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Social Studies

Grade 1

Wants vs. Needs

Time Allotment: 1 hour 15




Introduce the topic of needs and wants with an image of

Maslows hierarchy of human needs. Have the students discuss
what they see in the image.

~ 5 NEED/WANT Signs

Body of the Lesson

There are 3 activities for this lesson.
1. Read the story The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.
Discuss the story.
2. Split the students into groups of 5 and give them a
NEED/WANT sign. The teacher will divide the white
board in half with one side displaying the word NEED and
the opposite side displaying WANT. The teacher will hold
up different images and each group will hold up either
NEED or WANT. The teacher will go with the majority
placing the image on the winning side.
3. After the second activity is complete the teacher will go
through the power point and give the class the
definitions of needs and wants. Proceed to show the class
the proper place for the images so that the students can
understand what needs and wants are.

Wrap up the activity with some quiet time for the students to
reflect on what they have learned in their journals. Have them
draw images of needs and wants that they have learned about
in the lesson.

If your students cannot read strongly then use images with the
words but once they are able to read use only words. This will
help with associating words with images and also letter
recognition. Also make sure you are reading each object out
loud so students not only can hear the word if they cannot see
but also to help with pronunciation.

Have students draw wants and needs in their journal. Evaluate
their understanding by what they represented in their drawings.
Base the learning assessment on what images they drew and
Wants vs. Needs
whether or not the images fit the definitions given in the lesson.

~ The book The Giving Tree.

~ Maslows Hierarchy of
Human Needs.
~ Power point displaying the
definitions and images
associated with wants and
~ White Board Markers

Other Resources
-Definitions of needs and

Social Studies Grade 1:
1.4.1 recognize that all people have needs and
recognize that all people have similar needs
give examples of how wants vary from person
to person due to a variety of factors
-demonstrate age-appropriate actions that show
respect for other peoples needs and wants
Language Arts Grade 1:
2.1 sustain one-to-one conversations and
contribute to small- and large-group
2.2 use intonation, facial expressions, and
gestures to communicate ideas and feelings
2.3 respond to and give instructions or
directions that include two or three
2.4 engage in informal oral presentations and
respond to a variety of oral presentations and
other texts