in the field of packaging nanotechnology which impacts every field of science as well as in our
daily life. The nanoscale materials play a very important role in the packaging of electronic and photonic devices to packaging of health
products to foods. The applications of nanomaterials in packaging technology have been a topic of current scientific studies and curiosity.
This book summarizes latest developments in the field of packaging nanotechnology. The intended research areas of coverage for this book
quite broad which include polymer-clay nanocomposites for foods and pharmaceutical packaging, traditional plastic (PP, PE, nylon, PET,
EVOH, etc.) based nanocomposites for packaging, green polymer (PLA, PHAs, starch, etc.) based nanocomposites for packaging,
nanotechnology in printing, nanotechnology in coating, nanotechnology in electronics, optoelectronics, and photonics packaging, low and
high- materials for micro- and nano-electronics packaging, nanotechnology in supply chain/security, nanotechnology in paper-based
packaging, social and environmental impacts of nanotechnology in packaging, life cycle analysis and economical feasibility of
nanocomposites in barrier packaging market. Descriptions on various nanoparticles, other nanostructured materials and their roles in
different aspects of packaging (high barrier/scratch resistance/UV radiation absorbers, etc) are also targeted to be covered. This book
provides a comprehensive coverage of many aspects of packaging nanotechnology from science to engineering to medicine to food
science. The research topics include synthesis, processing, fabrication, spectroscopic characterization, properties and applications of
nanomaterials in packaging science and technology. The coverage include melt processing, polymer/montmorillonite layered silicates,
nanocomposites films for food packaging, transport properties of polymer/layer fillers nanocomposites, semiaromatic polyester/layered
silicate nanocomposite materials, nanocomposites of polyolefin, nylon nanocomposites, microcellular polymer nanocomposites, bionanotechnology in biopackaging, starch nanocomposites, proteinous nanomaterials silver nanocomposites for antimicrobial packaging, the
use of nanotechnology to improve the performance of plant oil-based coatings for military use and applications in packaging, nanomaterial
enhanced scaffolds for tissue engineering, commercial development of nanocomposite packaging, environmental and social impacts of
nanotechnology in packaging. This book contains fourteen state-of-the-art review chapters written by fifty-five leading experts in the field as
well as over two thousand references, hundreds of figures, tables, chemical structures and equations.

Melt Processing of Polymer/Montmorillonite Layered Silicates (MLS): Nanocomposite Films for Flexible Food Packaging
Transport Properties of Nanocomposites Based on Polymers and Layered Inorganic Fillers
Semiaromatic Polyester/Layered Silicate Nanocomposite Materials for Packaging Application
Nylon Nanocomposites for Packaging Applications
Nanocomposites of Polyolefin
Microcellular Polymer Nanocomposites for Packaging and Other Applications
Bio-Nanotechnology in Bio-Packaging
Starch Nanocomposites for Packaging
Proteinous Nanomaterials for Packaging Applications
Silver Nanocomposites for Antimicrobial Packaging
The Use of Nanotechnology to Improve the Performance of Plant Oil-Based Coatings for Military Use and Applications in Packaging
Nanomaterial Enhanced Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Commercial Development of Nanocomposite Packaging
Environmental and Social Impacts of Nanotechnology in Packaging

And much more ……………..

This book is intended for a wide range of audience covering all aspects of packaging nanotechnology in various fields of science, engineering,
electronics packaging, photonics packaging, pharmaceutical industries, medicine, biological sciences, health science, food science, etc. This is a
valuable reference source for students, scientists, professors and professionals working at the interface of packaging and nanotechnology dealing
with chemistry, materials science, polymer science, electrical engineering, optical science, pharmaceutical science and food science.

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