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I choose the book entitled ‘The Lion and the Mouse’.

Drama is an aesthetic
discipline which possesses its own body of knowledge, namely, the art of the
theatre, at the center of which lies active communication, (Heikkinen, 2004).
This book helps to enhance students linguistic as it rich in vocabularies and
the language used is appropriate for level two students such as the repetition of
several words and the use of simple and compound sentences. This can be
developed through the characters where this book contains numerous characters
such as lion, mouse, elephant, rhino and ostrich that offer more students to practice
dialogs and take parts in dramatization. Characters are an important element in
drama because they drive the story as a whole, (Johnson, 2008). Normally, the
limitation of characters in the book leads half of the students in the classroom
excused from the play and ultimately will limit their chance to portray the
characters in imaginary situations. Not more than that, when students are given
chance to take part in the play, they will be more enthusiastic to learn and grab the
language that used in the book. In addition, it will give opportunity for students to
socialize with peers when it comes to the discussion session and help to build selfesteem while sharing the ideas. So, basically the most important element of drama
is looking at the number of the characters and language appropriateness so that it
will involve the whole class in dramatizes the story.
Not more than that, this book helps to foster moral value as the message
conveyed is clear and straightforward that suit with student’s age and development,
which is in life, we never dismisses an offer or help no matter how small it may
seem. Moral values can offer a valuable way of contextualizing, offer decision‐
making, and assess implications of decisions (Wasik & Bond, 2001). In this story, the
lion is a king of the jungle. All the animals are really scared of him. Afraid of being
eaten by him, all the animals never dare to come near him except for two little
mice. When the lion wants to eat the little mice, they begging him to release them
and offer him a help when needed. At the end, the two little mice help him when he
steps on the trap. The moral value can help students to relate it with the real life
situation especially in school between their peers. They can practice the moral
value in the classroom such as helping each other and uphold the promises.

2002). So. Activities are one of the efficient ways to make students communicate and sociable (Putus. to teach drama. In the nutshell. this story book is very appropriate in generating further learning standard as we can manipulate it to produce many suitable activities that suitable with their level. The activity that suitable for language art is produce masks of all the characters that involved in the story. And the most important part is. it helps to develop aesthetic development by using the masks to play the role of the animals in front of the class. they are able to know the physical characteristic of the animals such as lion.Next. It is teacher . In addition. it helps to strengthen the motor development by cutting and coloring the masks. obligatory to choose the best books in order to meet student’s need. mouse. elephant. rhino and ostrich by drawing the animal’s masks. it helps to create creativity and imagination to students through activities as this book can manipulate many activities because the plot is fascinating. By doing this. in conclusion. the process of selecting the book is very crucial because it will reflect the result of student’s achievement. Ting (2005) found that children enjoy learning language through drama activities.