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LOOK REPORTS— wo wilt Be NOMINATED? weo witt Be FLECTED? A National Poll of G.O.P., Demecratie County Chairmen 156 suv 1. 952 somes THE IKE-MAC FEUD By ROBERT E. SHERWOOD. A COEDS Sumner at "We Huts to Grow O14” By Sugar Ray The New Marrying Kind Flying Saucers —The Hunt Goes Oi I EIGN amass the Air Force must HUNT FOR THE FLYING SAUCER fs map seared the Pentagon. It pinpoints unexplained “ying sauce” sightings seross the ation with concentrations near vital defense installations. Fearful of danger from the skies, the United States Air Fores launching a secret ientific search to discover once-and-for-oll what is the mysterious, unbelievable thing Americans keep sighting overhead By J, ROBERT MOSKIN to the Air Force ‘Asked about the Air Faress revived con- ‘cern over Dying saocts, after almost gnoring them for two years, Gen, Hoyt S, Vandenberg, his of sta ahs ft pubic statement om “the Air Force i Interested in anything that takes place inthe ai This serial phenomena commonly kro fucers” Many of these incident Satafactorly explained, Others have not, With the present world unrest, we cannot afford to be complacent Force to seek answers to the saucer puzzle in 7 the detectives of the Ale ‘Ohio. Now for the frst ly Force Intelligence Is doing about ying saucers can bo vealed As one highly placed inteligence offeer put it, “Our job is to detect any weapon that Ilght be ied agin the Unite States nthe never give In= telligence accurate data on speeds, altitudes, sigcand composition af the objects sen. To get these fats, ¢ methodical and seientiGe plan of treat breaaih has now been Eluepriatod Te alfornia at Loe Angeles is ‘special camera 10 ey are made of. 3 Supply oF Fefleetion th grid wil identity the light. conTinuED 9 FLYING SAUCER continued Special camera will test Menzel’s theory {Lt Ruppelt, saucer hunt offcer the Asst tobe tested will scientists, This panel will cut kcled chasing an unknown object ward and have now resched the beDe-Menzelstheory that saucers across selentife lds and will be Inhis Pst nese Godman Field ey. ghost levels of the Pentagon. are, in reality, lights bounced up> established from among 200 scien: (A drawing of this incident by Project Grudge was revised (its Ward trom the earth's surface As tists and engineers at 8 Mldwest= ‘Loox artist Leonard Joseel is on name wat changed to Project Ble Dr Menzel independently suggest. ern Teveareh intittion already the cover ofthis issue) Boole on, Maren 28 of this year) fd. the fst defraction-grid cam- daing secret work “in August, 1040, the Air Force and in charge war placed Tat Lt tras will be located in the south- "The brand-new search for orig decided to close’ down Project Edward J. Ruppett of Ames, lowe, Ween U.S.wwhich hashed con’ inal scientific data isthe climax of Grudge, 1t compiled the data on a World’ War II B-29 bombardier Eentration of saucer sightings Two five years of official Air Force MBsightings ina tepott which ae- with. two Distinguished. Flying hundred cameres willbe built and Knowledge ‘of the ‘saucers. Air Seried that Ajing saucers did not Crosser 93 combat missions and a Aistibuted toatomic-plant guards, Force offcars were aware of the fxist and attributed sightings to Gegree in aeronautical engineer faitbase tower operaters and radar phenomena well before they Smisinterpretation of various con- ing from Lowa State College, ‘hen, Pictures will be sped to sti- Sprang into public print. During ventional objects,” mass hysteria, Project personnel immediately fntists who will then be able to World War 1 mystericus objects War nerves, hoakes, hypuoss,il- set about studying their 800 sight five the world its frst ineontro- were reported seen over German Tusions, vertigo, publicity stints ings: Phey found that the reports \ectible word on Aying saucers.” Tocket plants. Flying saoers bios nd paychopathologieal persons. have come {som selentiste spine 2 Cinocthoodbotites, the instru somod into a national and inter: "The report gave these reasons to pilots plain civilians, Ait Force ‘ments with which the Air Force national score in June, 1947, when all of the 275 sightings but 3 Hers, Balloon observers and Fae (acks guided missiles, are also be= Kenneth Arnold of Hose, Tdabo, ‘These 84, the report sald, were dar operators. ‘Most have come ing converted to the hunt for fy- reported sighting nine dicks while ‘good reports that could not be from the United States but others Ing saucers. Teacking crews will piloting. hie private. plane ‘over explained” ‘They still buff In- from Russia, Africa, Japan Inia, beable to fix their exact Ineation Mount. Rainier, Washington, Tut felligenee today. But the 1949 ze- Australia and even Antarctics land movement patterns and then even 18 days before this nation- port put Project Grudge on the Dhotography them with ‘cameras rousing event, fying saucers (hen Bhat ATIC's feelings bluntly, “These Duilt'into tae theodolites Hqulp- Caled silver balls) were seen over ‘Soin of the scientists consulted reports eame fom sincere people ‘ment and personnel at established Gertain rural areas of communist id not agree with the Air Force They are not erezy; they ave not ‘Euided-missle stations have al ccupied Hungary. Gecision. ‘Their recommendation. crackpote. They ate seeing somte= Feady been slerted. ‘When fying saucers after Ar- Sted the roar, was tht the hinge have to find ou ha nold’s report, threatened to ease feareh be continued, Two scien- "Analysis of the 800 sightings Secret Pictures Shot 2 national panic, the, Air Foree ‘iste felt that no conclusions could aimsat discovering clues about the Theodolites attempted to track grew alert. General Vandenberg, be drawn from the evidence Saucers. The reports ave been fsucers on at Teast three occasions ehie ofa staff, Army Air Forces ‘Then, last October, to intelli. broken down on 16,000 eross-led fusing the spring of 1960 at Hol- became interested and Project gence men in ihe Unconventional cards and have eloeady been ana oman Air Force Base, New Mex. Grudge (frst known as Project Aireratt Group, Alrcratt and Pro- lyzed or frequency’ of settings co, One erew, after completing a Sign) was organised, This war a Dulsion Section, Technical Analy. types of informants and reported gulded-mssile problem, was clos= special £94000 hush-hush project 2% Division of the Air Technical shapes: The Air Force now knows, (eget ae Se eee a2 Oe Ea Intelligence Command, discovered ior example, that 1018 por cent of 4m unexpected object. "The crow the world were collected and ana that they had nearly €00 reports the reports came from general mil- tracked it but could not fie ft be lysed for two years. {gathered in their fle -more then ary personnel 1.08 percent from fase no ther instrument was "On January 7 198, the death of fieice the number on band when Air Force pills white slot Sure operating. Four weeks later, two Capt. Thomas’ F. Mantels ae the 1940 report seas written In-prisingly: untrained civilans have Stacking ereva aught an nex: Gave a tr, Captain Mantel terest and activity spurted for been respontibie for oly 51.08 per Dected image, but checking prove i that cach had’ been following. conmmuED ferent object. At least eight inkriown ebjecte were in the alt At that me. Pietanes were talen Air Force charted saucer history since before the Arnold incident Shows reports continuing but no patterns ‘but have mot been made public, 3. The Air Force hopes to. put e radar im the fying saucer hunt on teen record at hey plats ice 1 FREQUENCY OF SAUCER SIGHTINGS Gai Bsige, Tenn, and Goose Bay, Labrador ATIC can never be cor” fain whether such reports aetally “ Hem froma sighted ject, wea conditions or equipment malc o fnetions By combining existing Fada telescopes and cameras poe Py {graphs ean be taken of any sold 35 ‘bjerts spotted in the daytime and a of towing objects at night. ces 4 Moited Nava" sonar sound- y ay detection equipment will be use 2 ‘The sbsenee of any reported sou u 2 Ib'one character of most re= ports on iying saucers All known, ‘f Eheraft can be heard even when ‘ they are too distane to. be seen, ‘Ths strange pattern Ted’ one in- telligence oficer to suggest. "Some fone ay have dacovered & new {pe of propulsion Weatever reutls are obtained from the electronic and sector ‘al genis of cameras, theodolites, radar and sonar the Air Force wil Place before a secal board of 3 eT [ FLYING SAUCER