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Product name: Mango and Jackfruit Ice Cream.

Mango & Jackfruit Ice Cream () is a homemade ice cream that can easily be tailored
to suit individual businesses taste and preferences. The manufacturing facility is
located in Savar, Dhaka. The use of locally grown fruit (Especially mango and
jackfruit) in the ice cream utilizes Savar made products and promotes value added
It will be sold by contract to upscale customers via hotels, convention centers, and
restaurants. The ice cream will be packaged in 1 Liter pails that are labeled with a
list of the ingredients and contact info. 's intention is to reach their maximum sales
capacity of 90,000L of ice cream by the fourth year. Initial sales for TG will be
18,000L with subsequent increases in the following three years until maximum
production capacity is reached in year four.
Mission: Like any other business firm Mango-Jackfruit Ice Cream Company also
specified their mission in following manner A world of Own Taste, which has a
direct relation with our activity.
Goal of Ice Cream Company: is committed to provide good relationship with its
consumer by not only manufacturing the highest quality product but also delivering
the product by maintaining this high quality with different taste. To satisfy the ever
changing needs of the customer is launching regularly new ice creams and
introducing new flavors.
Overall Marketing Strategy of Ice Cream: The marketing strategy of ice cream
is based on the effective market segmentation and determination of target market.
Basing on this the organization sets its product, price, placement and promotion
strategy, which ultimately enable the company to achieve its goals.
Market Segmentation and Target Market: MJ Ice Cream Company does the
market segmentation; targeting and positioning to decide which customers it will
serve and how. By market segmentation it can increase its sales and profit. In this
section, MJ Ice Cream Companys strategies of segmenting and targeting the market
by identifying the customers needs, designing and positioning of the product to
fulfill the needs are discussed.
Market Segmentation: MJ ice cream designs and produces their Ice Cream
basing on the Customers income, age, status and taste. Considering the income of
consumer MJ Ice Cream has divided its market into two segments.
1. Upper class: For the upper class people, who have higher income, MJ has
delicious Double Sundae with different types of flavors. MJ also has exclusive
ice cream cake, MJ Vinnetta for the upper class people.
2. Middle class: For middle class, MJ has lots of products like Liter box of five
flavors, Lolly, Kulfi, Cup ice cream, Ripple cake, etc.

Considering the age and taste MJ has divided the market in the following groups.
1. Kids: For kids MJ have some ice creams with fancy packaging like Snow Ball,
Mango Magic. MJ also produce cartoon shaped ice cream, named Clown and
very good looking Juicy with two flavors for the kids.
2. Young Generation: For the young people MJ produce Macho, Mega, Single
Sundae, etc. MJ has introduced a heart shaped ice cream Sweet Heart and it is
a very sweet present for some ones love.
3. Diabetic patient: Only MJ has the offer of Diabetic Vanilla, Ice cream for
diabetic patient.
4. Chocolate lovers: For the chocolate lovers MJ has the offer of Ego, MJ
Sandwitch, MJ Nuggets, etc.
Target Market: The target market is the grouping of customers to whom the seller
specifically aims its marketing efforts. The careful selection and identification of
target market is essential for the market expansion and customers satisfaction.
Generally MJ ice cream sells its product to higher income and middle income people.
Marketing Mix: The Marketing mix for the existing marketing system can be
illustrate in terms of 4Ps of marketing i.e., (1) Product (2) Price (3) placement or
distribution Channel and (4) Promotion. The marketing mix of MJ Ice cream is
discussed below:

Place (Distribution Channel):

The distribution network is stretched all over the country with long fleet
refrigerated vans.
Firstly, the ice cream products are stored at the central warehouse of the factory,
and from there products are distributed to every district and upazilla.
Strictest cold chain maintenance during the distribution and selling of ice creams
is ensured.
Retail shops are provided with attractive deep freezers to ensure proper storage
and display of products. MJ also operates through trolleys for extending its reach
to consumers at the furthest points. The trolleys are operated near schools,
alleys, streets, Parks etc.

Promotion: MJ ice creams main promotional strategy is to keep close to

customers eyes. MJ has more than hundred trolleys in the country and these
are very colorfully decorated with MJ umbrella and the puller wears specific
uniforms. Trolleys play rhythmic music, which attracts the people to buy it. MJ
does the advertisements in led displays of the citys centre points, TV channels.
They have many billboards in different areas and road side signboards


Ice Cream Factory aims to make its products to fulfill the requirement of their target
markets. We will try to position our products differently from other competitor. The
width the product mix is very narrow.
Mangobar: It will make with milk cream with the cover of mango slide.
Jackfruitbar: It will make with milk cream with the cover of jackfruit pulp.
Cone: the Ice Cream paste is filled in a cone shaped biscuit. The product is
available in mango and jackfruit flavor.
Chew: the Ice Cream paste is filled in a 150 millimeters of cone shaped plastic
cup. . The product is available in mango and jackfruit flavor.
1 Liter family pack: the ice cream paste is filled in a 1 liter plastic container. The
product is mainly design to be used by a small or large family. This is available in
mango, jackfruit, mango-milk flavor.
Crunchy: has first introduced this ice cream jackfruit with crispy coating.
Mango Toffee: This ice creams outlook followed the logo of ice cream with mango
and jackfruit flavor.
Mango Strawberry: this is the mix flavor of mango and strawberry.
Cup: The Ice Cream paste is filled in 100 milliliters of plastic Cup along with a
wooden spoon. This is easy to handle and is highly used by different aged customer
groups. This is also available in Jackfruit, Strawberry and Mango flavor and with
(Ripple) 100 milliliters Cup.
Litter Box (Normal, Ripple and Special): The Ice Cream paste is filled in a 1,2
and liter plastic container. This is another largest selling product. The product is
mainly designed to be used by a small or a large family. This is available in three
different categories, i.e. normal (with Vanilla, Strawberry, Mango and Chocolate
flavor) Special and in a Ripple pack.
Lolly: This product is designed to meet the demand of the lower income customer
groups. It is available in mango and jackfruit flavor.
One liter Ice Cream Cake: The product is very rich in quality. Different seasonal
fruits are used to make it more delicious. This product is mainly designed for the
high-income customer group.

SWOT Analysis:

Human Resources





Education in ice cream


Intense workload for


Experience with product and


Ease of communication due

to small work force

Prior knowledge of fruit


Land is already purchased

Fruit is grown in close

proximity to processing

Buildings and equipment

need to be purchased
which will come at a high

Facility located off of a

paved road

Freezer space will be an

important part of the
facilities but the
companys needs may
change drastically over

More land for building

expansion is easily acquired

Transport costs are still

minimal and done by TG

Initial start-up costs will

be large and take a large
amount of capital

Situated in lower tax

assessed area

Cost split with TG



Need for premium ice cream

in hotel and convention

Market trend in ice cream

has been decreasing
(Goff, 2007)

Contracting product out

during the slow season will
reduce the effects of market

Competitors in the
market will fight for the
market share TG is
trying to acquire

Need for this type of

premium dessert product in
special events market

Contracts may be difficult

to maintain year-round

Seasonal inventory needs

to be stored until it is