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134 Blab Street

Blab, Sydney 2220
0444 444 444

Enthusiastic and motivated graduate of Applied Finance and Accounting committed to offering
excellent communication skills, and ability to think outside the square. Excels as an individual
contributor and in collaborative team settings, delivering tasks on-time and to specification.
Proficient in all Microsoft applications, and in Quickbooks. Strong desire to start CA

Blab University
Bachelor of Applied Finance with the degree of Bachelor of Commerce Professional
Accounting, March 2010 November 2014
Related coursework: Accounting, invoice processing, bank reconciliation and finance.
Journal Article: Blab., 2012, Blab, Blab, Vol 1.1, pp.54-64


Dominos Pizza
Delivery Driver/Customer Service Representative, July 2013 Present
Maintaining a high standard of customer service during high volume, fast-paced operations.
Coordinated scheduling with staff to ensure smooth service.
Resolving complaints promptly and professionally.
Taking initiative to find extra tasks when scheduled duties were completed.

Blab Pty Ltd

Assistant, December 2010 September 2014
Ensured proper safety protocols and procedures were followed.
Analysed procedures for any weaknesses.

Suggested and implemented changes to a process that resulted in an 80% increase in efficiency.

Confident verbal communication skills as demonstrated delivering presentations to small
groups at university.
Trained new staff in the use of ordering systems, and provided guidance to new delivery drivers
with respect to the procedures and guidelines they should adhere to.

Collaborated effectively with team members by creating a project board, which allowed us to
communicate through a centralised network and prioritize tasks. As a result, our group of 4 was
selected from a cohort numbering 1000 students to have our group assignment published as a
journal article in Blab.
Accustomed to working within small, close knit groups during academic projects.

Problem Solving
Able to deal with problems calmly and efficiently as shown on a regular basis in my role as a
delivery driver. Careful to approach situations, and asks appropriate questions to get to the
source of the problem. Proceeded to work with people to help identify options and agree the
next course of action.

Time Management
Completed assessment tasks ahead of deadlines, despite balancing study with ongoing

Assembled and led a team of 4, responsible for conducting a case study on the audit and
assurance services implemented on a company, overcoming both resource limitations and
communication breakdowns.