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#-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.RC7 and 3.7.0
--------------------------------Change 6048 on 2013/09/14 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
picking up a last minute change
Change 6047 on 2013/09/14 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
fix of formula to restore backward compatibility of heightfield on
red+green non-indexed color image (not only backward compatible, but also
correct formula to cover the full range as intended and documented) Added
also comment to explain why the indexed-image code should NOT be fixed:
despite providing more range, index*257 would break the backward
compatibility, so index*256 should remains (for historical reasons only)
Change 6037 on 2013/09/01 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
updates to changes/revision files
Change 6036 on 2013/09/01 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
cleanup... updates and deletes
Change 6035 on 2013/09/01 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
delete outdated files
Change 6034 on 2013/09/01 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
several more changes to unix man page
Change 6028 on 2013/08/29 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
follow up to change #6027
Change 6027 on 2013/08/29 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
updates to unix man page
Change 6026 on 2013/08/27 by chrisc@x8
add warranty disclaimer to console output
Change 6025 on 2013/08/27 by chrisc@x8
remove outdated support header files for borland, mingw and watcom

compilers. if support is needed for any of the above, it would be better to

start a fresh header as the old ones have not been used since 3.6
Change 6024 on 2013/08/27 by chrisc@x8
correct typo in rename
Change 6023 on 2013/08/27 by chrisc@x8
remove old 4BPP toolbar icons as 16-color mode support isn't really
relevant anymore
Change 6022 on 2013/08/27 by chrisc@x8
rename a few files whose names were upper-case
Change 6018 on 2013/08/27 by chrisc@x8
move SubmitMinidump to internal area
Change 6013 on 2013/08/24 by chrisc@x8
another tweak to the about box
Change 6012 on 2013/08/24 by chrisc@x8
update about bitmap to remove explicit URL's and add support to about
window code to make some areas act as hyperlinks
Change 6011 on 2013/08/24 by chrisc@x8
fix issue with editor selection due to off-by-one line numbers. make use of
SetCaretPos consistent
Change 6008 on 2013/08/20 by clipka@xcli-pc-7
fix for FS#304
Change 6007 on 2013/08/18 by clipka@xcli-pc-7
fix cpuinfo stub for unofficial builds
Change 6005 on 2013/08/18 by chrisc@x8
move about.psd from bitmaps/source to smp/internal/windows
Change 6004 on 2013/08/18 by chrisc@x8
move #undef back inside official code block
Change 6002 on 2013/08/18 by chrisc@x8
added some files left out of previous submissions
Change 5997 on 2013/08/18 by thorsten@host26
adds Mac xcode project and support files, still some compile errors due to
misconfigured paths etc. Big issues resolved though.
Change 5996 on 2013/08/18 by clipka@cli-pc-7

minor indentation cleanup of various sample scene files

Change 5994 on 2013/08/18 by chrisc@x8
swathe of windows changes for 3.7 AGPL3 release. Most visible is removal of
the splash window and updating of the about dialog. 'Tip of the day'
feature removed. Licensing clarified for pvbitmap.cpp/.h. pvlegal.h updated
to reflect AGPL3. readme.html/.txt updated. Import libraries added for
povcmax so as to allow cmedit to link without it. Several functions only
used in official builds moved to new file 'official.h'. Many other changes
related to official vs unofficial builds.
Change 5993 on 2013/08/18 by chrisc@x8
move Intel CPU info code to legacy license area; add stub for
unofficial builds
Change 5992 on 2013/08/18 by chrisc@x8
add BSD-style license header to chi2.cpp as discussed with author
Change 5991 on 2013/08/18 by chrisc@x8
remove some distribution license-related files that are no longer required
Change 5990 on 2013/08/18 by chrisc@x8
update a few unix files to reflect AGPL
Change 5984 on 2013/08/11 by thorsten@xhost26
first version of Mac display code for a preview window created by the
terminal application
Change 5983 on 2013/08/11 by thorsten@xhost26
clean up Mac tree
Change 5982 on 2013/08/09 by chrisc@x8
tweak console project, remove unused codemax project
Change 5981 on 2013/08/09 by chrisc@x8
remove outdated makefiles
Change 5979 on 2013/08/09 by chrisc@x8
remove vs8 and vs9 solutions
Change 5978 on 2013/08/07 by chrisc@x8
integrate flohmuller branch to trunk
Change 5977 on 2013/08/07 by chrisc@x8
tweaks related to console build (windows version)
Change 5962 on 2013/07/28 by chrisc@x8

remove all dependence on codemax header files

Change 5961 on 2013/07/28 by chrisc@x8
move codemax source to //depot/povray/smp/legacy-license/codemax/...
Change 5960 on 2013/07/27 by chrisc@x8
move cmedit source to //depot/povray/smp/windows/cmedit
Change 5958 on 2013/07/27 by chrisc@x8
integrate flohmuller branch to trunk
Change 5946 on 2013/07/22 by clipka@cli-pc-7
fix filetype of (unix specific)
Change 5940 on 2013/07/21 by chrisc@x8
first pass at explicitly assigning licences to individual source files in
the distribution tree. Notes: fish13 has been deleted, and the Insert Menu
and Templates sub-trees have not been updated
Change 5936 on 2013/07/20 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
corrections to a malformed regex used to fill a script variable
Change 5922 on 2013/07/18 by clipka@cli-pc-7
trivial file header fix
Change 5915 on 2013/07/14 by chrisc@x8
change headers to reflect AGPL; remove beta-test boilerplate
Change 5911 on 2013/06/23 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
fixed typo in warp allocation: spherical warp would have been reported
as cylindrical warp in case of leak or failure to allocate
Change 5908 on 2013/06/13 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
corrected a segmentation fault that can occur when starting povray from
within blender (unix specific)
Change 5907 on 2013/06/09 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
addressing FS#294 splines are not thread safe
Change 5906 on 2013/05/13 by chrisc@x8
integrate flohmuller branch to trunk
Change 5901 on 2013/04/21 by chrisc@x8
integrate flohmuller branch to trunk
Change 5899 on 2013/04/18 by chrisc@x8

integrate flohmuller branch to trunk

Change 5897 on 2013/04/17 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
updates to changes/revision files
Change 5896 on 2013/04/17 by chrisc@x8
integrate flohmuller branch to trunk
Change 5890 on 2013/04/13 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
follow up to change #5889 corrected typo
Change 5889 on 2013/04/13 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
rename a distribution template file that had spaces in it's filename
Change 5884 on 2013/04/06 by clipka@cli-pc-7
completed rollback of change #5876
Change 5883 on 2013/04/03 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
addressing FS#262 linux sources being compiled twice
Change 5882 on 2013/04/02 by clipka@cli-pc-7
partical rollback of change #5876 (radiosity)
Change 5880 on 2013/03/31 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
follow up to change #5859 (consistency)
Change 5878 on 2013/03/30 by clipka@cli-pc-7
follow up to change #5877 (minor comment update)
Change 5877 on 2013/03/30 by thorsten@thorsten-pc-2012
moves some code to frontend, where it is needed
Change 5876 on 2013/03/30 by thorsten@thorsten-pc-2012
adds back experimental warning for radiosity and adds experimental warning
for gamma handling
Change 5867 on 2013/03/16 by clipka@cli-pc-7
cleaned up our jpeg code to use the proper constants for the jpeglib's
custom "boolean" type (we erroneously passed standard C++ bool constants
instead, which could lead to compile errors on some systems)
Change 5859 on 2013/03/10 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
activate one message de-activate another
Change 5858 on 2013/03/10 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm

suppress what appears to be a duplicate version related message

Change 5857 on 2013/03/08 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
bump unix VERSION to 3.7.0
Change 5856 on 2013/03/08 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
bump VERSION to 3.7.0
Change 5854 on 2013/03/08 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
rollback change #5843
Change 5853 on 2013/03/08 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
rollback change #5842
Change 5852 on 2013/03/08 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
rollback change #5841
Change 5851 on 2013/03/08 by clipka@cli-pc-7
fixes for CID#967299 - CID#967301 resource leak
Change 5850 on 2013/03/08 by clipka@cli-pc-7
fix for CID#967298 resource leak
Change 5849 on 2013/03/08 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
rollback change #5840
Change 5848 on 2013/03/08 by clipka@cli-pc-7
fixes for CID#967302 and CID#967303 resource leak
Change 5846 on 2013/03/08 by clipka@cli-pc-7
fixes FS#274 light source fading doesn't work properly with
area_illumination and subsurface scattering
Change 5843 on 2013/03/06 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
addressing CID's# 967358-967362 Uninitialized variables
Change 5842 on 2013/03/06 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
addressing CID's# 967337-967345 Uninitialized scalar variables
Change 5841 on 2013/03/06 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
addressing CID's# 967333-967336 Uninitialized scalar variables
Change 5840 on 2013/03/06 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
addressing CID# 967350 Uninitialized pointer read
Change 5820 on 2013/03/01 by clipka@cli-pc-7

minor fix to radiosity statistics (octree samples/node)

Change 5819 on 2013/02/25 by clipka@cli-pc-7
minor but effective changes to octree code for improved performance
in radiosity-heavy scenes
Change 5816 on 2013/02/23 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
addressing CID #967264 non array delete used on array "str"
Change 5815 on 2013/02/23 by clipka@cli-pc-7
fix for FS#271 (old behaviour is retained for pre-3.7 scenes)
Change 5814 on 2013/02/21 by clipka@cli-pc-7
fixes a potential illegal memory access when reading a broken .pot
(16-bit greyscale GIF) file, detected as Coverity issue CID #967365
should also solve CID #967363 and #967364 along the way
Change 5812 on 2013/02/17 by chrisc@x8
update source code readme.html
Change 5808 on 2013/02/17 by chrisc@x8
fix unquoted path in shell extension registration and add registry key
backups for uninstall
Change 5807 on 2013/02/14 by chrisc@x8
minor setup tweak (windows version)
Change 5806 on 2013/02/14 by chrisc@x8
update about box image (windows version)
Change 5805 on 2013/02/14 by chrisc@x8
update keywords used for context-sensitive help (windows version)
Change 5804 on 2013/02/14 by chrisc@x8
change copyright date to 2013
Change 5802 on 2013/02/12 by chrisc@x8
update windows help file
Change 5801 on 2013/02/11 by chrisc@x8
integrate flohmuller branch to trunk
Change 5796 on 2013/02/10 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
updates to changes/revision files

Changes between 3.7.RC6 and 3.7.RC7

----------------------------------Change 5795 on 2013/02/10 by chrisc@x8
add Append_File INI option (same as +GP)
Change 5792 on 2013/02/09 by chrisc@x8
follow up to #5786: write banner to
unless the stream is debug. without
where a new render starts. we don't
presume the user wants to format it

stream each time we open for append,

this it's often difficult to determine
do this for the debug stream as we
as they see fit

Change 5791 on 2013/02/09 by chrisc@x8

add Jerome Grimbert to contributing developer list
Change 5789 on 2013/02/07 by chrisc@x8
update to insert menu from Friedrich Lohmueller
Change 5788 on 2013/02/06 by clipka@cli-pc-7
addendum to change #5786
Change 5787 on 2013/02/06 by clipka@cli-pc-7
fixed a portability issue of change #5784
Change 5786 on 2013/02/06 by thorsten@thorsten-pc-2012
add +GP option, which allows users to append streamed console to
existing console stream output file(s). Further, this option is now
forced-on internally for the second frame of an animation,so output streams
are appended. This has the side effect that the command-line option can
be used to append all animation output to an existing file as well
Change 5784 on 2013/02/04 by clipka@cli-pc-7
some minor code sanitizing
Change 5783 on 2013/02/04 by clipka@cli-pc-7
added even more const modifiers to the code
Change 5782 on 2013/02/03 by clipka@cli-pc-7
upgraded zlib to version 1.2.7 windows VS
Change 5778 on 2013/02/02 by clipka@cli-pc-7
addendum to change #5777
Change 5777 on 2013/02/02 by clipka@cli-pc-7
upgraded libpng and libjpeg to versions 1.5.14 and 9 respectively in
windows VS
Change 5774 on 2013/02/02 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm

conditionally filter indexentry tags from the unx and mac doc-sets, leaving
them in the windows docs, as they are required to produce searchable
index in chm file
Change 5773 on 2013/02/01 by chrisc@x8
fix a few minor UI issues
Change 5772 on 2013/02/01 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
update changes/revision file for RC7
Change 5771 on 2013/02/01 by clipka@cli-pc-7
fix for FS#270: render abort-continue (+C) sometimes skips blocks
Change 5770 on 2013/01/30 by clipka@cli-pc-7
added plenty of const modifiers to the code; kicked out a few unused
parameters and one piece of unused code
Change 5769 on 2013/01/30 by clipka@cli-pc-7
a few signedness fixes in image handling code
Change 5768 on 2013/01/29 by clipka@cli-pc-7
updated copyright information for some 3rd party libraries
Change 5767 on 2013/01/29 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
bump version to RC7 so unix build packages get branded properly
Change 5766 on 2013/01/29 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
updated changes/revision files
Change 5764 on 2013/01/29 by clipka@cli-pc-7
a few whitespace fixes in revision.txt
Change 5763 on 2013/01/28 by chrisc@x8
fix a long-standing bug where pressing 'pause' during a parse or render
could sometimes put the frontend/backend sync into an unrecoverable state.
the root cause was the fact that even if a call to the backend's pause
method succeeds (e.g. the backend state correctly transitions to
SceneData::Scene_Paused in the case of the parser), it is still possible
for the task thread to move to Scene_Ready if the parser doesn't
call Task::Cooperate() before finishing. the frontend code has until now
assumed that if a call to e.g. RenderFrontend::PauseParser() succeeded,
the parser would stay paused until told to resume or stop.
Change 5762 on 2013/01/28 by chrisc@x8
add the proportion of the image in X and Y directions to the pixel offset
displayed when the mouse hovers over the render window. e.g. if the mouse
is at X=25 Y=50 of a 200x200 pixel render, the window title will

show "25,50 [0.125,0.250]". this is to make it easier to work out

row/column values for entering into the command-line for partial renders.
Change 5761 on 2013/01/28 by chrisc@x8
add new option to prevent the system from sleeping whilst a render is in
progress. by default this is selected.
Change 5760 on 2013/01/28 by chrisc@x8
add an entry to the default tools menu to browse the sample scenes folder.
Change 5758 on 2013/01/28 by chrisc@x8
add standard declares to the user keywords file.
Change 5757 on 2013/01/28 by chrisc@x8
make the shortcuts placed on the desktop shorter, as windows usually hides
the end of them.
Change 5755 on 2013/01/27 by chrisc@x8
Fix for FS#150: Windows file association problems
Fix for FS#224: Keyword Completion does not work for several names
Various fixes/improvements to the way Windows INSTALL works and how the
documents path is auto-detected if not specified
Change 5754 on 2013/01/27 by chrisc@x8
Fix for FS#153: Error determining I/O permissions when using .ini file
Change 5753 on 2013/01/27 by chrisc@x8
Fix for FS#232: illegal map_type usage reporting. Additionally parser also
now issues an error for invalid interpolate values as well
Change 5751 on 2013/01/27 by chrisc@x8
Bump benchmark version to 2.01. This is to avoid comparison with the 2.00
used in various prior betas (primarily due to changes in the renderer
rather than the benchmark itself)
Change 5750 on 2013/01/27 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Replaced access declarations (already deprecated in C++98,
dropped in C++11) with using declarations
Change 5748 on 2013/01/25 by chrisc@x8
Adds a few more options to the editor tab right-click menu as suggested in F
Change 5747 on 2013/01/24 by chrisc@x8
Fix for FS#109: Debug_File no longer appends frame-by-frame debug data
Change 5746 on 2013/01/22 by clipka@cli-pc-7

Fix for FS#267: Bug in "sor" primitive leads to random black

artifacts in radiosity scenes
Change 5745 on 2013/01/21 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Minor changes to address issues uncovered by static code analysis
Change 5743 on 2013/01/20 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Fix for FS#266: command line options in ini files don't accept quoted
strings as parameters and other flaws found by means of static code
analysis, plus minor code changes to aid in static code analysis
Change 5742 on 2013/01/19 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Addressing CID#967224: Coverity static software analysis
Change 5741 on 2013/01/19 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Addressing CID#967248: Coverity static software analysis
Change 5740 on 2013/01/19 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Addressing CID#967249: Coverity static software analysis
Change 5739 on 2013/01/19 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Addressing CID#967420: Coverity static software analysis
Change 5738 on 2013/01/11 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Partial fix for FS#265 supress clang compilation warnings
Change 5732 on 2012/12/15 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Follow-up: hotfix for #5731
Change 5731 on 2012/12/15 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Fixed a bug in file-backed image container found by code review
Change 5730 on 2012/12/15 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Housekeeping: indentations and comments
Change 5727 on 2012/11/12 by clipka@cli-pc-7
As a follow-up to change #5719: added new source files to VS10 project
Change 5726 on 2012/11/12 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Update to change #5710, to avoid hard-coding the value for boost::TIME_UTC
aka boost::TIME_UTC_. Also renamed _TIME_UTC_ to POV_TIME_UTC for more
robustness against any future naming conflicts.
Change 5725 on 2012/11/08 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Unknown command line options didn't always produce an error;
Also a fix for a minor flaw in string handling of INI settings

Change 5724 on 2012/11/01 by jgrimbert@smpdirect

Fix for FS#257 (cannot find input file when resuming animation render)
Change 5718 on 2012/09/17 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Fix a bug introduced with change #5665
Change 5716 on 2012/09/04 by chrisc@x8
Assign .pov file association to POVWIN when installing.
Change 5715 on 2012/09/04 by chrisc@x8
Fix for FS#238 (error during #read causes file to be kept open).
Change 5714 on 2012/09/04 by chrisc@x8
Improve cloning of v3.6 INI and provide better defaults.
Change 5713 on 2012/09/03 by chrisc@x8
Fix to handle filenames with a comma in them (crash report 419).
Change 5712 on 2012/09/02 by chrisc@x8
Tweak the Windows setup file.
Change 5711 on 2012/09/02 by chrisc@x8
Bump version to RC7.
Change 5710 on 2012/09/02 by chrisc@x8
Fixed an issue caused by boost's change of TIME_UTC to TIME_UTC_.
Change 5708 on 2012/08/18 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Fix to get rid of the following compile warning on Linux variants:
shape/poly.cpp:188:3: warning: this decimal constant is unsigned only in
ISO C90 [enabled by default]
Change 5703 on 2012/08/05 by chrisc@x8
Fix for benchmark thread vs CPU count.
Change 5699 on 2012/07/17 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Fix for FS#249 (UTF-8 files with BOM not being accepted)
Change 5696 on 2012/07/10 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Housekeeping (whitespace and comments)
Change 5695 on 2012/07/10 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Fixed radiosity issues with "diffuse albedo" syntax
Change 5694 on 2012/07/10 by clipka@cli-pc-7

Fix whitespace in

Change 5689 on 2012/07/02 by thorsten@thorsten-pc-2012
Adds back crand support.
Change 5688 on 2012/06/28 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
Addressing FS#247 set no_radiosity in Screen_Object()
Change 5687 on 2012/06/27 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Allow GD flag to work correctly (Fix FS#234): a typo.
Change 5685 on 2012/06/25 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Follow up to #5678
Change 5684 on 2012/06/25 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Update to #5678: workaround for fmod() apparently not conforming to C++
standard on some linux machines.
Change 5678 on 2012/06/21 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Fix for FS#233 Picture index out of range. - Fatal error in renderer:
Uncategorized error.
---------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.RC5 and 3.7.RC6
---------------------------------------Change 5674 on 2012/06/18 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
Pick up last minute changes before release of RC6
Change 5673 on 2012/06/18 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Follow up fix for #5672 to address compile problems on linux platform.
Change 5672 on 2012/06/18 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Fixed some numeric overflow issues in image handling; also fixed some
other questionable code found along the way.
Change 5667 on 2012/06/16 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
Resync revsions/changes files.
Change 5665 on 2012/06/15 by chrisc@x8
Potential fixes for a number of crash reports related to the editor,
particularly drag & drop actions, and a fix for the XP64 installer.
Change 5663 on 2012/06/11 by clipka@cli-pc-7
A minor fix for radiosity adc_bail_out handling.
Change 5662 on 2012/06/11 by clipka@cli-pc-7

More comments changes and whitespace cleanup, plus some trivial code cleanup
Change 5661 on 2012/06/11 by clipka@cli-pc-7
A few comments changes and whitespace cleanup.
Change 5659 on 2012/06/10 by clipka@cli-pc-7
A follow up to change #5649 corrected a formatting issue with radiosity
statistics reporting.
Change 5653 on 2012/05/23 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
Fix for potential endless loop in CH2RGB macro
Change 5651 on 2012/05/22 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
Resync revsions/changes files.
Change 5650 on 2012/05/20 by chrisc@x8
Fix merge issue from change #5387 which re-introduced a bug fixed earlier
on (most recent crash report #385, dump file #343).
Change 5649 on 2012/05/20 by chrisc@x8
Fix divide-by-zero in stats code when radiosity query count is 0
(crash report #384, dump file #342)
Change 5648 on 2012/05/16 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Additional fix associated with #5624 (colored transparent background)
Change 5636 on 2012/05/02 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
Resync revsions/changes files.
Change 5635 on 2012/05/02 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
Bump revision to RC6.
Change 5632 on 2012/03/21 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Fix for FS#241: Photons not working correctly.
Change 5625 on 2012/03/10 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Cleaned up various C-style casts:
- fixed some fishy ones
- removed some superfluous ones
- replaced with reinterpret_cast some that were accidently casting away
const qualifiers.
- replaced with const_cast some that were deliberately casting away
volatile qualifiers.
- replaced with reinterpret_cast all others I spotted in the same files.
- fixed some const qualifiers in function signatures.
Change 5624 on 2012/03/08 by clipka@cli-pc-7

Fixed problems with colored transparent backgrounds.

Change 5623 on 2012/03/07 by chrisc@x8
Updated setup script, plus a few improvements.
Change 5622 on 2012/03/07 by chrisc@x8
Fixed the Windows help file searchable index. Note this is based on the
snapshot of the wiki documentation set taken for RC4.
Change 5621 on 2012/03/03 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Fixes to VS10 (windows version) build process
- fixed ALL tiff project targets to build tiff config headers
- fixed Debug/x64 target to build OpenEXR to Float
Change 5620 on 2012/02/28 by chrisc@x8
Insert menu (windows version) update from Friedrich Lohmller.
---------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.RC4 and 3.7.RC5
---------------------------------------Change 5618 on 2012/02/23 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
Bump to RC5 in the "correct" place
Change 5617 on 2012/02/23 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
Resync changes/revision.txt files
Change 5616 on 2012/02/23 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
Bump unix version to RC5
Change 5615 on 2012/02/23 by jholsenback@linux-c2bm
Fix for FS#239 improper uid/gid handling incorrectly branded some files
during non elevated privilege builds.
Change 5614 on 2012/02/23 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Fix for crashdump #357 (triggered by non-closed SSLT-enabled
mesh inside CSG)
Change 5612 on 2012/02/21 by chrisc@x8
Make dump submitter a bit more robust.
Change 5610 on 2012/02/21 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Fix for FS#12 (facets pattern in normal map)
Change 5607 on 2012/02/05 by chrisc@x8
More installer work, should be more or less done now.

Changes between 3.7.beta.RC3 and 3.7.RC4

---------------------------------------Change 5606 on 2012/02/04 by chrisc@x8
Fix to FMA4 detection. AMD optimizations re-enabled.
Change 5604 on 2012/01/28 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Fix for FS#235 UNIX segmentation fault: when using the animation loop
and large images are displayed.
Change 5603 on 2012/01/03 by chrisc@x8
Updated the windows help file.
Change 5601 on 2011/12/28 by chrisc@x8
Changed message displayed on crash.
Change 5600 on 2011/12/27 by chrisc@x8
Initial version (windows) of NSIS-based installer.
Change 5597 on 2011/12/24 by chrisc@x8
Added AMD optimizations for noise. Note that these are currently disabled.
Change 5596 on 2011/12/24 by chrisc@x8
Updated the crashdump submitter.
Change 5593 on 2011/12/20 by chrisc@x8
Add support for documents path to be anywhere, rather than requiring it to
be in a standard location.
Change 5590 on 2011/12/19 by chrisc@x8
Changed the windows crash reporting tool dump generation logic to always
generate both full and mini dumps.
Change 5589 on 2011/12/15 by jholsenback_aries_1
Removed obsolete comments (Library Path limitation)
Change 5588 on 2011/12/08 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Added "Console" and "Console-SSE2" configurations to VS10 solution and
some projects, and updated config & console code, to get Windows console
project back working (needs to be back-ported to VS8 and VS9; no debug
configuration yet); extensive testing required; expect shellout to be
still dysfunctional.
Change 5587 on 2011/12/08 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Updates to VS10 console project (still doesn't build at present though)
Change 5582 on 2011/12/05 by clipka@cli-pc-7

Added Penrose P1 (N=6) and P2 (N=2) tilings as 25 and 26; changed the
existing P3 tiling pattern number to 27
Change 5575 on 2011/12/03 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Overhauled identifiers & comments in new patterns' code; Added a new
"tiling" pattern: 25 type (N=2) produces a Penrose P3 tile
Change 5573 on 2011/12/02 by clipka@cli-pc-7
Added support for tuning brightness of image-mapped sky spheres. See FS#9
Change 5572 on 2011/12/02 by clipka@cli-pc-7
area_illumination now also respects fade_power and fade_distance. See FS#46
Change 5569 on 2011/12/01 by clipka@cli-pc-7
major overhaul of iridescence feature
Change 5529/5528/5527 on 2011/11/22 by clipka@cli-pc-7
added new "albedo" keyword, that can be used right after
"diffuse", "phong" or "specular
Change 5518 on 2011/11/13 by chrisc@x8
fix for the windows editor crash that was reported in crashdump#111
Change 5514 on 2011/11/13 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
fix for FS#216: comment out the Radiosity= directive in raddem.ini
that directive became obsolete in 3.7
Change 5512 on 2011/11/12 by clipka@cli-pc-7
fix for FS#225: translating a light source fails to translate
the looks_like textures
Change 5511 on 2011/11/11 by clipka@cli-pc-7
update of VS 2010 solution & projects: windows build can now statically link
boost and openEXR libraries built from scratch
Change 5510 on 2011/11/11 by clipka@cli-pc-7
update to add openEXR include directory tree for installation from source
Change 5509 on 2011/11/11 by clipka@cli-pc-7
added VS 2010 projects to build boost_date_time, boost_thread and
openEXR-related projects (not included in solution yet)
Change 5508 on 2011/11/11 by clipka@cli-pc-7
a logistics rollback of source/base/image/openexr.cpp and
vfe/win/compilers/msvc.h (checked them in too early)
Change 5505 on 2011/11/11 by clipka@cli-pc-7

added source trees for boost (subset of 1.45.0)

and openEXR (subset of 1.6.1 with subset of IlmBase 1.0.1)
Change 5502 on 2011/11/05 by clipka@cli-pc-7
fixed issue that caused Visual Studio 2010 to always consider
povbackend to be outdated
Change 5501 on 2011/11/05 by clipka@cli-pc-7
removed unused functions from vfe/win/syspovconfig.h that kept generating
type conversion warnings
Change 5500 on 2011/11/05 by clipka@cli-pc-7
some fixes to VS 2010 projects:
- fixed tiff project to build tiff config headers
- properly added subsurface.h and subsurface.cpp to povbackend project
Change 5499 on 2011/10/29 by clipka@cli-pc-7
updating these files without change, in hope that an update of the RSC
keywords will fix the files from always popping up in
"reconcile offline work"
Change 5497 on 2011/09/22 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for FS#221 "Undefined looks_like object causes hard crash"
Change 5490 on 2011/09/14 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
made POV_FREE macro safer to use
Change 5489 on 2011/09/14 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
another fix for #5487
Change 5488 on 2011/09/13 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for stuff broken by #5487
Change 5487 on 2011/09/12 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
reverted changes #5474 and #5477 and implemented new fix for FS#208; local
identifiers can now be passed out of macros without limitation.
Change 5486 on 2011/09/08 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
Resync changes and revision files with recent activities
Change 5485 on 2011/09/06 by chrisc@x8
Bump version to RC4
Change 5483 on 2011/08/28 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Update of benchmark.cpp related to #5480, #5477 and #5474
Change 5482 on 2011/08/25 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64

Follow up to change #5443 to retain a TODO comment

Change 5481 on 2011/08/25 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Follow up to change #5336 fixing FS#185
Change 5480 on 2011/08/22 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Follow up to #5474 and #5477 to avoid a second error message
Change 5479 on 2011/08/19 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Rolled back change #5470 (due to undesired side effects) and implemented
new fix for FS#165
Change 5478 on 2011/08/19 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Scene file update (follow up to #5475)
Change 5477 on 2011/08/19 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Fix a regression of 5474 (returning a local colour, vector or float symbol
(or any expression based on it) is not a problem, the symbol can be deleted
as the value(s) are already copied in safe zone.
Change 5475 on 2011/08/18 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Fix to scene file to not return a #local directly from a #macro:
- Related to change #5474 and FS#208: multiply #local by 1.
Change 5474 on 2011/08/18 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Fix addressing FS#208:
- Detects deletion of current symbol and reports the error
Change 5470 on 2011/08/15 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Fix addressing FS#165:
- The radius of the shooting cone was adjusted to include the whole sphere
Change 5468 on 2011/08/14 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
- Enhanced "Photon message reporting" to address FS#190
- Correction for segfault introduced in change #5467
Change 5467 on 2011/08/14 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Follow up to FS#169 memory leak:
- Fixed the leak of 2 photon maps per frame to render. Became huge with
the animation FS#169 used (1189 frames) leak was about 9 gigabytes on
64 bit system.
Change 5465 on 2011/08/13 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Fix to avoid duplication of error message in parser reported in FS#215
Change 5460 on 2011/07/15 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Added a dump of the command line (unix only) when command-line option parsing
error is reported. This addressess FS#214 which was due to an alias that

would have been undetected without insight about an alias being used.
Change 5457 on 2011/06/26 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
Finalized user contributed (jgehrcke) addressing FS#213
Change 5456 on 2011/06/24 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
Corrections to fix introduced in change #5455
Change 5455 on 2011/06/24 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
User contributed fix addressing endless loop condition reported in FS#213
Change 5453 on 2011/06/13 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Changed -V in unix option to --V (-version) to avoid conflict with
-V (verbose) from core that was reported in FS#204
Change 5451 on 2011/06/04 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Follow up to change #5450:
- removed now obsolete SceneThreadData members
Change 5450 on 2011/06/04 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fix for UV mapping broken for parametric reported in FS#210
Change 5449 on 2011/06/02 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
A fix for "Cannot open file" error reported in FS#206
- When text output files specified in INI) and added a few comments to path.h
and path.cpp. Current solution allows arbitrary file names for output stream
files; code for changing this to accept only "plain" file names is also
provided but currently disabled
Change 5448 on 2011/06/02 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Follow up to change #5447:
- Fix a valgrind complaint about reading uninitialised data
in renderfrontend.cpp
- Fix the issue with textures during tesselation with tessel{} and
tesselate{} that was crashing at render time if a vertex was not textured due
to using default texture on original object
Change 5447 on 2011/06/02 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Fix for computation of weighted textures problem reported in FS#209
Change 5446 on 2011/06/02 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Improved error message output when text in-/output files cannot be opened
Change 5444 on 2011/06/02 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Minor formatting cleanup to tiling.pov
Change 5443 on 2011/05/29 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Temporary fix for quick_color problem reported in FS#166

- Moved the setting of qualityFlags into the constructor of the TraceTask,

to avoid its value being overriden by the constructor of Radiosity
Change 5440 on 2011/05/22 by jgrimbert@smpdirect
Add check for DF3 file without size FS#156
Change 5438 on 2011/05/19 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fix for Radiosity artifacts at low error_bound FS#203
Change 5437 on 2011/05/19 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
A follow up to change #5436
Change 5436 on 2011/05/18 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
A user contributed fix to the HFCreate_ ( macro
Change 5435 on 2011/05/09 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
Suppress "bound_by" warnings when Bevelled_Text ( macro is called
Change 5433 on 2011/04/11 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fix for Calibri TrueType font garbled FS#200
Change 5431 on 2011/04/02 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
Corrected scene file typos reported in FS#199
Change 5430 on 2011/03/21 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
~scenes/textures/patterns/tiling.pov now has the capability to conditionally
write it's color_map to a text file.
Change 5428 on 2011/03/20 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Subsurface scattering improvements:
- added syntax to global subsurface block:
global_settings { subsurface { radiosity BOOL } }
specifies whether subsurface light transport effects should be applied to
incoming radiosity-based diffuse illumination; if this setting is
off (default), subsurface light transport effects will only be applied to
direct illumination from classic light sources. Setting this to on will
improve realism especially for materials with high translucency, but at a
significant cost in rendering time.
- added syntax to global radiosity block:
global_settings { radiosity { subsurface BOOL } }
specifies whether radiosity sampling should honor subsurface light transport;
if this setting is off (default), radiosity-based diffuse illumination is
computed as if the surrounding objects had subsurface light transport turned
off. Setting this to on may improve realism especially in the presence of
materials with high translucency, but at some cost in rendering time.

- Subsurface scattering is disabled in all quality levels except +Q9

or higher.
- More thorough fix to complement change #5425.
- Minor changes to reduce intensity of patterned noise artifacts on
subsurface textures.
Change 5425 on 2011/03/19 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
added a temporary trap for certain subsurface conditions
Change 5424 on on 2011/03/19 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
change to mitigate banding with dark subsurface pigments
Change 5422 on on 2011/03/14 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
change to fix a no-op -J option
Change 5421 on on 2011/03/14 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
change to fix memory access violation when closing braces in a funtion
were missing
Change 5418 on 2011/03/06 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
added two scene files to the distribution
Change 5414 on 2011/02/27 by jgrimbert@experiment
change +IM command line option to +MI
Change 5413 on 2011/02/25 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
change to mitigate problems introduced in change 5411
Change 5412 on 2011/02/25 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
updated subsurface scattering sample scene
Change 5411 on 2011/02/25 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
update SSLT code (various fixes and radiosity)
Change 5410 on 2011/02/25 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
changes to improve robustness regarding low translucency and/or high
mm_per_unit settings for objects in general and blobs in particular
added support for CSG (caveat: unions of overlapping components will cause
unexpected results; use merge instead)
Change 5408 on 2011/02/21 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
bugfixes & improvements to SSLT code;
syntax for material definition has changed as follows:
texture {
pigment { PIGMENT }

finish { ...
subsurface { translucency COLOR }
interior { ior FLOAT }
The pigment determines the SSLT material's overall appearance when applied
to an object with sufficiently large structures. The translucency color
(which can alternatively be a float) determines the strength of the
subsurface light transport effect (note that the values may be >1.0; also
note that the effect doesn't scale with the object; instead, to adjust
materials to the dimensions of your scene, use the global mm_per_unit
setting). The material's index of refraction also affects the appearance of
the material, and is mandatory for SSLT materials.
SSLT is now enabled only when a global_settings subsurface block is present;
to enable SSLT but use the default settings, specify an empty block,
i.e. "subsurface{}"
Due to the experimental status of SSLT, there are currently some caveats:
- Incorrect use may result in hard crashes instead of parse warnings.
- Pigments having any zero color components currently don't play nice with
SSLT; for example instead of "rgb 1" you should use something like
"rgb <1,0.05,0.05>". Use at your own risk!
Change 5407 on 2011/02/21 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
Added these user contributed mesh_camera scene files to:
Change 5405 on 2011/02/15 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed bug causing "../../" in file paths to be stripped.
Change 5404 on 2011/02/13 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
changed list of experimental features: removed radiosity, added subsurface
light transport
Change 5400 on 2011/02/08 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for using interpolated image_maps in functions results in pixel-sized
Change 5398 on 2011/01/24 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
- A change to rewrite the 'ref=' tag as 'id=' in function GetAnchorInfo
- Changes in the function GetMDHash to support two image formats so they BOTH
can be recognized during migtation to the new format.
- A trap was added to alert if an unsupported image format is encountered.
---------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.RC2 and 3.7.RC3

Change 5391 on 2011/01/19 by chrisc@x8

update windows help file.
Change 5390 on 2011/01/19 by chrisc@x8
update windows insert menu.
Change 5389 on 2011/01/19 by chrisc@x8
Bump version to RC3.
Change 5388 on 2011/01/18 by chrisc@x8
add statusbar tooltip for windows version, primarily to allow full status
message to be shown on hover if its status bar section is too small.
Change 5387 on 2011/01/17 by chrisc@x8
merge changes 5382 and 5384 from jgrimbert branch to trunk, with modifications
to suit.
This adds a new INI parameter called Max_Image_Buffer_Memory (+IM), which
gives the number of megabytes of RAM to allow for output image caching.
If the output image would use more than this, a file backed temporary image
is used instead. If not specified, it defaults to 128mb.
Change 5386 on 2011/01/17 by chrisc@x8
since cooperate() is currently very low-impact, call it for every primary ray
as well as every 16th ray.
Change 5385 on 2011/01/17 by chrisc@x8
Don't create the in-memory output image if image output is turned off.
Change 5384 on 2011/01/16 by jgrimbert@experiment [jgrimbert branch]
I/O bottleneck, after benchmark: code rewrite from fs#180, ready to get some
parameters (from povray.ini) as soon as a way is possible.
Previous code kept under #ifdef, new code in #else; Clean-up up to code manage
Issues fixed from fs#180: height*weight not matching blocksize, removed
gigantic vector of bool, removed assumed wrong optimisation about small
width. Also fixed the flag for the open() call (granting only read & write to
the user so far)
Added meta information for 3rd party: at the end of the file/pixel array,
(use seek(END, -3*sizeof(size_type)) to get ready to read them)), 3 size_type
values: size of a pixel in byte, witdh & height.
Committed for next urgent RC.
Change 5383 on 2011/01/15 by nkopp@cc-devel-test
Fix bug that occasionally caused a crash in scenes with media (the bug was

introduced by an earlier refactoring)

Change 5382 on 2011/01/11 by jgrimbert@experiment [jgrimbert branch]
Remove the I/O bottleneck (it's even worse than that) due to storing the
pixels in progress in a file whenever the rendering dimension is big enough.
The cost is 64 lines of data cache instead of 1 line. (as long as +BS is not
bigger than 64 (better with 32) and that the order of block rendering is per
line (as it is per default, so change at your own risk with big images))
Change 5381 on 2011/01/11 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
two FixTags additions to filter out indexentry and sectiondesc tags because th
ey aren't need anymore.
Change 5380 on 2011/01/10 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
a fix to remove an extra closing div tag exposed by html validation
Change 5378 on 2011/01/09 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
deleted old header info (my bad) to scene files
Change 5377 on 2011/01/09 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
author updates and additions to scene files
Change 5376 on 2011/01/09 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
remove obsolete scene files. author contributed replacements to follow.
Change 5375 on 2011/01/09 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
FixTags addition to clobber "<" and ">" with escaped html versions. Most of
the offenders occurred in pre blocks where vectors were being represented. My
guess is someone just copy and pasted direct from a scene file into the
original html docs.
Change 5372 on 2011/01/08 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
more extra or missing tag fixes that caused html validation errors
Change 5371 on 2011/01/08 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
fixed misplaced opening table row tags that were causing html validation
errors (3 places)
Change 5365 on 2011/01/07 by chrisc@x8
add boost/function.hpp to povray.h to fix compilation issues on some unix
--------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.41 and 3.7.RC2
--------------------------------------Change 5360 on 2011/01/06 by chrisc@x8
updates to SimpleVector usage to allow easy declaration of limits in platform
include files. also increase default sizes.

Change 5350 on 2011/01/05 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64

fix FS#188 (no_reflection broken)
Change 5347 on 2011/01/05 by chrisc@cc-ubuntu-test
fix signal handling issue reported in FS#187.
Change 5346 on 2011/01/05 by chrisc@x8
bump version to RC2.
Change 5343 on 2011/01/04 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed bug FS#186; parser will now adjust sub-polygon end points to exactly
match the start points.
Change 5342 on 2011/01/04 by chrisc@x8
disable full memory allocation tracking on windows in favor of rougher
estimate based on samples of peak memory usage from windows API. also some
other misc changes to windows code.
Change 5341 on 2011/01/04 by chrisc@x8
fix crash found by crashdump #77 (platform base can be NULL before the image
class gets destroyed in the case of unusual shutdown).
Change 5340 on 2011/01/04 by chrisc@x8
fix crash in editor where FormatMessage() fails. refer crashdump #76.
Change 5339 on 2011/01/04 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed gamma showcase scene
Change 5338 on 2011/01/04 by chrisc@x8
update about box to read 2011, also fix some mis-alignment and other small iss
Change 5337 on 2011/01/04 by nkopp@cc-devel-test
Minor refactoring of media+photon code
Change 5336 on 2011/01/03 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed FS#185 (wrong message about image resolution)
Change 5335 on 2011/01/03 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for FS#184 (Too many pretrace steps when pretrace_start < pretrace_end).
A parse error will now be generated if pretrace_start < pretrace_end.
Change 5333 on 2011/01/02 by chrisc@x8
add windows help file.
Change 5330 on 2011/01/02 by chrisc@x8

updated insert menu files.

Change 5329 on 2011/01/02 by chrisc@cc-ubuntu-test
add in very basic support for running shell-outs on unix.
Change 5325 on 2011/01/01 by chrisc@x8
hack around shellout permission issue in unix version (use a global for the me
antime). untested.
Change 5323 on 2011/01/01 by chrisc@x8
update built-in win demo scene for 3.7.
Change 5322 on 2011/01/01 by chrisc@x8
removing beta status, moving to RC. no more timeouts.
Change 5321 on 2011/01/01 by chrisc@x8
benchmark results on windows are now copied to the clipboard.
Change 5320 on 2011/01/01 by chrisc@x8
a few changes due to observations made during analysis of crash dumps. no
ultimate cause for crashes involved yet determined due to insufficient
information in the minidump.
Change 5316 on 2011/01/01 by chrisc@x8
some work on photon statistics.
Change 5315 on 2011/01/01 by chrisc@cc-devel-test
Photon fixes from Nathan.
Change 5313 on 2010/12/30 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
using "color srgb" (or similar) before assumed_gamma was defined resulted in
a hard crash; fixed by generating a proper parse error instead.
Change 5312 on 2010/12/29 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
modified radiosity3.pov tutorial scene to use more realistic surface finish
Change 5311 on 2010/12/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
updated scenes that will feature in the radiosity tutorial, to be more
fitting for POV-Ray 3.7
Change 5310 on 2010/12/28 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
changes to suppress assumed_gamma warnings
Change 5308 on 2010/12/28 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
release changes #version and assumed_gamma

Change 5307 on 2010/12/28 by chrisc@x8

make windows status pane a bit wider and add process memory usage slot in
status bar.
Change 5306 on 2010/12/28 by chrisc@x8
fix memory leak.
Change 5305 on 2010/12/27 by chrisc@x8
go back to using the current version as the default language version and
modify the warning messages associated with a missing or late #version.
Change 5303 on 2010/12/27 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
last-minute backward compatibility update:
Gamma Handling:
The assumed_gamma keyword is no longer deprecated; to the contrary, it is
now considered mandatory if a #version 3.7 or higher is specified, and its
absence will raise a "possible error" in this case, with a value of 1.0 bein
presumed. (Note that #version, too, is now mandatory, and its absence will
raise a warning as well).
The assumed_gamma value is now presumed to denote the "working color
space", in which classic color literals are specified and color
computations to be performed. Note however that this will give unrealistic
results for any value other than 1.0.
Colors specified using "srgb" & co. will be converted from sRGB to the
working color space.
image_map input files for which definitive implicit or explicit gamma
information is available (either by file format specification like the HDRI
formats, header information like PNG with sRGB or gAMA chunk, or a user
override via the "gamma" keyword) will be converted to the working color
space. If no definitive information is available, the respective files will
be presumed to match assumed_gamma if #version is < 3.7 or unspecified, or
any official recommendation if #version >= 3.7 is specified.
height_field, bump_map and image_pattern input files will not be subject to
gamma-adjustment, unless the user explicitly specifies an override via the
"gamma" keyword; in that case, the file is presumed to match the gamma
value specified, and converted to linear values, irrespective of
Concerning anti-aliasing, for the decision whether to anti-alias the color
values will be converted from the working color space to that specified by
the Assumed_Gamma INI setting; the averaging of the samples however will be
performed in the working color space.
For render preview, the generated image will be converted from the working
color space to that specified by the Display_Gamma setting. If
Display_Gamma is not specified, a platform-specific default will be
For file output, the generated image will be converted from the working

color space to whatever the file format mandates (this applies to OpenEXR
and Radiance HDR); if no such mandatory color space exists, the image will
be converted into that specified by the File_Gamma setting. If File_Gamma
is not specified either, the image will be converted into whatever is
officially recommended for that file format, or the de-facto standard; if
even that doesn't exist, no gamma adjustment is performed. In any case, if
the file format provides a means to specify a gamma in the image header
(this applies to PNG), the respective data is set according to whatever
gamma the image is converted to, regardless of the working color space.
If assumed_gamma is not specified, and #version is set to pre-3.7 or
undefined, no gamma handling is performed at all.
In terms of backward compatibility, this translates as follows:
If assumed_gamma is not specified, and #version is set to pre-3.7 or
undefined, full compatibility with 3.6 and earlier is maintaned.
If assumed_gamma is specified and #version is set to pre-3.7 or undefined,
compatibility with 3.6 is subject to the following restrictions: (a) full
output file handling compatibility requires File_Gamma to be set to the
same value as Display_Gamma (or left undefined if Display_Gamma is
undefined), and (b) input file handling is not backward compatible in case
of PNG files.
If assumed_gamma is not specified and #version is set to 3.7 or higher,
compatibility with 3.6 or earlier is not maintained.
-------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.40 and 3.7.beta.41
-------------------------------------------Change 5286 on 2010/12/20 by chrisc@x8
fix code list control appearing on primary monitor while povwin is on non-prim
ary monitor.
make render window sanity check smarter with respect to multiple monitor
add INI keywords to highlight list for editor.
Change 5282 on 2010/12/20 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
last-minute update to colour syntax for gamma pre-corrected colours; dropped
the "gamma" keyword there (it remains enabled for image input files) in favor
of the following syntax:

srgb <Rp,Gp,Bp>
srgbt <Rp,Gp,Bp,T>
srgbf <Rp,Gp,Bp,F>
srgbft <Rp,Gp,Bp,F,T>

where Rp,Gp,Bp are colour component values pre-corrected for a display

conforming to the sRGB colour space, and F,T are linear colour component
Change 5280 on 2010/12/20 by chrisc@x8
update benchmark INI file to reflect removed/added options. update
compiled-in benchmark file to match one in distribution.

Change 5279 on 2010/12/20 by chrisc@x8

implement requirement for "#version 3.7" to be provided to obtain full v3.7 fu
prior to a #version statement appearing, the version defaults to 3.62.
additionally, if the first #version appears after any other declaration, or
#version does not appear at all, a post-parse warning is issued.
Change 5277 on 2010/12/20 by chrisc@x8
default to boost::thread_specific_pointer for taskDataPtr with compilers that
don't support native TLS.
Change 5276 on 2010/12/20 by chrisc@x8
integrate changes 5273 and 5275 from jgrimbert branch to trunk.
5275: comment out dead (and bogus) code in Poly object, raising max or
der to 35 because 15 was too small
(someone needed a 16th order), and add a new syntax to describe
a polynomial equation (it's an addition,
the old way is kept):
5273: fs#179 proposal for simple fix (tested) to missing $HOME
Change 5275 on 2010/12/19 by jgrimbert@experiment
comment out dead (and bogus) code in Poly object, raising max order to 35
because 15 was too small (someone needed a 16th order), and add a new syntax
to describe a polynomial equation (it's an addition, the old way is kept):
polynomial { <order>, [xyz(<a>,<b>,<c>):<value>,]* [remaining as usual for p
Default value for all coefficient is 0.0;
each xyz(): set the coefficient to <value> for x^a.y^b.z^c;
(constant is xyz(0,0,0)). Ordering of xyz is irrelevant (but identical i
ndex keep only the last one)
a sphere (radius 1... x^2 + y^2 + z^2 -1 =0)
polynomial{ 2, xyz(2,0,0):1, xyz(0,2,0):1, xyz(0,0,2):1, xyz(0,0,0):-1 }
Change 5274 on 2010/12/19 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix bug FS#182 (multi-textured blobs in intersections / differences broken)
Change 5273 on 2010/12/15 by jgrimbert@experiment
fs#179 proposal for simple fix (tested) to missing $HOME
Change 5271 on 2010/12/15 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
changed the mechanism to retrieve & format the current time from SDL; new
syntax is as follows:
- The keyword "now" evaluates to the time elapsed since 2000-01-01, 00:00:00
GMT in days, with a precision of seconds or better.
- The function "datetime(FLOAT [,STRING])" interprets the FLOAT as days
since 2001-01-01, 00:00:00 GMT, and the STRING as a formatting string (sam

format and default as was previously taken by "now([STRING])").
Consequently, "datetime(now)" does what previously "now()" did, and
"datetime(now,STRING)" does what previously "now(STRING)" did.
Change 5270 on 2010/12/15 by chrisc@x8
deprecate histogram output. some fixes to create_ini output.
Change 5268 on 2010/12/15 by chrisc@x8
insert menu render fixes.
Change 5267 on 2010/12/15 by chrisc@x8
avoid crash condition in editor find/replace if memory allocation fails.
Change 5266 on 2010/12/14 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
follow up to address compilation error introduced with change #5261
Change 5265 on 2010/12/14 by chrisc@x8
see if this fixes the fseek64 issue on linux.
Change 5264 on 2010/12/14 by chrisc@x8
better handling of bad alloc and runtime error exceptions during message
processing (don't pass them up to the main thread).
Change 5263 on 2010/12/14 by chrisc@x8
work around double-free causing memory corruption and later crash when create
scene (or probably any POVMS callback function) threw an exception.
Change 5262 on 2010/12/14 by chrisc@x8
make windows frontend more aware of backend failures.
Change 5261 on 2010/12/14 by chrisc@x8
change main thread and povray init to accept a callback to notify when the
main thread exits. this is needed to make sure the front end knows of a
premature exit of the backend thread and to avoid using the (now deleted)
message queue.
Change 5260 on 2010/12/14 by chrisc@x8
POVMS_Send now reports a timeout when one happens.
Change 5258 on 2010/12/12 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Added new include file, "", defining ior & dispersion constants for a
lot of materials.
Change 5257 on 2010/12/12 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Added new sample/test scene, "scenes/gamma/gamma_showcase.pov" (used in new
gamma section in the docs)

Change 5256 on 2010/12/11 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64

disabled #default { image_map { gamma ... } } statement; may be re-enabled in
future versions, probably with a different syntax
Change 5255 on 2010/12/10 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
re-enable show_clouds in the builtin benchmark scene
Change 5254 on 2010/12/09 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Display gamma handling was broken in two places; fixed.
Change 5253 on 2010/12/09 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
remove obsoleted code (image_map gamma)
Change 5252 on 2010/12/09 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
remove obsoleted code (image_map gamma)
Change 5251 on 2010/12/09 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fixed metadata time zome bug introduced with #5210 (see FS#64 comments);
POV-Ray will now write proper Zulu time into the metadata again.
Change 5234 on 2010/12/04 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
added dither method information to options output
Change 5233 on 2010/12/04 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fixed a few flaws that caused the dither INI options & command line parameter
to not work properly; added dither support for Radiance HDR
Change 5232 on 2010/12/04 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Dithering Support / Gamma Improvements / Code Refactoring:
Add support for output file dithering; dithering is controlled by the INI
file settings "Dither=BOOL" and "Dither_Method=xx" as well as the command
line option "+/-THxx", where xx is one of:
"B2".."B4": Bayer pattern dithering using 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 patterns, respecti
"D1": simple 1-dimensional error diffusion dithering
"D2": simple 2-dimensional error diffusion dithering (needs extra memory for
2 pixel rows)
"FS": Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion dithering (needs extra memory for 2 pi
xel rows)
The default is "-THfs", i.e. dithering is off, with Floyd-Steinberg being the
default if only "+TH" is specified.
Dithering works for all file formats except JPEG and OpenEXR (no intention to
implement) as well as Radiance HDR (non-straightforward to implement); these
file formats simply ignore the setting.
Added dithering to reder preview, using 4x4 Bayer dithering.

Display_Gamma now supports the "sRGB" option just as File_Gamma already did;
besides "sRGB", "srgb" and "SRGB", any combination of upper-/lowercase
letters is now recognized.
Moved image data quantization / encoding / decoding functions from
image.h/cpp to new files encoding.h/cpp.
-------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.39 and 3.7.beta.40
-------------------------------------------Change 5225 on 2010/12/02 by chrisc@x8
fix divide-by-zero crash in editor support code (refer crash report #50).
Change 5224 on 2010/12/02 by chrisc@x8
change default update check period to one day in lead-up to final release.
Change 5223 on 2010/12/02 by chrisc@x8
make sure simplevector.h pulls in pov_err.h.
Change 5222 on 2010/12/02 by chrisc@x8
expand uses of FixedSimpleVector<64> to 127 elements. this doesn't fix the iss
of course but will mitigate it a bit at the cost of increased memory usage.
Change 5221 on 2010/12/02 by chrisc@x8
bump version to beta.40.
Change 5220 on 2010/12/01 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed bug causing interpolated image maps to be shifted by half a pixel, as
described in news://
Change 5219 on 2010/12/01 by chrisc@x8
mitigate issue with crackle sometimes chewing up huge amounts of RAM. see
FS#56 for more details.
NB this fix is not ideal, in particular we ought to provide an INI setting to
allow the user to nominate how much RAM they want to use for the cache.
currently it's hard-coded to roughly 30mb per thread max during a block, and
15mb per thread when a block is cleaned up after it's done. if the size of
the cache would exceed the upper hard limit, new entries will not be cached.
Change 5218 on 2010/12/01 by chrisc@x8
differentiate between hitting the limits of the fixed vector class and actual
memory allocation failure.
Change 5217 on 2010/12/01 by chrisc@x8
improve reporting of uncategorized or unknown exception codes to aid in
tracking down the cause.

Change 5216 on 2010/11/30 by chrisc@x8

add ovus.cpp/h to windows projects.
Change 5215 on 2010/11/30 by chrisc@x8
integrate changes 5188 to head from jgrimbert branch into trunk.
Change 5214 on 2010/11/30 by jgrimbert@experiment
adding the ovus code (#5200 & #5201) which was missing.
Change 5212 on 2010/11/29 by chrisc@x8
integrate change 5183 to trunk.
Change 5211 on 2010/11/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
improved alpha premultiplication handling for pattern images
Change 5210 on 2010/11/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
metadata improvements:
- Using boost::posix_time and boost::date_time::gregorian now for timestamp
computations rather than boost::date_time::c_time (which is not thread-safe
on some platforms).
- Moved TGA file format-specific timestamp generation code out of Metadata
- PNG output now also writes a tIME chunk.
- Modified PNG metadata handling to be thread-safe.
- Fixed PNG chunk order to place tEXt chunks before image data, as required
according to PNG specification.
Change 5209 on 2010/11/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
minor code cleanup:
- replaced min3/max3 macros in configbackend.h and MAX3 macro in octree.h
with new template functions min3/max3 in types.h
- removed some obsolete constants from frame.h
- eliminated a few unnecessary include statements, and made boost include
statements more consistent
Change 5208 on 2010/11/28 by jgrimbert@experiment
fixed 5203: the map is now simpler (all centers of tile is at i/num, border
at (i+1)/num) (for i from 0 to num-1). The gradient on each tile is the same
for every tiles on the same tiling.
Change 5206 on 2010/11/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Multiple changes to gamma handling:

Removed file_gamma keyword. Input image file default can now be set via
default { image_map { gamma FLOAT } }
default { image_map { gamma srgb } }
For backward compatibility with legacy scenes, POV-Ray 3.7 will now mimick
all the gamma handling of POV-Ray 3.6 if the scene has a #version statement
specifying a version of 3.6x or earlier, and/or specifies an assumed_gamma,
with the following exceptions:
* If the scene overrides the default input file gamma, POV-Ray will fall
back to the new gamma handling model.
* If the
an INI

scene is rendered using the File_Gamma INI file setting, or using

file setting or command-line option to specify a version of 3.7 or
input file gamma handling will still mimick 3.6 behaviour, but
file gamma handling will use the new model.

* PNG input file handling is not fully backward compatible.

Due to architectural changes, bug fixes and improvements, backward
compatibility for PNG input files is subject to the following exceptions:
* For palette-based PNG files (an uncommon flavour of PNG), backward
compatibility is provided only if assumed_gamma is not specified. (This is
due to a POV-Ray 3.6 bug not mimicked by POV-Ray 3.7.)
* For non-palette-based PNG files, backward compatibility is provided only
if assumed_gamma is specified. (This is due to an architectural change tha
makes this overly difficult to mimick.)
* For PNG files carrying both an sRGB chunk and a fitting gAMA chunk,
results will slightly differ. (This is due to POV-Ray 3.7 recognizing sRGB
chunks, which POV-Ray 3.6 did not do.)
* For PNG files carrying an sRGB chunk but no gAMA chunk (or a wrong one),
backward compatibility is not provided. (Again this is due to POV-Ray 3.7
recognizing sRGB chunks.)
Change 5205 on 2010/11/28 by chrisc@x8
Older platform SDK's don't have PROCESS_MODE_BACKGROUND_BEGIN defined.
Change 5203 on 2010/11/28 by jgrimbert@experiment
Adding pavement & tiling patterns.
tiling # (#: 1 to 24) provide 24 classical tiling pattern with 1 or more kind
of tiles.
The full map is used when rendering a tiling. 0 is the center of first tile.
1 is the border of the only tile, or the center of another tile.
When more than one kind of tile is used (#), the border are at 1/#, 2/#, ... #

(would it be simpler to have the border at 0/#, 1/#... #-1/# ? and center at
1/#-, 2/#-, #/#- ? might be amended later)
pavement: (using polymino paving the plane)
* number_of_sides (3,4,6) : the basic tile is a triangle, a square or an
* number_of_tiles (1 to 5 or 6): the number of basic tiles to combine togethe
to make one real tile
* pattern (depend on side & tile) (1 to ...): how the basic are combined
* exterior (1 to 3, irrelevant for hexagon)
* interior (1 to 3)
* form (1 to 3, or 1 to 4 for square)
Variations on type of corner. 0 is plain, 1 is a straight cut, 2 is a curved c
All complet sets are covered.
Change 5202 on 2010/11/26 by jgrimbert@experiment
Add square & triangular pattern (2D, in xz plane, 4 & 6 area in shape of squar
es and triangles)
Change 5201 on 2010/11/26 by jgrimbert@experiment
Adding bitwise operation (bitwise_and(), bitwise_or(), bitwise_xor()) Similar
to max(), not limited to 2 parameters.
Also provide keywords for ovus object
Change 5200 on 2010/11/26 by jgrimbert@experiment
Add the ovus shape. Documentation in french at
It's like a torus, but in egg shape ...
ovus { base_radius, top_radius }
(top_radius < 2.0*base_radius or else it's just a sphere)
Retrofit of my old patch from povray 3.1; The code is mine (it
with equations, eight years ago), so I can here license it for
distribution. Egg, Avocado, Head... plenty of usage (for head,
upside down with a slant, the top radius is ready to match the

was a fun time

rotate it

Change 5196 on 2010/11/22 by jgrimbert@grimbert

Experimental, add exterior type 7 & 8 for fractal pattern, using the number
of actual iteration to get out (=e) and the factor (=n). 7 gives back
mod(e,n)/n (covering 0 to n-1/n), while 8 covers 0 to 1 with mod(e,n+1)/n.
Not protected against silly n (like n<1) so far.

Change 5195 on 2010/11/22 by chrisc@x8

update support for file-backed RGBFT images to allow 64-bit seek offsets.
NOTE: platforms that do not implement fseek64() must provide one (either a
function or #define).
add code to automatically switch to using file-backed intermediate images
when width >= 32 and pixel count >= 1024*1024.
Change 5194 on 2010/11/21 by chrisc@x8
Add new option to set render priority to background (only available on Vista o
r later).
Add note to crash handler dialog mentioning the continue option.
Make standard minidump output more verbose as current dumps are a bit too
sparse to be helpful in some cases.
Change 5193 on 2010/11/21 by chrisc@x8
fix issue where a shutdown after a render that allocated a lot of memory
blocks (or any other case where the shutdown takes more than five seconds)
could throw an uncaught exception. this could then cause the 'terminated in
an unusual way' windows error message.
Change 5192 on 2010/11/21 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix issue introduced with #4979 that would cause gamma to be screwed up with
non-transparent TGA input files
Change 5190 on 2010/11/21 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed target platform metadata
Change 5189 on 2010/11/08 by jgrimbert@grimbert
fixed #5183: the display of Frame Step was last frame when the Frame Step
option was not used.
Change 5188 on 2010/11/08 by jgrimbert@grimbert
Revision of Fractal fields in pattern structure to allow deeper iterations
(past 32767, now upto 2^32-1) for fractal patterns. Footprint of structure
should stay the same, as the fields for types (interior & exterior) have been
reduced to unsigned char (only 0 to 6 used so far, whenever the number of
types reaches 255 it will be time to revert to a short)
Change 5183 on 2010/11/04 by jgrimbert@grimbert
+STP / Frame_Step= , animation option inspired from megapov with two
restrictions: only positive step value are supported (forward, no backward
rendering) and the value is not available in the SDL (it won't be costly to
add it now as a #declare, but philosophicaly it should not be visible: we are
just rendering non consecutives frames, the clock & frame number (as well as
delta) should not affected).
At the same patch, the return of the display of the Animation Options, right
after the Parser Options (well, inside the parser option in fact). (it does
not display the actual clock information when animation is on, only the
animation's parameters)

Change 5180 on 2010/11/02 by chrisc@x8

turn a pov_base::Exception thrown during parse into a parse error. this
allows the line number of the error to be reported. see FS#80.
Change 5179 on 2010/11/01 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix FS#168 (noise_generator default broken)
Change 5177 on 2010/11/01 by chrisc@x8
Add invalid parameter handler, will now throw kParamErr exception when the
RTL complains about invalid parameters.
Change 5176 on 2010/11/01 by chrisc@x8
Merge changes 5167, 5168, 5169, 5170 and 5171 to trunk with a number of change
All: Replace spaces with tabs where appropriate.
#5169: Some bugfixes, formatting changes.
#5170: Some bugfixes.
#5170: Removed 'input_file_name' token; this is now implemented via an
automatically-inserted declare (see #5175).
#5170: call to localtime_r changed to boost::date_time::c_time::gmtime() to
avoid platform portability issues (windows doesn't have the _r variant)
to use GMT as the default timezone (so we can insert Z into the time st
rather than relying on strftime returning an ISO 8601 compliant string
for '%z').
#5170: Call to strftime wrapped with try/except and windows code modified to
raise kParamErr upon the vc RTL calling the CRT invalid parameter handl
(which would otherwise cause program termination when users pass an inv
formatting string).
Change 5175 on 2010/11/01 by chrisc@x8
Add support for passing ASCII strings via kPOVAttrib_Declare.
Add pre-declared variable 'input_file_name' to vfe setup code.
Change 5171 on 2010/10/27 by jgrimbert@grimbert
Addendum to #5170 (fs#134): protect the string returned by now("...format
string...") against error in format string ending in a too long answer for
the allocated array. Also use a #define for the size of that array, so it's
easier to change it if needed.
Change 5170 on 2010/10/26 by jgrimbert@grimbert
fs#134 : provide SDL with "input_file_name", a token replaced by a string
which is the name of the input file of the scene; and a string returning
function "now()".

now() can have a string parameter (but can also be used without; the
parenthesis are mandatory anyway).
When provided with a string, its value is used for formatting the current
local time. Formatting documentation is the one of strftime() C function.
(LC_TIME is taken into account too, so "%x" "%X" and "%c" might be different
from one system to another)
Without parameter (that's not 'now("")', but 'now()' ), the format is
"%Y-%m-%d %T-%z"
You can get the number of second from Epoch with "%s" (and for other
possibilities, have a look at the man page of strftime). (whatever can the
Epoch be on your system)
The final string is limited to about 200 glyphs (or char), you should not
need as much for a printable time.
Change 5169 on 2010/10/25 by jgrimbert@grimbert
FS#105: the return of the Output Options (with minor corrections about Jpeg
quality handling, and default row & columns start/end): The TODO about
filename/path are fixed using similar approach in Parser Options (going the
UCS2 way first, then converting to ascii).
Change 5168 on 2010/10/24 by jgrimbert@grimbert
Rendering order replaced with distinct rendering options: pattern (-RP /
Render_Pattern) and block step (-RS / Render_Block_Step)
Pattern is now (unsigned) positive, default to 0 (as previous)
Block Step is as previously, reduced to a pseudoprime with height*width (in
block count)
Now a given pattern and a block step can both be specified at the same time.
Change 5167 on 2010/10/18 by jgrimbert@grimbert
Adding a final version for RenderOrder (-RO) option: default remain as previou
(from left to right, then top to bottom). Default is 0 (as well as 1)
with -1, it's top to bottom, then left to right
with -2, it's closing from left & right to center, top & bottom alternatively
to middle
with -3, it's the opposite from -2 (starting at center-middle, going left &
right, then to top & bottom)
with -4 it's -2 rotated (like -1 is to 0): closing top & bottom to middle,
alternatively left & right to centre
with -5, it's the opposite from -4 (starting at middle-center)
with N > 0, it's about 1 square every N (about: N might get reduced to allow
clock arithmetic to cover the whole picture: N must be pseudo-prime with
number of blocks to render; at worst it is shrinked to 1... the default)

Change 5166 on 2010/10/15 by chrisc@x8

merge changes 5162-5165 to trunk.
fs#154 : get owner & group of $HOME to assert the ownership of povray.conf &
povray.ini in $HOME/... subtree during installation (should be now
fine with both "sudo make install" from joe user, and "make install"
from root user)
fs#64 : add metatags to output image (excepted for BMP, there is no room in BM
format for comment).
The date of creation, the software name and 4 lines of additional text
(recommended to stay under 80 char), all in ASCII.
So far the 4 lines are just kind of constants depending from the compilation
option. If you have a better usage for these lines, just go for it.
fs#167 : force the computation on resize() to happen on unsigned long int by
either adding ul qualifier to existing constant or by introducing a
1ul factor in all resize (w * h ...) calls.
Change 5164 on 2010/10/13 by jgrimbert@grimbert
fs#167 : force the computation on resize() to happen on unsigned long int by
either adding ul qualifier to existing constant or by introducing a
1ul factor in all resize( w * h ...) calls.
Change 5163 on 2010/10/12 by jgrimbert@grimbert
fs#64 : add metatags to output image (excepted for BMP, there is no room in
BMP format for comment).
The date of creation, the software name and 4 lines of additional text
(recommended to stay under 80 char), all in ASCII.
So far the 4 lines are just kind of constants depending from the compilation
option. If you have a better usage for these lines, just go for it.
Change 5162 on 2010/10/12 by jgrimbert@grimbert
fs#154 : get owner & group of $HOME to assert the ownership of povray.conf &
povray.ini in $HOME/... subtree during installation (should be now fi
with both "sudo make install" from joe user, and "make install" from
root user)
Change 5157 on 2010/09/13 by chrisc@x8
handle case where INI file has old paths due to setup changes.
Change 5156 on 2010/09/13 by chrisc@build
add sse2 DLL's to setup.
Change 5155 on 2010/09/12 by chrisc@x8
integrate changes from 32-bit installer.

Change 5154 on 2010/09/12 by chrisc@x8

convert branched 32-bit installer to suit 64-bit platform.
Change 5153 on 2010/09/12 by chrisc@build
update to beta 39, add crash dump submit binary, and fix install location issu
Change 5148 on 2010/09/12 by chrisc@build
update 32-bit install script to allow attempted install to program files even
if not elevated.
-------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.38 and 3.7.beta.39
-------------------------------------------Change 5140 on 2010/09/02 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
update revision.txt and changes.txt prior to beta-39 release
Change 5139 on 2010/09/02 by chrisc@x8
bump version to beta 39
Change 5136 on 2010/09/02 by chrisc@x8
add max ray distance to camera definition, also marks mesh camera
as experimental.
Change 5131 on 2010/09/01 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
added mesh_camera demo scenes
Change 5130 on 2010/08/31 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for bug introduced with change #5124
Change 5129 on 2010/08/30 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
consistency change with recent built-in benchmark. reference change #5105
Change 5128 on 2010/08/30 by chrisc@x8
Add mesh_camera to available camera types.
The mesh camera is a special camera type that allows complete control of
the ray origin and direction for each pixel of the output image. The basic
concept is to associate pixels with faces defined within a mesh or mesh2
object. The mesh need not be instantiated in the scene, though it can be
(and doing so can lead to some interesting uses, such as texture baking
or illumination calculations).
In its simplest form, each pixel of the output image is assigned to a face
of the mesh according to (width * (int) y) + (int) x. However, more complex
mapping is possible via multiple meshes and multiple rays per pixel. The
type of mapping in use is determined by the distribution method parameter
in the camera declaration. Except for mapping #3, the ray origin will be

set to the centriod of the face, and the direction will be that of the
face's normal. For mapping #3, barycentric co-ordinates are determined
from the UV co-ords of the first face to match the X and Y position, and
those are then coverted to a position on the face which will serve as the
ray origin. Support is provided to move the origin off the face along the
normal, and to reverse the ray direction.
For most of the distribution methods, any POV feature that causes subpixel positioning to be used for shooting rays (e.g. AA or jitter) will
not do anything useful, because X and Y are converted to integers for
indexing purposes. At this time, no warning is issued if AA etc is
requested when rendering a non-applicable distribution; this may be
added later.
The syntax for the mesh camera is currently as follows:
camera {
mesh_camera {
This float parameter controls the number of rays that will be shot for each
in the output image. Each distribution allows different values, but the mini
mum is
always 1.
This float parameter controls how pixels are assigned to faces, as documente
d below.
distribution #0:
This method allows single or multiple rays per pixel, with the ray number
for that pixel allocated to each mesh in turn. The index into the meshes
is the ray number (where rays_per_pixel > 1), and the index into the
selected mesh is the pixel number within the output image. If there is no
face at that pixel position, the resulting output pixel is unaffected.
You must supply at least as many meshes as rays_per_pixel. Each pixel is
shot rays_per_pixel times, and the results averaged. Any ray that does not
correspond with a face (i.e. the pixel number >= face count) will not
affect the resulting pixel color. Generally, it would be expected that
the number of faces in each mesh is the same, but this is not a requiremen
Using multiple rays per pixel is useful for generating AA (since standard
won't work) or for special effects such as focal blur, motion blur, and so
forth, with each additional mesh specified in the camera representing a
slightly different camera position.
Note that it is legal to use transformations on meshes specified in the

camera body, hence it's possible to obtain basic AA by using a single mesh
multiple times, with subsequent ones jittered slightly from the first,
and a suitable rays_per_pixel count.
distribution #1:
This method allows both multiple rays per pixel and summing of meshes; i.e
the faces of all the supplied meshes are logically summed together as if
they were one single mesh. In this mode, if you specify more than one ray
per pixel, the second ray for a given pixel will go to the face at (width
height * ray_number) + pixel_number, where ray_number is the count of rays
shot into a specific pixel. If the calculated face index exceeds the total
number of aces for all the meshes, no ray is shot.
The primary use for this summing method is convenience in generation of
the meshes, as some modellers slow down to an irritating extent with
very large meshes; using distribution #1 allows these to be split up.
distribution #2:
Distribution method 2 is a horizontal array of sub-cameras, one per mesh
(i.e. like method #0, it does not sum meshes). The image is divided
horizontally into #num_meshes blocks, with the first mesh listed being the
left-most camera, and the last being the right-most. The most obvious use
of this would be with two meshes to generate a stereo camera arrangement.
In this mode, you can (currently) only have a single ray per pixel.
distribution #3:
This method will reverse-map the face from the UV co-ordinates. Currently,
only a single ray per pixel is supported, however, unlike the preceding
methods, standard AA and jitter will work. This method is particularly
useful for texture baking and resolution-independant mesh cameras, but
requires that the mesh have a UV map supplied with it.
You can use the smooth modifier to allow interpolation of the normals at
the vertices. This allows for use of UV mapped meshes as cameras with the
benefit of not being resolution dependant, unlike the other distributions.
The interpolation is identical to that used for smooth_triangles.
NB if used for texture baking, the generated image may have visible seams
when applied back to the mesh. This can be mitigated; see Jaime Vives
Piqueres sample scripts. Also, depending on the way the original UV map
was set up, using AA may produce incorrect pixels on the outside edge of
the generated maps.
One or more mesh or mesh2 objects to be used for the camera. These will be
treated differently depending on the distribution method, as explained above
Transformations on the meshes can be used here, and will reflect on the
resulting image as it would be expected for a regular camera.
On this special camera, location doesn't affect where the camera is placed
per se (that information is on the mesh object itself), but is used to
move the origin of the ray off the face, along the normal of that face.
This would typically be done for texture baking or illumination

calculation scenes where the camera mesh is also instantiated into the
scene (usually only a tiny amount of displacement is needed).
The X and Y for location is not currently used, and the Z always refers
to the normal of the face, rather than the real Z direction in the scene.
Like location, this doesn't correspond to the real direction vector of the
camera. It serves only to reverse the normal of all the faces, if
necessary. If the Z component is less than -EPSILON, then the rays will be
shot in the opposite direction than they would otherwise have been.
X and Y are not used.
Potential uses of the mesh camera include:
o Calculation of illumination on a surface represented by a mesh.
This was the first use of the mesh camera; a NASA JPL project
wished to calculated watts/m2 of illumination across a portion
of the moon's surface, for which they had a detailed grid and
hence were able to create a mesh.
o Texture baking (creation of an image suitable to be used as a UV
map). Given a mesh with UV co-ordinates defined, POV-Ray can generate
an image that can be later used in either POV itself or any modelling
application that can load UV-mapped textures. This means that any of
POV-Ray's native textures may be baked to a map (however note that
use of transparency on objects will give a confusing result).
o Any arbitrary camera shape, including all existing POV-Ray cameras
(though of course there is little point in replicating an existing
o Precise modeling of optical aberrations in lenses (presuming data is
available to generate a mesh that follows the aberrations). It may
also be possible to model a lens that reverses such abberations if
the scene being rendered has an image map containing an image taken
through the lens.
o Modeling optical devices that employ filters, such as camera CCD's
(by having a mesh that defines R, G and B image sensor elements and
the color filters that are typically overlayed on them).
o Any effect that could be achieved by shooting multiple rays for a
single pixel from different locations (or in different directions)
and averaging the results.
o Simulation of compound eyes such as those of insects.
o Certain types of animation (where only the camera moves), using
distribution #2 and a post-processor to split the output image.
This can be useful for scenes that take a very long time to parse
compared to the time taken to render (which can be an impediment
if using the traditional POV clock-based loop).
o If a means of limiting the maximum ray length is added, then a mesh
camera could be used to probe a scene to generate voxel or slice data
(the latter is useful for generating STL data for 3d printers).
Examples (placement macros not included for brevity):

// Stereo camera:
camera {
mesh_camera {
1 2
mesh {
mesh {
location <0,0,-.01>
// Texture baking:
camera {
mesh_camera {
1 3
mesh2 {vase1}
mesh2 {vase1}
mesh2 {vase1}
location <0, 0, -0.01>
direction <0, 0, 1>
Change 5125 on 2010/08/30 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fix for a few Linux compiler warnings
Change 5124 on 2010/08/30 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fix for some Microsoft-isms and other flaws introduced with changes #5109
and #5111.
Change 5123 on 2010/08/30 by chrisc@x8
a few misc changes/fixes, including support (not enabled) for ASCII PPM
output [handy for text processing of output image during testing].
Change 5119 on 2010/08/30 by chrisc@x8
fix for use of templated version of min().
Change 5116 on 2010/08/29 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed a bug in radiosity introduced with change #5112 that could cause
samples to be re-used too far away
Change 5115 on 2010/08/29 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Added support for focal blur with user-defined bokeh, using the
following syntax:
camera {
// ... focal blur camera...

bokeh {
pigment { ... }
If bokeh is specified, focal blur will use a custom sampling sequence based
on the specified pigment's brightness in the range <0,0,0> to <1,1,0>, i.e.
the unit square in the XY plane.
Change 5114 on 2010/08/29 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Parser failed to eat away the parameter value after the obsolete
"max_intersections" keyword, causing it to crash instead of gracefully
ignoring it with a warning; fixed.
Change 5113 on 2010/08/29 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed some dormant photons code that, according to code inspection, was
broken with radiosity change #4761
Change 5112 on 2010/08/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Radiosity improvements:
- Removed the max 1600 count limit; if the count exceeds 1600, POV-Ray will
now use a Halton sequence instead of the built-in sequence.
- POV-Ray can now draw sample directions in a round-robin fashion from a
larger pool, so that different samples can use different sets of sample
directions, leveraging the benefit of the nearest_count mechanism.
For this purpose, the count keyword syntax has been changed:
- Added importance sampling to radiosity; full ray computations are
performed only for a certain portion of sample rays, depending on the
importance of the first object each ray encounters. Importance can be
assigned on a per-object basis using the followng syntax (using a sphere
as an example):
sphere { ... radiosity { importance IMPORTANCE } }
where IMPORTANCE is a value in the range from >0.0 to <=1.0 specifying the
percentage of rays to actually compute on average. A particular ray will
only be fully computed if it is within the first COUNT*IMPORTANCE rays of
the sampling sequence; due to the low-discrepancy sub-random nature of the
sequence, this is mostly equivalent to a per-ray weighted random choice,
while maintaining a low-discrepancy uniform distribution on a per-object
basis. Rays actually computed are weighted to compensate for those
not computed.
Objects derived from previously defined objects will default to the
"inherited" importance. CSG components without an explicit importance will
default to their parent object's importance. Other objects normally
default to an importance of 1.0, but this can be changed in a
default {} block:
default { radiosity { importance DEFAULT_IMPORTANCE } }
NOTE: The "radiosity on|off" feature for objects (specifying whether an

object shall receive radiosity illumination) is currently NOT available.

Depending on user feedback, it will be substituted with some keyword
within the object-specific radiosity{} block, or dropped completely.
- Some more minor modifications.
Change 5111 on 2010/08/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Improved focal blur:
- Modified code to generate extra samples in a circular rather than square
pattern when blur_samples is not 4, 7, 19 or 37, leading to a circular
rather than square bokeh.
- Modified the code that re-placed an extra sample if it would be close to
another one, in order to get rid of the lower-right bias the old
code produced.
- Extra samples are now generated from a halton sequence rather than a
random stream.
- Modified blur_samples syntax to optionally specify a minimum number of
samples to be taken before testing against confidence/variance settings
(default is 4 if blur_samples maximum is <7, otherwise 7), to provide a
means to get rid of stray non-blurred pixels. The new syntax is:
blur_samples [ MIN_SAMPLES, ] MAX_SAMPLES
- Eliminated the VEC2 type in favor of Vector2d.
- Simplified a few statements and did a bit of cleanup.
Change 5110 on 2010/08/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
SSLT improvements:
- Fixed a bug in SSLT code that caused the single-scattering
term to be ignored.
- Using halton sequence instead of random generator for picking sampling
directions, to reduce visible patterns in noise.
Change 5109 on 2010/08/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Introduced new framework for internal random number generators, intended for
reducing the memory footprint (by sharing precomputed values among
generators with identical parameters) as well as easier replacement of
Change 5106 on 2010/08/27 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
minor code simplification in aoi pattern
Change 5105 on 2010/08/26 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
changed Output_File_Type to type "n" reference FS#155
Change 5102 on 2010/08/21 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
changed radiosity defaults to "always_sample off" and "recursion_limit 2"

Change 5099 on 2010/08/14 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries

corrected 1 pixel error in mosaic preview see FS#114
Change 5097 on 2010/08/08 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for FS#162 "Character 101 (0x65) not found in /usr/share/fonts/truetype/fr
Change 5096 on 2010/08/08 by chrisc@cc-ubuntu-test
Installer changes suggested in article <web.4c558a54f4269f7c380f8080@news.povr>
Change 5089 on 2010/08/05 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed a preprocessor definition in Win32-SSE2 console project
Change 5086 on 2010/08/04 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
removed duplicate references to Windows system libraries
Change 5084 on 2010/07/26 by chrisc@cc-ubuntu-test
Remove soft expiration from unixconsole.cpp.
Change 5081 on 2010/07/24 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
fix parse warnings reported in FS#157
Change 5074 on 2010/07/23 by chrisc@x8
fix name of editor DLL when building SSE2 binary.
enable editor DLL build by default in solution.
Change 5071 on 2010/07/21 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed bug FS#158 in render options output code, causing a wrong value to be
reported for antialiasing gamma
Change 5059 on 2010/07/01 by chrisc@x8
shellout fix.
-------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.37 and 3.7.beta.38
-------------------------------------------Change 5053 on 2010/07/01 by chrisc@x8
fix error in windows version expiry test.
Change 5046 on 2010/06/29 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
modified code to avoid even more deprecation warnings with libpng 1.4;
NEEDS TESTING with both 1.2 and 1.4!
Change 5045 on 2010/06/29 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries

properly allow for libpng 1.25 AND 1.4.3

Change 5044 on 2010/06/29 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
Rollback //depot/povray/smp/unix/ to revision 41
Change 5043 on 2010/06/29 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
modified code to avoid deprecation warnings with libpng 1.4;
NEEDS TESTING with both 1.2 and 1.4!
Change 5040 on 2010/06/28 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
sample scene vector typo corrections FS#110
Change 5039 on 2010/06/28 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
configure updates for libpng 1.4 you MAY want to defer this until
change #5031 is completed.
Change 5036 on 2010/06/26 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Added support for using the sRGB transfer function for output file gamma;
syntax is "File_Gamma=sRGB". ("SRGB" and "srgb" are supported as well.)
Note: When "File_Gamma=sRGB" is used with PNG output file format, POV-Ray
writes an sRGB chunk, thereby claiming that the output conforms to the sRGB
color space; however, this claim is not necessarily true, as POV-Ray is
currently not color space aware; it depends on whether your scene input data
conforms to the sRGB color space.
Note: The other gamma INI file parameters (Antialias_Gamma and DisplayGamma)
do NOT support the "sRGB" value at present.
Change 5033 on 2010/06/25 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Changes regarding alpha handling, plus some cleanup:
- Added "premultiplied BOOL" parameter to input image file syntax; like the
"gamma"/"file_gamma" parameter, it must immediately follow the filename
(though the order of "gamma"/"file_gamma" and "premultiplied" does not
matter). The boolean parameter specifies whether the file is stored in
premultiplied ("associated") or non-premultiplied ("straight") alpha format,
overriding the file format specific default. (This keyword has no effect on
files without an alpha channel.)
- Prepared code for adding an INI-file parameter to override file format
specific alpha mode (premultiplied vs. non-premultiplied) for output files.
- Cleaned up the lists of reserved words in reswords.cpp and reswords.h.
Change 5031 on 2010/06/23 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Various changes related to PNG files:
- modified png.cpp to be ready for libpng 1.4 (Needs Testing!)
- fixed flaw in PNG input file gamma handling that caused unnecessary loss of

- fixed bug in change #4979 that screwed up image file input under certain
conditions (most particularly PNG files)
Change 5029 on 2010/06/21 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fixed uv mapping for bezier spline lathe.
Change 5028 on 2010/06/21 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Minor change to radiosity adaptive pretrace code.
Change 5026 on 2010/06/20 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Modified radiosity pretrace mechanism:
- POV-Ray will now create only one set
instead of one set for each pretrace
pertain to the whole pretrace rather
wait for a pretrace step to be fully

of threads for the whole pretrace,

step; likewise, progress report will
than each step; POV-Ray will no longer
completed, and instead assign threads t

the next step as soon as all blocks of the previous step are either finished
or already assigned.
- Implemented adaptive pretrace. When a second parameter is specified after
the "nearest_count" keyword, pretrace will stop re-iterating over areas
where, on average, that many (average-quality) samples are already present
per ray.
- Refactored some related code.
Change 5025 on 2010/06/20 by thorsten@host26
Adds "#declare atand = function (x) {degrees(atan(x))} " to ""
Change 5022 on 2010/06/19 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for metallic phong highlights which were broken by change #4962
Change 5021 on 2010/06/18 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
added #elseif statement; the #if, #ifdef and #ifndef directives syntax is
changed as follows:
#if ( Cond ) TOKENS... [ELSE_DIRECTIVE] #end
#else TOKENS... |
#elseif ( Cond ) TOKENS... [ELSE_DIRECTIVE]
#if (Foo)
#debug "Foo is true\n"

#elseif (Bar)
#debug "Foo is false, but Bar is true\n"
#debug "Foo and Bar are both false\n"
Change 5010 on 2010/06/05 by chrisc@x8
fix issue with windows insert menu preview loading of BMP's that contained DPI
information, and expand number of available insert menu ID's to about 9000.
Change 5009 on 2010/06/05 by chrisc@x8
avoid pulling in all of the std and boost namespaces in many places in favor
of some more specific uses. NB requires changes to platform header files,
already done for unix version, the mac port can clone the changes from the
windows syspovconfig.h.
Change 5004 on 2010/06/01 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Added "emission" parameter to the finish block; syntax and effect are
virtually identicall to "ambient", except that "emission" is unaffected by
the global "ambient_light" parameter, which will now effectively be set to 0
if radiosity is active (except in legacy scenes having #version set to <
3.70). The intention is to simplify the use of materials designed for
non-radiosity scenes in scenes with radiosity, or the design of scenes that
can be rendered with or without radiosity.
Change 5003 on 2010/05/29 by chrisc@x8
round out core shellout support for the time being.
TODO: add support to simplefrontend.h.
Change 5001 on 2010/05/28 by chrisc@x8
add special handling for INI lines that are shell-out commands.
Change 5000 on 2010/05/27 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
eliminate dependancy on in distro file.
Change 4999 on 2010/05/26 by chrisc@x8
re-implement support for shellouts (WIP, INCOMPLETE).
Change 4998 on 2010/05/26 by chrisc@x8
windows editor tab/indent settings are no longer per-file+global default;
changes affect all opened files.
Change 4997 on 2010/05/26 by chrisc@x8
add display of filename on tab hover in windows editor, and add right-click
menu to tabs allowing opening of folder in explorer and copy of filename to
Change 4996 on 2010/05/25 by chrisc@x8
windows: increase maximum number of insert menu sections to 8192, and ensure
that if no INI file exists, a default one that includes the insert menu for

output is made.
Change 4995 on 2010/05/25 by chrisc@x8
add support for loading of JPG and PNG files as windows insert menu hints.
Change 4994 on 2010/05/24 by jholsenback@jholsenback_aries
removed outdated information and corrected typos from some distro files.
Change 4993 on 2010/05/22 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
changed input file gamma syntax for individual files; as an alternative to
the "file_gamma" keyword, the parser will now also accept the "gamma" keyword
originally introduced for specifying gamma in color values. (To specify the
default input file gamma in the global_settings section, "file_gamma" is
still mandatory though, as "gamma" would be ambiguous and misleading.)
Change 4992 on 2010/05/22 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix FS#116 "assertion fails when using 'filter all' with small-palette images"
Change 4991 on 2010/05/21 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Changed antialiasing to compare gamma-adjusted colours instead of linear
colours, to improve antialiasing of darker regions.
Note that this gamma-adjustment is only applied to copies of the sample
values, and does not affect averaging of the sample values, which is still
performed on the original linear data. It is also independent of both preview
display and output file gamma.
The antialiasing gamma-adjustment is controlled by the new ini-file /
command-line options "Antialias_Gamma=x" and "+AGx" respectively, defaulting
to 2.5. Note that this differs from Display_Gamma and File_Gamma defaults, as
it is intended to fit human vision rather than typical CRT characteristics.
Nevertheless, the value specified is once again the inverse of the gamma
actually applied, in order to use the more familiar value range.
Change 4990 on 2010/05/21 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix FS#114 "Mosaic Preview not displaying properly" for unix systems.
Change 4987 on 2010/05/20 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fixed a bug introduced with change #4979 that caused semi-transparent objects
visible against a default background to be displayed wrong in the preview
window when alpha output was off. (File output was unaffected though.)
Change 4986 on 2010/05/20 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Added "gamma" keyword to specify gamma pre-corrected colours.
The colour syntax is extended as follows:

red Red_Amount
blue Blue_Amount
green Green_Amount
filter Filter_Amount |
transmit Transmit_Amount |
gamma Gamma_Value |
gamma srgb
Specifying "gamma Gamma_Value" indicates that the colour components are
gamma-precorrected for a display gamma of Gamma_Value, instructing POV-Ray to
automatically convert the colour components to linear values using the
following formula:


pow ( Red_Amount, Gamma_Value )

pow ( Green_Amount, Gamma_Value )
pow ( Blue_Amount, Gamma_Value )

Likewise, specifying "gamma srgb" indicates that the colour components are
gamma-precorrected using the sRGB transfer function (being roughly, but not
quite, equivalent to a Gamma_Value of 2.2).
Note that gamma is NOT an additional component, but rather modifies the
interpretation of the other colour keywords. For instance, the following
statements are all fully equivalent:
#declare Foo = colour rgbt <0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5> gamma 2;
#declare Foo = colour rgbt <0.04,0.09,0.16,0.50>;
#local Fnord = colour rgbt <0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5>; #declare Foo = colour Fnord
gamma 2;
Also note that specifying gamma does not affect the filter or transmit compone
Change 4984 on 2010/05/16 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
more changes to input image transparency handling:
- For material_map, /no/ alpha premultiplication handling is done whatsoever;
instead, the data as stored in the file is used.
- For bump_map and image_pattern, images with alpha channel are treated as if
they had a black background (unless the alpha channel itself is used).
Change 4983 on 2010/05/14 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix FS#113 "Multi-layered reflections broken"
Change 4982 on 2010/05/14 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Added comments & fixed a few flaws in the GammaCurve class
Change 4979 on 2010/05/13 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Changed alpha handling for image file in- and output:

* Previous versions of POV-Ray always expected straight (non-premultiplied)

alpha for file input, while always writing associated (premultiplied) alpha
for output; this has been changed on a per-file-format basis to use the same
alpha handling mode for in- and output alike:
- PNG will use straight alpha as per specification;
- OpenEXR and TIFF will use associated alpha as per specifications;
- TGA and BMP 32-bit RGBA (an inofficial extension to BMP) will use
straight alpha, retaining file input compatibility for now, until a final
decision has been made on these formats.
* When generating non-premultiplied alpha output to a classic
low-dynamic-range file format (e.g. PNG), transparency of particularly brigh
areas will now be reduced, in order to better preserve highlights on
transparent objects. (Note that this mechanism has some limitations with
colored highlights.)
* When used with file formats for which alpha output is currently not
supported by POV-Ray (or only via an inofficial extension, as with BMP),
turning on alpha output via Output_Alpha=on or +UA will now generate a
* Fixed various bugs in image.cpp found during code inspection.
Change 4977 on 2010/05/10 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix FS#111 "Remove_Bounds=off / -UR does not work properly"
Change 4976 on 2010/05/10 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fixed FS#112 "OpenEXR alpha is only written when it shouldn't be"
Change 4975 on 2010/05/10 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Changes to sky_sphere handling:
- Using filter in a sky_sphere with layered pigments now has the same effect
as in a large sphere with a multi-layered texture. (For compatibility with
legacy scenes, specifying a #version < 3.70 will revert to the old, poorly
specified behavior.)
- Using Output_Alpha=on with legacy scenes (#version < 3.70) will now
suppress sky spheres and background except in reflections, for backward
compatibility with v3.6.
Change 4972 on 2010/05/09 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Parser now checks for plausible relation between radiosity minimum_reuse and m
- If ony one value is specified, parser will warn if minimum_reuse > maximum_r
and adjust the unspecified value accordingly.
- If both values are specified, parser will warn if minimum_reuse > maximum_re

but not modify any of the values; if minimum_reuse >= maximum_reuse; the par
ser will
raise an error.
Change 4971 on 2010/05/08 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Replaced virtually all occurrences of Colour type with RGBColour, using
separate filter and/or transmit variables/parameters where needed, to get a
clearer picture of where these values are actually used and processed, and
where they were just plain ballast.
Consolidated a few duplicate constants.
Changed effect of filter in a layered-pigment sky_sphere to match the
behavior of a corresponding layered-texture large regular sphere. (The old
behavior, though probably having been unintentional, is automatically
re-activated for backward compatibility when #version < 3.7 is specified.)
Partial fix for broken alpha channel output; v3.6 behavior is now reproduced
exactly (including bugs), regardless of version. Further changes will address
the premultiplied-alpha issue (which was already handled wrong in 3.6) and
possibly add options for use cases where v3.6 behavior might be undesired.
Change 4969 on 2010/05/06 by chrisc@x8
Fix crash reported in
Change 4968 on 2010/05/05 by chrisc@build
beta 37a install scripts.
Change 4967 on 2010/05/05 by chrisc@x8
change version to beta 37a.
Change 4965 on 2010/05/03 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed an issue with SSLT that could cause rendering threads to hang
Change 4964 on 2010/05/02 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for FS#107 "Failed to parse INI file, over network"
Change 4963 on 2010/05/02 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
follow-up to change #4962 to suppress excessive parse warnings about ignored
filter & transmit components
Change 4962 on 2010/05/02 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Yet more code refactoring:
- replaced lots of COLOUR parameters & variables with Colour or RGBColour
- replaced various Colour parameters & variables with RGBColour
- replaced a few int parameters & variables with bool
- declared several more parameters as const

- removed a few obsolete parameters and pieces of code

- refactored image interpolation for better performance and (hopefully) ease
of understanding
- eliminated references to "ray.h" include file (except in ray.cpp)
- Implemented bicubic image interpolation as interpolation type 3
Change 4961 on 2010/04/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
various output file type-related changes:
- When specifying an input image in SDL without a file type (neither via type
keyword nor via extension), parser would not fall back to system default
(broken since change #4932); fixed.
- When specifying an IFF input image in SDL, POV-Ray would instead attempt to
read it as a TIFF file; should be fixed (not that anybody would probably car
these days...).
- Some code pertaining to histogram output was not updated with change #4932;
fixed. (no symptoms there, as histogram output is presently out of order
- Some code pertaining to logging of output settings was not updated with
change #4932; fixed. (no symptoms there either, as logging of output setting
is presently out of order as well)
- Validity check for Grayscale_Output setting was broken with change #4932; fi
- Changed default output file format for Windows version to PNG (note that
"sys" format still remains mapped to BMP)
- Unix config was not updated properly with changes #4932 and #4948; fixed.
- Some minor code refactoring pertaining to the #4932 changes.
Change 4958 on 2010/04/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for FS#104 "Output file gamma broken for File_Gamma=1.0"
Change 4957 on 2010/04/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
disabled chroma sub-sampling in JPEG output; reduced default quality setting
from 95% to 85% to retain same overall quality & file size.
Change 4956 on 2010/04/27 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix FS#103 "JPEG output does not conform to baseline JFIF standard"
Change 4955 on 2010/04/26 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Changed a wagonload of function parameters to const, plus some other minor

code refactoring
Change 4953 on 2010/04/24 by chrisc@build
update install scripts for beta 37.
Change 4951 on 2010/04/24 by chrisc@x8
Update changes.txt/revision.txt.
Change 4949 on 2010/04/24 by chrisc@x8
bump version to beta 37.
-------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.35 and 3.7.beta.37
-------------------------------------------Change 4948 on 2010/04/24 by chrisc@x8
fix issue where parse fails if output file type not specified (see change #493
Change 4947 on 2010/04/22 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
preliminary workaround for FS#81 "sphere_sweep generating artifacts"
Change 4946 on 2010/04/21 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
partial fix for FS#102 "#switch directive parsing problem": POV-Ray will now
complain if the first #case or #range after a #switch is missing the hash
sign ("#")
Change 4944 on 2010/04/19 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for FS#92 "Sphere_Sweep Bug": Modified quadratic polynom solver to
"normalize" polynoms first before checking for optimizations, to prevent
problems when all coefficients are small
Change 4943 on 2010/04/19 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed FS#100 "cutaway_textures"; removed some obsolete code along the way
Change 4942 on 2010/04/18 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
modified #break semantics; the #break directive can now be used...:
- anywhere within a #case or #range block, to skip to the end of the
#switch directive (previously, #break was only useful right before the nex
#case, #range or #else directive, to indicate that a slip-through was not
- anywhere within a loop block (both #while and #for), to preliminarily
terminate the loop; and
- anywhere within a #macro block, to preliminarily terminate the macro.
Example for the use in a loop:
#local R = seed(4711);

#for (I, 1, 100)

#if (rand(R) < I/1000)
#break // terminate loop early
#debug concat(str(I,0,0), " iterations and counting\n")
Where multiple #switch, loop and/or #macro blocks are nested, #break will
leave only the innermost of these.
Change 4941 on 2010/04/16 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
implement FS#84 "A for-loop construct":
#for (Identifier, Start, End [, Step])
is now available for simple loops incrementing Identifier from Start to End
(inclusive) with the given Step size (default: +1.0). Basically, it works the
same as the classic #while pattern:
#local Identifier = Start;
#while (Identifier <= End)
#local Identifier = Identifier + Step;
Some additional notes:
- If Step is negative, comparison will be automatically adjusted to match a
"countdown" pattern.
- Start, End and Step are evaluated only *once*.
- The loop counter is a full-fledged local variable. Any local variable of
the same name already defined before the loop *will* be overwritten withou
warning (note that in the main scene file, all local variables outside of
macros are effectively global); inside the loop, any tampering with the
variable is possible for effect, as long as it is defined as a local numer
variable at the end of each iteration.
- After the loop has terminated, the variable will remain defined, typically
holding the value End+Step.
- The loop counter must *not* be an array element.
Change 4940 on 2010/04/15 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fixed FS#97 "Forward-slash pathnames not fully supported in Windows version",
- some code refactoring pertaining to path handling
- fixed FS#83 "redundant code in pvengine.cpp" (removed apparently duplicate
code from pvengine.cpp handler for KEYWORD_LOOKUP_MESSAGE)
Change 4939 on 2010/04/14 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64

some photons changes:

* Partially fixed FS#93 "Photons are unnaturally amplified by pass_through o
NOTE: As the error is also present in POV-Ray 3.6, behavior has necessaril
changed with this fix; pass_through objects will now affect the color of
photons on their way to their target, according to pigment filter/transmit
interior fade, and media (which implies that opaque objects will block
photons even when declared pass_through); it needs to be seen whether this
new behavior will be accepted by the users, or whether some additional
mechanism will have to be implemented to choose between old and new
behavior for compatibility with legacy scenes. At present, behavior can
only be changed at compile time with the preprocessor defines PT_FILTER_BE
and PT_AMPLIFY_BUG in photons.cpp.
* Fixed FS#95 "Photons are over-attenuated by semi-transparent surfaces"
* Some minor code refactoring & comment changes in photons-related code
Change 4938 on 2010/04/12 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix FS#94 "Unexpected refraction angle in interfaces with changing IOR <> 1.0"
Change 4937 on 2010/04/02 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Cosmetic Code & Comment Changes
Change 4936 on 2010/04/02 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Radiosity code changed:
- When a new sample has been gathered after sample lookup returned
insufficient samples, sample lookup is no longer run again; instead, the n
sample is interpolated with the results of the earlier lookup.
- The actual number of samples required to satisfy the reuse_count setting i
now influenced by sample quality, with high-quality samples reducing the
effective number of samples required (down to 1/4 of the parameter value i
extreme cases) and low-quality samples increasing the number. Note that th
may change the balance between speed and quality for some scenes.
- Fixed some bugs & flawed comments found during code inspection.
Change 4935 on 2010/03/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
- Implemented AOI pattern (thanks to Grimbert Jerome for most of the code);
the syntax is as follows:
pigment { aoi pigment_map { ... } }
normal { aoi normal_map { ... } }

texture { aoi texture_map { ... } }

The pattern gives a value proportional to the angle between the ray and the
surface; for consistency with the slope pattern, values range from 0.5 where
ray is tangent to the suftace, to 1.0 where perpendicular; in practice,
values below 0.5 may occur in conjunction with smooth triangles or meshes.
(Note that this differs from the current MegaPOV implementation, where the v
range from 0.5 down to 0.0 instead.)
- Extended slope pattern to specify a reference point instead of a direction;
the new syntax is as follows:
slope { point_at <ReferencePoint> [, Lo_Slope, Hi_Slope] }
(Note that this variant currently does *not* allow for the "altitude" keywor
d to be used.)
The functionality is similar to MegaPOV's "aoi <ReferencePoint>" pattern,
except that the values are reversed, i.e. range from 0.0 for surfaces
facing away from the point in question, to 1.0 for surfaces facing towards
that point; thus, "slope { <Vector> }" and "slope { point_at
<Vector>*VeryLargeNumber }" have virtually the same effect.
- Fixed FS#90 "POV-Ray accepts additional patterns after "slope""
- Various purely cosmetic code changes (comments and formatting) to photons.cp
Change 4934 on 2010/03/26 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for FS#78 "Wrong rendering of BeamTest-Scene in 3.7.beta.35a"
Change 4933 on 2010/03/26 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
fix for FS#67 "alpha channel in image map is ignored for shadows"
Change 4932 on 2010/03/26 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Various changes to image file output:
Code refactoring:
- Image file output now uses the GammaCurve mechanism already in use for
image file input, to allow for arbitrary transfer functions (e.g. as used by
sRGB) in the future.
- Output/histogram file type is now identified by the command line / INI
options parser, removing some uglies from the code and allowing for easier
maintenance of file type letters.
- Fixed FS#88 "File output code does not properly handle negative color valu
- Fixed FS#89 "PPM output garbled for bit depths other than 8 bits"

- Fixed a benign coding flaw in HDR image input code (wrong parameter type i
n function prototype)
- Fixed file type names in some error messages
- Radiance HDR image output no longer writes the proprietary GAMMA header
- PPM image output now supports 16-bit greyscale output (effectively
writing a PGM file instead), to be activated via the "Greyscale_Output=on"
option or the "+FPg" file type switch.
Change 4930 on 2010/03/15 by chrisc@x8
Add manual update check menu item for Windows UI.
Change 4929 on 2010/03/14 by calimet@lavender
Unix beta.35a config: require boost >= 1.37 and (for now) libpng < 1.4
Change 4928 on 2010/03/13 by chrisc@x8
update for beta 36, add hard expiry and remove standard timeout from windows v
activate update checks in windows version.
Change 4927 on 2010/02/11 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Minor radiosity changes:
- maximum_reuse parameter now governs the maximum effective radius of a
sample more directly.
- Removed obsolete code.
- Trimmed down radiosity sample memory footprint a bit.
- Improved robustness of code
- Improved pretrace "pixel" coordinates computation
- Eliminated some "magic numbers"
Change 4926 on 2010/02/08 by chrisc@x8
Fix to changes.txt/revision.txt.
Change 4925 on 2010/02/08 by chrisc@x8
Update about.bmp for windows source dist.
Change 4924 on 2010/02/08 by chrisc@x8
Update windows source dist.
Change 4915 on 2010/01/11 by chrisc@x8

Fix cone axis bug

Fix crash caused by PossibleError function being called with invalid first par
Change version to beta 35a.
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.34 and 3.7.beta.35
------------------------------------------Change 4906 on 2009/12/31 by chrisc@x8
Fix FS#73 (Blend map cannot get 256 entries).
Thanks to J\E9r\F4me Grimbert for the proposed fix.
Change 4905 on 2009/12/31 by chrisc@x8
Fix FS#59 (Cone intersection test broken)
Implement suggested fix from J\E9r\F4me Grimbert.
NB this fix should be back-ported to 3.6.
Change 4904 on 2009/12/31 by chrisc@x8
Fix FS#51 (POV-Ray crashes hard on missing parenthesis).
The cause of this bug was a pointer to the include file input stream being
retained in the token structure after the stream was closed. The fix involves
comparing the token filehandle pointer to the input file pointer when it is
about to be closed, and setting it to NULL if this is the case. Additionally,
if the include file stack is popped, the token filehandle is set to the
handle of the enclosing file. This will result in any parse errors that occur
for the current token being reported as being in the enclosing file (assuming
that an error occurs before a new token is started). Typically this will be
just after the include or macro statement that opened the file.
Change 4903 on 2009/12/31 by chrisc@x8
Set expiry to March 1 2010, bump version to beta 35.
Change 4902 on 2009/12/31 by chrisc@x8
change hard-coded timeout to 2011.
Change 4900 on 2009/11/08 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Proper fix for FS#32 "tiff file extention error" and other changes to file
extension handling:
When trying to load a file of a certain type, the unchanged filename is now
tried first IF it ends in one of the default extensions for the type;
otherwise it is tested only after trying to append one of the defailt
When trying to infer a file type from the file name, all of the default
extensions are now compared against, instead of just the first (so that e.g.
"foo.jpeg" will now be identified as a jpep file name).
Some additional code refactoring regarding file extension handling.

Change 4899 on 2009/11/08 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64

Updated list of contributors (console only; bitmaps need to be updated accordi
Change 4898 on 2009/11/07 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
a few trivial changes
Change 4897 on 2009/11/07 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fix FS#53 "Blob trace level":
Trace level increment is now performed on rays being reflected or refracted
at a surface, rather than on rays hitting a potentially refracting or
reflecting object, to do away with the need to figure out beforehand which
objects should increment the trace level and which shouldn't.
Note that slight discrepancies with previous versions may occur regarding
maximum trace level statistics; e.g. a scene without any reflective or
refractive surfaces will report a maximum trace level of 1 instead of 0.
Trace level for radiosity secondary rays will now be incremented according to
the same rules, instead of being incremented for every object surface they
Note that this change does not pertain to photons, the trace level of which
is still incremented at every object surface they encounter, including purely
transparent, non-refracting surfaces.
Change 4896 on 2009/10/25 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Minor fix for change #4890: Gamma correction was not always forced on when
global file_gamma was used after assumed_gamma.
Change 4895 on 2009/10/25 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Dispersion changes:
- fixed FS#61 ("Dispersion does not give proper results")
- improved results with low dispersion sample count
- refactored code for future improvements
Change 4892 on 2009/10/01 by chrisc@cc-luggable
GUIEXT updates from Hugo Arnaut.
Change 4890 on 2009/09/15 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Improve input image file gamma handling.
Input image files not carrying unambiguous gamma information will now be
assumed to match a common gamma setting, and gamma-adjusted accordingly; this
common input file gamma setting can be specified in the scene file using the
following syntax:
global_settings {
file_gamma GAMMA

where GAMMA is either a numeric expression specifying the approximate display

gamma for which input files are assumed to be gamma pre-corrected, or the
keyword 'srgb' indicating that input files are assumed to match the sRGB
standard. (In the latter case, gamma adjustment is applied according to the
sRGB standard, instead of approximating with a gamma 2.2 power-law function.)
The default setting is sRGB.
Regardless of this global setting, gamma correction is not applied if the
image input file is obviously used as a mere data container, such as when
immediately used in a height field.
FS#10 "Add support for specifying input images' gamma pre-correction":
Default gamma handling rules for any image input file can be overridden by
specifying 'file_gamma GAMMA" immediately after the file name, e.g.:
image_map {
jpeg "foobar.jpg" file_gamma 1.8
interpolate 2
This also applies to contexts where gamma adjustment is not normally applied,
e.g. file formats that are defined to be encoded linearly, or files used in
height fields, to simplify handling of files not conforming to standards.
* Various bug fixes and minor improvements in input file reading code.
* Added "out-of-the-box" transparency support for GIF files.
* Added support for PNG sRGB chunks.
* NOTE: Gamma handling for PNG input files has changed as follows in legacy
('#version 3.6') scenes:
- In the absence of an 'assumed_gamma' statement, non-indexed PNG files with
a gAMA chunk (i.e. virtually all PNG files) will appear far brighter than
with POV-Ray 3.6.
- In the presence of an 'assumed_gamma 1.0' statement, indexed PNG files
(uncommon) will appear darker than with POV-Ray 3.6.
- In the presence of an 'assumed_gamma 2.2' statement, PNG files with a gAMA
lower than 2.2 (uncommon) will appear darker than with POV-Ray 3.6.
- PNG files with an sRGB chunk but no gAMA chunk may appear significantly
different than with POV-Ray 3.6.
- PNG files may generally appear slightly different than with POV-Ray 3.6.
A warning will be printed in these cases, except for the latter.
NOTE: Non-legacy scene default gamma handling for image input files has
changed significantly from previous betas, affecting all file formats except
OpenEXR, Radiance HDR and (with minor differences) most flavors of PNG; there
will be NO corresponding warnings.
Change 4889 on 2009/09/14 by calimet@lavender
SDL preview display: temporarly disable the window title; see http://bugs.povr

Change 4887 on 2009/09/10 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64

Update libtiff from version 3.6.1 to 3.8.2.
This fixes FS#57 "Compressed TIFF image_map renders all transparent".
Change 4886 on 2009/09/09 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fix FS#55 "Output_Alpha=on doesn't work as documented"
Change 4885 on 2009/09/08 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Subsurface Light Transport improvements:
- Illumination samples for diffuse contribution are now shared among R, G and
B color components; this eliminates color noise, and also appearently reduce
RNG-induced patterns. Although this comes at a cost of increasing luminance
noise, the performance increase should allow to fully counter this effect by
increasing the sample count accordingly.
- Fixed some asserts that did not compile on Linux.
Change 4884 on 2009/09/08 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Modified ray-object-intersection postcondition handling.
Those postconditions effectively rejected whole objects based on whether the
closest intersection would match the condition, instead of filtering out
individual intersections before determining the closest one. This would lead
to artifacts, e.g. small-scale smoothed mesh objects would fail to
self-shadow near edges where the normal would be almost perpendicular to a
group light source.
Changed this so that compliance with the postcondition is now tested on all
intersections of a particular object when trying to determine the closest
intersection point with that object.
Change 4883 on 2009/09/07 by calimet@lavender
Configure errors on missing NON_REDISTRIBUTABLE_BUILD=yes when required
Change 4882 on 2009/08/29 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Improved integration of subsurface code within POV-Ray.
Subsurface light transport code should now properly handle light attenuation
due to distance, spotlight falloff or intervening non-opaque objects
(including media and projected_through objects). Diffuse ambient illumination
is also supported to some extent (multiple-scattering term only) when
radiosity is turned on (however, it does not actually call radiosity code at
Change 4881 on 2009/08/29 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fixed FS#52 "inside() function does not accept meshes despite valid inside_vec
Change 4880 on 2009/08/29 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64

Some code refactoring.

pov::Trace::RadiosityFunctor and pov::RadiosityFunction:
- Removed some unused method parameters.
- Added more comments to the declaration
- Modified method parameters to consistently be const where feasible, and
use reference types in favor of pointers.
- Modified area light code handling to leave the original LightSource data
unchanged; extracted all except the initialization part of
TraceAreaLightShadowRay() into new method TraceAreaLightSubsetShadowRay();
slightly simplified the code
- Renamed some parameters and variables for consistency.
- Defined a few function/method parameters as const
- Cleaned up some macros
Change 4876 on 2009/08/24 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fixed and re-enabled change #4845 ("moved media handling code..."; see also #4
This may significantly speed up scenes using both "heavyweight" averaged or
pattern-mapped textures (e.g. micronormals) and interior media.
Change 4870 on 2009/08/22 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fix FS#49 "number_of_waves default value not properly initialized"
Change 4869 on 2009/08/22 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Some code refactoring and commenting:
pov::Intersection: Added some doxygen-compatible comments; removed some
unused members; moved Intersection::GetLocalIPoint() functionality to
pov::Blob (the only place where it was used).
pov::Blob: moved Intersection::GetLocalIPoint() functionality to here.
pov::RadiosityFunction (and related): Eliminated some members that duplicated
SceneRadiositySettings values; renamed some local variables.
pov::Trace: Added some doxygen-compatible comments; removed an unused
parameter from Trace::ComputeOneWhiteLightRay().
Change 4867 on 2009/08/20 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
Fix bug FS#48 "CSG bounding box computation broken with shearing transformatio
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.33 and 3.7.beta.34

------------------------------------------Change 4861 on 2009/08/06 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64

Refactoring of Trace class for more consistent use of types:
- replacing DBL with double
- replacing Colour with RGBColour where suitable
- replacing COLOUR / RGB macros with Colour / RGBColour method calls
- replacing colour component math with colour class math where suitable
- replacing array-style colour component access with accessor method calls
- declaring Colour& / RGBColour& parameters as const where appropriate
- replacing VECTOR macros with Vector3d method calls where suitable
- simplifying some unnecessarily complicated code
Change 4858 on 2009/07/30 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
added sample scene "advanced/diffuse_back.pov" to illustrate diffuse backside
illumination (see changelist #4854)
Change 4856 on 2009/07/29 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
added support for diffuse backside illumination:
To model thin, diffusely-translucent objects (e.g. paper, curtains, leaves etc
an optional 2nd float parameter has been added to the "diffuse" finish stateme
to control the effect of illumination from the back of the surface. The defaul
value is 0.0, i.e. no diffuse backside illumination. For realistic results, th
sum of both parameters should be between 0.0 and 1.0, and the 2nd parameter sh
be the smaller of the two.
Note: This feature is currently experimental and may be subject to change. In
particular, the syntax as well as interoperation with double_illuminate, multi
textures or conserve_energy are still under investigation.
Change 4846 on 2009/07/20 by calimet@lavender
fix FS#40 (FreeBSD lacking POSIX CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID) using the simple wo
proposed in
Change 4843 on 2009/07/15 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
added option to speed up radiosity pretrace:
As some computations don't contribute to the generation of radiosity samples,
they can
safely be skipped during radiosity pretrace to gain some speed if the pretrace
's other
role as a coarse preview is not required.
The following .ini file / command line options control whether pretrace perfor
ms all
computations so it can double-feature as a coarse preview ("vain pretrace"):


turns vain pretrace on/off

turns vain pretrace on (default)
turns vain pretrace off

Note that with vain pretrace off, preview will look remarkably odd during the
pretrace phase; this is normal, and no reason to be alarmed.
At the moment, turning vain pretrace off will affect only classic lighting com
(diffuse lighting, higlights and iridescence); other features expendable durin
g pretrace
may follow in future versions.
Change 4842 on 2009/07/15 by clipka@cli-pc-xp64
FS#39 - "cats" and "life" sample scenes broken (follow-up)
NOTE: Only the line ending of the very last line of each file changed (CR to C
R+LF); some
programs may consider this a non-change, so be sure to get the updated version
Change 4835 on 2009/06/21 by chrisc@x8
windows console version now sends stream output to stderr by default.
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.32 and 3.7.beta.33
------------------------------------------Change 4828 on 2009/06/17 by calimet@lavender
[unix] config: fix FS#34 ( and update generic a
utoconf macros
Change 4825 on 2009/06/15 by chrisc@x8
improve support for image output to stdout/stderr for supported file types. th
output will still be a problem if writing the image to stdout as currently thi
s cannot be turned
off. however note that the linux and winconsole versions write these streams t
o STDERR so this
should be OK on those platforms.
NOTE: this submission does not implement progressive output; the image is only
after the render completes. progressive output will be added in a later submis
Change 4824 on 2009/06/15 by chrisc@x8
don't fclose stream if it's stdout, stderr or stdin, plus add support for outp
ut to stderr.
Change 4823 on 2009/06/14 by chrisc@x8
fix FS#14 (coincident transparency issue)

The postcondition in intersection tests had no means of taking SMALL_TOLERANCE

account on those occasions it's needed (such as when doing shadow tests). This
is now
Change 4822 on 2009/06/14 by chrisc@x8
fix FS#17 (square blotches in transparency).
shadow cache assignment was testing for transparancy against CSG member rather
than CSG itself.
Change 4820 on 2009/06/08 by chrisc@x8
more cleanly handle circumstance where the VFE session closes unexpectedly (e
due to an exception).
Change 4819 on 2009/06/08 by chrisc@x8
add support for an exception during message dispatch being forwarded all the w
ay to the
front-end code (see #4817) and provide a means to automatically stop a render
when such
an exception occurs. this is a bit hacky in that it's possible to get multiple
of the exception before the render stop takes effect (due to POVMS messages al
queued or that get queued before the request is received).
Change 4818 on 2009/06/08 by chrisc@x8
optimize the way imageProcessing handles creating new images; should reduce th
e chance
of an out-of-memory error.
Change 4817 on 2009/06/08 by chrisc@x8
add support for file-backed RGBFT image container and use it for intermediate
storage if allocating a memory-backed one fails. this implementation is basic
in that it
doesn't support large files (anything more than what fseek/fwrite etc can hand
le) and
only buffers a single line. the proper solution to the intermediate image stor
age issue
is to go away from using an image container and cache the render blocks on dis
k instead,
using a class that can stream fully-completed rows to the image output code (r
equired for
writing to stdout to work properly again).
add support for an exception during message dispatch being forwarded all the w
ay to the
front-end code. previously such exceptions were discarded, meaning that if e.g
. an image
write operation failed due to lack of disk space, the front-end wouldn't know
(and the
render would continue).

NOTE: this has changed the semantics of POVMS_ProcessMessages: previously, it

never throw an exception or allow one to reach the caller. VFE insulates calle
rs from
this but platforms not using VFE need to be prepared to handle an exception if
Change 4816 on 2009/06/07 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
Add some more radiosity stats for performance tweaking
Change 4815 on 2009/06/07 by chrisc@x8
fix FS#33 (parse accepting invalid vector float components).
the parser will now throw an error if an additional period ('.') is found in a
floating-point literal.
Change 4814 on 2009/06/07 by chrisc@x8
fix bug FS#16
code introduced in change #4452 did not iterate the blend map or materials to
check for reflection.
this could result in a render with infinitely increasing trace level (until st
overflow) due to maxTraceLevel not being incremented.
Change 4813 on 2009/06/07 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
preliminary fix for FS#32 (tiff file extention error):
Exact specified filename is now always searched for, if only as a last resort
Change 4811 on 2009/06/07 by chrisc@x8
fix bug FS#15 (using trace or inside with a julia fractal causes a crash).
Change 4809 on 2009/06/05 by chrisc@x8
fix bug FS#13 (files of exactly 4k cause editor crash in 64-bit windows)
Change 4806 on 2009/05/31 by chrisc@x8
fix editor crash on 64-bit systems.
Change 4801 on 2009/05/29 by calimet@lavender
[unix] fix "FS#21 - unix scripts have wrong version set"
Change 4800 on 2009/05/29 by calimet@lavender
[unix] config: drop support for --with-boost-src configure option.
The workaround offered by this option has been marked unsafe since the first
POV 3.7 source release (beta.28). Moreover, installing Boost from sources
got much easier since at least version 1.35.
Note: with this change, the libraries/ folder is no longer distributed.

Change 4794 on 2009/05/27 by calimet@lavender

[unix] get rid of --disable-vsnprintf-check and unimplemented SVGA support (-with-svga); misc tweaks
Change 4791 on 2009/05/24 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
Fix "FS#31 - function pattern in image map" (transmit component was inverted i
n pigment function images)
Change 4790 on 2009/05/24 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
Fixed "FS#24 - isosurface, bounding box & threads"; added some debug assertion
s to make
sure similar issues with IStack pop up early in future
Change 4783 on 2009/05/18 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
Fix ARRAYS_WriteDF3 macro:
- Fix 16-bit depth output
- Fix a parse warning
Change 4781 on 2009/05/18 by calimet@lavender
[unix] config: Boost >= 1.36 required
Change 4780 on 2009/05/18 by calimet@lavender
[unix] config: generic updates from GNU automake 1.11
Change 4774 on 2009/05/13 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
add no_radiosity keyword, as known from MegaPOV:
Specifying "no_radiosity" in an object block makes that object invisible to ra
rays, in the same way as "no_image", "no_reflection" and "no_shadow" make an o
invisible to primary, reflected and shadow test rays, respectively.
Change 4765 on 2009/04/26 by chrisc@x8
combine IntStats and FPStats into RenderStats class; this allows for more conv
enient access.
introduce new thread-local storage macro; this is intended to replace use of b
thread_specifc_ptr such that we can get more direct (i.e. faster) access to th
e data
being referred to. currently this isn't used for anything new (CurrentTaskCoop
erate uses
it as before), but over time more uses will be enabled.
NOTE: there is a default implementation of the TLS macro named DECLARE_THREAD_
LOCAL_PTR in frame.h.
This uses the syntax that GCC expects, and thus should work for unix and mac p
however I've not tested it.
Change 4764 on 2009/04/25 by chrisc@x8

remove reference to uninitialized local variable causing radiosity stats to be

displayed when they should not be.
Change 4762 on 2009/04/25 by chrisc@x8
statistics re-work to provide support for floating-point values as well as int
also change ThreadData arguments in most places to no longer be const.
Change 4761 on 2009/04/20 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
Revival of Radiosity Load/Save + various other radiosity code changes:
the following .ini / command line parameters are recognized:
Radiosity_File_Name=<name>" or "+RF<name>" to set the cache file name;
Radiosity_From_File=<on/off>" or "+RFI" to enable reading the radiosity file
at startup
Radiosity_To_File=<on/off>" or "+RFO" to enable writing new samples to the r
adiosity file
NOTE: The parameter names are preliminary, and may still be subject to change;
there is
a potential conflict between the shorthand forms)
If both +RFI and +RFO are specified, new samples gathered are appended; otherw
ise, +RFO
causes the file to be overwritten if it exists.
New samples gathered are written whenever an SMP block is completed. Tests ind
that this is almost neutral regarding performance, compared to operation with
file output disabled.
--------------------Accompanying changes:
- moved most of the radiosity parameters out of povrayold.h; overhauled hand
ling of
per-recursion settings
- each thread now has its own sample cache block allocation pool, reducing t
synchronization overhead; according to tests, this gives a slight performa
nce benefit.
--------------------Unrelated changes:
- changed structure of the code computing sample ray directions, as initial
for future "smart" sampling algorithms
- now using different "waveforms" to average nearby samples, using a more sm
oothly blurring
function for top-level samples during final render, while using a faster f
unction for
deep-recursion samples and/or pretrace

- slightly tweaked individual per-recursion parameters

Change 4760 on 2009/04/10 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
fixed duplicate color names in
Change 4759 on 2009/04/10 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
Various Radiosity improvements:
- further cleaned up code; improved performance for "bounce depth" >= 2 agai
- new "high reproducibility" mode: when specifying "High_Reproducibility" or
"+HR" on the
command line, POV-Ray will spend extra effort to make sure renders are det
erministic despite
SMP (currently, radiosity is the only code to use this flag; in HR mode, r
adiosity pretrace
starts out with fewer threads, and some extra rules are imposed on sample
re-use that may cause
surplus samples to be gathered)
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.31 and 3.7.beta.32
------------------------------------------Change 4753 on 2009/03/31 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
added ARRAYS_WriteDF3 macro to for writing an array to a df3 file
Change 4748 on 2009/03/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
fix bug creating artifacts in output file when mosaic preview is used with +EP
2 and -A
Change 4747 on 2009/03/28 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
Added experimental support for subsurface light transport (aka subsurface scat
Currently, SSLT is activated for a particular object by adding the following s
tatement to
its finish (note that this is very likely to change):
subsurface { COLOR, COLOR }
specifying the (reduced) scattering coefficients (sigma'[s]) and absorption co
(sigma[a]), respectively, in units of 1/mm, for each of the three basic colors
. The object's
IOR will also affect the results.
The algorithm is designed to give realistic results at a scale of 10 mm per PO
V-Ray unit by
default; for other scales, place the following statement in the global_setting
s section:
mm_per_unit NUMBER

To tune the algorithm for quality or performance, the number of samples for th
e diffuse
scattering and single-scattering approximation, respectively, can be specified
by placing
the following statement in the global_settings section:
subsurface { samples NUMBER, NUMBER }
SSLT is still in alpha stage.
Change 4743 on 2009/03/27 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
added radiosity octree performance stats; fixed stats for max trace level & pa
rse time
Change 4742 on 2009/03/25 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
implement binary #write
Change 4733 on 2009/03/14 by chrisc@x8
alter the return type of GetThreadID() related functions to be POVMS_Sys_Threa
Change POVMS_Sys_Thread_Type to be unsigned long (needed for 64-bit Macintosh
x86 build).
Change 4731 on 2009/03/09 by chrisc@x8
improvements to performance in crackle cache. in particular, avoid calling mal
loc() for
each cached entry, and rely on performance of unordered_map's default allocato
r to not hammer
the heap. NB I tried using boost's pool allocator but this gave particularly p
oor performance
on render shutdown (during destruction of the allocated entries).
optimised the management of the crackle cache size by setting limits in megaby
tes (currently
per-thread and not user-settable: this needs looking at).
NB there is some scope for investigation of whether or not the crackle cache c
ould be efficiently
turned back into a single cache per scene, rather than per thread; cache effic
iency seems fairly
high and thus most accesses are reads.
optimised crackle cache entry setup a little by avoid branches during main loo
p at cost of extra
memory lookups.
changed crackle to use the boost hash.
renamed the standard POV 'Rectangle' class to 'Rect' due to a long-standing an
d rather annoying
clash with a Windows definition of the same same name. unfortunately some boos
t headers (such as
pool allocators, and also the mutex code) pull in windows.h and contaminate th
e namespace with
windows crap. while I could work around it by explicitly specifying pov_base::

Rectangle it's
cleaner just to change the definition to avoid this.
Change 4726 on 2009/02/25 by calimet@lavender
unix config: changes for beta.31
- require boost >= 1.35 to build latest radiosity changes
- add check whether the selected C++ compiler works to fix issue reported in
- add more robust check to detect boost
- add support for ICC's -xHost flag (version 11.0 and above) and preliminary
support for SSE4
Change 4725 on 2009/02/25 by calimet@lavender
unix config: ax_test_compiler_flags.m4 checks current flag with all previously
selected flags;
does not use AC_TRY_COMMAND anymore
Change 4720 on 2009/02/22 by chrisc@x8
tweak randomsequences.h to make visual studio 2005 happy.
Change 4710 on 2009/02/18 by chrisc@x8
tweak display of render shutdown and file warnings on Windows.
Change 4709 on 2009/02/18 by chrisc@x8
change 'render shutdown' to 'shutdown' in shutdown messagefactory.
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.29 and 3.7.beta.31
------------------------------------------Change 4708 on 2009/02/17 by chrisc@x8
fix inconsistent usage of int/long in line numbers within POVMS messages.
implement filename display in message output where name is supplied.
Change 4707 on 2009/02/16 by chrisc@x8
introduce means for objects to submit a message on shutdown. this is
currently only implemented for isosurfaces (the max_gradient warning), but
can be implemented for any object type by providing an implementation of
Change 4706 on 2009/02/15 by chrisc@x8
auto-size progress bar to fit in remaining status panel space; if not enough
room, don't show it at all.
Change 4703 on 2009/01/19 by clipka@cli-pc-xp.rad
fixed bug that caused wrong radiosity illumination on transformed mapped textu
Change 4696 on 2009/01/16 by calimet@lavender
config: ax_x86_arch.m4 does not use AC_TRY_COMMAND anymore;

add preliminary support for SSE4x and newer Core i7, Phenom CPUs
Change 4695 on 2009/01/16 by calimet@lavender
config: ax_fix_incorrect_path.m4 does not use AC_TRY_COMMAND anymore
Change 4694 on 2009/01/16 by calimet@lavender
config: rewrite ax_compiler_version.m4 macro for better logging;
do not use autoconf's undocumented/deprecated/dangerous AC_TRY_COMMAND anymore
Change 4693 on 2009/01/15 by calimet@lavender
remove a non-ASCII character (radiosity updates, change 4687)
Change 4692 on 2009/01/15 by calimet@lavender
install script: fix non-POSIX 'read' options as reported in
Change 4691 on 2009/01/12 by calimet@lavender
config: fix issue reported in
updates/fix for newer GNU autoconf versions (tested with 2.63)
Change 4690 on 2009/01/12 by calimet@lavender
config: updates from the Autoconf Macro Archive; minor mod for ax_compare_vers
Change 4689 on 2009/01/12 by calimet@lavender
config: generic updates from GNU automake 1.10.2
Change 4688 on 2009/01/10 by chrisc@x8
ported SSLT code by Sarah Tariq and Lawrence (Lorenzo) Ibarria from v3.5
proof-of-concept source files.
code is not active currently. lots more work to do.
Change 4687 on 2009/01/08 by chrisc@x8
Radiosity updates from Christoph Lipka, with some minor re-formatting and
updates to suit changes in the boost::thread library.
Change 4685 on 2009/01/06 by chrisc@x8
various minor changes mostly related to building the code with boost v1.37.0
Change 4683 on 2009/01/03 by chrisc@x8
add Visual Studio 2008 project.
Change 4680 on 2008/10/18 by chrisc@x4
fix install issue where SSE2 binary was always used even if system didn't
have SSE2.
Change 4673 on 2008/10/05 by chrisc@x4

update windows readme.txt, add HTML version (readme.txt is now derived from
the HTML one).
Change 4668 on 2008/09/30 by calimet@lavender
fix bashism is various scripts; see$1@news.pov
Change 4667 on 2008/09/30 by calimet@lavender
fix bashism is various scripts; see$1@news.pov
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.28 and 3.7.beta.29
------------------------------------------Change 4662 on 2008/09/27 by chrisc@x4
allow 'save as' to succeed without 'file is already open in editor' error if
case of current file is being changed.
Change 4661 on 2008/09/27 by chrisc@x4
add CPU count code from Intel Corp.
this allows us (at least on Intel CPU's) to get a more accurate count of
actual CPU cores installed. this is particularly useful for fixing the
issue with the stats (Windows counts virtual processors as physical ones,
which mucks up the CPU vs elapsed time ratio calculation).
Change 4659 on 2008/09/27 by chrisc@x4
update teapot sample scene.
change flat_enough to 0.0001 (was 0.01).
change teapot texture, checker color, and background color.
fix error on line 179 where incorrect y-coordinate was given (reported by
Yannick Patois).
Change 4658 on 2008/09/27 by chrisc@x4
add colored text output to message window. warning and debug messages get
different colors than error messages and standard text.
change default background to be a plain color.
Change 4657 on 2008/09/27 by chrisc@x4
add deprecation to and related changes (from Jim Holsenback).
Change 4656 on 2008/09/25 by chrisc@x4
add ability to declare an identifier as deprecated.
#declare deprecated Col_Glass_Old=color rgbf <0.8, 0.9, 0.85, 0.85>;
#declare deprecated once Col_Glass_Old=color rgbf <0.8, 0.9, 0.85, 0.85>;
#declare deprecated "Some message" Col_Glass_Old=color rgbf <0.8, 0.9, 0.85,
A deprecated identifier generates no message at the time it is declared: a
warning is only issued if it is used.

If the optional 'once' keyword is present it must immediately follow the

'deprecated' keyword and indicates that the warning should only be displayed
once per parse.
If the optional message string is present, it will be used as the warning to
be displayed if the identifier is used. Otherwise, a message of the form
"Identifier 'FOO' was declared deprecated." is used.
An identifier is considered 'used' if it is referenced anywhere (even if in
another #declare).
Change 4655 on 2008/09/25 by chrisc@x4
add some extra libraries to the link for installations that don't already
imply them.
Change 4653 on 2008/09/22 by chrisc@x4
updated objects and portfolio files from Sabrina Kilian.
See <> for details.
Change 4652 on 2008/09/21 by chrisc@x4
work around crackle hash issue reported by Yvo by reverting to old hash functi
Issue: new hash function returns large range of possible values, causing
memory used by cache to grow quickly.
Change 4651 on 2008/09/21 by chrisc@x4
move assumed location of user-editable files into a subdir of 'My Documents'.
Change 4649 on 2008/09/21 by chrisc@x4
update sample INI files to read 3.7.
Change 4648 on 2008/09/21 by chrisc@x4
scenes and include updates from Jim Holsenback and Stephen Shonfield.
See <> for details.
Change 4645 on 2008/09/20 by chrisc@x4
bump version to beta 29, expiry to 1 November 2008.
Change 4644 on 2008/09/20 by chrisc@x4
a few tweaks to the project files; in particular, allow boost path to be
specified via $(BOOST_ROOT).
Change 4643 on 2008/09/20 by chrisc@x4
fixes two crashes reported in thread <web.48b1839e38b6f50ec03ef3130@news.povra>.
also be a little more conservative with the cache allocations (min 1 entry
even if no lights).
Change 4642 on 2008/09/20 by chrisc@x4

fix sphere_sweep parse crash reported in <web.48bc447cc2ccad1e8510f03f0@news.p>.
Change 4640 on 2008/09/16 by chrisc@x4
change Ascii to USC2 function such that ASCII codes > 127 are not sign-extende
change UCS2 to Ascii function such such that UCS2 codes between 128 and 255 ar
now accepted.
Change 4639 on 2008/09/16 by chrisc@x4
change media confidence test to accept 0.0 as per docs.
Change 4626 on 2008/08/11 by chrisc@x4
thanks to Yvo for picking this lurking error up (could cause crashes in JPEG c
Change 4624 on 2008/08/04 by calimet@lavender
include Solaris patch by John Martin as reported in <web.47e9bdccd4b82d06c7064>.
Update VERSION to beta.28
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.27 and 3.7.beta.28
------------------------------------------Change 4620 on 2008/07/26 by chrisc@x4
about box and status panel changes.
set XP icon as default.
add PSD for about box.
Change 4618 on 2008/07/21 by chrisc@x4
change way parse warnings are dispatched internally if not optimized for
Change 4617 on 2008/07/20 by chrisc@x4
fix 'white outlines in df3 patterns with interpolate 2' issue reported in
NB fix solves problem by clamping the return value to no less than 0. a more
correct approach might be to work out why the (very small) negative values
were being generated in the first place.
Change 4616 on 2008/07/20 by chrisc@x4
fix 'clock not working in functions' issue reported in
Change 4613 on 2008/07/20 by chrisc@x4
make sure windows exception handler body only gets executed once no matter
how many threads are running.
Change 4611 on 2008/07/19 by chrisc@x4

fix str() crash reported in <>.

Change 4609 on 2008/07/14 by chrisc@x4
fix bounding box calculation flaw that caused in some cases major slow-downs
in scenes using difference (e.g. abyss.pov).
Change 4608 on 2008/07/13 by chrisc@x4
re-implement light color cache for textures. without this, each subsequent
layer (after the first) in a multi-layered texture will cause an unnecessary
call to TraceShadowRay and its subsequent intersection test to determine the
light color at that point.
NOTE 1: the original 3.6 code did not re-initialise the 'Tested' flag in
ComputeShadowColour; I presume this is to re-use the cache at that level ...
need to check if this is the case. the current code does the same.
NOTE 2: there's more work to do on this. it's just a first step; there are
other places where caching is needed.
Change 4606 on 2008/07/01 by chrisc@x4
work around boost::regex-related problem.
bugfix for INI directory exclusion in IO permissions.
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.26 and 3.7.beta.27
------------------------------------------Change 4605 on 2008/06/30 by chrisc@x4
more work on splitting program data/user data.
revert to using INI file for pvengine options.
improve 3.6 migration code.
Change 4602 on 2008/06/21 by chrisc@x4
fix issue whereby manual bounds, clips, patterns, UV, and interior were left
behind when a transformation was applied to a CSG object.
Change 4600 on 2008/06/15 by chrisc@x4
add handling of std::bad_alloc() to parser, rather than letting it fall
through to task. this allows the file and line number that was being parsed
at the time to be displayed. also, the bad_alloc handler in task attempts to
raise a POV_EXCEPTION, which could fail due to insufficient memory for the
exception object; this is no longer attempted.
Change 4599 on 2008/06/15 by chrisc@x4
alter pvmem.cpp to throw std::bad_alloc() upon memory allocation failure.
Change 4594 on 2008/05/25 by chrisc@x4
add support for specifying grayscale output via INI file or command-line.
this is intended to replace the use of hf_gray_16 in global_settings.
hf_gray_16, if encountered, has no effect on the output type and will

additionally generate a warning message (as before).

currently only PNG file support is provided with grayscale output; others
will be added over time.
grayscale output may be specified via 'Grayscale_Output=true' as an INI
option, or '+Fxg' (for output type 'x') as a command-line option. For
example, '+Fng' for PNG grayscale output.
caveat: grayscale output implies the maximum bit-depth the format supports;
for PNG this is 16. it is not valid to specify bits per color channel with
'g' (e.g. '+Fng16' is not allowed, and nor for that matter is '+Fn16g'). if
bits per channel is provided via an INI option, it is ignored.
Change 4593 on 2008/05/19 by chrisc@x4
fix crash with inverse and CSG reported in <web.4828b51b6d261ebff3e4f6a20@news>.
Change 4592 on 2008/05/19 by chrisc@x4
fix incorrect flag test which would have resulted in issues with cutaway
textures and CSG or objects with double_illuminate set.
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.25 and 3.7.beta.26
------------------------------------------Change 4591 on 2008/05/11 by chrisc@x4
Fix for "no_image and transparency" problem reported in <web.46f84a9cd032f3c7c>.
NB: there might be other circumstances where we need to honor the NO_IMAGE
flag at this point in the code; this fix just added refraction to the test.
Change 4590 on 2008/05/11 by chrisc@x4
Fix the animation frame number issue reported in <>;
beware of side-effects (hopefully none).
Change 4588 on 2008/05/08 by chrisc@x4
Re-enable Include_Header thanks to patch from Stefaan De Roeck (see <47fb5d65@>).
Also fix unrelated bug discovered when testing above: if an attempt to open
an include file threw an exception (e.g. due to file I/O restrictions), POV-Ra
would crash if the include stack element had not been previously used.
Change 4587 on 2008/05/08 by chrisc@x4
Fix 'library path accumulation' issue reported in <481da512$>
Change 4586 on 2008/05/07 by chrisc@x4
apply isosurface cache fix suggested by Lukas Winter in <47c5b8b6$1@news.povra>.
Change 4584 on 2008/05/07 by chrisc@x4

Workaround for race condition that would cause 'timed out waiting for worker t
hread' error.
Change 4582 on 2008/04/25 by calimet@lavender
[unix] fix the --prefix ignored issue reported by Warp
Change 4581 on 2008/04/20 by calimet@lavender
dd two missing includes; after reports by Sean McGrath on
Change 4580 on 2008/04/08 by calimet@lavender
apply gentoo patch for build failure with gcc 4.3
Change 4544 on 2008/02/09 by chrisc@x4
a raft of changes, mostly related to our default class name, registry location
, and migration.
as of this checkin, POVWIN now uses its own registry branch instead of sharing
the one used by 3.6.
support has been added for automatically migrating INI-based settings from a p
rior 3.6 install.
other misc changes also included.
Change 4533 on 2008/02/08 by chrisc@x4
fix file drop crash reported in <47ac0f69$>.
Change 4532 on 2008/02/05 by chrisc@x4
stub out windows video capture support code (needs re-implementation).
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.24 and 3.7.beta.25
------------------------------------------Change 4524 on 2008/01/30 by chrisc@x4
remove last vestiges of pvengine.ini support (with exception for compatibility
NB this doesn't affect pov-ray's own INI file handling.
Move pvtools.ini to logged-in user's Application Data\POV-Ray for Windows dire
As of this checkin, version 5 of the common control DLL is required. This was
supplied with IE5, so it's highly unlikely that it won't be present on any
version of windows that we still support.
Change 4523 on 2008/01/29 by calimet@lavender
add auto setting of thread count and rework --benchmark for linux platform.
The number of threads is now set as the number of detected CPUs, or

4 otherwise. The built-in benchmark now accepts +Lpath command-line

options and does no longer read any INI file but the provided one.
Change 4521 on 2008/01/29 by chrisc@x4
moves all settings that used to be in pvengine.ini into the registry.
Change 4519 on 2008/01/19 by warp@warp
fixed double-illumination problem with the area_illumination feature.
Change 4518 on 2008/01/19 by chrisc@x4
irid, ground fog, and constant fog were using noise generator 0 rather than
the default generator.
Change 4513 on 2008/01/01 by calimet@nx
build system: fix problems in detecting Athlon64 X2 cpus and OpenEXR < 1.4.
Thanks to Jaime for the reports.
Change 4511 on 2008/01/01 by chrisc@x4
add fix for the 'area lights and transform' bug reported in
Change 4510 on 2007/12/31 by chrisc@x4
changes to parser error message handling intended to reduce the incidence of
duplicate messages.
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.23 and 3.7.beta.24
------------------------------------------Change 4494 on 2007/11/27 by nkopp@lightspeed
Update photon code to take advantage of multiple threads.
Change 4493 on 2007/11/16 by warp@warp
Fixed superellipsoid bug reported in <6p8nj3tckhrd1pihpofmvltqrfrs4lish8@4ax.c
Change 4492 on 2007/11/12 by warp@warp
Added a new warp: cubic. It maps an area in the x-y plane between <0,0>
and <1,1> in the same way as box uv-mapping does.
Change 4488 on 2007/11/09 by warp@warp
A new pattern type: 'cubic'. It takes six texture elements and maps each
one to each pyramid centered at each half-axis (thus effectively mapping
each texture element to each side of a origin-centered cube).
Change 4486 on 2007/11/07 by warp@warp
Added support for reading the pixel resolution of an image map. This is done
by giving an image map pigment identifier to max_extent(), which will then
return the resolution of the image map as the x and y value of the returned ve

Change 4483 on 2007/11/03 by warp@warp
Added support for full area light diffuse and specular illumination. By defaul
this is off, but can be turned on with the new keyword 'area_illumination [on|
inside the light_source definition block.
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.22 and 3.7.beta.23
------------------------------------------Change 4470 on 2007/10/20 by chrisc@x4
POVWIN now allows an expired beta to be extended by up to one week at a time,
up to a maximum of 12 months.
Change 4457 on 2007/09/15 by nkopp@lightspeed
Fix photon issues with refraction and dispersion
Change 4454 on 2007/09/05 by warp@warp
Comparison ('=', '!=', '<', '<=', '>', '>=') support for strings.
-------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.20b and 3.7.beta.22
-------------------------------------------Change 4452 on 2007/08/28 by warp@warp
The trace level in the trace() function is now incremented only if
an object was hit and the object is marked to increment the trace
level, or if the ray was a radiosity ray. Objects which do not use
reflection nor ior (but which might be semi-transparent) are marked
as not incrementing the trace level.
Change 4447 on 2007/08/09 by chrisc@cc-vm-xp
Workaround for the temp file mapping not being completed.
Temp files are now created as before (in the place specified).
Change 4445 on 2007/08/09 by chrisc@cc-vm-xp
Fix issue whereby an I/O restrictions error would be displayed rather than
'input file not found' in certain cases where POVWIN was asked to render a
source file that was not present.
Change 4431 on 2007/05/13 by calimet@nx
Multi-threaded signal handler, replaces the basic implementation.
The signal handler is now running its own thread waiting to receive signals
via sigwait(). Cancelling the benchmark before it starts is now handled via
the handler as well, and returns proper exit value.
Change 4430 on 2007/04/30 by nkopp@lightspeed
Further fix for media_attenuation bug

(fix new bug that was introduced in changelist 4394)

Change 4420 on 2007/04/19 by chrisc@x4
Fix SDL crash reported in <4617c41e$>.
Change 4412 on 2007/04/17 by chrisc@x4
Add Control-A support in commandline input box (select all).
change render window keypress code to hand focus to main window for any key, n
ot just escape.
Change 4394 on 2007/04/14 by nkopp@lightspeed
Fix fog (and participating media) shadow attenuation issues.
Media computation was ignoring the lightsource's media_attenuation
flag under some circumstances, and was attenuating shadow rays if
the shadow ray had intersected an object.
Change 4389 on 2007/04/14 by chrisc@x4
Fix jpeg temp file issue reported in thread <web.46168c053403448a4f02351a0@new>.
Change 4378 on 2007/04/10 by calimet@lavender
Fix incorrect exit value when closing the display window (user abort)
Change 4377 on 2007/04/09 by chrisc@x4
Temporarily hard-code INI keywords into editor syntax table for INI files.
-------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.20 and 3.7.beta.20b
-------------------------------------------Change 4375 on 2007/04/09 by chrisc@x4
add 'alternate render file' feature to povwin IDE. the purpose of this
feature is to make working on include files and macros more convenient.
if the user requests that a file which is not a '.pov' or '.ini' file,
povwin consults an internal list of include file to source file mappings
which is accumulated for each render (note this is not persistent). if
the file that is to be rendered is in this list, the user is asked if
they would prefer to render the source file that most recently included
it instead. their decision is stored for the remainder of the session.
additionally, add extensions .MCR and .MAC to list of files POV
considers include files (i.e. which are filtered as such in the various
file dialogs and assigned the POV file type for the editor syntax
add .INI file type to editor syntax highlighting. currently does not
recognise POV keywords; this is to be added.
Change 4374 on 2007/04/08 by chrisc@x4
add window menu to IDE. entries are MRU-sorted.

also some other misc changes, including removing links to IRTC CD etc.
Change 4371 on 2007/04/07 by chrisc@x4
Activate new memory statistics code; update win mem stats code to suit.
NOTE: This is a work in progress. Currently it only gives global memory
stats (not per-thread). Per-thread stats are planned and are more useful
than global stats since we can then determine the memory usage of e.g.
the parse stage vs the render stage, plus ignore any allocs from non-core
related threads (e.g. the UI).
NB this feature requires non-trivial platform-specific code to function.
I'd advise holding off doing other platform support until the windows
code is done, as the interface will probably change.
Change 4370 on 2007/04/01 by calimet@nx
fix problems in running the internal benchmark (setting the number of
threads; aborting the benchmark before it starts)
Change 4368 on 2007/04/01 by calimet@nx
better error checking for timers; pretend the CPU time is always right for
Change 4367 on 2007/04/01 by calimet@nx always check getrusage() and gettimeofday()
Change 4365 on 2007/04/01 by calimet@nx
various changes and fixes including:
- the display PauseWhenDone() method now takes a parameter that signals
whether we need to exit immediatly (for instance if ctrl+c is hit)
- set expiry to 2007-04-16
- better handling of render cancel (text display; within animation)
- read session status a bit more often (200ms instead of 250)
- immediatly notify a change in the backend state (set event mask)
to better synchronize the relevant console messages
- exit code now returns 0=ok | 1=error | 2=user abort
Change 4359 on 2007/03/31 by chrisc@x4
fix issue with editor window splitting not being restored
fix issue with file type not being set on initial save if 'save as' was
not used (reported many times, including <> and
Change 4358 on 2007/03/31 by chrisc@x4
fix uv mapping issue reported in <> and
note that the core issue here could have had effects in other places.
[Copy_Object was not properly initializing/clearing some fields that are
usually, but not always, copied by the object-specific copy function.
in particular it was not clearing llights].

Change 4356 on 2007/03/29 by calimet@lavender

tentative implementation for CPU and wall-clock timers using the POSIX
clock_gettime() function or getrusage() as a fallback; misc changes such
as code cleanup.
Note: On Linux at least, the per-thread CPU time is likely to be wrong,
i.e. equivalent to the process wall-clock time, due to how glibc
implements clock_gettime() with CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID or
Linux kernels >= 2.6.10 should implement those calls internally; however
I seem to get wrong results when the number of threads exceeds the number
of cores/cpus. Needs further testing and/or workarounds.
Change 4355 on 2007/03/29 by calimet@lavender
reorganize to perform library checks before language
constructs and functions checks; add tests for availability of librt and
clock_gettime() for POSIX timers, as well as getrusage() and
nanosleep(); move again the variable expansion for directories after the
call of AC_OUTPUT.
Change 4354 on 2007/03/28 by calimet@lavender
fix PNG gamma issue reported in <45aa976e$> and
<45c11eed$>. If supported, the gAMA chunk is always
written, thus following the HDR (radiance) output behavior.
Change 4353 on 2007/03/28 by calimet@lavender
Restrict display and file gamma to be at least 0.001
Change 4352 on 2007/03/27 by calimet@lavender
activate interframe pause thanks to change 4345 (closes bugzilla bug #22)
and add basic signal handler
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.19 and 3.7.beta.20
------------------------------------------Change 4350 on 2007/03/25 by chrisc@x4
change a number of instances of POV_EXCEPTION_STRING() to be POV_EXCEPTION()
with error code and string.
Change 4349 on 2007/03/25 by chrisc@x4
cease use of longjmp in png error handlers.
note that this change throws exceptions from 'extern C' functions. if you
have told your compiler that this does not happen, be sure to change that
setting for png.cpp.
Change 4348 on 2007/03/25 by chrisc@x4
remove embedded LF in message generated for #error.
Change 4347 on 2007/03/25 by chrisc@x4

add 'file modified' indicator to filename shown in main window caption.

add feature notification for when auto-reload results in files being auto-save
Change 4345 on 2007/03/24 by chrisc@x4
some vfe changes to assist resolution of the 'pause after render' problem.
Change 4344 on 2007/03/22 by calimet@lavender
unix: add support for --benchmark (works together with +wt) and print
built-in features with --version
Change 4343 on 2007/03/20 by calimet@lavender
sanitize a few unix HTML files and port the lastest 3.6 changes
(w3c conformance, folded menu entries, improved keyword index)
Change 4342 on 2007/03/20 by calimet@lavender
sanitize a few generic HTML files
Change 4341 on 2007/03/18 by calimet@nx
port the latest changes in the 3.6 build system to 3.7
Change 4340 on 2007/03/16 by calimet@lavender
workaround the "1 thread busy after completing" issue reported in
<45dda26c$> by replacing a wait event with polling.
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.18 and 3.7.beta.19
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.17 and 3.7.beta.18
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.16 and 3.7.beta.17
------------------------------------------Change 4298 on 2006/11/16 by chrisc@x4
fix vidcap handling of video source pins that are not RGB8 (it now ignores the
Change 4297 on 2006/11/16 by chrisc@x4
disable RTR support on Win64 for now.
make sure pause button state reflects frontend state when pause/resume fails.
include version ID and system time in crash dump filename.
open explorer window with crash dump file selected after a crash dump.

Change 4295 on 2006/11/14 by chrisc@x4

fix issue with sys output file extension on windows (<
Change 4294 on 2006/11/14 by chrisc@x4
fix 'Subset_Start_Frame not working' issue (<web.454b67a8defacc9bf2985afc0@new>).
Change 4289 on 2006/11/12 by chrisc@x4
remove local index vectors from bsp tree build code to avoid slowdowns due to
heap locking. on win32, this roughly doubles build speed for complex trees
(e.g. isocacti.pov).
Change 4288 on 2006/11/11 by calimet@nx
Some display-related improvements.
Do not close the display window between the frames of an animation.
Use PACKAGE_NAME and VERSION_BASE for the window title.
Fix unwanted pause_when_done if the render is canceled.
Decrease the GetStatus() wait time from 1s to 250ms.
Change 4287 on 2006/11/10 by chrisc@x4
fix for BSP missing objects and speckled rendering (cornell.pov gave a good
example of both).
Change 4285 on 2006/11/05 by chrisc@x4
fix infinite loop in radiosity pre-trace code that would occur with small
values of pretrace end.
add temporary workaround to distribute radiosity pre-tracing amongst all
threads. this needs to be removed once we work out the best way of co-ordinati
the worker threads during pre-trace.
Change 4283 on 2006/11/04 by calimet@lavender
Fix missing definition for FILENAME_SEPARATOR that caused run failure with
absolute filenames (reported by Warp).
Change 4281 on 2006/11/03 by chrisc@x4
enable multi-threaded radiosity. includes some basic locking on radiosity
cache, but see note in source.
radiosity is still a WIP.
Change 4280 on 2006/11/02 by chrisc@x4
fix bug that stopped radiosity from being activated when it should have been.
Change 4275 on 2006/10/30 by chrisc@x4
implement clockless animation support for real-time raytracing.
Change 4274 on 2006/10/30 by chrisc@x4

some more RTR changes. windows capture code now supports options as follows:
if omitted, defaults are:
width and height

the first found pin in the video capture device graph

0 frames (i.e. off)

it is possible to specify just the width or height, in which case the code
will default to the first found pin with that size, and won't care what the
other dimension is. specifying '-1' as a width or height is also a way of
saying it is a "don't-care". if the requested size is not available, the
render will fail.
skip-initial is the number of frames to skip before returning from the
initialization. this is needed on some webcams that need a number of frames
to perform their setup (such as auto exposure and auto white-balance). this
matters mostly if the vidcap input is being used for something other than
real-time rendering.
double-buffer and gamma do what their name imply.
example specification:
image_map {sys ":vidcap:width=640:height=480:double-buffer=0:skip-initial=5
:gamma=2.2" map_type 1}
Change 4273 on 2006/10/29 by chrisc@x4
add double-buffering to video capture implementation.
Change 4272 on 2006/10/29 by chrisc@x4
some preliminary RTR support. still a WIP.
Change 4271 on 2006/10/28 by chrisc@x4
fix issue caused by failure to clear ray interiors during focal blur sample lo
see <>.
Change 4270 on 2006/10/25 by chrisc@x4
implement video capture. still need to add options parsing for setting e.g.
resolution etc.
Change 4266 on 2006/10/23 by chrisc@x4
fix issue with trace returning an incorrect intersection point in some
circumstances (see <>).
The issue was caused by the noise function using a different noise generator

during the parse than afterwards, since f_noise3d passed a NULL pattern to
Noise(), which tells noise to use the default noise generator. However this
is not assigned prior to parse completion.
The fix was to give the VM access to the actual noise generator via
scenedata, so that it may be passed to Noise(). In the process I took the
opportunity to get rid of the global gNoiseGenerator, since its main reason
for existance is to allow Noise() to work when it isn't passed a noise
generator explicitly (via tpat). Noise() - and also a few other functions
that used to take a TPATTERN * - now directly accept the noise generator
Change 4265 on 2006/10/23 by chrisc@x4
fix material assignment issue (see bugzilla bug #21).
Change 4264 on 2006/10/23 by chrisc@x4
improve handling of debug messages in vfe.
Change 4263 on 2006/10/21 by chrisc@x4
fix crash reported in <>.
Change 4261 on 2006/10/17 by thorsten@host27i
Adds stat for camera count as well as variable for sending camera index to
View::StartRender (however, does not implement selecting that camera yet)
Change 4260 on 2006/10/15 by calimet@lavender
change default file gamma from 1.0 to 2.2
Change 4258 on 2006/10/14 by chormann@chho
correcting 'FileGamma' and 'DisplayGamma' to 'File_Gamma' and 'Display_Gamma'
in warning messages
------------------------------------------Changes between 3.7.beta.15 and 3.7.beta.16
------------------------------------------Change 4256 on 2006/10/14 by chrisc@x4
work around an issue caused by apparent resource starvation within windows.
this would show itself as non-updating editor windows when switching tabs or
focus - usually when running several instances of POVWIN - and is caused by
CreateCompatibleBitmap() failing. substituting calls to CreateDIBSection()
fixes the problem. NB I not been able to replicate the error on systems that
do not have windowblinds installed, though I cannot say definitively if that
is the cause.
Change 4252 on 2006/10/13 by calimet@lavender
add support for 'pause when done' (closes bugzilla bug 5)
Change 4251 on 2006/10/13 by thorsten@host27i
set background color in parser

Change 4248 on 2006/10/12 by thorsten@host27i

changes alpha handling for rays not going straight to the background
Change 4246 on 2006/10/10 by chrisc@x4
fixes 'Initial_Frame is ignored' issue (bugzilla bug #20).
Change 4244 on 2006/10/07 by chormann@chho
improvements/fixes for the install script:
- fixing problem with the install log (uninstall now works after user instal

added warning about existing povray executables.

some changes in the text messages.
changed a few -f tests to -r
preparation for different target platforms
(TARGET_PLATFORM and TARGET_PLATFORM_NAME - AMD64 version commented out)

Change 4243 on 2006/10/05 by chrisc@x4

improve temp file handling under windows vfe platform implementation.
code now uses its own subdir under the windows temp dir, and also keeps
track of temp filenames handed out so as to delete them on exit in case
the core code doesn't do so. also now automatically permits read/writes
in the temp dir when I/O restrictions are turned on.
Change 4242 on 2006/10/05 by chrisc@x4
change WorkThreads INI option to Work_Threads for consistency.
change bounding method command-line option from +b2 to +bm2 for the same reaso
Change 4241 on 2006/10/05 by chrisc@x4
fix major (e.g. 100x or more when rendering menger.pov) slowdown when using
BSP bounding, an orthographic camera (or any camera with non-constant origin),
and large numbers of slow objects. this was due to InitRayContainerState() not
having BSP support written for it yet.
also added BSP support to CheckCameraHollowObject().
Change 4240 on 2006/10/04 by chrisc@x4
add ability to close edit tab by middle-clicking on it.
Improve parsing of POVWIN-specific command-line filenames containing single
Add /EDITDLLPATH command-line parameter which allows the user to override the
default DLL locations.
Changed edit DLL filenames to include 'd' for debug builds; e.g. cmedit32.dll
becomes cmedit32d.dll.
NOTE: the above change means that if you are debugging POVWIN and haven't
built and installed the debug DLL's, the editor won't load. Either build and
install the debug editor DLL's (codemax and cmedit projects), or copy
cmedit32.dll and povcmax32.dll to cmedit32d.dll and povcmax32d.dll
respectively, and place them into the default POVWIN install bin dir.
Ditto for the 64-bit ones if you're using Win64.
Change 4239 on 2006/10/02 by chrisc@x4

add SEH and minidump generation to windows code.

Change 4233 on 2006/09/30 by chrisc@x4
some code for experimental vidcap support.
add 'beta_feature_flag' which works like 'experimental_flag' but also warns
feature may go away entirely.
the vidcap code is an outgrowth of a real-time-raytracing experiment done
for IDF fall 2006, where a live image from a webcam was mapped onto a moving
curved reflective surface in real-time. the original code was a quick hack;
this is an attempt to provide it in a more usable framework that doesn't
break standard use of POV as I think it's worth further experimentation.
currently this feature only works with image maps but there's no reason why
it can't work with other things that use images. the implementation returns
a pov::Image which is updated either continuously or when a UpdateImage()
request is made. no double-buffering is used in the windows implementation
to implement this on other platforms, define the macro POV_VIDCAP_IMPL in
your syspovconfig.h file. the value of this macro should be the name of a
class which has a default constructor. it should also implement the methods
Init(), UpdateImage(), and WaitFrame(). see syspovimage.h in this submission
for an example, as well as the other files in the windows rtrsupport
Change 4232 on 2006/09/30 by chrisc@x4
fix for error line/col reporting.
Change 4229 on 2006/09/29 by chrisc@x4
change default number of threads to number of CPU's (was number of CPU's * 2).
Change 4213 on 2006/09/16 by chrisc@x4
add ability to specify thread count from render menu. NB this value is not sav
tweak process priority for normal priority selection.
Change 4208 on 2006/09/14 by chrisc@x4
fix for bugzilla bug #15 ('non-terminating unix POV-Ray').
Change 4204 on 2006/09/09 by nkopp@lightspeed
Fix problem with photons in grenadine.pov
It turns out that somehow when rendered with +b2 (BSP tree partitioning),
we end up with LOTS of photons in the exact same spot (locaton
-0.865566,1.846830,-0.464796). The code finds the average density of
the scene by sampling points, and whenever it would sample that point,
it would compute a density of infinity (because it would reach the maximum
number of photons, and return a zero-radius surface area for those
The current fix is to make the system ignore samples that give zero-radius
(infinite density) results.
The "real" fix will be to figure out why we end up with over 100 photons

in one spot when rendering with BSP, but not when rendering with the old
block partitioning.
Change 4203 on 2006/09/04 by chormann@chho
changed density file fix (change 4195) to use 'size_t' instead of 'long'.
Change 4201 on 2006/09/04 by chrisc@x2
Fix nasty heap overwrite in BVH code. See <web.44e5a00bfcc26e0fc717c9af0@news.>.
This bug caused delayed crashes and would not show up in debug mode.
It's been in the codebase since at least version 3.5, if not earlier.
Change 4195 on 2006/08/31 by chormann@chho
fixed the density file size limitation by changing 'int' to 'long' for
various index variables in DF3 reading, pattern evaluation and data structure.
See <>
Change 4194 on 2006/08/30 by calimet@nx
fix "Crash when assigning materials" issue reported in <44f596fa$1@news.povray
Change 4193 on 2006/08/29 by calimet@nx
[docs] [unix] fix navigation problems (malformed <a name></a> tags); add
'id' attribute together with 'name' and post-process their values for better
w3c conformance; workaround to missing images (gif->png) when building the doc
using the default "skip ta" makedocs option.
Change 4191 on 2006/08/23 by calimet@nx
fix broken RLE Targa (+FC) output causing program abort (pixel overflow)
Change 4190 on 2006/08/23 by calimet@nx
fix PNG output: corrupted file (missing IEND chunk) and potential memory leak
Change 4181 on 2006/07/27 by chrisc@x2
benchmark.cpp fix.
Change 4173 on 2006/07/21 by chrisc@x2
gamma changes, revert to beta.10 behaviour with some tweaks for more
extensive version checking.
In particular, specifying -MV3.7 or later via an INI file or the
command-line is taken at higher precedence than a #version 3.6 (or
lower) in the scene file when it comes to assigning the default state of
gamma correction (on/off, not its actual value if on). the value used
when it is on is determined by either Display_Gamma (if given) or
DEFAULT_DISPLAY_GAMMA otherwise. Similar steps are taken for the new
File_Gamma option.
The actual value of assumed_gamma is not passed on; this prevents its

use for anything other than turning gamma on or off (which is what the
majority of scenes did with it). Those scenes that (mis)used
assumed_gamma to adjust the scene appearance outside of the needs of the
user's actual display gamma will need to either be altered to suit, or
to be run with an adjusted Display_Gamma and File_Gamma.
NB users are warned that assumed_gamma support will be removed entirely
in a later 3.7 revision.
Change 4170 on 2006/07/20 by thorsten@host27
Adds gamma correction to file output. Need to determine if gamma
correction of alpha channel makes sense (3.6 and earlier manipulated
gamma in some strange way when merging filter and transmit). Further
added DEFAULT_ASSUMED_GAMMA macro to provide full backward compatibility
features for assumed_gamma (includes a strong warning).
Change 4169 on 2006/07/19 by thorsten@host27
Changes display gamma to consider assumed_gamma for legacy scenes and
issue extensive warning messages to inform users about the change and
how to fix their scene file
Change 4168 on 2006/07/03 by thorsten@host27
Adds "WorkThreads" INI option and "WT" command-line option to set
Change 4163 on 2006/06/22 by nkopp@lightspeed
fix media photons (gather); also refactor some photon shooting code
Change 4161 on 2006/06/22 by chormann@chho
implementing most of the functionality of old unix.cpp in a new
UnixOptionsProcessor class. This provides options processing for the
standard options as well as for the display subsystems.
This adds to the Unix frontend:
- io-restrictions
- povray.ini file processing
- help display
Further minor tweaks.
Change 4152 on 2006/06/18 by thorsten@host27
Adds FileGamma option
Change 4141 on 2006/05/10 by chrisc@x2
fix default blend map destruction issue.
Change 4132 on 2006/05/01 by chrisc@x2
fix object count when no bounding is used, rendering empty file leaves stop
icon, and winpov exit command not working issues as reported in
Change 4131 on 2006/05/01 by chrisc@x2

fix photon memory issue referred to in <web.444b4f4ed5b924f08b9c27240@news.pov>.
Change 4129 on 2006/05/01 by chrisc@x2
don't send mem usage stats as they are not accurate. have to fix this before
Change 4128 on 2006/05/01 by chrisc@x2
make render failure messages a little more informative.
Change 4121 on 2006/04/05 by chrisc@x2
ensure first texture is supplied when parsing tiles declaration.
Change 4120 on 2006/04/05 by chrisc@x2
add exception translation (native windows to pov_base::Exception).
reconfigure backend to report some exceptions more clearly.
Change 4117 on 2006/04/03 by chrisc@x2
fix issue with ray interior being removed during evaluation of area lights.
fix issue with intersection min depth being too coarse (e.g. the liquid in
the glass in balcony.pov did not render).
Change 4116 on 2006/04/03 by chrisc@x2
check for zero-sized area light array parameters.
Change 4114 on 2006/04/02 by chrisc@x2
fix sombrero.pov bug reported in <web.442c3cd3ccb62fd8c7294af50@news.povray.or
Change 4113 on 2006/04/02 by chrisc@x2
improve error reporting when exception is caught in renderbackend.
also add range-checking of start/end column/row against render width/height.
Change 4112 on 2006/04/02 by chrisc@x2
bugfix for printing of max depth stopped nodes per node.
Change 4111 on 2006/04/01 by chrisc@x2
make sure parse and bounding times are included in stream output.
implement debug output to stream.
Change 4107 on 2006/04/01 by chrisc@x2
fix render percentage error when a large number of pixels are being rendered.
a few other tweaks.
Change 4100 on 2006/03/29 by chrisc@x2
change default BSP child access cost to 5.0.
tweak index insertion to massively speed up build of large trees

(e.g. abyss.pov build was 45s now 3s).

more changes to BSP tree reading.
Change 4098 on 2006/03/28 by chrisc@x2
small but important fix to BSP tree traversal - fixes occasional missing
object which could occur where the ray origin lay exactly on the splitting
Change 4096 on 2006/03/27 by chrisc@x2
BSP tweak, seems to speed things up a little.
also implement more robust support for reading externally-generated BSP trees.
Change 4092 on 2006/03/26 by chrisc@x2
should fix startup problems reported for initial release of beta.12.
Change 4089 on 2006/03/26 by chrisc@x2
some fixes to bounding and object count statistics. fix typo in attribute name
Change 4088 on 2006/03/26 by chrisc@x2
no longer use intel's math library (too much hassle for too little gain).
Change 4086 on 2006/03/26 by chrisc@x2
fix bug where some feature advice dialogs would be shown off-screen.
Change 4084 on 2006/03/26 by chrisc@x2
fix spheresweep copy bug reported in <43fbaf97$>.
Change 4083 on 2006/03/26 by chrisc@x2
fix 'aa incorrectly reported to be on' issue reported in
Change 4082 on 2006/03/07 by thorsten@host27i
Adds progress and stats reporting for BSP bounding
Change 4081 on 2006/03/07 by thorsten@host27i
Fixes camera inside media/interior mostly lost bug
Change 4079 on 2006/03/02 by chrisc@x2
add means of setting BSP cost-function constants via INI file.
this is possibly temporary.
Change 4063 on 2006/02/25 by chrisc@x2
fix bug in BoundingTask::SendFatalError that was hiding real cause of
some errors.
Change 4062 on 2006/02/25 by chrisc@x2

some fixes for BSP code.

now works much better. code changed to read more like Eric Haine's
article so I can follow it more easily.
still work to be done to improve it.
Change 4061 on 2006/02/19 by chrisc@x2
fix debug message output.
Change 4060 on 2006/02/19 by chrisc@x2
AA method 1 block artifact fix (see <>).
also correct some jitter option issues and add slight optimization if
jitter is turned off.
NB it is still technically possible that block-boundary AA artifacts
could occur but they are much less likely.
Change 4058 on 2006/02/18 by chrisc@x2
fix bug in generation of lit intervals for media.
Change 4057 on 2006/02/17 by chrisc@x2
fix "light doesn't pass through transparent image_map" issue
Change 4055 on 2006/02/17 by chrisc@x2
Fix 'trace fails with no_image object in union' bug reported in
Change 4054 on 2006/02/17 by chrisc@x2
fix issue where cancelling a render may not work if all CPU resources
are committed to a render.
Change 4049 on 2006/02/12 by thorsten@host27i
Adds smarter handling of bbox test for trivial objects
(boxes, spheres, etc)
Change 4041 on 2006/02/10 by thorsten@host27i
Adds new BSP code
Threading control uses condition variable
Changes platform-config include file logic
Misc tweaks to error messages
Enables parser stats (incomplete)
Fixes generic timer bugs
Change 4040 on 2006/02/10 by chrisc@x2
a few fixes for the new-style povwin render window.
Change 4039 on 2006/02/08 by chrisc@x2
fix 'unrecognized file format' warning when HDR output is selected.
Change 4038 on 2006/02/08 by chrisc@x2

fix flipped image HDR reading bug (<>)

Change 4037 on 2006/02/08 by chrisc@x2
fix dispersion bug (long render times).
Change 4034 on 2006/02/05 by chrisc@x2
(re-)implement display retention and bitmap preservation during animation.
Change 4029 on 2006/01/30 by chrisc@x2
fix to image filename generation and rendered pixel counting.
Change 4026 on 2005/12/07 by chrisc@x2
add LF to lineoutput.
infer input directory from input file path if not supplied.
Change 4025 on 2005/12/07 by chrisc@x2
fix gamma assignment in PNG output.
Change 4023 on 2005/12/05 by chrisc@x2
version 3.7.beta.11a.
Change 4001 on 2005/11/08 by chrisc@x2
change Cone_Tolerance to 1.0e-9 as per suggestion from DKB.
Change 4000 on 2005/10/22 by chrisc@x2
hack fix into findfile stuff to accomodate relative filenames.
Change 3999 on 2005/10/22 by chrisc@x2
fix a few problems in option parsing WRT unrecognized keywords.
also mark Buffer_Output and Buffer_Size as superceded keywords (generates
parse error but doesn't stop render).
Change 3995 on 2005/10/19 by chrisc@x2
fix delayed crash caused by double-free of POVMS data.
Change 3994 on 2005/10/19 by chrisc@x2
work around crash when All_File is turned on.
Change 3993 on 2005/10/18 by chrisc@x2
a few misc changes.
Change 3992 on 2005/10/18 by chrisc@x2
provides for output gamma correction.
Change 3990 on 2005/10/17 by chrisc@x2
second part of gamma changes, still have file output to do.

Change 3987 on 2005/10/17 by chrisc@x2

improve responsiveness by using events for control thread waits
(esp. useful on fast animations).
Change 3986 on 2005/10/16 by chrisc@x2
fix input image file default type selection.
Change 3985 on 2005/10/16 by chrisc@x2
first part of gamma correction changes.
Change 3981 on 2005/10/13 by chrisc@x2
some speedups for BSP tree iteration.
Change 3980 on 2005/10/13 by chrisc@x2
fix for truetype objects within CSG.
Change 3979 on 2005/10/12 by thorsten@host27i
Adds bounding method setting
SceneData stores output file type for use
Change 3978 on 2005/10/12 by chrisc@x2
this gets rid of the visual artifacts in bsptree tracing. still
need to optimize the bbox tests and more.
Change 3975 on 2005/10/11 by chrisc@x2
one bsp fix; helps somewhat but some issues still remain.
temporarily make bsptree a void* for faster rebuilds.
Change 3973 on 2005/10/10 by thorsten@host27i
Intersection test with bounds for BSP tree like for BVH
Change 3969 on 2005/10/09 by thorsten@host27i
Adds experimental BSP tree tracing
Change 3949 on 2005/10/08 by thorsten@host27i
Unified handling of file names and paths as UCS2
Change 3944 on 2005/10/06 by chrisc@x2
find file now looks in current dir.
fix logic in output filename generation code.
Change 3941 on 2005/10/02 by chrisc@x2
some perl modules (+ example and generator) for helping
makefile generation.
Change 3940 on 2005/09/30 by chrisc@x2

a few tweaks to improve error display location in source files.

Change 3939 on 2005/09/30 by chrisc@x2
fix cancel state in windows frontend.
Change 3934 on 2005/09/28 by thorsten@host27i
Adds Path class
Adds stream to file redirection
TaskQueue now processes one Task per call
File searching is now done by frontend
Fixes misc typos
Change 3932 on 2005/09/23 by chrisc@x2
fix some memory leaks in radiosity code.
Change 3930 on 2005/09/23 by chrisc@x2
tiny but important fix to BSP cost function.
Change 3929 on 2005/09/22 by thorsten@host27i
Changes BSP cost algorithm to work almost right
Change 3928 on 2005/09/22 by thorsten@host27i
Adds exception handler support to Task class
Fixes comments and semicolons in misc places
Adds a missing method to renderbackend
Change 3926 on 2005/09/22 by thorsten@host27i
Adds failed state for view
Change 3925 on 2005/09/22 by chrisc@x2
fix uninitialized variable.
make default parse or render fail error less confusing.
Change 3924 on 2005/09/22 by chrisc@x2
fix crash in read_image_file.
Change 3923 on 2005/09/21 by chrisc@x2
add visual bounding volumes to bsptree dump.
Change 3922 on 2005/09/21 by chrisc@x2
a fix and more debugging stuff for bsptrees.
Change 3920 on 2005/09/20 by thorsten@host27i
Completes BSP cost function (needs testing)
Adds automatic recursion limit to BSP building
Change 3912 on 2005/09/20 by thorsten@host27i

Changes BSP code to use multiset

Change 3911 on 2005/09/20 by chrisc@x2
some fixes to bsptree bounding. this checkin does not fix the issue
with duplicate keys in the min/max sets.
Change 3910 on 2005/09/19 by chrisc@x2
windows changes - remove rerun handler.
add stack walker, radiosity progress, display gamma.
also misc fixes.
Change 3909 on 2005/09/18 by thorsten@host27i
Adds gamma correction support to display
Change 3906 on 2005/09/18 by thorsten@host27i

more frequent stop-checking to all render tasks

two tiny radiosity speed optimisations
progress reporting for radiosity
radiosity progress output in frontend

Change 3905 on 2005/09/18 by chrisc@x2

fix issue causing acne in e.g. cornell scene (with or without radiosity).
[SHADOW_TOLERANCE was not being taken into account in blocking object intersec
tion tests].
Change 3904 on 2005/09/17 by chrisc@x2
radiosity now working a lot better.
Change 3900 on 2005/09/13 by chrisc@x2
add Render_Block_Size INI option (+BS as command-line option).
Change 3899 on 2005/09/13 by chrisc@x2
fix crash caused by resource exhaustion (too many threads); refer <4303d267$1@>.
Change 3897 on 2005/09/13 by chrisc@x2
address state issue referred to in <web.42af2f04951c51e46a3607400@news.povray.
Change 3895 on 2005/09/13 by chrisc@x2
tweak editor handling of missing files.
prevent multiple message-box display when switching focus and a file is modifi
ed or updated.
Change 3893 on 2005/09/13 by thorsten@host27i
Mosaic preview now computes pixels rendered just like regular rendering,
which will cause the counters to loop for each preview step but they will
otherwise be correct. More information may be added latter for more accurate

progress reporting
Change 3892 on 2005/09/13 by chrisc@x2
Fix output file reporting issue reported in <web.430dc75ff23d654e726bd13c0@new>.
few other minor tweaks.
Change 3891 on 2005/09/13 by chrisc@x2
ImageProcessing::WriteImage() now returns the name of the file it wrote.
Change 3890 on 2005/09/10 by thorsten@host27i
Adds dispersion (still to be tested)
Fixes misc little issues
Change 3889 on 2005/09/10 by thorsten@host27i
Attempt to fix a mosaic preview related pointer problem
Change 3888 on 2005/09/10 by chrisc@x2
fix render window re-display problem.
ensure local povray.ini search location is in source file dir.
add handler to throw std::bad_alloc on out-of-memory during operator new*.
misc changes to project file.
Change 3887 on 2005/09/10 by chrisc@x2
use FileMappedImageAllocator in windows project.
Change 3886 on 2005/09/10 by chrisc@x2
improve error reporting when image allocation fails.
Change 3882 on 2005/09/10 by chrisc@x2
handle out-of-memory condition when calling Image::Create().
Change 3881 on 2005/09/10 by chrisc@x2
a few fixes for mosaic preview.
Change 3880 on 2005/09/10 by chrisc@x2
radiosity fix.
Change 3879 on 2005/09/09 by thorsten@host27i
Adds support for file-mapped image memory
Requires FILE_MAPPED_IMAGE_ALLOCATOR to be defined to be a standard STL
allocator that will be used when file-mapped image is required.
Adds support for mosaic preview.
Change 3878 on 2005/09/08 by chrisc@x2
focal blur bugfix.
Change 3876 on 2005/09/08 by thorsten@host27i

Force finding free grid places in focal blur

Change 3875 on 2005/09/07 by thorsten@host27i
Fixes of by one error in focal blur code
Change 3870 on 2005/09/06 by thorsten@host27i
Fixes trace depth returning for radiosity
Change 3869 on 2005/09/06 by thorsten@host27i
First version with radiosity sort of working (it is a "bit" too dark)
Change 3868 on 2005/09/05 by thorsten@host27i
Concludes some major reorganisation:
All dependencies on global variables in the radiosity
code have been identified. However, the code cannot work
as is until the variables are passed along properly.
Vector and color classes had a rather serious (but easy
to overlook) bug that did never cause any problems before
because the features were never used before.
Misc little tweaks to previous changes
Change 3867 on 2005/09/04 by thorsten@host27i
Mostly compiling major reorganisation of tracing, photons and radiosity
Media has been decoupled from tracing fairly cleanly
Media has been mostly decoupled from photon tracing (but not completely)
Radiosity has a structure better separating data and operations (but doesn't
compile yet)
Misc header dependencies have been removed
Change 3864 on 2005/09/04 by thorsten@host27i
Misc changes preparing for radiosity
Cleans up quality settings use
Cleans up max trace level and adc bailout use
Cleans up dependencies on output file name in backend
Cleans up dependencies on output file type in backend
Reverts to set in block tracking
Adds fixmes to various places
Adds operators to colour classes
Adds warnings for non-longer available global settings
Fixes misc dependencies on global stuff or marks it
Change 3863 on 2005/08/18 by chrisc@x2
fix AA method 2 crash reported in <>.
Change 3861 on 2005/08/17 by chrisc@x2
animation handling tweak for windows.
Change 3860 on 2005/08/17 by chrisc@x2
a bit more work on crackle.

Change 3857 on 2005/08/14 by thorsten@host27

Adds back buffering of samples to AA method 2 (should be as fast as in 3.6 now
Change 3855 on 2005/08/13 by chrisc@x2
implement per-thread crackle cache.
Change 3853 on 2005/08/13 by thorsten@host27
Adds parsing task queue
Moves bounding into parsing task queue (bounds don't for each view change)
New bounding location needs testing!
Change 3847 on 2005/08/09 by chrisc@x2
add HDR file support (RGBE).
Change 3841 on 2005/08/01 by chrisc@x2
exr support now uses the supplied streams and thus the correct filenames.
Change 3839 on 2005/07/29 by chrisc@x2
adds EXR file support using OpenEXR library.
very rough first pass, no options supported yet.
currently input and output file names are hard-coded; this has to be fixed.
Change 3836 on 2005/07/26 by thorsten@host27
Should fix an animation clock jump error
Change 3835 on 2005/07/22 by chrisc@x2
temporary change to SMALL_TOLERANCE just for beta.7. Need to change it back la
Change 3834 on 2005/07/22 by chrisc@x2
windows output stream changes.
Change 3833 on 2005/07/22 by chrisc@x2
fix version number display.
Change 3831 on 2005/07/20 by chrisc@x2
bump version to 3.7.beta.7.
Change 3829 on 2005/07/17 by thorsten@host27
Adds clock extraction to backend and clock use parser
Change 3828 on 2005/07/17 by chrisc@x2
animation support under windows, first pass.
needs core code support for clock to work.
Change 3825 on 2005/07/17 by chrisc@x2

make render cancellation more responsive in the presence of a large number of

Change 3824 on 2005/07/17 by chrisc@x2
fix continue code, also change logic a bit.
also the old behaviour of skipping a render if a completed output file is
present is not yet implemented.
Change 3823 on 2005/07/16 by chrisc@x2
get code from last few changes building under windows.
fix a few bugs in continue code. this is a WIP as continue still won't work un
certain skip list conditions.
Change 3821 on 2005/07/14 by thorsten@host27
Adds basic animation support
Makes misc pointers smart
Change 3819 on 2005/07/14 by thorsten@host27
Adds continue-trace feature. Currently consumes about 16*pixels bytes for
continue-trace file. Compression with zlib probably should be added as an op
Fixes a bug in reading of message objects
Tweak to file ids
Change 3818 on 2005/07/12 by thorsten@host27
Adds backend support for continue trace
Adds partial frontend support for continue trace
Change 3817 on 2005/07/10 by thorsten@host27
Replaces POV_RAND with a new pseudo-random engine that is thread-safe
as it just generates a predefined sequence of random numbers. This may
cause visual differences in some places. However, noise tables are still
initialised using the old random number algorithm, so there should be no
visual difference when rendering *plain* noise.
Change 3816 on 2005/06/17 by chormann@chho
core code changes required to build with gcc on linux:
- backend/povray.cpp: changing "boost\version.hpp" to "boost/version.hpp" co
hardcoded input file parameters.
- base/pov_err.h: some small, hopefully uncritical changes to make it compat
ible to gcc.
Change 3815 on 2005/06/17 by chormann@chho
fix for problem with C99_COMPATIBLE_RADIOSITY
Change 3813 on 2005/06/14 by chrisc@x2
fix memory leak in photon code introduced in change #3804.

Change 3811 on 2005/06/13 by chrisc@x2

csg merge fix from Massimo Valentini.
Change 3810 on 2005/06/13 by chrisc@x2
quadric bounding fix from Massimo Valentini.
Change 3809 on 2005/06/13 by chrisc@x2
add windows thread startup/cleanup support.
set ideal processor for each thread.
Change 3800 on 2005/05/20 by chrisc@x2
fix bug reported in <> re:sunsethf.pov.
Change 3796 on 2005/05/19 by chrisc@x2
work around SMP bug in trace related to lighting code altering lightsources du
ring render.
for now each thread has its own copy of the lightsources. the lighting code sh
ould perhaps be
fixed to treat lightsources as const, in which case this workaround can go awa
Change 3795 on 2005/05/19 by chrisc@x2
add fixed allocator useful for stack-based stl collections, and modify Ray to
use it.
add some infrastructure support for call profiling (more to come).
fix bug in photon code related to previous fix (see #3785).
Change 3791 on 2005/05/17 by chrisc@x2
small but important fix for photon building that fixes one speed issue.
Change 3785 on 2005/05/13 by chrisc@x2
fix scattering media problem reported in <>.
This was two separate bugs; the media was sometimes being evaluated twice,
causing the result to be too dark, and the aa_threshold was not being set
correctly, causing artifacts. This also fixes <>.
Change 3784 on 2005/05/13 by chrisc@x2
parser now honors Split_Unions and Remove_Bounds options.
Change 3783 on 2005/05/13 by chrisc@x2
undo changes to SMALL_TOLERANCE and MAX_DISTANCE submitted in #3320.
This fixes the lathe artifacts bug reported in <>.
It also fixes the sphere_sweep issue alluded to in #3759.
Change 3781 on 2005/05/10 by chrisc@x2
Fix no_image and no_reflection issues reported in <>.
Change 3780 on 2005/05/10 by chrisc@x2

fix area light orient issue reported in <>.

Change 3778 on 2005/05/07 by chrisc@x2
fix issue where a new clip statement would overwrite a previous one rather tha
n appending to it.
fix speed issue with quadrics by reverting to old bbox calculation method.
note however that this method is faulty in some circumstances (see comments in
Change 3776 on 2005/05/06 by chrisc@x2
fix a swathe of memory leaks.
add boost library to library usage list.
Change 3775 on 2005/05/06 by chrisc@x2
fix leak of transform memory in numerous shapes.
Note: some shapes (notably CSG) do not copy the source transform. Have to chec
k why.
Change 3768 on 2005/05/05 by chrisc@x2
fix indexed PNG alpha problem reported in <42765ef3$>.
Change 3767 on 2005/05/05 by chrisc@x2
fixes area lights.
Change 3766 on 2005/05/05 by chrisc@x2
fix crash during trace() of lathe reported in <>.
Change 3765 on 2005/05/04 by chrisc@x2
improve handling of cancel_render() a bit (provide retry).
other windows tweaks.
Change 3764 on 2005/05/04 by chrisc@x2
fix for max_trace_level calculation and display (see <
Also apply texture list fixes from #3761 to shadow rays.
Change 3763 on 2005/05/04 by chrisc@x2
fix memory leak.
Change 3762 on 2005/05/04 by chrisc@x2
make code more responsive to cancel/pause requests.
Change 3761 on 2005/05/04 by chrisc@x2
fix speed issues reported in <>.
ComputeTextureColour() was tracing a full series of rays (potentially up to Ma
for each detected texture in multi-component objects (e.g. blobs) even when th
e multi_texture
flag was not set.

Change 3760 on 2005/05/03 by chrisc@x2

fix for shadow problem mentioned in <>.
(other issues from <> still remain outstanding).
Change 3759 on 2005/05/03 by chrisc@x2
fix sphere_sweep bug reported in <>.
There still seems to be a minor accuracy problem that was not visible in 3.6.
Change 3758 on 2005/05/03 by chrisc@x2
fix 'inverting pre-declared union' crash reported in <
Change 3756 on 2005/05/03 by chrisc@x2
focal blur fix, part 2 of 2.
Change 3750 on 2005/05/03 by chrisc@x2
partial fix for focal blur problem.
Change 3749 on 2005/05/03 by chrisc@x2
fix omnimax camera bug reported in <42775c1b$>, plus several
other related camera issues.
Change 3746 on 2005/05/03 by chrisc@x2
fix for facets pattern crash reported in <42773fab$>.
Change 3744 on 2005/05/01 by chrisc@x2
fix recursive memory leak when a CSG declare is redefined.
Change 3743 on 2005/05/01 by chrisc@x2
fix render area selection.
Change 3742 on 2005/05/01 by thorsten@host27
Should fix partial render area problems
Should fix state errors in frontend due to missing information in backend mess
Change 3732 on 2005/04/30 by chrisc@x2
fix CSG merge issue reported in <>.
also re-implement some of the TODO code in Link_To_Frame.
re-implement error message when photon file fails to load in photons.cpp.
Change 3730 on 2005/04/30 by chrisc@x2
add warning and better progress reporting to photons.
Change 3729 on 2005/04/30 by chrisc@x2
update to beta.3, set windows expiry date to 15 May.

Change 3728 on 2005/04/29 by chrisc@x2

hopefully final part of hollow media fixes.
misc other tweaks.
Change 3727 on 2005/04/29 by chrisc@x2
work in progress; some fixes for hollow object media issue.
add CheckCameraHollowObject() method to View (this needs more work).
various minor changes.
Change 3726 on 2005/04/29 by chrisc@x2
centralise handling of filter/transmit<->alpha conversion in Colour class.
add methods allowing colours and images to be initialised from iterators.
Change 3725 on 2005/04/28 by chrisc@x2
re-enable alpha display in render window for windows port.
Change 3724 on 2005/04/28 by chrisc@x2
fix alpha bug reported in <>
fix no_image bug reported in <>
pass render settings to trace task (more to do on this subject).
add basic RGBFT<->RGBA conversion support to image classes.
turn Test_Ray_Flags and Test_Ray_Flags_Shadow into inline functions to make de
bugging easier.
change default bounding threshold back to 3 as per v3.6.
fix alpha inversion bug in BMP, Targa, and PNG file reading/writing.
numerous changes to ensure that RGBA or GrayA images have the alpha channel in
itialised to 1.0, not 0.0.
NB there is still a difference in alpha output compared to v3.6 which I have t
o chase down.
Change 3723 on 2005/04/26 by chrisc@x2
fix for crash mentioned in <>.
This was caused by a trace() intersecting a blob where the threaddata's blob i
ntervals array had not been resized.
N.B. we need to check other objects that use cached arrays for the same behavi
Change 3722 on 2005/04/26 by chrisc@x2
fix noise generator default issue reported in <>.
this was also causing differences elsewhere in the code (e.g. in the appearanc
e of the irid in the previous fix).
Change 3721 on 2005/04/25 by chrisc@x2
fixed irid problem reported in <>.
Also fixed similar issue with DepositMediaPhotons.
We need to audit codebase to check for more of these (class Colour being passe
d by value).
Change 3720 on 2005/04/25 by chrisc@x2
partial fix for hollow media issue reported in <>.

also tweaked ComputeShadowMedia() as it didn't seem to make sense when called

from TraceShadowRay().
Change 3719 on 2005/04/25 by chrisc@x2
fix for area light problem from Massimo Valentini.
Change 3718 on 2005/04/25 by chrisc@x2
make quick_colour work again as it should (more or less).
also fix problem where language version was being extracted from quality setti
Change 3715 on 2005/04/24 by chrisc@x2
misc windows changes, mostly related to using intel emt64 compiler.
Change 3713 on 2005/04/24 by chrisc@x2
changes mostly to ensure that math.h isn't included before config.h.
this is to allow config.h to optionally include a compiler-specific math libra
ry such as Intel's mathimf.h.
Change 3707 on 2005/04/19 by _abx_@_abx_
Build fix for MinGW.
Change 3700 on 2005/04/18 by thorsten@host27
CSG inversion bug fixes
Misc other changes
Change 3698 on 2005/04/18 by thorsten@SMP
Fixes shadow flag copying bug
Change 3696 on 2005/04/18 by thorsten@host27
Adds max trace level check and trace level incrementing to TraceShadowRay
Change 3693 on 2005/04/18 by chrisc@x2
I/O restrictions stuff.
Change 3692 on 2005/04/18 by chrisc@x2
fix crash reported in <> and one related bug.
Change 3691 on 2005/04/18 by chrisc@x2
fix render quality options output.
change references to 'CPU(s)' to 'thread(s)'.
update render time output to include fractional seconds.
Change 3690 on 2005/04/17 by chrisc@x2
tweak output filename and path logic.
Change 3689 on 2005/04/17 by thorsten@host27

Fixes AA method selection and enabling

Fixes image percentage size computation
Change 3686 on 2005/04/17 by chrisc@x2
fix for BMP reading.
Change 3685 on 2005/04/17 by chrisc@x2
add 'bmp' token to parser.
Change 3684 on 2005/04/17 by chrisc@x2
file output should default to on.
Change 3683 on 2005/04/17 by chrisc@x2
add output file type '+FB' (bmp).
add macro to equate SYS file type to internal file type where supported.
Change 3677 on 2005/04/17 by thorsten@host27
Fixes AA method 2 brightness issue
Change 3675 on 2005/04/17 by thorsten@host27
Fixes rendering area bug
Change 3674 on 2005/04/17 by thorsten@host27
Fixes no-display crash
Fixes image closing bug
Tweak to some radiosity local vars
Change 3673 on 2005/04/17 by chrisc@x2
windows stuff: customise error/warning message handling.
restore ability to open error file in editor (note: missing column number).
introduce helper class for error/warning messages.
remove some old code.
Change 3672 on 2005/04/16 by nkopp@impulse
add initialization for lots of photon-releated variables
Change 3665 on 2005/04/15 by thorsten@host27
Timing information
Change 3655 on 2005/04/15 by thorsten@host27
Adds shadow ray cache stat
Change 3652 on 2005/04/15 by thorsten@host27
we now have a shadow cache again
Change 3651 on 2005/04/15 by thorsten@SMP
AA method 1 and 2 fully functional now

Change 3649 on 2005/04/15 by thorsten@host27

Restores AA method 2
Change 3644 on 2005/04/15 by thorsten@host27
Temporary solution for removed identifiers
Change 3642 on 2005/04/15 by chrisc@x2
implement cleanup when parse fails.
Change 3640 on 2005/04/15 by chrisc@x2
update built-in benchmark.
Change 3639 on 2005/04/15 by chrisc@x2
make sure photon task exits promptly if requested.
allow exception to be passed to Error() and ErrorAt() for throwing.
clean up parser on parse error.
ensure language version gets set to MessageFactory when changed.
fix apparent bug in old tokenizer warning code.
Change 3637 on 2005/04/14 by thorsten@host27
Adds photon stats and rendering timing output
Change 3636 on 2005/04/14 by thorsten@SMP
Enable radiosity in view
Change 3629 on 2005/04/14 by thorsten@host27
Adds version warning
Adds basic radiosity support code
Change 3628 on 2005/04/14 by thorsten@host27
Adds shadow stat counter and adds misc stats outputs
Change 3627 on 2005/04/14 by chrisc@x2
fix for another bbox issue.
Change 3625 on 2005/04/13 by nkopp@impulse
fix the photon "shadow blocking" problem for both
media and surface photons
Change 3620 on 2005/04/13 by chrisc@x2
add some more stats back in.
Change 3619 on 2005/04/13 by thorsten@host27
Some changes to fix shadow bounding box test of shadowless objects
Adds back trace level statistic
Adds Cooperate call to photons (so building can be interrupted)

Change 3618 on 2005/04/13 by thorsten@host27

Adds back basic stats
Change 3617 on 2005/04/13 by thorsten@SMP
Focal blur is back! Should work with AA, too now!
Fixed what seems like a bug in refraction, too.
Change 3615 on 2005/04/13 by chrisc@x2
small but important interior fix!
Change 3614 on 2005/04/13 by thorsten@host27
Noise generator global variable access no longer needed
Change 3613 on 2005/04/13 by thorsten@host27
Noise setting, focal blur, bounding for show-rays
Change 3612 on 2005/04/13 by nkopp@impulse
mostly fixed media photons.
Change 3608 on 2005/04/12 by thorsten@host27
Adds splitting of unions
Change 3607 on 2005/04/12 by thorsten@SMP
Adds image output support to Windows code
Change 3605 on 2005/04/12 by thorsten@host27
Adds image output support
Change 3604 on 2005/04/12 by thorsten@host27
Adds ComputeShadowMedia
Adds clipping to image output
Change 3603 on 2005/04/12 by nkopp@impulse
more photon-related fixes
Change 3600 on 2005/04/12 by chrisc@x2
fix object copy bug
Change 3599 on 2005/04/11 by nkopp@impulse
re-enable media photons
Change 3598 on 2005/04/11 by chrisc@x2
restore support for POT files.
Change 3597 on 2005/04/11 by chrisc@x2

eliminate globals and shared variables from parametric object.

Change 3596 on 2005/04/11 by chrisc@x2
remove global from fractal code.
Change 3595 on 2005/04/10 by chrisc@x2
temporary fix for problem where quadrics return clip
region smaller than clipping object even when original bbox
was larger (this is particularly visible when bounding slabs
are turned off).
also add support for multiple clipping objects back.
Change 3594 on 2005/04/10 by chrisc@x2
fix torus artifact.
Change 3590 on 2005/04/10 by nkopp@impulse
further changes of photon
Change 3588 on 2005/04/09 by thorsten@host27
Adds rainbow
Change 3587 on 2005/04/09 by thorsten@SMP
Some cutting on light tests in media
Change 3584 on 2005/04/09 by thorsten@SMP
This at last renders media correectly
Change 3583 on 2005/04/09 by chrisc@x2
add platform-specific thread startup and cleanup macros.
note that this change expects that boost::threads is modified
for win32 to not catch exceptions.
Change 3581 on 2005/04/09 by thorsten@host27
Fixes to media lit interval computation
Change 3579 on 2005/04/09 by nkopp@impulse
Re-enable photons afterlatest round of changes
Change 3578 on 2005/04/09 by chrisc@x2
fix for interior uninitialised variables.
Change 3577 on 2005/04/09 by thorsten@host27
Removes misc global variables and some general code cleanup
Change 3576 on 2005/04/09 by chrisc@x2
image filter fixes.

Change 3574 on 2005/04/09 by thorsten@host27

Adds fog support
Change 3573 on 2005/04/09 by chrisc@x2
temporary work-around to stop boost:threads catching access violation etc exce
Change 3571 on 2005/04/09 by thorsten@host27
Unified image types for colour maps
Added methods to get and set whole colour maps
Change 3570 on 2005/04/09 by chrisc@x2
fix problem with blend maps
Change 3569 on 2005/04/08 by thorsten@host27
Simplifies AA method 1 code
Change 3567 on 2005/04/08 by chrisc@x2
ensure gammacorrect is specified when reading image files.
Change 3565 on 2005/04/08 by chrisc@x2
ensure image files are closed after they are read.
Change 3560 on 2005/04/07 by thorsten@SMP
Another AA method 1 change. Note that this
method is currently not identical to AA method 1
from POV-Ray 3.6 as there are a few odd things
in that algorithm...
Change 3554 on 2005/04/06 by chrisc@x2
exception handling changes
Change 3552 on 2005/04/04 by chrisc@x2
more correct handling of inverse keyword for CSG objects.
Change 3551 on 2005/04/04 by thorsten@host27
Rays now carry various important flags.
Adds atmospheric media
Change 3549 on 2005/04/04 by thorsten@host27
Media code is basically complete
Change 3548 on 2005/04/04 by thorsten@host27
media (re)integration part two - cleanups and more cleanups
in particular now color and vector components are properly accessed
rather than using indices 0, 1 and 2!

Change 3547 on 2005/04/03 by chrisc@x2

more internal blob tweaks
Change 3545 on 2005/04/03 by thorsten@host27
Changes INTERIOR to Interior and various variables named Interior to interior
Also changes IMEDIA to Media.
Change 3544 on 2005/04/03 by chrisc@x2
partial cleanup of blob code
Change 3541 on 2005/04/02 by thorsten@host27
Adds back bound sphere code
Makes sort function Axis a template
Change 3538 on 2005/04/02 by thorsten@host27
Fixes use of max trace level and adc bailout
Change 3537 on 2005/04/02 by thorsten@SMP
Eliminates a message "race" (no, not really,
but close) condition that prevented proper stopping
Change 3526 on 2005/04/01 by thorsten@host27
Three arrays in Trace are now pooled/cached as well
Change 3521 on 2005/04/01 by thorsten@host27
Changes Ray and IStack to be passed by reference hopefully everywhere
Change 3517 on 2005/04/01 by thorsten@host27
Tweaks to use of bounding code
Tweaks to camera ray interior finding
Change 3512 on 2005/03/31 by thorsten@host27
Enables bounding slabs again (as a temporary bounding)
Change 3510 on 2005/03/30 by chrisc@x2
remove half-pixel offset from CreateCameraRay().
Change 3508 on 2005/03/30 by thorsten@host27
Progress reporting for parsing and rendering
Change 3506 on 2005/03/30 by thorsten@SMP
Isosurfaces are now multithread-safe
Change 3503 on 2005/03/29 by thorsten@host27
Extensive attempt to resolve all but one isosurface threading issue

What remains is the use of eval and it modifying max_gradient - while

the serious problems with this have been resolved, storing a new
max_gradient involves a max() call, which is of course not thread-safe
and could result in a higher max_gradient getting overwritten. However,
it seems only a slight chance this could have a very serious impact only testing will tell. Either way, it won't cause visual problems
but could result in incorrect max_gradient being reported to the user
in case of using eval. It can however cause a slight slowdown under
very odd race conditions. Note that the other reporting is not
thread-safe either, but that should not be a major issue either...
Change 3502 on 2005/03/29 by chrisc@x2
save povwin settings before each render.
Change 3501 on 2005/03/29 by chrisc@x2
remove lathe and SOR mutexes by creating thread-local shared bounding arrays.
Change 3500 on 2005/03/29 by chrisc@x2
stop the thread_specific_ptr in Task from deleting TaskData.
Change 3498 on 2005/03/29 by chrisc@x2
changes mostly related to temp file handling.
Change 3488 on 2005/03/25 by chrisc@x2
remove weighting from TraceRay.
Restore time statistics output to message display (temporary).
Initialise default thread count to nCPU's*2.
Allow number of threads to be specified on command-line with '/THREADS n' para
Change 3486 on 2005/03/25 by chrisc@x2
add progress bar.
Change 3482 on 2005/03/24 by thorsten@host27
Adds ability to pause parsing as well as proper return messages
upon a user canceling parsing/rendering
Change 3480 on 2005/03/24 by thorsten@host27
Fixes problem with function pattern contexts in parser
Change 3479 on 2005/03/24 by thorsten@host27
Disables duplicate deletion of light sources
Change 3478 on 2005/03/24 by thorsten@host27
Adds VM internal function thread pointer passing via context
Change 3477 on 2005/03/24 by thorsten@host27
Eliminates need for function VM mutex
Reorganises thread specific data

Change 3461 on 2005/03/19 by thorsten@host27

Adds exception class and helper macros (pov_err.h)
Moves task and task queue to support
Enables Pause/Resume of parser
Adds message factory for easier output abstraction
Change 3455 on 2005/03/19 by chrisc@x2
wrap windows code in namespace povwin.
Change 3451 on 2005/03/19 by chrisc@x2
windows preview display
Change 3435 on 2005/03/18 by thorsten@host27
POVMS now supports sequences of ints, longs, floats and types,
which makes transmitting i.e. blocks of colors much more efficient
than using POVMS lists!
Further finished transmission of pixel blocks
Change 3434 on 2005/03/18 by thorsten@host27
Parser now runs in its own thread rather than the
message receiver thread (which was just a hack)
Change 3432 on 2005/03/18 by thorsten@host27
Integrates the new render task queue into the rendering process
Change 3431 on 2005/03/18 by thorsten@host27
Adds render task queue and render task classes. These will
allow to create a queue of individual threaded actions, i.e.
first run a bounding task, then a photon task and then a radiosity
task, and then run a render task. It also allows to start multiple
of these tasks and wait in between for a set of tasks to be
Change 3429 on 2005/03/17 by thorsten@host27
Adds handling of pixel blocks to frontend
Change 3403 on 2005/03/06 by thorsten@host27
Image read/write now take an options block
Change 3401 on 2005/03/06 by thorsten@host27
Adds gamma and easier handling of colour maps
Change 3397 on 2005/03/05 by chrisc@x2
add BMP to new image code. note that portable BMP support is now part of the c
Change 3390 on 2005/03/05 by chrisc@x2

adds pgm and iff support for new image handling

Change 3389 on 2005/03/04 by chrisc@x2
jpeg support for new image handling
Change 3388 on 2005/03/04 by chrisc@x2
add PNG support for new image handling
Change 3387 on 2005/03/04 by chrisc@x2
add gif support to new image code
Change 3385 on 2005/03/03 by thorsten@host27
Adds universal indexed image support
Change 3384 on 2005/03/03 by chrisc@x2
clean up targa support a bit.
Change 3383 on 2005/03/03 by chrisc@x2
add targa support to new image code
Change 3380 on 2005/03/02 by thorsten@host27
Adds image class to base/image/
Change 3379 on 2005/03/02 by nkopp@impulse
make photon code more object-oriented and more thread-safe
Change 3365 on 2005/02/24 by chrisc@x2
work around fact BCyl code uses many temporaries shared between threads.
Change 3364 on 2005/02/24 by chrisc@x2
massage bbox and mesh stuff to ensure shared bounding tree data is const.
Change 3363 on 2005/02/24 by chrisc@x2
add code for bounding trees.
Change 3362 on 2005/02/24 by chrisc@x2
remove global mesh queue.
Change 3348 on 2005/02/23 by chrisc@x2
some tweaks to mesh to remove a few globals.
Change 3345 on 2005/02/23 by thorsten@host27
Adds background/skysphere support back.
Change 3341 on 2005/02/23 by thorsten@host27

Removes plenty of stuff from "opts"

Change 3338 on 2005/02/23 by chrisc@x2
cleanup core header use in windows files.
Change 3334 on 2005/02/22 by thorsten@SMP
Adds partial preview back
Change 3332 on 2005/02/21 by chrisc@x2
can now use fractal istack in threaddata.
Change 3327 on 2005/02/21 by thorsten@host27
Removed dispersion code as it cannot be repaired but needs to be rewritten
Added back camera ray creation code, now rendering works much better again
Change 3322 on 2005/02/21 by thorsten@host27
Lighting enabled
Change 3321 on 2005/02/21 by chrisc@x2
remove the need for the intersections array in the prism
object by merging the code from Intersect() into All_Intersections.
Change 3314 on 2005/02/12 by chrisc@x2
remove Sx, Sy, Sz, Sw globals from quatern and hcmplx code.
Note that there is a temp. global that needs to be removed once access to thre
is available to the run-time fractal code.
Change 3311 on 2005/02/12 by chrisc@x2
get rid of Distance and Precision global variables from fractal code.
Change 3304 on 2005/02/11 by thorsten@host27
Turns RAY, ISTACK and INTERSECTION into the classes
Ray, IStack and Intersection. This makes several dozen
support and initialisation functions obsolete. There no
longer is a max_intersections ISTACK limit either. As such,
no more ISTACK overflows and thee global setting
'max_intersections' is no longer needed.
Change 3302 on 2005/02/10 by chrisc@x2
some work with Max_Trace_Level/Highest_Trace_Level and stats.
Change 3301 on 2005/02/10 by chrisc@x2
update code to not use global stats variable.
Change 3299 on 2005/02/10 by chrisc@x2
update shape code to accept thread data pointer.

Change 3296 on 2005/02/09 by chrisc@x2

implement thread-safe local POVMS support in windows code.
Change 3293 on 2005/02/09 by chrisc@x2
split reserved words global into its own file so it can be linked
separately from the core code by e.g. a UI for syntax highlighting purposes.
Change 3292 on 2005/02/09 by chrisc@x2
clean out old render thread from pvengine.cpp
modify core project to include sub-categories of back-end code
Change 3282 on 2005/02/07 by chrisc@x2
project file changes, and in pvengine
Change 3278 on 2005/02/06 by thorsten@host27
Some major reorganisation of files
Change 3271 on 2005/01/28 by chrisc@x2
first step in introducing new stats collection structure.
Change 3263 on 2005/01/22 by chrisc@x2
changes to avoid literal copying of base class members.
Change 3245 on 2005/01/10 by thorsten@host27
Changes methods&structs to classes.