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Traditional Continuity In This Occupation

Argument against the above change over are cited below: Alternative occupational opportunities are rather remote for weavers.
Alternative occupations which are generally performed by unskilled labours – do not ensure better income security.
Alternative occupations deprive a weaver of the convenience of working from his home.
Alter occupations entail strenuous physical labour under harsh conditions and also loss of dignity.
Career Span Of The Weavers
It depends on the health and mainly eye sight of the weavers. It has been observed that a weaver remains active as
well as productive in this trade for a span of 18 – 48 years. His productivity, efficiency and necessarily his capacity
to earn also falls down gradually.
Skill & Work Culture

General skill of the cooperative society weavers is observed to be superior to that of local weavers. Perhaps the
former has brought forward their traditional superiority in their trade.
The work culture of the community is satisfactory in this cluster. These weavers may be induced to put in their labor
for longer hours than scheduled, if they are offered higher wages. In that case, the productivity of this cluster is sure
to go up.
General View Of The Cluster Weavers
Weavers – blame the market for their fate, since their wages is not at all satisfactory.
Powerlooms are affecting the handlooms.
No other option but to shift to other work.
Govt. support requires to strengthen the marketing.
Govt. should make efforts for general condition of weavers.
Structure Of The Cluster
The handloom sector in this cluster broadly depends on the following structure.

Individual based

The weaving force is not at all responsible for the marketing of their finished products directly. Pension. instead. No facilities towards benefits of the weavers are being availed by these weavers. . He engages individual weavers by providing them raw material. under Central / State Govt. These type of weavers may or may not have their own loom in their house. Health package etc.e. A master weaver means an ‘experienced and gifted weaver’ and acts as a neighborhood ties with wage payment receiving weaver. etc. Individual Weavers: A weaver collects the raw material in Grey or in Dyed form from the local market and starts weaving by producing own design in his own loom and sell the finished product in the local market. design. These weavers are also entitled to enjoy all the facilities like P. Society comes under this category. Master Weavers A weaver having 10 – 15 looms under one work shed is a master weaver. They generally collect the yarn i. in dyed form and design from the cooperative society and weave accordingly to produce the desired finished goods against the wage payment fixed by the society. Insurance. for producing his (master weavers) designed finished products. weavers are used to get only the wages on job worker basis. Scheme through their co-operative society. Master Weaver based  Cooperative Society Based Core Cluster Actor : Cooperative Society Weavers: A weaver working at the Co-op..F.