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I have an assignment, which is lesson plan for 5th grade on elementary school. The topic is How to motivate the students inhistory lesson. Learning Goal: students
will be able to discuss with active participation in history lesson. Cognitive Domain: Students will use an affective ways in order to motivate them and reports the
efficient participation.
The assignments should be three papers; maximum four-word document, double space with small diagram explains the objectives.
before start with assignment read the flowing carefully: to the idea is closer.
ANALYSIS?Needs Analysis ?Instructional Need Describe the need for this instruction. Explain the reason to develop this instruction. Here are few questions that may
lead to an answer: Is the current instruction not producing acceptable results? Is this new instruction that needed to be developed?
Learning Environment and Resources?Learning Environment Describe the location of the instruction and the physical configuration of the area.?
Materials/Resources/Equipment Needed List necessary materials, resources and equipment (i.e., books, print materials, manipulates, software, websites, computer
hardware/peripherals, tools, etc.)
Task Analysis ?Instructional Goal State the purpose or intention of instruction. Be unambiguous and specific. The instructional (or learning) goal describes what the
learners should be able to do after instruction.
Learning Objectives State the learning objectives as learning outcomes that include three parts:
a description of the terminal behavior of actions that will demonstrate learning.
a description of the conditions of demonstration of that action.
a description of the standard or criterion.
Type of Learning Outcome Identify the type of learning outcome represented by the learning goal.
Prerequisite Analysis What must the learners know or be able to do to achieve the learning goal? These are the prerequisite skills that will support the learning goal.
In the project, this part will appear before the information-processing analysis, but it may be easier to write what goes in this section after creating the informationprocessing analysis.
Information-processing Analysis Create an information processing analysis flowchart for the learning goal using the Inspiration program (or other software that will
create a flowchart that can be embedded into the project). The learning goal will need to be completely defined in order for the instructor and your classmates to
understand your learning objective(s). Please save the diagram file as a .gif or .jpg file and insert the image into the project.
Introduction ?Gain the Learners Attention Describe how the instructor will engage the learners' interest or motivation for the lesson.?Inform Learners of the
Objective Describe how the instructor will communicate the goals and objectives of the lesson to the learners.?
Body?Stimulate Recall of Prior Learning Describe how the instructor will review necessary prerequisite knowledge and skills.?Present the Stimulus Describe how
the instructor will allow students to experience the material they will be learning. Describe the activities for this part of the lesson. This part of the lesson may lean
towards either a more generative- (inquiry) or a more supplanted- (expository) based approach.?Provide Guidance for the Learners Describe how the instructor will
focus the learners on the critical content they will be learning. Explain how the instructor will accomplish this.?Elicit Learner Performance Describe the learning
strategy (or strategies) that will be used in this lesson. Concept trees, analogies, mnemonics, and imagery are among the many appropriate strategies. Explain how
the instructor will allow the learners to practice their grasp of the new learning.?Provide Feedback - Describe how the instructor will provide an opportunity for the
learners to consider information about the appropriateness of their responses during practice.??
Assessment?Assess Learner Performance Explain how the learning will be assessed. Construct three sample assessment items. These sample items should be
consistent with the learning objective(s) stated at the beginning of the lesson. These items should be constructed with regard to validity, reliability, and practicality.
Be sure that the items assess the learners across the range of difficulty of the learning. Describe how the instructor will provide feedback to the learners on the
assessment items.
Conclusion?Enhance Retention and Transfer Describe how the instructor will help the learners recall and synthesize critical parts of the lesson into a meaningful
whole. Explain how the instructor will take the learners one step further to see how they can connect their new learning to their own experiences. Describe how the
instructor will provide closure for the lesson and re-motivate the students to understand the relevance of their learning.