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Still-pipe array antenna gauge RTG 3950

Highest reliability with non-contact radar measurement
Low Loss Mode gives custody transfer accuracy
Option with hatch for product sampling and verification hand-dips in
the same still-pipe
Drip-off design according to API ch. 3.1b, ed. 1
Using existing still-pipes, 5-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12 in.
SIL 2 Safety Functions
TV Overfill Protection
Integrated in TankRadar Rex tank gauging system
Can emulate other vendor's field buses
The RTG 3950 gauge measures level with outstanding reliability and
accuracy by transmitting radar waves towards the liquid surface inside the
tanks still-pipe. All electronics are located in the explosion proof housing,
easily accessible from the outside. RTG 3950 is made for mounting on existing
still-pipes. Typical RTG 3950 applications are crude oil tanks with floating roofs
and gasoline/product tanks with or without inner floating roofs.

Advanced technology for accurate measurement in still-pipes

The gauge features Low Loss Mode radar propagation which virtually eliminates the influence of the still-pipe condition. Measurement is made with
highest accuracy, even when the pipe is old, rusty and covered with deposits.
This is often the case with e.g. crude oil tanks.

The RTG 3950 features

Low Loss Mode radar
propagation which
virtually eliminates the
influence of the stillpipe condition. This
means high accuracy
even when the pipe is
rusty and covered with

The Low Loss Mode improves the accuracy in pipes with deposits in the order
of 100 times. This technology was originally developed by Rosemount Tank
The RTG 3950 also uses state-of-the-art FMCW radar technology with digital
reference and temperature control for further accuracy enhancement.

Fixed and inclined version available

The inclined version has a hinged hatch, enabling product sampling or verification hand dips in the still-pipe.
Inclined version

A variety of communication possibilities
The gauge has inputs for temperature sensors, HART based pressure sensors and other analog inputs, as well as analog and relay outputs. The gauge
uses the standard 2-wire TRL/2 field bus for field data transmission. It can also
communicate on other field buses such as FOUNDATION fieldbus, Profibus DP or
Tiway and emulate other vendors buses.

Safety functions
TankRadar Rex could replace a traditional Hi-Hi alarm device. With the RTG
3950 it is possible to use the gauge for overfill proctection and simultaneously
use it for high accuracy level measurement.
The Rosemount TankRadar Rex RTG 3900 series has been assessed by third
party and considered suitable for use in SIL 2 safety functions according to
IEC 61511-1. The safety function is based on the relay outputs, by using either
one or a combination of two, for overfill or dry run protection.
TankRadar Rex is approved as an overfill protection device by TV (Technische

The Inclined version enables product

sampling in the still-pipe with full pipe size

Measuring principle

FMCW radar with digital reference and temperature control.

Antenna type

Still-pipe array antenna using Low Loss Mode.

Instrument accuracy

0.5 mm ( 5/256 in.)

Measuring range

0 ,8 to 40 m (2,6 to 130 ft) from antenna end


Operating ambient temperature -40 C to +70 C (-40 F to +158 F)

Operating tank temperature -40 C to +120 C (-40 F to +248 F)


Fixed version:
5- to 12- inch pipe: 0,2 to 2 bar (-2,9 to 29 psig) at 20 C
Inclined version: 5- to 8 inch pipe: -0,2 to 0,5 bar (-2,9 to 7,2 psig)

10 and 12 inch pipe: -0,2 to 0,25 bar (-2,9 to 3,6 psig)

Material exposed to tank atmosphere

Acid proof steel EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L), Polyphenylensulfid (PPS), Fluorosilicone

Supply voltage

100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz. Optional 34-70 VAC, 20-28 VDC (max 30 W) or 48-99 VDC

Outputs / inputs

Outputs: TRL/2 field bus, 1 pcs 4-20 mA, Profibus DP, Foundation fieldbus, Tiway, 2 pcs relays, other
vendors field buses
Inputs: Temperature (Pt 100), 2 pcs 4-20 mA (of which one HART Master)


On separate DAU, RDU or remotely in control room

Still-pipe dimensions (standard)

5, 6, 10 in. (Sch 10-60). 8 in. (Sch 20-80). 12 in. (Sch 10-40)

Hazardous locations certifications

II 1/2 G, CENELEC: EEx d[ia] IIB T6
UL: Class I, Div I, Groups C and D
IECEx d IIB T6 (Tamb -40 C to +60 C )

Technical details are subject to change without prior notice. For more technical details see the Rex Technical Description.
1. TV is a German testing authority responsible for testing overfill protection equipment according to requirements stated by
the German WHG institute concerning water protection.

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