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Mission Homoeopathy

Promoting Homoeopathy for Healing and Health Promotion of the General

Dr S N Jana
Lecturer, Practice of Medicine, Dr B R Sur Homoeopathic Medical College

A report of a Medical Camp

A vast majority of poor rural and urban population has limited or no access to
quality healthcare. India is inhabited by approximately 18 % of the world population.
Physical reach of any healthcare facility (private or public) is a challenge in rural
areas. In urban areas also attending a healthcare facility is a challenge for poor
community since they lose a days work. Adding to their woes is the cost of
medication they have to pay for their treatment of the medical condition. In Delhi
also some areas with less penetration of medical facilities is existing there.
Homoeopathy can offer a safe, cost-effective, curative and non-toxic alternative to
this population. A large portion of the population opt for private medical facilities for
multiple reasons. At the backdrop of this reaching out to this significant portion of
the population at their convenience with quality homoeopathic treatment may
prove an effective public health initiative that developing countries like India can
hardly miss to afford. Benefits of homoeopathic intervention is quite apparent to the
Government as well as to the public as of now. Considering the above facts it would
be very much judicious to reach out to those people who either do not know about
homoeopathic treatment or want to access this treatment for otherwise incurable
conditions or conditions that otherwise treated with medications that has potential
side-effects or they do not have enough time to visit to a health-care facility for
their livelihood being seriously affected since they have to live on daily wages. The
above considerations compelled this physician to contemplate a series of free
homoeopathic consultation and treatment camp across Delhi and to make them
familiarize with the health-care facilities that offer homoeopathic treatment with a
mission to deliver effective health-care to the poor and marginalized section who
otherwise stay out of the ambit of health-care delivery system, as also to
popularize the homoeopathic system of therapy.


Reference my communication with respected Principal, a free Homoeopathic

consultation and medicine distribution camp was organized at Delhi Development
Authority Gol Park, Pocket - A, Sector A, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi under the umbrella
of Dr B R Sur Homoeopathic College on 22.02.2015(Sunday) from 10 am to 3 pm. A
huge gathering was being addressed on some important occasion. It was rather an
opportunity to reach out to people for generation of awareness, consult and treat
patients with homoeopathic medicines and to prove the efficacy of homoeopathy in
different diseases. A total of 60 patients were treated and were asked to report to Dr
B R Sur Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital for further treatment and
follow-up. Patients took a lot of interest in the camp and urged to adopt villages for
the purpose of regular homoeopathic treatment.
The medical camp enriched this author with a few learnings
1. A lot of patients enquired about the different medical conditions that can be
treated by homoeopathy.
2. Many patients enquired about where to do the follow-up treatment.
3. Some of them communicated that they want homoeopathic treatment but do not
know where to report for homoeopathic treatment.
4. Many patients reported that they are very much benefitted with homoeopathic
treatment in some medical conditions but have limited access to public health
system where homoeopathic treatment is offered.
5. Many patients reported that they regularly report to homoeopathic out-patients
for initial treatment of any conditions and wanted to know where they should report
for In-patient care.

6. Some of them demanded that more homoeopathic out-patients should be at their

disposal and more and more people should have access to this kind of safe,
effective and cheaper medical system of treatment.
7. Some of the patients wanted to know for which diseases in-patient care is
available in homoeopathy.
8. Many patients asked for prophylactic for Swine Flu and some reported that
homoeopathy is an effective preventive for acute seasonal infections. They raised
demand that large-scale distribution of homoeopathic prophylactic medicines
should be undertaken at the Govt. level.
9. Many patients reported that they regularly take homoeopathic preventives and
they suffer less frequently from seasonal flu and other infections.
10. Some people spontaneously reported being cured of otherwise surgical
conditions with homoeopathy.
In light of the above it is thought that more and more medical camps needs to be
conducted at regular intervals and at huge public gatherings so that the population
at large become aware of homoeopathic system of medicine and also people can
get benefit out of it. The higher purpose of healing can thus be achieved through
homoeopathy which shall ultimately translate into the Promotion of health through
healing by homoeopathy.
Concluding remark(s)
Through this article this physician offers to serve for the noble purpose of reaching
out to the marginalized section of the society at their convenience, thereby
furthering the cause of homoeopathy for the well-being of the mankind. This
physician shall feel privileged if the department asks for such kind of service from
time to time (with no prejudice that this physician only to be sent for such purpose,
any other physician may also be deputed at the sole discretion of the competent

Dr S K Verma, Principal, Dr B R Sur Homoeopathic Medical College for extending his
kind co-operation and approval for conducting the camp.
Dr Meeta Gupta, Chief Medical Officer for providing necessary arrangement.
Rakesh Pandey, on-duty intern of Dr B R Sur Homoeopathic Medical College for his
excellent service.


More and more access to homoeopathic treatment is a growing demand of the

public and the same may be included in the policy making.

Sub. Intimation of Free Homoeopathic Consultation and Medicine Distribution


Respected sir,
Reference my verbal communication with you a Free Homoeopathic Consultation
and Medicine distribution camp was organized at Delhi Development Authority Gol
Park, Pocket A, Sector A, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi on 22.02.2015,(Sunday) from 10
am 2 pm. The camp was organized in a huge gathering and treatment was given