Black Operations Season 3, Episode 4 Recruitment Drive

NICK'S VOICE: Previously on Black Ops... DANIEL: What can I do for you? PAUL: You're fired (DANIEL is visibly angry) CUT TO: Paul, Nick, and Chris on a conference call with Tomas NICK: What do you expect us to do now? Freeze frame on Nick with name shown: Nick Abrams TOMAS: I expect you to find another intern. Possibly one who doesn't jerk off. NICK: Fine NICK hangs up CUT TO: PAUL: Who's next SECRETARY: A couple of college girls KIM and SAM enter NICK: KIM! SAM! Oh my god! Close up of Sam. Flicker to Kisang and back. KIM: What's going on here? PAUL: We fired Daniel and we need a new intern. KIM: Why not just go around to different colleges. NICK and PAUL look at each other. NICK: Are you thinking what I'm thinking Paul?

California Here We Come is playing in the background LS of Paul's car with the top down. Paul is driving with Nick in the passenger's seat. Paul asks again about the list of colleges that they're visiting. Nick reviews the six colleges, which came from the top list. There is, UC Davis, San Luis Obispo, Cal Tech, UCSD, and a couple of others. Paul remarks that it's gonna be a fun couple of days. Nick agrees and says so true, buddy boy, so true (a line not used in awhile).

CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Nick and Paul arrive at their first college. They begin interviewing candidates. The long line of people begin with some interesting engineering studuents, but it eventually morphs into a group of basically uninterested egotisticals. Paul and Nick leave disappointed. Paul says one down, five to go. Nick says this is going to be a long process.

SAN LUIS OBISPO Paul is excited that they have arrived. He explains that this was his first choice before Davis came along. Nick says let's see if we can find a viable candidate. They enter the dean's office, who turns out to be a women. Nick and Paul clearly didn't expect to see a woman. They ask her what happened to the old dean and she said that he "retired". Nick and Paul shrug it off and then ask about any candidates and she cuts them off by saying, oh no no no, we don't do that thing. Nick and Paul apologize and leave.

Kim and Sam are hanging out in the hotel room. Kim says that they should really go out. Sam agrees, but says that she has to take a shower first. She goes into the bathroom and turns back into Kisang, who is sweating, but getting more used to the transformations. He then takes a whiff of Kim's unders, then proceeds to take a shower. Later, he gets out, turns back into Sam and reenters the room. Kim remarks about a news story on about possible terrorist activities in New York. Sam says they don't need to hear about that and turns it off. Kim grabs her purse and they exit.

CAL POLY Paul gets a call from Dana who is asking about the intern search. He says that they are close to finding one and will be here for a couple of more days maximum. Dana mentions that she already picked out a wedding cake, to which Paul says good, and then they say goodbye. Paul and Nick remain hopeful in their search for a new intern. Paul and Nick are excited to hear that there is someone already very interested. It's a young woman majoring in business and minoring in geoprocessing technology. She gets paranoid and thinks Paul is being some kind of a pervert when she is getting something out of her purse because it looks like he's staring. She gets disgusted and leaves. Nick says damn it, picks up his clipboard and he and Paul exit the conference room, and decide to call it a day.

Nick and Paul arrive at the hotel room and see some girl, possibly a prostitute getting harassed. Paul goes over to help even though Nick thinks that they should stay out of it. It turns out to be Jodie. The guy, mexican with various tatoos, tells Paul to back off, and they almost get into an altercation, but Nick knocks the guy's lights out. Paul asks Jodie why she's doing this. Jodie says that it's just for money and not to get involved because she doesn't need them. Paul says he just wishes that she was with Daniel. Jodie says that it's too late for them. Nick and Paul say fine and are walking away when Jodie suddenly says um, make sure you take care of him. Paul turns and says we fired him. She says oh and him and Nick walk away.

UC DAVIS The next day, Nick and Paul return to their old alma mater. They visit a few old professors that have made an impact on them. Nick and Paul discuss what they've been up to. Nick and Paul then walk to the dean's office, who welcomes them, but ends up telling them there are no viable candidates due to a lack of interest, citing that Davis really doesn't have much in the geotech department. Nick and Paul thank him for his time and exit. Nick then gets a call from Annie who asks about the intern search. Nick says that they haven't found anyone yet. Annie tells Nick to hang in there and Nick says I love you and hangs up.

USC (Viterbi) Nick and Paul arrive at Viterbi, already pretty tired from their intern search. Nick says who's next and Paul looks in the folder and says someone by the name of Morgan Collins. They go in to meet him, but he is not there. They ask the secretary who says that he'll be back soon. Nick and Paul continue waiting. Nick reads Entertainment Weekly while Paul reads Soap Opera Digest. Nick then gets a call and is secretive about it. He goes outside where it's revealed to be Melissa. He says that this intern search is a waste of time because they can't find someone decent. Melissa says I'm sorry and asks when they'll be home, to which Nick responds, tomorrow. She says love you and hangs up.

Kim and Sam are at the mall. While at the mall, Kim sees Dominic again. She goes up to him and asks how he found her. He says it's not hard to track down a beautiful girl like you. She says thank you, but I have a boyfriend. He asks where is this boyfriend of yours. She says that he's been gone for awhile. He then says so he wouldn't mind then if I do this, and right then he kisses her. She slaps him and says who the hell do you think you are. He apologizes and walks off. She returns to Sam and tell her about the recent turn in events. Sam doesn't seem to care. Kim remarks that she's been distant lately, but Sam denies it, and they walk off.

UCSD (Jacobs) Paul and Nick are worn out and Nick says this one better work out. They enter the Dean's office and are welcomed by the dean, who introduces them to Bradley Uteba, one of the top brightest engineering students here. Nick asks Bradley to tell them about himself. Bradley describes his vast knowledge in geographical positioning technology and Nick and Paul seem impressed. They

shake hands and Nick says that he is the most viable candidate that they have seen all day and that he's basically got the internship. Bradley thanks him and exits. Nick says to Paul, well looks like we have an intern.

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