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: 10 SEPTEMBER 2014

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PAGE "I hereby declare this thesis is my own work except for excerpts and a summary of each of them I have to explain its source.. Student’s name : NOR ATIKA BINTI BARDANI .." Signature : ……………………………………………….

Justify your selection.i TITLE PAGE  Select a story that is suitable for dramatization with Year 4. prepare a script based on the story selected suitable for use with your target group. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT OF INSTITUT PERGURUAN KAMPUS TEMENGGONG IBRAHIM JOHOR BAHR . 5 and 6  pupils. Working in groups.

But they are besides to push me up to continue my work. Not more than that.The muscle pain and constantly feeling fatigue is the enemy’s battalion to push us to the edge of my downfall. I also want express my warm thanks to parents for their support and guidance throughout the process of finishing the task.ii APPRECIATION I am using this opportunity to express my gratitude to the most beloved lecturer. They are friend that i would fight for. invaluably constructive criticism and friendly advice during the course. Thanks to them for sharing their truthful advice and support throughout my journey in fighting sickness of all the assignments given. I would also like to thank my respected friends for their external guided and sharing ideas . I am thankful for her aspiring guidance. . Madam Azizah who supported us throughout the course.

piii No Tittle 1 Acknowledgement 2 Tittle of assignment 3 Appreciation 4 Written essay justification about story entitled ‘ The Lion and the Mouse’ 5 6 Overview Script ( scene 3 and 4 ) References .


Besides that. the art of the theatre. they begging him to release them and offer him a help when needed. which is in life. mouse. As it contains many characters. In this story. never dismisses an offer or help no matter how small it may seem. the two little mice help him when he steps on the trap. 2004). all the animals never dare to come near him except for two little mice. At the end. the limitation of characters in the book leads half of the students in the classroom excused from the play and ultimately will limit their chance to portray the characters in imaginary situations. all the animals are really scared of him. and assess implications of their decisions (Wasik & Bond. the most important element of drama is looking at the number of the characters and language appropriateness so that it will involve the whole class in dramatize the story. 2004). (Johnson. The supportive characters such as the rhino. Afraid of being eaten by him. basically to me.Drama is an aesthetic discipline which possesses its own body of knowledge. elephant and ostrich give more students chance to grab the experience to practice listening and speaking skills as they have to memorize the script and voice it followed with the turn talking. through the usage of more characters. it will give opportunity students to socialize with peers as they have to take parts in the dramatization. it provides a context to practice listening and speaking and it makes language practice more meaningful than mechanical drills (Chauhan. offer decision‐ making. One of the ways to teach language is through drama because it provides opportunity for multi-sensory and multiple intelligent to foster student’s development in learning English language. Moral values can offer a valuable way of contextualizing. namely. When the lion wants to eat the little mouse. Characters are an important element in drama because they drive the story as a whole. Normally. The moral value can help students to . at the center of which lies active communication. (Heikkinen. the lion is a king of the jungle. it helps them to understand better and build their self-esteem to learn more So. As the language used in the story is appropriate for their level and have several repetition words. rhino and ostrich. 2001). The message conveyed is clear and straightforward that suit with student’s age and development. elephant. 2008). I choose the book entitled ‘The Lion and the Mouse’ The most vital reason for choosing this books is through elements of story which is it contains numerous characters such as the lion.

It is teacher . rhino and ostrich by searching the sources to draw the masks that resemble the animals. In addition. in conclusion. By doing this. obligatory to choose the best books in order to meet student’s need. it helps to strengthen the motor development by cutting and coloring the masks. to teach drama. the process of selecting the book is very crucial because it will reflect the result of student’s achievement. Activities are one of the efficient ways to make students communicate and sociable (Putus. the activities that can be done are grouping the students in groups and ask them to perform new ending for the story and role the play in front of peers. it can challenge their vocabulary to write sentences and creativity to imagine what will happen next. By doing this. elephant. Through the plot of the story. this story book is very appropriate in generating further learning standard as we can manipulate it to produce many suitable activities that suitable with their level. they are able to know the characteristic of the animals such as lion. They can practice the moral value in the classroom such as helping each other and uphold the promises. In the nutshell. mouse. Ting (2005) found that children enjoy learning language through drama activities. And the most important part is they can use the masks while dramatize the story in front so that they can distinguish each of the character. 2002). This book can be used as sources to manipulate many activities as the plot is fascinating and the characters used are very interesting.relate it with the real life situation especially in school between their peers. The next activity that suitable for language art is produce masks of all the characters that involved in the story. So.

M. 2014.References Putus. The Use of Stories as Moral Education for Young Children. & Bond. Journal of Educational Psychology 93. 2004. Beyond the pages of a book: Interactive reading and language development in preschool classrooms.ijssh.pdf Wasik. B. (2011). from http://www. M. pp.A. Licentiate thesis. Creating opportunities for interaction in the English classroom through drama. 2008. . 243-250. M. University of Jyväskylä.International Journal of Social Science and Humanity.. H. Retrieved September 6. & Denia. (2001).A. 2(6). Department of Languages. Drama in Primary English Teaching. Rahim. Heikkinen.