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Prayer focus

I Intercede

"Praying For Your Siblings"

April 2008

Today we are asking God to heal our siblings of the hurts and emotional pain from
childhood that keeps our siblings a prisoner to their past. This inner pain may
be present due to negative life experiences. An example of this is someone who was
badly treated by one or both parents during childhood. They may have been sexually
abused or perhaps just generally ignored - not properly valued and loved. In the
thoughts of those who practice inner healing ministry, the negative experience is
the cause of emotional pain which the victim carries with them long after the
damage occurred. If someone suffered rejection in childhood, there may be evidence
of this in the present. Perhaps that person may find it difficult to love others,
or perhaps they may experience depression or a negative life attitude due to the

*“He brought me out into a spacious place. He rescued me because he delighted in

Psalm 18:19

There are certain sin habits or attitudes that we don’t like they our siblings
portray that are cover up for spirits of hurt, shame, and pain that entered in
during difficulties in childhood. Those ministering should pray with sensitivity
and love. With a heart of mercy asking God to be merciful to them.

Today, we are ministering positive and Godly words over our siblings. Take 10
minutes out of your day to just speak into their lives words of hope, faith,
deliverance, love, salvation, and healing. Ten minutes for each sibling. This
means giving of your personal time and effort for someone else. Don’t worry if you
have to say the same things over again. It not about how many different words you
say, its about what’s being said.

*Tools you can use if nothing comes to your mind are: dictionaries, thesauruses,
and most important the word of GOD. I am asking you to just think them, but speak
them. Below are the verses and bible examples on why speaking over someone life
is important.

We read in Proverbs 18:21a that "Death and life are in the power of the tongue."
An example of how words can bring forth death and destruction can be found in Mark
"And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he (Jesus) came, if haply he might
find any thing thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for
the time of figs was not yet. And Jesus answered and said unto it, No man eat
fruit of thee hereafter for ever. And his disciples heard it. And in the morning,
as they passed by, they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots."
On the other hand, an example of words bringing forth life can be found in John
"And when he thus had spoken, he (Jesus) cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come
forth. And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with grave clothes:
and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and
let him go."
We can see from these two examples just how powerful our words can be. It is our
privilege and responsibility as Christians to speak forth positive life-giving
words in a world immersed in negativity. After all Proverbs 12:25 says that
"Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad."
and "pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the
bones" (Proverbs 16:24).

Words You Can Use To Praise Your Siblings

* Wow * Way To Go * Super * You're Special * Outstanding * Excellent * Great *
Good * Neat * Well Done * Remarkable * I Knew You Could Do It * I'm Proud Of You *
Fantastic * Super Star * Nice Work * Looking Good * You're On Top Of It *
Beautiful * Now You're Flying * You're Catching On * Now You've Got It * You're
Incredible * Bravo * You're Fantastic * Hurray For You * You're On Target * You're
On Your Way * How Nice * How Smart * Good Job * That's Incredible * Hot Dog *
Dynamic * You're Beautiful * You're Unique * Nothing Can Stop You Now * Good For
You * I like You * You're A Winner * Remarkable Job * Beautiful Work * Spectacular
* You're Spectacular * You're A Darling * You're Precious * Great Discovery *
You've Discovered The Secret * You Figured It Out * Fantastic Job * Hip, Hip,
Hurray * Bingo * Magnificent * Marvelous * Terrific * You're Important *
Phenomenal * You're Sensational * Super Work * Creative Job * Super Job *
Fantastic Job * Exceptional Performance * You're A Real Trooper * You Are
Responsible * You Are Exciting * You Learned It Right * What An Imagination * What
A Good Listener * You Are Fun * You're Growing Up * You Tried Hard * You Care *
Beautiful Sharing * Outstanding Performance * You're A Good Friend * I Trust You *
You're Important * You Mean Alot To Me * You Make Me Happy * You Belong * You've
Got A Friend * You Make Me Laugh * You Brighten My Day * I Respect You * You Mean
The World To Me * That's Correct * You're A Joy * You're A Treasure * You're
Wonderful * You're Perfect * Awesome * A Plus Job * You're The Best * A Big Hug *
A Big Kiss * I Love You!