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Natural resource is anything that comes from nature and used to satisfy
human needs. Natural resources related to the environment, because the
environment is a unity with space, power, state, and living things, including
humans, and behavior, which affect the viability of human lives and well-being as
well as other living creatures.
Natural resources will be really handy if the utilization is more related to
human needs. Management involves deficient human needs, in addition to
damaging the surrounding environment will be a disaster for the man himself. We
should not take advantage of the natural resources that exist all around us. Even
for natural resources that can be renewed, we must save the usage, because nonrenewable, or if it can be reshaped requires millions of years.
Utilization of human resources in line with the onset of the damage that
occurs continuously. If it does not get the attention or it will lead to the prevention
of disaster.In a row we encounter various forms of damage to natural resources in
Indonesia, for example, just destruction of forests due to illegal logging, water
pollution due to sewage plants, air pollution due to factories, noise pollution due
to vehicles, soil pollution due to garbage households, as well as natural disasters
eg floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and much more.
Therefore, in processing natural resources should be based on the
principles of environmentally sound and sustainable. Insight into account
sustainability and the environment means not to have a negative impact on the
environment. Sustainable, that processing of natural resources not to become
extinct, to think about the rest. How the use of natural resources by humans that
can be accounted for in the following way.
a. Selective, choosing, using, and seek natural resources in earnest for the
sake of life.
b. Preserve. To explore and process natural resources need to use advanced
technologies thus enabling the maintenance of sustainability.
c. Conserve. Need to avoid wastage in processing natural resources.
d. Updating. Necessary to attempt to renew the natural resources, among
others, in the following manner.
1. Reforestation and greening barren land
2. Breeding of animals and plants in a modern through conservation
3. Planting fields in rotation
Natural resources is the most important thing in life. Humans depend on
natural resources to satisfy their needs. Natural resources in the world have
remained while the human population is growing. Therefore the natural resources
should be managed and utilized wisely and economically so that future
generations can still feel it. The natural resources are owned by the natural
wealth that can not be produced by humans.
Today's efforts to conserve natural resources continue to be made but not
yet fully realized. Humans are evolving led to the use of natural resources is

increasing, then there must be management of natural resources wisely and

correctly. There are some efforts to prevent, treat, and restore natural resources
that have been damaged. Natural resource management should pay attention to
the things that will harm the environment and must look for a solution of these