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Joner Rojano History & Background
Joner ROJANO was born in 1965 in Valledupar, Colombia close to the Colombian Caribbean coast. From an early age he was attracted to the arts though in that period and region it wasn't so easy to find the appropriate training in such a region of his native Colombia, despite its fame for cultivating one of Spain and Colombia's most recognized artistic talents, Alejandro Obregón. However, Joner kept his dream alive until he could make it to one of Colombia's best-known art school's, the University of Fine Arts in Cartagena situated in Colombia's beautiful historic walled city now designated as a world cultural heritage site. After completing his studies he moved back to Valledupar and took a position as a lecturer in art at the town's fine arts school. Working there he developed his art, focusing on abstract expressionism, perhaps as a natural extension to the work and themes which were originally explored by the renowned German painter Guillermo Wiedemann while living and working in Colombia and who developed his work on the Colombian coast. Joner's work quickly received a strong and positive reception by the Colombian critics and national press and it was shown at the 1995 exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art, Cartagena, Colombia. In this same year, the Bank of the Republic of Colombia, which is a strong supporter of the arts in Colombia, chose two of his works to be represented in their catalogue of selected artists. Since then his talents have developed and grown and he has presented his work at many local, national and international exhibitions and galleries. Joner has just completed and published his first book which presents his most recent artworks to a wider international audience..

Ideas & Inspirations
Joner, who has lived and worked professionally as an artist in Colombia’s capital city Bogota for over five years now, still bases his work on themes from the Colombian coast. Themes such as the Sierra Nevada - the worlds tallest coastal mountain range - which rises up majestically from the sea to reach into the mists and clouds at a height of 5775 metres dominates many of his most recent expressionist works. Themes such as nature and how he perceives the seasons and the different climatic conditions that inhabit different months of the year. These are well documented in his series of works “Abril” and “October”. Also, given that the land in and around Valledupar and the Sierra Nevada is inhabited by various indigenous tribes, it is not unusual to see them appear in his figurative work, much of which is also inspired by his wife Pastora who is a native Arhuacan princess. More recently Joner’s work has developed into a more abstract form with a focus on the strong colors that are always to be found in his works and which are often encountered in artworks from the Caribbean.
“Angela with Fruit” 150cm x 150cm Oil on Canvas 2007

From Palette To Picture
Blue for rain, green for fluorescence. "Outdoors" desert yellow and the intensity of the summer light.

That is the memory of the atmosphere that surrounded childhood. It is the past recovered from the perspective of the city, from ostracism. It is the memory that recreates the synopsis of an instant within which fits an epoch, a whole countryside, always repeated, always different.

And the image hurts.

Lines that were strong disappear like those moments that stopped being exact. Images of mountains, lands, nostalgia. The desperation of capturing a moment, of returning to an instant that was intensely lived.

“Fragment of October” 176cm x 174cm Acrylic on Canvas 2005 Private Collection, Bogota

It is the internal fight of the color that wants to hide what is shows, it is the technique allowing the eye to see that which it should not, without stopping it. It is opening your heart and placing upon it an opaque glass to allow the color to reconstruct the memory, season by season. HENRY LAGUADO (Art Critic)

“A Silence Of February” 70cm x 100cm Acrylic on Canvas 2007 Private Collection, Bogota

“William Blake, the poet, felt it intuitively. Eternity can be seen in a grain of sand, the minuscule can be a metaphor for the universe. Joner has the immense and unpredictable abilities of discovery that are found in the destiny of a creator. The light that weaves hidden times in ciphered forms, hybrids, hidden between the abstract and the figurative. The passion of color that is more than an momentary calling is founded on an aptitude of mystic fullness.” GUSTAVO TATIS GUERRA (Poet)

“Cherry Trees in May” Series 70cm x 70cm Oil on Paper 2004 Private Collection, Bogota

“Joner works his art with tools that assure him of their existence, in equal measure, light and spontaneity. Both unpredictable and fractious weapons that demand precision and courage and it is these virtues that at his best Joner converts to his finest possessions.” LUIS LUNA (Artist)

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“I never finish a painting, I only pause.” JONER ROJANO

Contact Joner at: joner@ Tel. (+57) 310-239-9866 En. / 312-582-5556 Sp.

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