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Zoom 9002 Repair



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No guitar signal from your Zoom 9002? Read on........

You can now buy a component kit which includes the IC7660 chip and capacitors as described in this page. This kit is
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The most common failure of the Zoom 9002 that I know of is when you can hear the metronome, tuner, and aux in but there is no signal from
your guitar. In my experience, the answer has been a failed capacitor adjacent to the IC7660 chip. In one case I did have a IC7660 chip that did
not have an output on PIN 5 (-5 volts out) which worked after I replaced the chip. These capacitors are radial electrolytic type and can be
expected to fail after 10 years. I believe that depending on which one of the caps that fails, this causes a short in the 7660 chip requiring it to be
replaced as well. I have also had crackling in the left headphone output that was repaired by replacing the 100 mF capacitor located on the board
near the headphone output jack.

Trouble Shooting:
When I have a zoom with the classic no guitar output I start by testing the capacitors before randomly removing them as it is easy to damage the
board; if you use too much heat the trace will peal up off the board. To test, I do what I call "Piggy Backing" the capacitors. To do this I use a 47
mF capacitor and straddle the leads over each of the capacitors one at a time--be sure to orient the test capacitor with the same polarity as the
capacitor you are testing, this means negative to negative lead and positive to positive lead--so you don't have a cap blow up in your hand.
I do this with the zoom powered on and a guitar connected so that when my test capacitor straddles the "dead" capacitor, I will hear the guitar
sound in the output of the zoom.
Another test is to use a voltage meter and check the IC7660 chip with the power is on. See Picture for a close up of the chip with the diagram of
PIN layout. Put your meter on a range that will read 10 volts and less and put the black negative lead on pin 3 (ground), then touch the red
negative lead to pin 8, your meter should read +7.5 volts or very close to that. Next touch the red lead to PIN 5, now your meter should read -5
It is most likely that you will have no output on PIN 5 although this does not guarantee the chip is bad; the chip uses the capacitors to create the

Issue 2:
I have had another case where the output was very weak on one side of my headphones; this was one of the 100 mF capacitors near the
headphone Jack seen in the bottom left hand corner of the upper board in picture 2. I again used the 47 mF capacitor to straddle each of the two
caps in that location, identify the bad on and replace it to regain full stereo output on both sides using headphones.

Issue 3:
Another problem I have had was a buzzing noise on top of the guitar signal that was coming from the AC power transformer. This was a failing
capacitor again. It was the 5th cap from the end of the board where the IC7660 is as seen just to the left of the red outlined box in the 4th photo.
An new cap in this location took care of the buzzing noise.

I want to thank the others who posted information about how to repair zoom 9002's on, Harmony Central, and the fido7 Forum. It
was their postings that inspired me to photograph and document all this.

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If all else fails:

If you have gone through all this information and don't want to attempt repairing your Zoom 9002 or don't think you are capable, don't throw that
thing away! Contact me to see if I will purchase your broken unit.

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These are my personal comments that are not the sure cure but may be very useful in repairing your zoom 9002. Use these examples at your own risk as I accept no responsibility
for your actions. I am not affiliated with Zoom or Samsontech, I just like their products.
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